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  1. Jul 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just saw this film for the 32nd time now... It is by far my all-time favourite super-hero flick! I enjoyed every single second! This I believe is the reboot Spider-Man needed... Andrew Garfield i think (in my opinion) best portrayed Peter Parker! the script was amazingly well-written by James Vanderbilt (who also wrote Zodiac and 2003 film Darkness Falls). I absolutely love the director Marc Webb's fresh modern take on the super-hero's origins, from when Peter gets bit by the radio-active spider, and the building of his webbing device! Also want to give huge props to the Cinematographer, John Schwartzman (who recently is working on Dracula Untold, Jurassic World and did the 1996 film The Rock). Expand
  2. May 30, 2014
    Fantastic Movie for the Summer! The Amazing Spider-Man is packed with action and romance and is lead by an amazing performance from Andrew Garfield who makes this film entertaining most of all.
  3. May 1, 2014
    great movie, with intense action and good characters. My favorite Actor was Andrew Garfield He's amazing in this film, and The writing was good. This movie was stellar movie with a stellar cast and great writing to keep you interested
  4. Feb 11, 2014
    I enjoyed the hell out of this movie! It has a darker tone and takes itself more seriously than the previous trilogy. Garfield is great as both Peter and Spiderman, and the rest of the cast was great as well. To my surprise this film had some good emotion, especially with Peter/Gwen and Peter/Uncle Ben. My only issue is that both the ending and the Lizard felt a bit rushed towards the end of the film. Pacing aside this is a must see for any Spidy fan. Expand
  5. Dec 14, 2013
    Amazing Spider-Man is truly amazing movie superhero, if i can compare with sam raimi movie, the different look in costume, story, character, by the way i enjoy watch this entertaining...can't wait the sequel...good job Marc Webb
  6. Sep 21, 2013
    This film was undoubtedly awesome and slightly better than Spider-Man (2002 film) as the story was explained in a much better manner. There was a lot mentioned about his parents, his memories as a child and a briefcase which his father leaves behind that leads to him becoming Spider-Man. The important thing was that not many things were copied from Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man film. And for that, I guess I could Marc Webb a thumbs up right now! At first, he had some personal vendetta of finding his Uncle's killer...and then he learned the concept of wearing a mask, and eventually, he found a way to put his powers into proper saving people. For those of you that think The Lizard was a lame piece of think again...there was this scene in Oscorp where Peter asks Dr.Connors, "How would a predator track a reptile?" Now think of Spider-Man as the predator and The Lizard as the reptile. Plus, it was more about cross-species genetics. If you're looking for a more badass villain, I suggest you wait for Electro to arrive in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2. Expand
  7. Jul 4, 2013
    With science and wit dangling from its webs of storytelling, "The Amazing Spider-Man" uses Garfield and Stone's acts to soar, and leaving a wonderful impression in the end.
  8. Jun 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A well chosen cast, great special effects and looks more like the comics. This movie is simply awesome, even if it's not as fresh as Sam Raimi's trilogy. Expand
  9. Jun 17, 2013
    This may not be the best Spider-Man film, but its an excellent reboot. The cast is definetely one of the best. The movie kills it with action, emotion and origin. It's a retelling of Spider-Man but in a way that has secrets.
    I give TASM a 9/10
  10. May 30, 2013
    I don't understand why anyone would hate this movie. I actually like that its a reboot because its a fresh new start. At first I didn't like the new costume but now its growing on me. The fighting sequences were really good and so was the story. I liked Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy. I kinda wished the movie had a second villain like Scorpion. Its pretty much the Batman Begins of Spider-Man movies. Expand
  11. Apr 24, 2013
    This reboot of the Spider-Man franchise delivers with a strong performance by Andrew Garfield as the lead character, and big names in some of the other supporting roles. Acting great Martin Sheen, host of the Breakthroughs with Martin Sheen show, gives a strong performance as usual, in the role of Uncle Ben. Denis Leary, better known as a comedian than an actor, also shines as the father of Peter Parker’s love interest.

    It’s great to see well-established actors and thespians, like Sheen and Sally Field, who plays Aunt May, share the screen with up-and-coming actors like Garfield and Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy. The young stars hold their own with these heavyweights, and show that they belong. Although Sheen does not appear in as many movies these days as he did in his heyday, he shows the talent that has helped him remain in show business since the early 1960s. These days, Sheen hosts the Breakthroughs Martin Sheen show, and also appeared in a movie directed by his son Emilio Estevez called “The Way.”

    The Martin Sheen Breakthroughs show examines positive and intriguing stories across American society. It airs on public television stations across the nation, including some PBS-affiliated stations. The Martin Sheen PBS program ( looks at medical subjects, environmental topics, business stories and more. The Martin Sheen public television program looks at education stories as well.

