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  1. Jul 10, 2011
    Put Goonies, Cloverfield, and E.T. in a blender, mix gently, and out pops Super 8. There's so much magic going on in this film that even an IMAX screen could barely contain all the action. I just loved the nostalgia that coats so many frames of Super 8. If you love movies, you will at least like this one. If you are expecting a sci-fi extravaganza, that's not the point here. This one is all about youth and adventure. Stick around for the closing credits. I hope you put Super 8 high up on your summer viewing list. A full price evening admission wouldn't even deter me from seeing this one. Highly recommended! Expand
  2. Jun 11, 2011
    Super 8 was indeed a good movie, however, I do not feel it deserved the 72 assigned by critics. The movie did not necessarily present any new material, but simply old concepts and ideas we've seen implemented in other movies rehashed into this feature. Furthermore, I feel the movie dwelled too much on the "movie-making" encapsulated plot of the film which did not necessarily add any deeper meaning or understanding to the movie as a whole. In short, I feel that Super 8 lacked a certain amount of new ideas, direction, and meaning for a movie with such an esteemed score. Personally, I rate this movie a 58/100 Expand
  3. Jun 12, 2011
    This is a really excellent film that challenges the true worth of Star-Power acting... You don't need Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman... just get yourself some lesser known talent with good acting skill, and surround it with a great story and dialogue. I think the real key to making a great movie intended to thrill is doing as LITTLE explaining as possible. Moviegoers are smart (well, I am), and don't need to have every little detail explained to them. Movies that do this take you totally out of the moment, and often commit cinematic suicide because of it. Super 8 does an excellent job of letting the characters and the story do the explaining, while keeping the hints and revelations at a clever minimum. It keeps the movie exciting and emotionally gripping at the same time.

    Also, I don't know how Spielberg and Abrams find these kids, but they're all GREAT. They make the movie indeed. Also, a credit to the film editors on this one, whom often get overlooked, but undoubtedly contribute to this film's exceptional timing and structure.

