Anthology Film Archives | Release Date: August 10, 2012
Summary: A portrait of Shannon, a young woman who has lost her cognition and memory. Living in pacified near-isolation with Susan, her gentle yet enigmatic caretaker, she is content, but lacks any recollection of her past, her family, or her own identity. Virtually indistinguishable patterns in both of their daily lives are disrupted by minuscule incongruities. Initially accepting of her relationship with Susan, Shannon eventually grows suspicious of her caretaker’s control and intentions. Unable to rely on her memory and subjectivity, Shannon grapples for insight into her present condition and Susan’s role in her life. Sundowning is influenced by neo- and hyper-realist films, but also draws from elements of Technicolor imagery, science fiction, and experimental film and video art.(Anthology Film Archives)
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Runtime: 91 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.sundowningthemovie.com/
Production: "DIA" Productions GmbH & Co. KG
Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama
Countries: USA, Singapore
Language: English
Director Credit
Frank Rinaldi Director
Writer Credit
Frank Rinaldi Writer
Cast Credit
Shannon Fitzpatrick Shannon
Susan Chau Susan
Producer Credit
Betsy Carlson Executive Producer
Brandrew Krieslaw Associate Producer
Cameo Jones Associate Producer
Cynthia Rinaldi Executive Producer
Daniel Montgomery Associate Producer
Donna Laidlaw Executive Producer
Ethan Dull Executive Producer
Herman Sievering Executive Producer
Kan Lume Associate Producer
Kathy Sievering Executive Producer
Kazik Radwanski Associate Producer
Kenny Gee Producer
Laurie Dull Executive Producer
Richard Carlson Executive Producer
Rob Schmidt Associate Producer
Robert C. Rinaldi Executive Producer
Shannon Fitzpatrick Producer
Stephanie Bousley Producer
Todd Laidlaw Executive Producer
Zoe Barracano Associate Producer