    Hopefully, the producers and director of the sequel to this entertaining and enjoyable movie can bring back all the principal actors and actresses for the sequel.
  12. Apr 20, 2013
    Does "The Amazing Spider-Man" do anything new to movies? Well, no. But the genres that exist are all in there. The movie has its moments of humor, horror, romance, action, adventure, thriller, it has simply everything, and the way they used all that to make a superhero movie is simply one of the best ways they could use it.
  13. Apr 8, 2013
    The Amazing Spider-Man is the Spider-Man film that we were all waiting to see. It has a fantastic cast that all give great performances, a great score to accompany it, and great action sequences that can only be put as simply: amazing.
  14. Mar 31, 2013
    This is a solid reboot of a rather recent series of films that probably didn't need to be done so soon, but it has been done very well. Andrew Garfield is great as the new Peter Parker and overall it's a great cast! Storyline is similar to how the other series starts out but things change here and there. MJ is no more but Gwen is in the leading lady role played by the gorgeous Emma Stone who does a great job! Overall it's nothing but entertainment and quite enjoyable to watch Expand
  15. Mar 24, 2013
    I was hesitant to see this movie, as the ones done in the early 2000's were exceptional. This version did not disappointing me, showing the early life of Peter Parker that was based more closely on the comics than the original that starred Tobey McGuire.
  16. Mar 16, 2013
    The Amazing Spider-Man directed by Marc Webb is a fantastic reboot to the Spider-Man franchise. Despite having a similar plot line to Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man, Webb's interpretation created a darker and more serious tone that established a story arc. Starting with the cast, Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Peter Parker did well to show the struggles of not only losing his uncle but not knowing the fate of his parents. We see that with Tobey Maguire's performance but it is eclipsed by the lighter tone of the 2002 movie. Garfield's portrayal also has more chemistry with his primary love interest, providing for a more intimate and youthful subplot complementing the already mentioned dark tone. Kirsten Dunst's performance resembled a summer blockbuster aimed at teenagers. Despite the common view that Raimi used a better supporting cast with James Franco, William Dafoe, and JK Simmons, it is very difficult to ignore the on screen presence of Sally Field, Martin Sheen, Rhys Ifans, and Denis Leary. One standout performance that was not mentioned was that of Irrfan Khan. Though he does not have a lot of screen time, Khan's performance added to the tone and complemented Dr. Connors transformation into the Lizard. The CGA and visual effects do provide for thrilling and captivating viewing experience but since the two movies were made a decade apart, it is difficult to praise one over the other owing to the vast advances in computer technology. One visual aspect that the comic fan base debates is the suit. The Raimi suit had a very strong resemblance to the comic and cartoon series. Webb's artistic team provided a new suit that allowed Spider-Man to look more athletic and agile. The darker toned fabric with a worn surface gave it a more realistic look. The only major mystery that created a plot hole was how does a high school kid create such a suit on his own in his bedroom. Overall "The Amazing Spider-Man" was a pleasurable film that undoubtedly surpassed its 2002 counterpart. The cast along with the plot and the visual presentation generated the interest and anticipation for a sequel. Expand
  17. Mar 2, 2013
    Amazing Spider Man? I agree!!!!! This was way better than the Dancing spider man on the other version! I loved it! It felt much more realistic, it`s more like the new batman series! The story, the action, everything was good. I usually hate the romance scenes since every movie feels they need one, but I can in this movie it blended in with no problem. This is the best super hero movie that I can think of after "Batman" of course. Expand
  18. Mar 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Amazing Spiderman, what do I think of this movie, it's... AMAZING! Let's start off with the pros of this movie. First, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's acting. I found the perfect performance of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. They show how they are both excellent actors because they show their romance for each other on screen well, they execute their scenes perfectly and adding a better relationship. I really like this acting. Another pro of this movie is the special effects. Spiderman and the Lizard have never looked better on screen in the school scene and the Oscorp scene etc. Since both those scenes were shot with CGI, this makes Spiderman and Lizard look amazing as I've said. More on the effects, when Spiderman web swings, the CGI blends so well together, I actually wished there were more scenes of Spidey web slinging. Next, director Marc Webb made a great mash-up of Comedy, Drama and Action together and I really loved how they gave Dr.Connors a split personality like Sam Raimi did with Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin. Finally, the crew have mad sure to follow the storyline correctly which is amazing because I loved Spiderman for 9 years. Now onto the cons of the movie. The suit development was short. We all know that Peter is a smart guy so making the suit was the one way to show his intelligence. But it went by so quickly it left the audience with little development. Next. the Lizard's writing. The character feels so bland because you didn't get to know him well. If Dr.Connors/Lizard was more deeply explored, he would've been a lot more likeable even though I did like his character. Finally,The quote "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility". It was paraphrased but I would've preferred it to be said in those exact words. But wait there some more things I want to talk about. I found some really awesome scenes in this movie like the gang fight in the alley, the school scene with Spiderman and The Lizard etc. Also the movie had a bit of a dard tone to it and I don't make The Amazing Spiderman look like Batman because a lot of other movies are dark but it's not Batman all over again. My final verdict is a 9.5 out of 10. The cons listed held this movie back from being a 10 out of 10 but it was still fun and entertaining. Expand
  19. Dec 29, 2012
    Well, I really loved it. I wasn't keen on these Marvel heroes like Spider-man or Hulk, but I liked this movie, and it attracted me. I just wanted to keep on watching. I also like when things are realistic.