    Like many, I wasn't partictularly interested in the film when I first saw the previews, but I'm glad I went and saw it. You will too.
  4. Jun 27, 2011
    The special effects in this movie were spectacular. The train wreck was amazing. The acting by the kids was very good. If you're looking for plausibility, this movie might not be for you. But if you're looking for a fun, good time at the movies, this movie certainly worked for me. It also had one scene where I almost jumped out of my seat! I won't spoil the scene but I wasn't expecting it and it definitely was the scariest moment I've had at a movie in a long time. This will be a blu-ray purchase when it comes out. The sounds and effects are spectacular. Great job by all involved. Expand
  5. Aug 22, 2011
    An excellent, old school piece of film making from the director of Star Trek. Reminiscent of the Goonies in parts, with a sprinkling of horror and violence. Spot on special effects, believable characters, and a quite funny in parts. My only gripe was the occasional lashing of ultra sentimentality that seem to plague most of the films Spielberg is involved in. Almost snapped by heart strings once or twice, ruining the experience, But on the whole - brilliant. Expand
  6. Aug 29, 2011
    I loved this film ... and I am old enough to remember watching The Goonies when a youngster. This is Goonies for the modern generation but more visceral, surreal and serious. If I ignore the somewhat generic references and existence of an alien being, the actual character development and interaction is what appealed to me far more.
    And it was the kids whose acting made this film an intense
    watch, whilst all adult acting seemed to be purposefully dumbed down, or just truly lethargic and wooden in comparison.
    Elle Fanning is every bit as good a young actress as her sister Dakota, and really shone for me. As did the youngsters - Joel Courtney and Riley Griffiths. I sincerely hope that all 3 grow to become mainstays of future cinema like Michael Cera, Ellen Page, Freddie Highmore etc.
    All in all - a greatly entertaining film with possibly the MOST frightening and visceral sound design and FX I have ever heard at a cinema. One seen specifically took my breath away and actually instilled a sense of nervousness within me!
  7. Jun 16, 2011
    Where can I start ! There's so much positive things about this movie. I like the fact that it's a movie with kids, that's not kiddy. J.J. Abrams did a terrific job directing the film, like every scene was perfect and coherent. The kids were awesome. Sometimes they were having this funny conversation, like if they were adults. '' Super 8 '' kind of reminds me a little bit of '' Cloverfield ", because of the fact that we only see the alien at the end. The dialogue is well written. The level of suspense is exiting. You can easily get absorb into the story and trying to figure it out. There's nothing really special about this movie, it's just enjoyable. Expand
  8. Jul 17, 2011
    I liked the movie, funny moments, but sometimes I felt like I was watching the movie silly typical of children, if I have to applaud is all you have to do with the creation and arrangement of the sound, very good, Pd: my sister did not like, and Charles is so funny.
  9. Jun 13, 2011
    This is a sweet, entertaining, enjoyable movie. Plenty of action but also a good story line and enough development of the characters to make you interested in them. The young actors did a great job, and so did the adult actors. There were a couple of glitches that I caught in the action sequences but nothing that looked sloppy and ruined the movie. All in all, very good.
  10. Jun 21, 2011
    A decent film, but I expected more. I have to admit, that the train crash was amazing; however the rest of the film was not. It started out interesting, but after about half an hour it started falling apart. They started out making a cool script, but just decided to remake E.T. I also thought it was going to be scary, it wasn't though. Also, Super 8 is a weak title, considering the film is a very small part of the movie. Expand
  11. Jun 24, 2011
    A great summer blockbuster. It took elements of many of Steven Spielberg's older movies (maybe a little heavy on the E.T. there, Stevie) and it ended making another classic on his part. It was entertaining, but still had depth in character development and plot, as well as a great script.The only complaints I have here are a bit of an over the top train crash and a cheesy "he just wants to go home" speech by the main character. Definitely the movie to go see right now. Expand
  12. Jul 5, 2011
    Only through movies like Super 8 can we glimpse the limitless imagination of script writers, directors and all those who make movies like this happen. The exploration of certain themes and personality types allowed viewers believe in and relate to the characters. Though not without it's stereotypes the script breathed life into each of the characters and filled them with genuine human emotions and humor. The mix of teenage romance and mystery perfectly blended and did not overwhelm the plot. With of perfect mix of themes, character types, witty humor mystery and suspense Super 8 is a film to be enjoyed by all. Expand
  13. Jan 30, 2012
    After watching this movie I can describe it in one word and that word is masterpiece, I was blown away, it's emotional, intense, touching, funny, sweet, and a kinda scary at times, the characters are all very well done and thought out, and the writing is pure genius, I do have one or two complaints but they all seem extremely small in comparison to the overall movie, and it is 100% deserving of a perfect 10, it's very rare that a movie like this one comes out, do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as possible you wont be disappointed. Expand
  14. Jun 2, 2012
    Half way between The Goonies and The Faculty, Super 8 is a mostly tedious slog through the usual Spielberg territory. It's saved from the scrap pile by one or two delightful monster-movie money shots (It's inside the bus!) and a descent final reel, but Super 8 is only inconsistently entertaining at best.
  15. Jul 5, 2011
    Much better than I expected. The kid actors are the film's strongest aspect by far. They actually act like real kids would in the situation and are great characters. The first half of the movie was great, but twords the end extremely unnecessary and out of place action sequences were just randomly thrown in essentially resulting in literally everything either being blown-up or caught on fire. The movie would have been so much better had the monster plot never been thrown in in the first place. Expand
  16. Aug 16, 2011
    I suppose it couldnt live up to the hype but I still enjoyed it. You would have to be at least 25 appreciate it though and able to remember a time before the internet. A time where kids go out and "play". If you have seen previous JJ Abrams (Lost and Cloverfield) and Steven Spielberg (E.T and Close Encounters) will also help you appreciate it. Think of this as more a love letter to a time and movies that we all have a soft spot for than a summer blockbuster. Expand
  17. Aug 7, 2011
    Could have been epic but has a terrible, deflating ending that makes you question why you watched the movie at all.
  18. Jun 20, 2011
    This is your basic summer monster movie. A little better than average, but not by much. It borrows a lot from other films of the genre and there is really nothing original here. The plot is simplistic and full of holes and inconsistencies. Special effects and CGI are on par with similar films. I'm not saying its a bad movies, it's just not very good and certainly does not live up to the hype.
  19. Jun 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Very impressing film, from beginning to the very end, but I was tired of the feeling that this all is just a combination of Alien and E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. Expand
  20. Jun 13, 2011
    Fantastic film. Has everything for everyone. Humor, Thrills, Family, etc. The characters are relatable and full of life. It is not too concentrated with any film elements. An almost perfect film.
  21. Nov 7, 2011
    The most interesting and exciting movie of the year. Super 8 deserves five star rating. Why? Because it's impressive, thrills, emotional, sweet, and scary.
  22. Aug 27, 2011
    The movie is good, if we compare with the bombs that are coming to the cinema lately, but the problem is that Super 8 was meant to be an homage to Spielberg, and it seems that only served for that. A blend of all scenes of the biggest hits of the magician of the cinema, and this, unfortunately, only served to remind us of all the amazing things that the filmmaker presented over the years, however by the end of the projection, I got the feeling that what I had just seen was good, but it had a lack of ET's quality. Actually what I liked most was to see the return of a science fiction movie starring children, because ultimately it was restricted only to fantasy. Well, but the similarities stop there. In the end, it was worthy for the memories, not a film that will be in people's minds for a long time, unlike the stories that Spielberg could tell us so well in the past. Expand
  23. Jun 29, 2011
    I went into this movie with high expectations. I didn't exactly got what i wanted, but i was entertained. I was pretty excited through-out the movie because i could really see the Speilsberg-ish scenes spilling over. There was not just one father-son problem that the film tackled, but two in fact (ok... father-daughter, whatever).
    I loved the lines, they were crafted well and the actors
    were casted well. The lines were delivered perfectly.
    The ending totally spoiled everything though, it felt like JJ got tired half-way through.
    Not his best, but at least, as i said earlier, i'm entertained
  24. Aug 19, 2011
    Very well thought movie, nicely directed and a story that has Spielberg all over it. It is a Sy-Fi movie but with the spirit of the Five, therefore an adventure. Most important, it is not exaggerated or to much Americanized. Excellent acting by all kids. It is a very fine movie.
  25. Jun 25, 2011
    This movie was good but it could of had more potential. It had a boring love interest and too many stereotypes of a Spielberg film, but had some really cool characters and a good set of action and investigation type scenes to boot.
  26. Jun 12, 2011
    I cant believe that people are giving this a zero. 5 out of 10 is a fail grade. to get a zero, it would have to have not even been released. It wasn't perfect, but it was entertaining and told the story it advertised. B-. Metacritic REALLY needs to change its grading system to include a half point system and exclude the bottom and top 10% in the average for reviews to be balanced.
  27. Jun 12, 2011
    The kids are exactly that- kids. They don't try to be more than they are, and they don't come off as too immature to understand what's going on around them. Abrams and Spielberg did a great job here. There are several genuine shocks in the film, balanced perfectly with the typical wit/passive-aggressive taunting kids thrust at each other. Charming, well-acted. A fantastic little movie.
  28. Jun 18, 2011
    Minor Spoilers!

