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  1. 100
    In brief, Marshall Curry, the young director of Street Fight, has hit the documentary jackpot: the movie will become the inescapable referent for media coverage of the new campaign. And rightly so.
  2. As one of Booker's supporters notes, it's a sad day when academic success is used to denigrate an African-American.
  3. 90
    It's an electrifying, suspenseful film, full of street-level political drama.
  4. 90
    This is classical activist filmmaking of the first order, a movie with the power to turn hearts, change minds and, just maybe, right the wayward course of an entire city.
  5. Whether or not Street Fight wins the Academy Award Sunday night, Curry's picture is must-see fare for any and every observer of the curious world of American politics.
  6. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    It's a fascinating film, simultaneously enthralling, infuriating and guaranteed to make viewers ask how such a perversion of the political process could be taking place in America.
  7. 80
    The story that first-time feature filmmaker Curry tells is extremely compelling, but where he really scores is in addressing politics and race in a way that allows events to speak for themselves.
  8. Reviewed by: John Anderson
    Curry's courage in the face of police harassment and what seems a very real threat of something worse is amazing.
  9. Newark Mayor Sharpe James is the kind of politician that Tony Soprano would be happy to own.
  10. Reviewed by: Sam Allis
    Properly told, political underdog stories are as compelling as pratfalls from banana peels are funny. Each is timeless and carries an integrity impervious to cynicism.
  11. Although the film has a righteous heart, by focusing solely on government as showbiz, it's part of what it decries. Curry makes uproarious hay with the illegal shenanigans of incumbent mayor Sharpe James, but is that all there is? That said, Street Fight has enough cultural crosscurrents to fill out a novel.

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