  20. Dec 9, 2012
    A superb Spidey film, as good as Spiderman 1+2 I thought, if not a little better. Just an all round good film and exactly what you want it to be. The 'web shooting machines (can't be bothered to google technical term) on his wrists are a geeky and therefore pleasurable addition. How couldn't you enjoy seeing a pink flash every time he fires a web?
  21. Nov 30, 2012
    This is by far the best spider man movie yet.Never thought a reboot of spider man would be 10 times better than the first spider man movie.Maybe it was the story line of the first spider man movie that made me fall asleep or could it have been the acting of Toby Maguire that made me hate Spider man 1,2 and 3. so when saw the trailer for the amazing spider man I truly thought this could probably be the worst spider man movie ever made.But never judge a book by it's cover or in this case never judge a movie by it's cover the amazing spider man is easily one of this year's best movies in my books.Glad I did not judge the movie by reading the other reviews given by other users on this website.Just have to say again the amazing spider man movie is the best one yet and I truly hope there could be sequel's if the amazing spider man so good who knows how good the sequel's could be. Expand
  22. Nov 29, 2012
    This movie was surprising in a good way - much better than I'd expected. It's far better than the last two Spiderman movies, and even though they re-do the Spiderman origin story I liked the way it was done in this movie much better than the original movie. This is regardless of the comic book series. Sometimes the original stories from comic books don't carry over well for modern movies so I think the story was well done to accommodate both movie fans and original comic book fans. Expand
  23. Nov 29, 2012
    This was an outstanding movie and, in my opinion, better than the Spider-Man films of a decade ago. I enjoy the way Andrew Garfield portrays the Peter Parker character much more than Toby McGuire. He is not such a dweeb, is more charismatic, wittier, and just a better actor in general. And thank you to whoever decided to use Emma Stone as the romantic/love interest. Not only is she one of the best young actresses in Hollywood but she is absolutely stunning. Much more believable for the role of the beautiful "damsel in distress" than Kirsten Dunst. I'm sorry but I am not a fan of Dunst and don't understand why people find her attractive. I also thought the rest of the cast was great. Denis Leary and Martin Sheen almost stole the show. The director also made the physics more realistic. With the exception of a football bending a goal post in half, the physics felt more authentic throughout, not only the combat but also just the gliding through the city shooting out webs. I also liked the plot development. I had a friend mention how they prolonged the "origin" too much for his tastes but I actually enjoyed that a lot. If they are making this into a trilogy, there's plenty of time for Spider-Man moments but you can never come back and capture the beginning stages of the superhero and the person behind the mask. Ultimately, the only thing that held this movie back for me was that it felt like we've seen it before. Other than some minor alterations to the story and obviously different actors, this was very similar to the one a decade ago and more than anything, it FELT like the older one. I thought it was better but not by much, mainly because it had the same overall feel and tone. I would've much rather had them take the Spider-Man story they had here and made it a little darker and more intense and dramatic. There is plenty of potential there but they don't take advantage of it. Instead, you essentially have yet another little kid/teenager superhero movie. Out of all of the superhero movies being made, it's definitely the least mature of them and that holds it back for me. Give Christopher Nolan this story and he'll make it amazing. Expand
  24. Nov 23, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man is the amazing reboot to Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield plays a believable Peter Parker, as many nerds can relate to his emotions and his lifestyle. Plot(no spoilers): The Amazing Spider-Man gives audiences the back story behind the mysterious disappearance of Peter's parents. One day when Peter stumbles upon his father's old briefcase, his life changes forever. Many signficant changes to his ordinary lifestyle include his new relationship with fellow classmate, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone); To the murder of his beloved fatherlike Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen). Ultimately, these are nothing compared to the mutated spider bite which gives him Spider like powers such as sticking to walls and great reflexes. As he becomes thankful for his powers, he accquires a relevation that makes him want to become much more, The Amazing Spider-Man, keeping the streets of New York clean. Along the way however, he becomes a part time lab partner with Oscorp Industry's Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans) working towards the better health of mankind. However when Connors injects himself with the untested regenerative antidote, he becomes The Lizard and is a potential threat to the well being of New York. As Peter realizes his part in The Lizard's creation, he believes it is his responsiblility to make sure he doesn't harm any civilians. My opinion: the CGI was top notch and the acting combined with the story is enough to make any audience feel for the emotions Peter experiences throughout his lifechanging story. Comparison to Spider Man: A decent number of scenes, lines, and story plot are quite similar in terms of his origin story, and his family life. However The Green Goblin and The Lizard have completely different motives as antagonists, however they both have similar origins. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who have never fully experienced a live-action Spider-Man movie, and to those who are die hard fans Expand
  25. Nov 21, 2012
    I don't know what it is, I've scene this 3 times and the first I thought it was a great superhero movie, the second I thought it was something more. Something that mixes music and visuals to create a very meaning full experience. And the third I found it truly and full-blown emotional experience. Again, the music and important moments as well as the ending created the most meaningfull superhero movie yet. It was awesome. Expand
  26. Nov 11, 2012
    I thought another Spiderman movie would be a waste. I was pleasantly surprised. Sally Fields &I Martin Sheen brought credibility to the story line. The actingand special effects kept my attention throughout the movie.