    Super 8 is about a group of friends who are shooting a movie about zombies for a film festival. They call on a really cute girl to help them with a character. While shooting, they witness a train derailment. Then really weird things start to happen. (I'm not doing it justice) This film is very entertaining, and there is a lot of character development going on. You really
    learn how this group of friends act and what their personalities are. There are a number of funny squabbles in the background, and are really entertaining. The storyline is sound, though not an award winner, but the script is very well done. This movie seems like it will give you nightmares, but if you wait ot out until the end, you'll be good. If you can't wait it out, don't watch it. I must say, you simply have to see this. Expand
  29. Jun 25, 2011
    A cinematic masterpiece that pays brilliant homage to Spielberg, while keeping the audience entertained with special effects, suspense, and awkward adolescent love. A great feature by all means.
  30. Jul 16, 2011
    Super 8 was a very enjoyable movie with a plot and style that brought a 'blast from the past' to me. From the start (seeing as the kids were a major force in this movie) it had that "Goonies" feel to me. As they characterized the kids during the movie, I was very happy with how they showed off the kids in this movie. They didn't overdo it with them or make them feel like a useless bunch of idiots, they were portrayed as they should have been: a bunch of kids who got caught up in a big mess. At times, the kids acting was a little off to me, quoting from Nostalgia critic "I'M ACTING". And I lost my taste for happy endings (thank you Game of Thrones), so I was not a fan of the "IT'S OK, BAD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN" ending. But all in all, it was a very good movie and worth seeing in theaters. Expand
  31. Jul 8, 2011
    This movie promised to be a suspenseful, wacky, and exciting hit due to the powerhouse combination of Abrams/Spielberg, and then it went and proved us wrong. I wish I could go as far as to say that the movie was at least fun, but it wasn't. The action, plot, and story felt like something we've all seen a hundred times, and the action was dull (to put it nicely). A serious disappointment.
  32. Jun 28, 2011
    The first half is wonderful, evocative of works by Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and Ray Bradbury. Then the second half goes right in the dumper. The story kicks in and you can't wait for the thing to be over. I really wanted to like this movie --actually I did for about 45 minutes. So I can only score Super 8 as I did. One half of a success.
  33. GMU
    Jun 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This film looked like one to look forward to for 2011, being one of very few superbowl ads that was actually exciting to watch. But like his previous film, Star Trek (2009) it failed to live up to personal hype. (I know it was a teaser trailer, but how could you not be pumped?; Super 8 was pleasing until it became more and more involved with the disappointing monster creature that had the predictable conflict of wanting to go home and not being able to due to captivity by humans (free willzyx). The ending was very predictable and it was unfortunate to see such a good setup for a movie go to waste. The setup meaning the characters (aside from Alice's father) and everything up until seeing the monster and later being acquainted with him. The best parts of this movie was the short film shown at the end, and for some reason I can't shake elle's zombie scene out of my head. It brings out my inner child like most of this movie (but more so especially in this scene and in the kids zombie film shown during the credits) ( Expand
  34. Jun 13, 2011
    A good film in a sort of Goonie-esque, E.T sort of way. I had very large expectations for this film, but was ultimately, slightly disappointed. While I greatly enjoyed it, I found the first 3/4 of the film to be very slow, though much credit is due for character development. I wasn't blown away.....and quite frankly, I expected to be. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised of how touching this film can be and how original those moments are. Expand
  35. Jun 11, 2011
    It was very underwhelming. The story about the kids filming a zombie movie was more interesting than the main plot. The main plot felt out of place and just overly generic. Oh well.
  36. Jun 18, 2011
    great movie. it was good. great acting. but it reminded me of e.t at the end of the movie. other than that prepared to be scared and entertained. special effects were good.
  37. Jun 28, 2011
    Superb. I was a little skeptical because it looked like a typical summer blockbuster and typical JJ Abrams movie. Since cloverfield literally bored me to sleep, I really didn't care to see this movie, even if it did advertise itself to be something more than just a popcorn flick. But this movie is completely character based. Every scene and line of dialogue is there to serve the characters. The monster just seemed like a subplot that was happening in the background and sometimes interfered with the main story. The child acting was spotty at times but strong from the two main kids. Great balance and pacing, it seemed like all the elements of this movie just came together perfectly. I feel like this movie transcended the very distinct line that separates blockbusters from art. Expand
  38. Jul 12, 2011
    Are you bored and looking for a good movie this summer? Then pay for tickets for Super 8, an amazing movie that seems like a semi-sequel to E.T. The characters are memorable, and the special effects and acting are top-notch.
  39. Sep 1, 2011
    Brilliant. That's all I would write if I was allowed but thats to short.The movie is great, the actors are great( especially Elle Fanning).Everything about this movie I liked. That should be enough "characters" to submit this review.
  40. Jun 12, 2011
    This movie was certainly entertaining. The cast was the main ingredient in keeping it together. The revealing of the mysterious factors of the movie really ruined it for me though. Overall, it was a great movie nonetheless.
  41. Jun 20, 2011
    Overall, a well presented movie with interesting characters and story which unfortunately suffers from sometimes forced dialogue/humor and trying to cover too much ground.

    Super 8 is a movie which tries to do a lot of things and please a wide spectrum of audience. In short, it's a summer movie with the mystery and suspense of aliens and military cover ups, a coming of age story, and a
    single parent raising a child solo. The movie balances all these elements without falling short in terms of presentation or pace, but the overall narrative ends up with a few holes in it, namely the scenes involving the alien. These scenes are by far the weakest in the film. Part way through, the movie reveals the alien's motivations, and shortly after, subsequent scenes seem to conflict with these motives or offer no explanation for their occurrence. The scenes with the middle school kids and their summer escapades showcase some of the most well written scenes in the movie, however at times the children's dialogue and humor either feels forced or simply sounds strange coming out of the mouth of a child. In other words, the children sometimes speak as no child their age would speak and act with an air of adult maturity I've yet to see a junior high student possess. Additionally, the children's humorous dialogue unfortunately works against many of the scenes in the latter portions of the film shattering to pieces any sense of suspense or danger those scenes attempt to instill.

