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  • Summary: A series of black garbage bags filled with dismembered body parts, rendering the victims nearly impossible to identify, begins to show up around the city. The killer's motive is a complete mystery. Leading the investigation is Detective Cho (Han Suk-gyu), a burnt-out cop trying to redeem himself with this case. (Kino International) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    A crackerjack serial-killer chiller in "Seven" mold, Tell Me Something cleverly disguises its thoroughly generic content and leaps of logic with highly honed technique and an involving approach to narrative.
  2. A complicated and stylish Korean thriller that will make viewers' skin crawl.
  3. Stylish, sullen, and a little predictable, Tell Me Something is the match of any American film in its quasi-genre, though you suspect that without a world market to target, it might've been even more anxious and intrepid.
  4. It doles out information so arbitrarily that you are robbed of the twin pleasures of figuring out clues and figuring out you've been fooled.
  5. 60
    Director Chang builds some chilling suspense into the cop's grim investigative routine -- as well as generous helpings of blood: It runs, splashes and sprays as the amputations continue.
  6. Familiar and predictable enough, especially if you have seen Hollywood serial-killer thrillers like "Se7en."
  7. Reviewed by: Damon Wise
    Director Yang Joon-hyun works scrupulously from the Hollywood serial murder playbook, and delivers something which does its job, even as its last reel flounders with several too many plot twists, but has no particular reason to exist.

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