  27. Nov 10, 2012
    This was a great movie, despite what people have been saying that 'Its just another spiderman film' well, they are right, it is, but thats just it, all spiderman films have been brilliant and given the spectator a very great feeling at the end of it, just as I had during, and at the end of it. There were a few very minor errors I noticed, so minor that I can't even fully remember them, overall, it was an 'amazing' film. Expand
  28. Nov 10, 2012
    When I first heard about this reboot I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I expected it to suck, after I saw that they changed Spidey's suit I was sure they were going to ruin Spider-Man, but after seeing the movie I'm proud to say that it's fantastic. Yeah they changed the suit, and while I'm still not cool with it I have to admit it's not a bad looking suit. They did add a few more elements from the comics this time around. Peter is a high-schooler, has web-shooters this time around, and Gwen Stacy is the love interest this time around, and they all make the movie feel fresh. It's the same origin story we saw in the first Spider-Man movie back in 2002, but they manage to make their own changes to these familiar scenes to make them different rather than a complete retread. A big addition to the series is the mystery behind Peter's parents, which is something I can't wait to see where they take it. The movie is fantastic and Spidey fans will not be disappointed, however it does have some flaws, they left out Spider-Man's spider sense, and didn't include the classic "With great power comes great responsibility". While leaving out Spidey's spider sense isn't really a big deal at all, just noticeable (and to be honest I really didn't miss it), the fact that they left out those powerful words from Peter's Uncle Ben (at least in my opinion) is horrible and never should have happened. Even with it's flaws I loved every second of this movie, and can't wait to see where they take it from here. Expand
  29. Oct 24, 2012
    Unlike the original triology movies, actually follows and doesn't spit on, Stan Lee's created universe! That's about all I can say about this movie other than it having a much better cast too - each actor looks and plays the roles much better than the predecessors - without a doubt about it!
  30. Sep 17, 2012
    Best Spider-man movie so far! The acting,special effects,Villain were all great and I can't wait to see the Green Goblin in the next movie. This will probably go down as one of the greatest movie franchises if they keep up the standard. 10/10
  31. Sep 2, 2012
    What could have been done to make the movie better? Absolutely nothing. The Amazing Spider-man is a fantastic movie, the best movie in months, and the best superhero movie since The Avengers. It was even better than Chronicle. My point is, The Amazing Spider-man was a great movie that you should see immediately.
  32. Aug 29, 2012
    Firs of all, it's a good Spiderman movie. Don't compare it to the other ones, because it's stupid - this is amazing Spiderman. Andrew Garfield played a pretty good role, so did Emma Stone - I was really surprised. It had a good plot. And Spiderman was how he should be, always making fun of his enemies and everything. It was great movie for me. Although I liked the first Spiderman movie better. But this is a new movie, and it's a new Spiderman and it's a good one. Expand
  33. Aug 21, 2012
    I expected less from this movie, but it was well made and deep and I'm willing to rewatch it. The Amazing Spider-Man is very entertaining and there isn't anything really bad about it
  34. Aug 20, 2012
    After the atrocity that was spider man 3 i didn't know what to expect from this one. Not only can I safely say that this redeems itself for that steaming pile of pig s**t I can also say that this is a great super hero movie in its own right and in my opinion is better than The Dark Knight Rises. (But not quite as good as The Avengers, The Dark Knight or Spider Man 2)
  35. Aug 14, 2012
    An excellent film, creative, good acting, great storyline and a good dose of emotion. The hero comes very close to human, he makes mistakes, gets hurt, suffering, one of the best films of the spider.