    Super 8 is a well packaged and presented film whose minor short comings might irritate some movie goers enough to make them wonder if this is just a remake of E.T. with a less friendly alien.
  42. Jun 12, 2011
    This film was almost picture perfect in my opinion. The acting was veryyyyy good throughout the entire movie, especially by newcomer Joel Courtney who plays a boy named Joe Lamb who tries to get over the trauma of losing his mom and repair the relationship with his father. Taking us through an alien attack and mass destruction of the town along the way. It was pretty much like E.T. but a more adult like version. Their was comedy, their was drama, and their was action, its had all three, and it did all three very well. My only compaint about this film is the train crash. No way in hell would a pickup truck cause that much damage to a train. At the speed the train was going it would slice right through the truck like a knife with butter, and the guy driving the pickup truck, he survived? How is that possible at all, even in science fiction/ fantasy, its just not possible. Thats the only reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10. Other than the high unrealism of the train crash, this movie was amazing, great acting, amazing action, and overall super 8 is a superb film. Expand
  43. Jun 16, 2011
    I really enjoyed this movie. I went into this film not expecting much, not very many good movies have come out recently, and this movie is great. It reminds me of the classic movies from my child hood.
  44. Aug 8, 2011
    great pic, sometime the movie is awesome and nostalgic, this time its the way of super 8 , the haters are a stupid kids, the movie was great , haters gonna hate
  45. Jun 12, 2011
    Great homage to the kids-centric Spielberg films of the late 70s/80s. It's like Goonies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, and Gremlins all rolled into one great movie. The focus here is on the characters reactions to supernatural mysteries that are going on in their town. The latter half of the film is very reminiscent of the end of ET. Overall, I would highly recommend a view to anyone familiar with those other films I mentioned: it was definitely be a nostalgia trip. Expand
  46. JNR
    Jun 12, 2011
    I had high expectations for this film, and while they were not completely met, I enjoyed the movie immensely. This is a movie that I am still thinking about the next day, which is an internal litmus test for me about the quality of a film. While the mix of styles (Spielberg and Abrams) is a bit clunky, and the script could have been a little less corny at times, this film is LIGHT YEARS beyond any other special effects laden film (not named Spider Man) over the past decade in terms of character development and acting. The fact that it felt short of ET for me should not dissuade people, as it gets a hell of a lot closer than anything else I have seen in this territory. Do you need to see it in a theatre? No, but I am glad I did. I hope that this gets enough support to warrant future projects that have real characters and dialogue in a sci-fi film. Expand
  47. Jun 14, 2011
    As I was making my way out from the theater, I overheard a friend giving his opinion on this movie which described it precisely, â
  48. Jun 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie was boring. Wait to rent it on a DVD. You do not see what was in the train till the end and it was not even that interesting. The character development felt like a children's soap opera. Very very silly. Expand
  49. Jun 15, 2011
    Writer/Director/Producer JJ Abramas is one of film and televisions hottest talents. With credits that include Lost, Fringe, Alias, â
  50. Jun 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A masterful piece of 70's nostalgia and a nice homage of Spielberg's work. I can't imagine anyone who grew up in the 70's making models and watching monster movies that wouldn't appreciate this film. The child actors are uniformly good, Giacchino's score is in itself sort of a John Williams homage, and Abrams keeps the action well-paced. A quintessential summer movie. Expand
  51. Jul 5, 2011
    Nostalgic doesn't even begin to describe it. This movie is what I would classify as a modern day E.T.

    The movie was really great, The acting, writing, and the execution of the whole film was great. While it did have issues by being predictable. This movie is a good throw back on what movies were like back then.

    Super 8 is full of emotions, the actors/actresses were great. Even for
    child/teenage actors they were fantastic. You really feel that these kids are really just kids, that are forced into this situation.

    While the ending was a bit sloppy. A miss-understood alien that is forced to fight to go home. While being predictable, it does offer thrill and excitement up to the part where you actually see the alien/monster.

    While Super 8 doesn't live up to the hype of all the teaser trailers. It still is a great movie to watch.
  52. Jun 18, 2011
    Super 8 has relentlessly grabbed my attention since the release of its first trailer. JJ Abrams has a way of shrouding his films in mystery and uncertainty; Super 8 proves no exception. Super 8 is a unique film that effectively conveys a sentimental story while simultaneously providing the audience with suspenseful, horrific sci-fi action. The acting is great and the story is well written. I could not find any reason to complain about the film; Super 8 did not disappoint me. Expand
  53. Jun 19, 2011
    Spielberg + JJ = Wonderful entertainment. This movie had laughs, scares, and some fun action. It wasn't quite highbrow entertainment, but Super 8 just oozes fun. If you are in the market for a summer movie that doesn't involve super heroes you have no excuse for not seeing this movie.
  54. Jan 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Entertaining. The special effects are a bit old now. The story line is a bit... hm, old too. I would recommend the Iron Giant. Animated but, far better. Expand
  55. Jun 19, 2011
    Great Movie. I saw it with my son at a midnight viewing. We both had a great time. Walked out a little past 2 in the morning and were not tired, we were too busy talking about how great the movie was and certain scenes. The kids, in the movie, were great. They supplied lots of laughs. There was a lot of suspense. The movie kept you watching, wondering what was going to happen next. It is also a very touching movie. It turns out that it is a great Father's Day movie to watch with your son. You care about the characters and you cannot wait to see what happens next. Wait for the credits, there is something worth watching. Highly recommended! Expand
  56. Jun 19, 2011
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  57. Jul 17, 2011
    Super 8 is a half good movie, more good than bad but despite having some charm, is bogged down with issues and a story that feels disjointed with awkward unrelated subplots. In the end why this movie needed a monster/alien is puzzling to me as it only seems to be shoved in so the movie can claim to be a 'homage to Spielberg movies', the movie is named after the alien but the alien to Super 8s story was unnecessary! I did enjoy the story of the young kids making a movie, but the forced alien plot was fairly forgettable and pointless. Super was only ok, I wanted to like it more however its issues pull it short of a good movie. Expand
  58. Jun 20, 2011
    A rare summer action film that places characters above CGI and emotion above cheap thrills.

    Yes, it is a monster movie, but it's a monster movie with a human heart. There is a lot of action, some truly extraordinary explosions and the obligatory monster lurking mostly just off-frame, but the true center of this film lies with the young protagonist and his small group of awkwardly
    adolescent friends. They're making a movie (a zombie movie-- the parallels between this movie-within-a-movie and the one they are unknowingly starring in are obvious) and it's an endeavor which they never treat with anything but the utmost seriousness. They obsess and argue and trade insults that sound authentically middle-school.

