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  • Summary: Set on the moon in the year 2087, this comedy stars Eddie Murphy as Pluto Nash, the audacious, successful owner of the hottest nightclub in town who finds himself in trouble with lunar gangsters. (Warner Bros.)
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  1. Eddie Murphy's latest comedy, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, takes place in the year 2087, which is about the earliest he can hope to be forgiven.
  2. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    There are worse movies, but that's no excuse. Rarely has so much money delivered so little entertainment.
  3. Reviewed by: Kevin Courrier
    A limp Eddie Murphy vehicle that even he seems embarrassed to be part of.
  4. Only Quaid, as a semiretarded horny robot, and Cleese as a fussy chauffeur hologram seem to get it. Even Murphy, as the titular nightclub big shot in outer space, forgets to be actually funny until the climax.
  5. 10
    Murphy slogs his way through this dismally dull sci-fi comedy.
  6. 0
    So unremittingly awful that labeling it a dog probably constitutes cruelty to canines.

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  1. Jul 23, 2014
    This is my most favorite film in the universe. Sure, the budget was 100mil and they only got 7mil, making Warner Bros lose 93million dollars... but that's because people didn't see it and didn't want to know how good it was. This deserves film of the century. Expand
  2. Jan 20, 2014
    Painfully unfunny, and just a total mess of a movie, I just can't stand it's unfunny ness, and seeing Eddie Murphy just not being funny, which is just painful. Expand

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