  36. Aug 11, 2012
    Amazing is an understatement. As a Spider-Man fan, I have waited for my whole life to get the true definitive Spider-Man movie, and I have finally gotten it. Wonderful performances, thrilling action, incredible screen writing, perfect humor, and fantastic character arcs make Spider-Man one of the most entertaining, and personal, comic book movies of all time. This is a fantastic movie, one that everyone should see. Expand
  37. Aug 10, 2012
    A true origin movie!!! The actors are much better and it goes much more in depth with the story of Spiderman. Get ready, because when this DVD comes out throw out those horrendous Toby McGuire Spiderman movies and make space for the real Spiderman!!!
  38. Aug 6, 2012
    Realistically, this movie probably isn't worth more than a 7, mainly because of the redundancy with the first Spider-man movie. Yes, The Amazing Spider-man promised us an "untold story", but turns out it was just false promises, it ends up being an almost copy of the first film, just improved. The biggest improvement it brings to the table is the romance, or should I say the love interest. Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy was a joy, she was an actual character that could stand on her own and not just a pretty prize like Mary Jane in the original trilogy. The interactions between her and Peter were really cute too (also great chemistry between the two actors), you get the feel they were partners supporting each other, which you didn't get at all in the Raimi trilogy, Mary Jane was more of a burden on Peter than anything else. It's simply put the best romance I've seen in any superhero movies to date. Special effects were pretty good too, especially Spider-man swinging, and the pacing was very good, I was never bored or wondering what was the point of a scene any time during the film. The weakest point of the movie was the villain though, he came across as very cartoony (and frankly stupid) which really clashed with the otherwise realistic interactions between the characters, his plan wasn't very smart either. Ultimately, this movie suffers from not departing enough from the original movie, which depending on how much you like the character, or how fresh the original is in your mind, may or may not be a problem. For me it just wasn't but I can see how it could be for some. Overall though this is still a very solid superhero movie in my opinion. Expand
  39. Aug 5, 2012
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  40. Aug 2, 2012
    Best Spider-Man yet. The younger casting of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone paid off big time! They were much more believable in their roles than the Spider-Man franchise has ever given us. Though the villain was not that exciting, this is the first superhero movie that I've ever seen that I honestly want to see again. Usually the genre is a little boring to me, but this movie is top-notch.
  41. Aug 1, 2012
    I watched this recently, and I think 80% of the time the movie was catching your eye, so you don't really ever get bored, also funny sometimes. (Sometimes, not a lot)
  42. Aug 1, 2012
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Compared to the "other" first movie, I'd say I enjoyed them both equally, yet in different areas and aspects. They both had elements apart from each other that I recognized growing up and this one successfully updating the story for the times. My version of Spider-Man was the intelligent, science wiz that was not necessarily popular, yet wasn't an outcast either portrayed in this version. Compared to the other movie, I liked how they had Peter develop his own mechanism for dispensing the webbing which I was fond of as a kid, his more talkative nature while he's in his Spider-Man persona which in turn, funny as it sounds, makes him feel more human while in the suit. I loved the chemistry between Peter and Gwen and in my opinion, accurately projects that sorta young love, filled with awkward moments and uncomfortable eye contact that anyone can relate to when starting a new relationship with someone. The antagonist was no slouch, and everyone's performance were well done from top to bottom. Expand
  43. Jul 30, 2012
    I love Spiderman movies ever since 2007, this should be on sales now! The movie is more than 2 hours of entertainment, making me impressed of the whole story.
  44. Jul 28, 2012
    I love marvel comics and specially the superheroes. This movie is great. It's my favorite movie. I recommend it to the people who like action and some comedy. It is a fantastic movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Jul 25, 2012
    This is the best spiderman movie yet!! The characters, plot, cgi, acting and the fact that Tobey Maguire isn't spiderman anymore is what makes The Amazing Spider-Man better than Sam Raimi's spiderman movies and this one follows the comics unlike before.
  46. Jul 25, 2012
    The best Spiderman film to date, with a dream cast (Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Martin Sheen in particular) a compelling, to-the-point origin story, a fun soundtrack and some awesome fight scenes. While it does follow the same cues as Raimi's original Spiderman movie, that's simply because it's Spiderman's origin, it draws from the same comic book that Raimi's film drew from, so similarities are bound to occur. But overall, I believe this film far outdoes Raimi's Spiderman, the characters in this Spiderman are just so...I guess...loveable :/ And let's face it, the lack of Tobey Maguire makes would make any series reboot a winner, there's something about that guy's acting that stirs about the urge in me to lamp him one, quite an issue when I only ever see him on expensive, fragile screens.
    It does annoy me that they went with the age old, "Cop fights superhero because he doesn't want him taking the law into his own hands" bullsh!t we've seen a million times before, but I do like the way they tie that off towards the end.