    Super 8 would never work without the performances by these young actors and, fortunately, they deal out it in spades. Joel Courtney plays the lead with wide, expressive eyes and shy strength. Elle Fanning is the lone girl amongst the bickering boys and she imbues her character with both luminous loveliness and surprising depth. Also great is Riley Griffiths as the intense and forceful budding filmmaker and Ryan Lee as a scene-stealing, brace-faced pyromaniac.
    They are all out filming one night when they witnessâ
  59. Jun 20, 2011
    Goonies Part 2 or E.T. part 2. With the tagline "THIS TIME HE'S P.O.'d. It didn't help that I saw it a week after the hype. So I was let down. But let's be honest, everything you see in the previews tells the story. The 70's nostalgic era grows tiresome. FNL's Coach can't save the dragging. And I was just waiting for the chubby kid to do the Truffle Shuffle.

    I have to be honest, I
    have not truly enjoyed a Spielberg movie in a long time...Crystal Skull anybody? This was better than most of his efforts of late. And Abrams is style over substance. Cloverfield was good in the theaters and this movie is like a prequel to that in a way.

    This movie grows tiresome. And the ending was awful. I was very let down. Now all that being said, I think this would make a great movie for some kids to cut their sci-fi horror teeth on. It's got some quick easy scares and some fun old time sci-fi ideas.
  60. Jun 20, 2011
    This movie is amazing, period. A tribute to the adventure movies like Indy and The Goonies, is really fun and the effects are good. The storyline is well written and the kids are real characters, very enjoyable.
  61. Aug 31, 2011
    nice little film this and was pretty much a typical affair from the producer that brought us Cloverfield. It reeks of a bad boy ET towards the later part but for a summer movie its a great piece of entertainment that will try and succeed in making you jump on several occasions. Its just a shame that it gets a little OTT towards the end but overall its defiantly worth a watch and discussion afterwards. The effects btw are very nicely put together and the cold war vibe present throughout is great at drawing atmosphere out of what is a rather small setting. Expand
  62. Jun 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. You know the old expression, â Expand
  63. Jun 22, 2011
    Excellent movie. Different than the usual sci-fi fare. Character driven, authentic and the coming of age puppy love story is charming. Worth the price of admission which is hard to say about most movies these days.
  64. Jun 23, 2011
    Engaging, entertaining, with well-executed comic relief- this movie was just a fun ride through a child's perspective of horrible events. Decent acting, intense special effects, and effective script-writing.
  65. Jun 26, 2011
    While this movie seemed to rely on the nostalgia factor to grab audiences I think that this film brought much more than a simple trip down memory lane to the table. I originally went to see this movie because I was curious about the alien creature and there was really a small amount of scenes involving the alien. What sold the movie for me was the characters. I really enjoyed watching the relationship between the kids and how they were tangled into an area 51 cover-up plot. The movie also has a lot of heart, well a lot for an action summer flick. The relationship between the main character and his dad is put to good use. The strenuous effect that the death of the main character's mother has on him and his father make for some complex character development that is greatly welcomed. My only gripe with the film is that it can feel like two movies, the alien and the supernatural events that happen don't quite mesh with the overall plot of the film. This movie did what it was supposed to do and then some, and is absolutely worthy of your time. I give this movie a SUPER 8! (get it?) Expand
  66. Jun 26, 2011
    This movie is decent. Not great, not bad, not really painfully average either. It's one of those movies that you're glad you saw it, but you wouldn't care to ever see it again. There was a good cast of interesting and fleshed out characters. It has some creepy moments and good special effects. The highlight of the film was probably the train wreck scene which was very chaotic and loud. Throughout the first half of the film, there's this growing tension as weird things are happening around the town and people are going missing. It was cool but I thought it should have been explored a bit more. And that represents the biggest problem with the movie- it's all style and no substance. There's not much of a story. It seems the writer forgot the rules of Dramatic Structure. You're supposed to have falling action in between the climax and resolution. In the movie, you get to the big face off between the protagonist and antagonist and five minutes later, the credits role. The ending is more or less what ruined the movie. It's so abrupt and unsatisfying. And it's not a case of "It's not the destination but the journey there". No, the movie builds up a whole bunch of events and mysteries that get you excited to see the conclusion. You want to see how it all worked out. But instead, you get a giant middle finger. Sad. It was a fun movie though and I would recommend seeing it. Just watch with low expectations. Expand
  67. Jun 26, 2011
    This movie is boring, dull, and uninteresting. The plot is unimaginative and plain dumb. Hard to believe Spielberg signed his name to this. Initially, I thought of scoring it one, but then I thought... NAH!
  68. Jul 6, 2011
    A very good movie. Great acting from the kids and adults alike. Good cinematography, a good couple of twists. Decent action, and good writing, especially with the kids. Their interactions are very similar to me and my friends when we were kids, and thus are very believable. Now for the bad. The plot has a few holes in it. The alien design and motives have been copied from District 9 in more then enough ways to be mildly annoying. It's also overly dramatic at times, at one part it was on the levels of soap opera. All in all, Super 8 is a well written(at least the parts with the kids), well acted, well filmed movie. Its not perfect but who is? Its not going to change your life or make your top 5 movies list, but it will be enjoyed. Expand
  69. Jun 29, 2011
