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  1. Aug 14, 2014
    Step Up: All In is a boring dance movie. Really. If you've seen the trailer, don't bother to watch this spoiled opportunity. STAI follows Sean played by Ryan Guzman who teams up with the previous actors from the previous instalments battle to see who is the best dancer of all. Sounds good, right? Well, director Trish Sie has done a poor, horrible and bad job on this film. The story is loose, the characters don't tie together, and the dance is also CGI made. It's just Battle Of The Year 2! Step Up 2 and Revelution were both good movies, but All In is an example of the series going downhill. Full Review »
  2. Aug 10, 2014
    Step Up: All In is the 5th installment in the forgettable Step Up franchise. It is so formulaic, cliched and very predictable that if you have seen the trailer you have seen it all. Full Review »
  3. Aug 8, 2014
    I was one of the first people to see the movie. In my coutry it released really early, I think it was 11th or 18th of July.

    People go to
    see Step Up movies not because of acting skills or special effects or story, but because of dancing skills and music. I've seen every single Step Up movie and all I can say, is that the 3rd installment of the franchise was the best one.
    Step Up 1 had great story and it kicked the sequels going
    Step Up 2 was nice, but the final dance was a diseaster in my opinion.
    Step Up 3- its story was nice, characters were great, music was amazing ( I can still hear some tracks in my head! ) DANCE WAS AMAZING. And the final dance was great. The best movie
    Step up 4 worse than the previous one but still enjoyable. Its story wasnt great, it was pretty generic, but the dancing was cool, as well as music. It felt original in some way.
    Step up 5 - Personally, I think it had a lot of potential that was wasted. A bunch of marvellous dancers and nothing spectacular that came out of it. Mainly because I think that we've seen al of this already in the previous movies. The only character that I'm gonna remember is Iza Miko's portrayal of Alexxa Brava, just because when i saw her on screen, I was in an actual shock. If I hadn't seen The Hunger Games prior to that, I am not sure if my body would be able to handle it.
    Dancing was ok, i liked it, but as I said previously, we've seen it before. What i hated tho, was the music. God it was awful. It was a typical techno-dubstep mush-up. Nothing original, nothing that went outside of the box. Music in this types of movies is a very important aspect and here it didnt work out. Thus I think it was below average, below the level, that the prevous movies established.
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