  47. Jul 23, 2012
    This movie had little bit of everything. I found Garfield's Peter Parker very relatable. The chemistry between him and Stone's Gwen Stacy was much better than McGuire's Peter and Durst's MJ in Raimi's trilogy.
  48. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Having watched the Spiderman trilogy, my expectations of The Amazing Spiderman were initially low. Reading into some early reviews of the movies, I felt unimpressed. Nevertheless, I decided to enter the theater with an open mind. What I got was unprecedented. I saw a movie that was spectacular, endearing,a film that actually made me care about the characters. Toby Maguire might as well have played a plank of wood sleeping in a field for three hours. Andrew Garfield brought something to the movie, that Raimi could never evoke from Maguire; flavor, a peculiar flair, that stimulates the movie, even when there is no action taking place. His character is rigorously researched, resembling the original Spiderman envisioned by Ditko and Lee. He brings humor to the table( albeit a bit cheesy). He is smart, dependable, and caring. He personifies the high-school geek, but brings to charm it. He encourages us to stand up to the bully. He is bold in the face of danger. He gets the girl. He is smart, both practically and theoretically.

    Then we see the dark dimension to the film. The dissonance in the family that leads to the poignant death of his Uncle. A scene that allows us to sympathize with the rebellious geek. We are offered a character with many dimensions, a flawed character, unlike the stereotypical heroes we are normally offered. The on screen relationship between Garfield and Stone is a pleasure to watch. The chemistry is bubbling between the pair. Including some memorable quotes and moving scenes. Trust, a quality long lost on our generation is exemplified in Stone's and Garfield's characters, when he reveals his true identity to her. The tension is augmented by the fact that Stone's father, Capitan Stacy, is actively hunting Spiderman. We see the overbearing father holds the same level of disapproval for Peter Parker as he does his altar-ego. The Down to earth nature of the film is best displayed through the blue collar, Uncle Ben, played by the veteran actor Martin Sheen. Sheen brings the intrinsic qualities of family love and togetherness to the movie. He is a man who has worked all his life. He can be tough on Peter but means well. He loves his wife, and is enraged when Peter fails to pick her up from a dangerous neighborhood. When Peter becomes disenchanted, he storms out. Uncle Ben follows, ending up in a dangerous area.Ironically, the danger Ben warns Peter about is the very thing that kills him. In the conclusion, we see the insightful text message sent to Peter, which urged him to come home that night. In a way Peter is faced with a unresolved guilt. He seeks vengeance, but revenge cannot satiate the hole his uncle's death leaves. I particularly loved the exploration of Peter's past. It gives us a greater character profile and helps us understand how he came to live with his aunt and uncle. The Lizard was a good villain no doubt, but I felt maybe his character should have had a bit more screen time. Overall, the atmosphere and the plot were good. Rounded off by a great cast. It has all the makings of a great movie. Bow down Mr Raimi 10/10
  49. Jul 21, 2012
    Amazing. The best of the Spider Man's movies. But I wanna see Mary Jane and Gwen in a fight for Peter in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I'd appreciate that :)
  50. Jul 20, 2012
    This movie has exceeded all expectations i had for the movie. Having not read the comics as a kid and with the earlier trilogy being the only real connection i had to spider-man i am not comparing it so much to the comics and the previous trilogy. While this movie is more grounded and connected to the comics, the closer connection to the comics is not what makes this movie great for me--the fact that the movie is great is what makes this movie great for me. The acting is superb, as is the writing, and i was able to relate to the characters and feel that they were actual people. The plot kept moving and revisited the earlier events in Peter Parker's story in a way that was fresh enough to hold my attention, and keep me from getting bored. The action is fast, suspenseful, and sure to please. Over all this movie is fantastic! You really are missing out if you do not take the time to witness such a great film! Expand
  51. Jul 20, 2012
    I was very sceptical about seeing this reboot so soon after the last franchise did a good job with Toby at the helm of Spidey. I never heard of Andrew Garfield before this movie, but I thought he did an amazing job at portraying "youth angst". This is a must see even if you liked the previous versions!
  52. Jul 20, 2012
    Fantastic movie for comic fans. Better storytelling and characterization than the recent Spiderman movies in my humble opinion. If you've never seen a Spiderman movie, watch this one and skip the others. I hope this one becomes a franchise.
  53. Jul 20, 2012
    I spent a good time. This Spider-Man is maybe funniest than the others and i prefer the both actors : andrew Garfield and Emma Stone than the others. In many ways, this is an improvement.
  54. Jul 20, 2012
    Thing that i like in this movie is those new stuff like the spider web!
    And those dodging skill ! this movie is 90% according to the Comic book!
    And a some moral value for a teenager who use his power randomly.
    Like those scene in school , maybe in the future he will learn 'great power comes with great responsibility'
    Well , A good movie for COMIC BOOK fans!
