Leisure Time Features | Release Date: February 12, 2010
Summary: A groundbreaking movie musical about the Sicilian Mafia, To Die For Tano tells the “true” story of Tano Guarrasi, a Mafia man of honor who was gunned down in his butcher shop during the bloody 1988 Mafia war. During his life, his terrible jealousy doomed his 4 sisters to spinsterhood. After his death, Tano’s sisters were liberated to pursue their dreams but his spirit continued to haunt them. Tano’s story is told by his various friends and family through song, dance and recollections. (Leisure Time Features)


Runtime: 80 min
Production: Lucky Red
Genres: Drama, Musical
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Director Credit
Roberta Torre Director
Writer Credit
Enzo Paglino Writer
Gianluca Sodaro Writer
Roberta Torre Writer
Cast Credit
Adele Aliotta Rosa
Annamaria Confalone Modesta
Antonia Uzzo Santina
Ciccio Guarino Tano Guarrasi
Concetta Alfano Donna D'onore
Eleonora Teriaca Vedova Puglisi
Enzo Paglino Enzo
Filippo Teriaca Zio Filippo
Francesca Di Cesare Anna
Giacomo D'Ignoto Marciano
Lorenzo La Rosa Salvo Lo Cicero
Maria Aliotta Caterina
Maurizio Testa Maurizio Testa
Mimma De Rosalia Franca Guarrasi
Vincenzo di Lorenzo Don Paliddu Billizza
Producer Credit
Donatella Palermo Producer
Leos Kamsteeg Producer