Walking Shadows | Release Date: August 26, 2011
Summary: Lily is a former stripper and manager of a seedy strip club. She is wise, but submissive, allowing herself to succumb to years of objectification and abuse. That will change in the course of 24 hours. During a series of events that involve her contemptuous and paranoid strip club owner husband, Larry, and a judgmental IRS Agent, Francis, along with two strippers that haunted the distant memory of Lily's past, Cara, a ferocious self-destructive hellcat, and Wren, an innocent seduced into the decadent lifestyle--Lily will metamorphose into a new person. It is during Lily's final transformation that the film switches gears and transcends the limitations of the stripper exploitation genre to allow a full-blown surreal lyricism usually attributed to the works of David Lynch and Bunuel. (Visualiner Entertainment).
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Runtime: 95 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.strippeddownthemovie.com/
Production: Visualiner Studios
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Elana Krausz Director
Writer Credit
Elana Krausz Writer
Cast Credit
Alex Norberg Cami
Anna Hsieh Spice
April MacKay May
Bill Glass Joe
Bre Blair Wren
Christina Romero Waitress
Christine Klotz Susan
Elana Krausz Lily
Lisa Arturo Cara
Lou George IRS Agent
Marcus Jean Pirae Larry
Mel Braxton Thor
Mitzi Martin Estella
Shelley Andagan Runaway Girl
Teri Jaworski Charlie
Producer Credit
Alex Norberg Producer
Bobby Leigh Producer
Caitlin Pyle Associate Producer
Cheryl Bedford Producer
Christo Dimassis Producer
Elana Krausz Producer
Lorna Pyle Co-Producer
Mark Andrew Clark Co-Producer
Simon Pyle Associate Producer
Steven Adams Producer
Susan Krausz Co-Producer