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  1. Good ain't the half of it in this case - it's funny, it's endearing, it's strangely touching. [19 Aug 1994]
  2. The generosity and gorgeousness with which Aussie writer-director Stephan Elliott (and costume designers Lizzy Gardiner and Tim Chappel) turn this most unlikely road picture into something arresting - if a tad sentimental - in its naive vision of a perfectly tolerant world.
  3. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert presents a defiant culture clash in generous, warmly entertaining ways.
  4. Reviewed by: David Stratton
    A cheerfully vulgar and bitchy, but essentially warmhearted, road movie with a difference, which boasts an amazing star turn by Terence Stamp as a transsexual, Stephan Elliott's second feature is a lot of fun.
  5. 75
    In this roaringly comic and powerfully affecting road movie, Terence Stamp gives one of the year's best performances.
  6. Reviewed by: Clifford Terry
    On the whole, though, it is funny and compassionate, silly and sweet. [26 Aug 1994]
  7. Reviewed by: Staff (Not Credited)
    The script is spiked with cheeky, occasionally hilarious encounters, like the trio's stroll through a lazy Outback town in flamboyant space-age drag, or Bernadette's deliciously unprintable riposte to a hostile woman in a bar.
  8. 75
    The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is about the most fun you can have with three guys who like to dress up as women.
  9. Reviewed by: Henry Sheehan
    Elliott has come up with an ebullient entertainment propelled by garishly jaunty musical numbers, adroitly handled comic banter and an optimistic faith in people's ability to roll with the punches. [26 Aug 1994]
  10. The comic pizazz and bawdy dazzle of this film's vision of gaudy drag performers trekking across the Australian outback certainly has a boisterous, addictive way about it. [10 Aug 1994]
  11. This nicely made 1994 comedy-drama could be described as an Australian "Easy Rider," with Sydney drag queens instead of bikers and no apocalyptic ending.
  12. Reviewed by: Robert Faires
    Where drag is concerned, though, the film does anything but drag; Elliott has no compunction about restraint, and Priscilla gushes with bitchy repartee, campy comedy, sappy Seventies pop (Abba! “Billy, Don't Be a Hero”! “Take a Letter, Maria”!), and production numbers so outrageous, they make the Divine Miss M's excess look like the efforts of a Baptist boys' camp.
  13. 63
    It is done well, yet one is still surprised to find it done at all.
  14. Reviewed by: Angie Errigo
    Those who find men in feathers inherently divine will have a high old time here, and there are enough hilarious cinematic moments for the gob-smacked rest.
  15. Like the "girls," the movie is flamboyant in almost every respect - the costumes, the humor and the sentimentality. [1 Sep 1994]
  16. 60
    Writer-director Stephan Elliott is obviously fond of his characters, and this may account for the upbeat story line, but it blinds him to how very annoying two hours of dishing can be.
  17. Director Stephan Elliott too easily buys into the drag queens' conception of themselves as valiant pursuers of illusion, without ever questioning the value of the illusion being pursued.
  18. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Poor, no-respect ABBA gets tweaked repeatedly in this unexpectedly handsome widescreen import - though, in keeping with the movie's soft tone, the gooning isn't mean-spirited or even all that catty. [10 Aug 1994]
  19. Reviewed by: Desson Howe
    Obviously, Priscilla is a one-note pleasure: Bitches in the Desert! Queens in the Sand! Nancy boys do the Outback!
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  1. Feb 7, 2012
    A good movie, that I truly like. I have it in my movie collection. This is by no means one of those Hollywood blockbusters. Although at timesA good movie, that I truly like. I have it in my movie collection. This is by no means one of those Hollywood blockbusters. Although at times it feels slow, it is still engaging and witty. Dialogues are sharp and humorous while there is always an ingredient of sentimentality and nostalgy . The movie deals with themes as frienship, love, passion, betrayal, trust, compassion. Hence, it is much more than just another gay comedy for it is a film that explores the different human dimensions. Overall, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, is endearing, touching, and enlightening. It is powerful, without being over emotional or cheesy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Full Review »