Hollywood Independents | Release Date: December 8, 2000
Summary: Alan is having an horrendous day...he loses his job, money is missing from his bank account, he is evicted from his apartment, misses a date with his girlfriend and much more.


Runtime: 71 min
Production: A.J. Productions
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Jorge Ameer Director
Writer Credit
Jorge Ameer Writer
Cast Credit
Bob Nellis Tadpole
Danny Fehsenfeld Mark
Elena Zaretsky Nurse
Jane Grogan Betty
JD Roberto David
Jeff Seal Harry Bellman
John Greenlaw Alan Gardner/Credit Counselor
Jorge Ameer Kevin
Kerrie Clark Susan
Kirsten Holly Smith Bank Rep
Linda Graybel Violet
Linda Nile Psychic
Michael Swiney Repo Man
Sybile Kohn Lesbiana
Tony Tucci Alan Gardner
Producer Credit
Janine Gosselin Producer
John Greenlaw Producer
Jorge Ameer Producer
Marianne Marx Producer
Rochelle Jefferson Producer