    This movie was terrible, but a huge accomplishment for Abrams and Speilberg. This film proves that they have a fan base that will support anything they make. It's puzzling how Abrams makes these trailers where you have no idea what the movie is about and people react with "this is gonna be awesome." A story about children and an alien...Let's just say if I made the exact same movie, metacritic would give it a 12. Expand
  70. Jul 1, 2011
    Blast it to.... I mean .. I didn't know HOW to do that score thingy for my bad review of SUPER 8 so I demand to change it now! Here 'tiz ONE. Terrible movie experience rated by this handsome hunk of a 71 year old movie, wide screen, 3D, Technicolor, Cinemascope, VistaVision, RealD, THX Dolby ever lovin' Celluloid junkie!!!
  71. Jul 6, 2011
    I must say, I was quite disappointed with Super 8, I was expecting allot more from an Abrams/Spielberg collaboration. After seeing films such as Cloverfield and Star Trek, Abrams skills as a producer and Director (respectively) is without a doubt good. In fact, Abrams did an okay job directing super 8, by drawing good performances from the young cast and successfully mimicking the aesthetics of Spielberg's work of the 70's and 80's (like Jaws and E.T. just to name a few). But unlike Spielberg's work he failed to tell a good story, which leads to the downfall of this well produced film, Its Screenplay. It was underwritten, causing viewers to witness a half-baked plot being unfolded and care little about our characters by the end of it all. It eventually lead to a climatic mess, which is unfortunate, as it was really working with a good cast and a good premise. Despite these artistic misshaps it was an entertaining, well-meaning summer flick with sweeping visual effect and well constructed action pieces. Despite my disappointment, It would be wrong to give this anything less than 5 because it wasn't bad... It was an okay movie. Expand
  72. Jul 2, 2011
    This movie did nothing for me. I didn't like the characters, I didn't find it exciting. I suppose that they were trying to emulate ET in some ways--it wasn't in the same solar system.
  73. Jul 3, 2011
    More like asiNINE. Dull characters, a trivialized emotional core, overdramatic narrative amidst random explosions. The plot had more holes than swiss cheese, and the dialogue was even cheesier. I had to suspend disbelief so often, I almost got vertigo. A train wreck of a movie.
  74. Jul 3, 2011
    I loved this movie. The children played their roles as well as any veteran actor. Good storyline. The suspense builds quickly and keeps your attention, I was never bored. Abrams and Spielberg have done well, a good collaboration. I had read some bad reviews but there were more good than bad, so I took a chance. It's a movie that I would see again. Excellent acting and plenty of action. What's not to like? If you like sci fi and action, this is your film. Expand
  75. Jul 7, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Long time user but I finally decided to sign up here just to voice my opinion on what a piece of garbage this movie was. It was entertaining for about 30 minutes until I realized this crew of kids reminded me of something I had seen before long ago. Then it hit me, The Goonies. I could not get the comparison between the stories and characters out of my head for the remainder of the movie. Take the Goonies, add in a ton of loud, unnecessary, over the top Spielberg special effects and swap out Sloth for some homesick, pissed off alien being that best connects with a 12 year old boy from the middle of Ohio and you've got your movie. Save yourself the $10 and the 2 hours, pop in The Goonies, and watch a much better version of the same story. Expand
  76. Jul 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Super 8 is a very bad movie, and when i say "bad" i mean BAD, probably the worst sci-fi movie I have seen in years. The script is ridiculous (a pack of boring cliches), the acting is poor and i still thinking about a pick-up that destroys an entire military train. Unbelievable. Please don't waste your time and money on this piece of crap. Expand
  77. Jul 10, 2011
    How can people actually like this movie that much? Sure, it had its moments, but thats not enough to make this a good movie. After seeing the trailer me and my friends were thinking "oh boy, this looks like an awesome movie!", and it started off promising. But the more we watched the worse it got... After leaving the cinema we all had this deep feeling of disappointment, that this movie had potential, but didnt quite reach there... The second half ruined it for me. You might like it if youre seeing it as a tribute for other Spielberg movies, but if you're like me and think of this as a "standalone" movie you might be disappointed... Expand
  78. Jul 11, 2011
    Overall. I'm not a fan of the genre, but I found this movie to be mostly predictable and in some parts downright boring. It was saved from receiving a lower rating by allowing me to reminisce on how good E.T. was.
  79. Jul 12, 2011
    This film brought back all the wonderful memories of childhood, playing in the moon light, telling monster stories by the camp fire and the power of a child's imagination. With a simple story line, granted not very original story, the movie is fun. What is really amazing about the film are the kid actors, their performance are just wonderful, bring depth and emotion to the film. J.J. Abrams' Super 8 is a must see!! Expand
  80. Jul 13, 2011
    Everything about this movie was delightful. The young kid actors are really great and the way the movie unfolds is really engaging. There is a sense of wonder in the narrative and also great emotional depth in our protagonist. His sense of loss and journey to move on at the end really seals the film in a satisfying way. J.J Abrams knows how to tell a story with great care and affection for the characters. This film is more than just a nostalgic adventure of the past but a modern classic. Expand
  81. Aug 9, 2011
    Creator of original TV series like Alias and Lost, writer and director J.J. Abrams creates an all-too-familiar monster movie that resembles too much of Spielberg (one of the producers) as an auteur. Not necessarily a bad thing however. The influence of Spielberg makes Super 8 both suspenseful and a spectacle, but it lacks the convoluted plot twists and character driven drama Abrams is known for. Super 8 is like a 21st Century 'Goonies' meets-a-more-scary 'E.T.'. It centres on a group of kids in a small town who witness a train derailment, which is ensued by an extra-terrestrial investigation, mixed in with strained personal relationships and mystery. Classic Spielberg blockbuster formula really. Troubled family life juxtaposed with suspense, mystery and awesome action sequences.