  55. Jul 18, 2012
    Loved this movie! The new spider man was very good. I prefer it over any spider man yet! I wasn't totally thrilled w the villain but the creation of it was interesting. I liked having all new actors. I just fell in love w this Peter Parker and he was a great actor. I would've never thought I'd like it more than the others. Gotta see it!!!!
  56. Jul 17, 2012
    My reasoning for giving this movie a 10 is not because I thought THIS movie was great(although I enjoyed this one more then the others) I thought that this spiderman series could be great, this is a different spin on the spiderman character that I think is good. His inability to shoot webs out of his wrists which many of my friend,s and I'm sure other people, disliked actually gave a sense of realism to me, but to some I guess that they don't care if its realistic or not, all they want isa superhero. But all in all this movie kept my attention and maybe me interested in superhero movies again(p.s. I thought Andrew Garfield did a much better job of being spiderman than toby macguire did) Expand
  57. Jul 17, 2012
    "The Amazing Spider-Man" is one of the most enjoyable and engaging comic-book films to come out recently. The new cast of characters brings an interesting dynamic to this new version of the Spider-Man origin story, which still has not been fully told. This journey of discovery Peter Parker goes on makes him more human and interesting. Although there are a few tiny areas of wasted potential and plot lines (some major but most very minor) that don't go anywhere, this is a worthy entry into the Spider-Man saga. I enjoyed this even more than the 2002 original. Expand
  58. Jul 17, 2012
    "The Amazing Spider-Man" is one of the most enjoyable and engaging comic-book films to come out recently. The new cast of characters brings an interesting dynamic to this new version of the Spider-Man origin story, which still has not been fully told. This journey of discovery Peter Parker goes on makes him more human and interesting. Although there are a few tiny areas of wasted potential and plot lines (some major but most very minor) that don't go anywhere, this is a worthy entry into the Spider-Man saga. I enjoyed this even more than the 2002 original. Expand
  59. Jul 17, 2012
    A contender for best Spidey film. It exceeds 2002's Spider-Man, it's on-par with the sequel, Spider-Man 2... let's not get started on Spider-Man 3. The plot was intriguing, although the "untold story" is never ACTUALLY told or answered, it kept me interested through-out. The characters are not wasted away like Prometheus, Spider-Man is more akin to his comic-counterpart; it just seems a far more satisfying film. The effects are brilliant (the Lizard is great), the action is good, and the emotion is certainly there. Expand
  60. Jul 15, 2012
    marc webb's new version spider-man is more attractive than sam raimi's trilogy. loved it, also it's very funny! it remains loyal to original comic books so i'll watch again as soon as possible!!
  61. Jul 15, 2012
    I loved this film. Some people said that it was too soon for a reboot, but really it offered a brand new look on the hero. The cast was brilliant, particularly Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in the lead roles. It had some awesome action scenes and the Lizard was well done. Awesome film! Definetely brushes off the cobwebs from Spider-Man 3.
  62. Jul 14, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man is considerably more fun than the other three movie of Spider-Man because the actor who do Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) are better than the other and this movie tell the real part of spider-man and show how his turn his super hero and Emma Stone is perfectly in this movie, ok she is a excelent actress and she do Gwen Stacy, even she never listen about this character. the filme is fantastic Expand
  63. Jul 14, 2012
    This movie was(for the most part)a fantastic movie.I did not like the 2 last Spiderman movies and because of that i was really looking forward to this movie.Some people say that the reboot was not necessary but in my opinion it was.Tobey Maguire's acting got extremely boring after the second movie and was just unsavory.Also,Kirsten Dust could not save the previous films and in the 3rd SPM movie the only good thing was Jameson.The villan was closer to the comics as was the rest of the movie which is something i found positive.This movie is trying to reveal a darker side of Spiderman with bigger succession than the SPM 3 attempt at this.Also,the scenes with the First Person look where also a nice addition to the movie.The cast and the overall acting was better than the acting of the first Spiderman movies and the fact that this movies remains true to the origins of Spiderman make this movie better than the rest.The one thing that could have been improved is the final battle which did not really make an impact on me.This movie is definitely recommended for everyone and is a nice and mostly truthful Spiderman movie that all the comic fans will most likely enjoy. Expand
  64. Jul 13, 2012
    A great movie and much better than any of the previous films. Andrew Garfield seemed to fit into the role much better than Tobey Maguire ever did. A must see for summer 2012!
  65. Jul 12, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the best movies this summer. Many reviewers are giving it a low score just because it is Spider- Man's origin story and similar to the 2002 Spider Man. I don't think you should review it like that, considering Tobey Macguire is a crappy Spider Man and this one is a much better version. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spider Man in my mind. He was great in this movie. Not only that, most of the actors did extremely well, and the story was compelling. I loved it, and you will too! Expand
  66. Jul 12, 2012
    Wow!!! This movie so captures the essence of Spider Man! The cast is soo amazing, you care about what happens the entire movie. Do yourself a favor and throw the 3 Sam Raimi Spidermans in the garbage.