    The train derailment sequence is one of the best pieces of action I've seen. Truly awesome to behold. And the performances from the young cast really outshine the adults by miles, in particular Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney. Super 8 builds up and develops character well, and holds out suspense to keep the viewer on edge. It's not until the third act that we see the 'monster'. Again, reminiscent of Spielberg's Jaws.

    Some parts of the film were unnecessary though. Like the white cubes were never explained and a fuller back story for the 'monster's' experimentation would have been helpful. Also, the over use of intentional lens flare just got distracting.

    Overall though, Super 8 is a great family film that delivers on many levels reminiscent of Spielberg's classics.
  82. Jul 18, 2011
    I had huge expectations for this movie, but walked away somewhat disappointed. The movie started slow, and then was nearly frantic in the middle, and the ending was just plain disappointing. I thought it would wind up being a "feel-good" movie, and my feeling was "That's it? Really?".

    The kids were great actors though -- too bad they didnt have better material
  83. Jul 21, 2011
    Saw this in the theatre, and was pleasantly surprised. Having heard from friends that it would be a waste of money, that it was slow etc, I found an intriguing, exciting story with real characters who actually have feelings. In the usual action movie people are dying left and right without nobody being the least upset, the hero just throwing one-liners left and right. Loved the dialogue, funny and witty and the fact that the fat guy actually was portrayed as a real person with real feelings and intelligence. Great that we don't get to see the alien until late in the movie. First I was afraid it was just a huge spider, but thankfully it turned out to be a little more elaborate than that. My favourite characters were those of Elle Fanning and Ron Eldard. But all around a great performance. And the end credits were a laugh too! Expand
  84. j30
    Nov 25, 2011
    Going in, I didn't expect this movie to be so emotionally engaging. This really well made film by J.J. Abrams', whose love for film, especially the 80's time period, is painted all over the screen. The movie feels like a mixture between E.T. and The Goonies.
  85. Jul 20, 2011
    great movie, some explicit lang. other than that it's a classic. late 70's early 80's mystery, what is it.the fanning girl and the sheriff's boy did a great job chubby controling kids was "mint" I thought the tone of the show was really authentic. the end was a little anti climactic. they could've explained a little more about mysterious cubes. 2 fathers could've had a little more to their conclusion also. Expand
  86. Jul 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Super 8, at its core and on paper, sounds like a tremendous idea. You have steven spielberg, a fabulous director directing a movie about a monster that comes and terrorizes the city, sounds good enough, right? Well, not exactly. The way the movie is put together is utterly disappointing, and the ending is wrapped up quickly without tying up any loose ends. The movie is about a boy and his friends shooting a movie with their super 8 camera for a movie festival. They are making a zombie movie, and one night get a girl in the grade above them to drive them out to a train depot to shoot. While filming, a train is coming by and the boys would love to use it for good background and effects. They accidentally capture the train being sabotaged by a driver and the train exploding, as well as the monster escaping. He is a monster from outer space that was being imprisoned and tortured for years. The movie is mostly about the relationship that grows between the main boy and girl characters, with the monster just "being there" in the background. That is where Super 8 falls, the monster isn't really the main story, he's just there to spice things up while the other parts of the movie go along. The movie could have just about the relationship with the boy and his father as well as the boy and the girl, and it could have been a movie just about a slice of life. But the monster ruins the movie by constant interruptions and just plain stupidity. The children are captured by military officials, and eventually that is what leads them to the monster. They find out the monsters story which is that he just wants to go home, which is both stupid and has been done before, and the boy just tells the monster to go home, and he leaves, and that is how they wrap the movie up. It is a very disappointing, and doesn't tie anything up. Expand
  87. Jul 27, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Super 8 was a surprisingly delightful movie. Judging by the teasers I was really not interested in it at all but with names like Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams being branded on every trailer and poster I simply had to give it a shot. And I was really glad I did because it was very very good. It was really a tribute to the movies of the late 20th century wasn't it? It had all the elements of Spielberg's classic E.T. with a close group of friends on bicycles riding about town shooting scenes for a movie with "production value", adults who seem to be one step behind the kids on the whole mystery, the government intervention and of course an extraterrestrial being "trying to go home". The special effects were great, especially the train crash. Very breathtaking stuff. But even with all the amazing effects and all the action going around, we never really forget the emotional side of it all, Abrams never let's the action upstage the human aspect of the story. Joe who recently lost his mother to a violent tragedy lives with his grief-stricken, depressed and distant father begins to bond with Alice in an 8mm film production of zombies, she herself has father issues. Their relationship reminds me a bit of Abby and Owen in Let Me In united by their own little tragedies, finding solace in each other. Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney play their roles exceptionally well, amazing since it's their first time in a major movie. It was really refreshing to finally watch a movie which was not rushed through production (yeah I'm looking at you X-Men), very carefully thought out and which really took it's own time to tell the story that it wants to tell. I wasn't born in the 60s or 70s but watching Super 8 made me feel like I was in that period of time of filmmaking, it felt very authentic. The closing credits was awesome. Expand
  88. Jul 27, 2011
    Super 8 was a great combination of comedy, drama, sci-fi, suspense, and action. Most of this movie kept me on the edge of my seat. However some parts where just messed up. If you love suspense , drama and sci-fi
  89. Jul 27, 2011
    This movie was alot of fun! if youve seen E.T, The Sandlot, and aliens. Just MIX them all together and you get SUPER 8 a witty, fun movie that has its share of action! this movie made me feel like i was in the 80's. it took me back and it was so AMAZING! i loved it. the cast, the direction, the story, it was a bit cheesy towards the end. but still really great MOVIE! and i cant wait till it comes out on blu-ray. Expand
  90. Aug 7, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I like it, is quite a weird movie it remember me several books I have read, if this were a normal movie i'm sure the boy helps the alien to escape but the movie is just what happens in his viewpoint, the boy is just a part of the movie and not the movie itself like the most of the movies today. I have always like J.J. Abrams productions and this time he don't disappoint me, I don't feel there is missing something and it have a really good plot, what I see is really bad about this movie is the marketing used in it, I was having a completely different concept of what the movie was but, forgetting the marketing I don't have nothing against it... Expand
  91. Aug 25, 2011
    It's lack of originality is matched only by its enthusiasm and sincerity in its desire to make a pastiche of Spielberg classics, something it does to great effect, in spite of inner-cynicism it stirs up.
  92. Aug 17, 2011
    Super 8, JJ Abrams' first film since Star Trek, acts like a love letter to Steven Spielberg from a kid who grew up on a diet of E.T and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and rightfully so. It's a tale of innocence being stolen from a group of kids making an amateur zombie-horror on their Super 8 camera and witnessing something they shouldn't have seen. This is a clever and entertaining film from a screenplay by Abrams, and like Spielberg, Abrams revels in using the everyman and the innocent as our point-of-view into this world, in this case a bunch of children.

    What started out as an innocent piece of movie-making by budding director, Charles Kaznyk (Riley Griffiths), turns into something much more sinister when the group witness a terrifying train crash when a pick-up truck drives onto the tracks causing a derailment. Amidst the horror of the crash, the kids find lots of white cubes scattered around the place, they find their biology teacher, Dr. Woodward, behind the wheel of the pick-up, who warns them to never speak of what they saw or 'they' will kill them and their family. Soon, the U.S. Air Force arrive, led by Colonel Nelec (Noah Emmerich) to recover the site, not noticing the kids fleeing the scene.

    The townspeople begin to report a whole host of strange occurences, every dog runs for the hills, microwaves, car engines and people disappear. It soon falls down to local deputy, Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler) to try and calm the situation, and at the same time try and figure out what the hell is going on.

    The film is beautifully presented, much of which is down to the cinematography of Larry Fong, whose eye gives the polish a film of this calibre so deserves. The second mention must go to Michael Giacchino for his haunting, but memorable score. Considering it is such a young cast that holds a quite complex (at times) storyline together, Abrams has done remarkably well in not only being able to extract some brilliant performances from these kids, but also recreate the tension and atmosphere that so many movies of this kind (many from his co-collaborator Spielberg) that the seventies and eighties were so memorable for.

    The effects in this film are used subtlely. They are intergrated into the storyline and really are used to propel the story along rather than distract from it. There are moments when watching Super 8 where Abrams seems to have taken great pleasure in apeing Spielberg's techniques, even down to the long, drawn-out scenes designed to make us jump, but it doesn't matter, it's still JJ's film, the fact he mimics one of Hollywood's true storytelling masters, whilst inputting his flair on this intriguing tale is a crime easily forgiven.

    Whilst I felt slightly cheated with the ending resolving itself too quickly, I was still satisfied with the outcome.

    So, overall, Super 8 is a far from perfect film, but it has masses of entertainment value, and if you're a fan of Abrams, or Spielberg, or just good, old-fashioned storytelling that doesn't try to confuse you for the sake of it, then I can highly recommend it.
  93. Aug 17, 2011
    Disappointed +++. I took my wife to watch this movie based solely on Metacritic reviews. The user reviews I can still understand, given that almost anyone nowadays has access to the net. But how on God's earth do serious reviewers, journalists, for F***s sake give this film such a high rating. This is not a good film, at least not for an adult. I think that it probably deserves a 4 but am giving it less with the hope of reducing the average and hopefully saving some poor schmuck from parting with his or her cash. Oh, have I not watch this movie, at least not in the cinema with no remote or easy escape. Expand
  94. Dec 11, 2011
    "Super 8" ensembles an amazing and competent young cast and relies on a perfect pace and nostalgic tone. I know it's a tribute to Spielberg and to the sci-fi movies of the past century but, the whole story sounded like: " Haven't I see that before?
  95. Aug 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Loved this movie ! I cant even take my eye of for a second . what is not to like ? J.J. Abrams & Spielberg did it again . Its not just tipical teen movie ! They have mixed Teen & Si-fi so amazingly ! The actors were also good ! Joel Courtney(Joe Lamb) was a little week !
    Riley Griffiths(Charles) did good job as a bossy friend ! The others were also good except for Elle Fanning(Alice Dainard)
    when i was seeing this movie i was like are you freaking kidding me? She is just 13 ? i cant believe it ? Her acting was like freaking awesome ! i watched Dakota's (Elle's sister in real life)most of the movies so first i thought she couldn't be better then her ! but she really surprised me a
    lot ! her acting is awesome ! [Look out Dakota ur baby sis is passing you]
    and not to mention she looked very beautiful ! spoilers !!!! At the begining of the movie where the kids were filming the movie that I Love You part she nailed it spoilers !!!! . SO OVERALL [out of ten]

    Story : 1.7/2 [Awesome mixture with teen and si-fi]
    Directing : 1.7/2 [j.j.A 's one of the best entry]
    Acting : 1.6/2 [whole 1 point is for Elle coz of Joel the rating is low]
    Sound : 1.3/2 [i didnt like the soundtracks & the musics .wasn't good]
    Edit & Effect : 1.8/2 [That train accident was beyond awesome]

    Overall 8.1 out of 10
  96. Aug 20, 2011
    Winner of the Spielberg Drinking Competition Movie Submission. I went because a my friend is in itabd I like Sci-fi but enjoyed it for the family friendly action movie it is.
  97. Aug 23, 2011
    A super fun time at the movies, suspenseful. and fine performances. Super 8 pulls you in with it's action and it's kid stars. But Super 8 lacks story, plus I wasn't emotionally attached to it like I was to the other Spielberg films it was trying to be. Overall a great time at the movies, but it was trying too hard to be a classic Spielberg film. I didn't care for the alien at all. And it was a bit cheesy, but it was a lot of fun. J.J has done better though. "Super 8" gets just an 8. Not a super 8. Expand
  98. Aug 21, 2011
    Take Goonies, ET, war of the worlds and a touch of close encounters and there you get Super 8. A movie that is Spielberg written all over it. Not that it is a bad thing, but still had the need to get something more out of it. Were missing some JJ Abrams touches which could have made this movie more a must see.
  99. Aug 23, 2011
    L'un des grands maîtres du blockbuster américain, J.J Abrams (Mission : Impossible 3 et Star Trek), nous livre son film personnel, sous la houlette du géant Steven Spielberg. A se demander si ce n'est pas ce dernier qui a réalisé Super 8, tant on ressent la patte du réalisateur. Et pourtant, ce blockbuster est bien l'oeuvre de Abrams, jonchée de références de son mentor (E.T. l'Extra-Terrestre, Les Goonies, Rencontres du Troisième Types...). Et bien que le scénario se base sur une histoire de monstre, c'est pour mettre en scène des personnages intelligemment travaillés et interprétés. En gros, Abrams nous livre son enfance et son amour pour le cinéma et les seventies. Quelques défaillances sont à notées (la scène du train qui déraille est vraiment démesurée) mais devant ce film à la bonne mise en scène et aux effets visuels de toute beauté, on ne peut que crier "SUPER". Expand
  100. Sep 4, 2011
    His attempt in the film to pair blockbuster action with heartfelt emotion is a noble one, but in the end, unsuccessful.
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  1. Reviewed by: Ian Nathan
    Jul 31, 2011
    It's nowhere close to "E. T." - what is? - but amongst the hullabaloo of summer, Super 8 is something to cherish: a beautifully made homage to better times, and better movies.
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Rainer
    Jun 10, 2011
    If Abrams had stuck with the kids and cut way back on all the sci-fi hoo-ha, his film might have stood a fighting chance of being charming. Big is not always better, even when it comes to fantasies.
  3. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    Jun 10, 2011
    Super 8 is in many ways a perfect summer movie: smart, exciting, heartfelt, and suffused with nostalgia.