  67. Jul 12, 2012
    Before seeing the movie, had questioned whether the director and actors had charge required to achieve a good job or in the worst case a total failure. In my opinion, achieved the task and I hope and welcome the sequel.
  68. Jul 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Anyone who like superhero films will probably like this one.The movie was over all good with superb acting by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.This is terrific reboot and I find this one much better than its predecessors.It has great scenes with comedy elements in it. Expand
  69. Jul 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I saw this movie it was amazing. I was exited since this movie was announced after 5 years.A great combination for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.This is the best spider-man movie I have ever seen.This is some of best action,humor and romance movies. Expand
  70. Jul 11, 2012
    Amazing movie, i was on the edge of my seat throughout. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are adorable together and have the best chemistry. A great combination of action, humor and romance. Best movie i have watched in a long time. 10/10
  71. Jul 11, 2012
    I thought that this movie was really good. I was excited for this movie since it was announced and it lived up to my expectations. The moment I found out that Emma Stone was playing Gwen Stacy, I could not have been more excited. I was a bit skeptical about Andrew Garfield, however. After watching the movie, I can safely say Andrew Garfield is a great actor. I think all of the actors were fantastic in this movie! I love how similar this was to the comics. I think it was much better than the Spider-man films from Tobey Maguire. Kirsten Dunst pales in comparison to Emma Stone. Fantastic! 10/10 Expand
  72. Jul 10, 2012
    The Amazing Spiderman is great reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise originally directed by Sam Rami. Mark Webb, director of (500) Days of Summer, brings a fresh and exciting take on Spidey's origin story. Peter Parker, a geeky highschooler (played by the Social Network's Andrew Garfield) who is infatuated with the kind, rebellious Gwen Stacy (Easy A and Zombieland vet Emma Stone). Along the way, he fights Killer Croc, a monster he inadvertently creates, and becomes the masked hero we all love. The acting is great, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have amazing chemistry, and a talented cast including Martin Sheen and Dennis Leary help The Amazing Spider Man really stand out. Mark Webb is incredibly talented as the director, who once again really captures the emotions of these characters and makes the audience care for them. The Amazing Spider-Man may have small pacing issues, but it is a great superhero flick nonetheless, and I hope no one will hate me for saying it, makes for a more enjoyable experience than The Avengers. Expand
  73. Jul 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was extremely entertaining! Although there were some weaker points, this movie is so much better than those made ten years ago. Marvel/Disney did a great job choosing actors, developing characters, and creating a great story, which more closely followed the comics compared to Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3. I wish the movie would have included more information about Peter's parents, but the clip at the end of the movie implied that this will develop in future films. Overall, fans of the comic book will really enjoy this film. Expand
  74. Jul 9, 2012
    This Movie IS Indeed...AMAZING!Best Spider-man Movie YET!Never Got Boring,Kept Me Entertained From Beginning To End.Spidey was Wise Cracking And Built His own web Shooter As In The Comics.The Scene Were Uncle Ben Gets Shot Mad me Shed A Tear.
  75. Jul 9, 2012
    I really enjoyed this movie. In fact I liked it much better than the Raimi trilogy, though I can't help but think that its just because of my age that I identify more with Andrew Garfield's character. Many people agree that the marketing for this movie impacted their enjoyment of the film. But I can tell that everyone involved really gave their all (Fantastic acting and directing), so that isn't the movies fault. Expand
  76. Jul 9, 2012
    After seeing this I wondered why Spiderman was NEVER this good! This movie is FANTASTIC!! It is the BEST Spiderman movie yet!! I love this new direction for Spiderman its more interesting...more cinematic! This is one of my favorite movies for numerous reasons. This movie is most true to the comics. Spiderman is more flexible and agile than ever before. He has a real sense of humor, and captures the hurt from loosing his Uncle and the nerdy teen that we associate with Spiderman perfectly. The special effects top notch and the fight scene are choreographed better than Spiderman 1,2,and 3. They showcase both Spiderman and The Lizzard's abilities perfectly! See this movie if you havent! If tickets werent so expensive now a days I would see this twice!!! Expand
  77. Jul 9, 2012
    Andrew Garfield is an emerging young actor that will be in the spotlight for years to come. He did great in this movie, and will do great in the following two as a part of this trilogy. In addition, we are privileged to see great performances by the other actors in this film. I personally enjoyed seeing Martin Sheen in this film, despite only being present for a portion of it. Emma Stone is bold and straightforward in her technique of this movie. She is a great young woman that will go far as well. Compared to the, "Spider-Man," trilogy with Tobey Maguire a decade ago, this is so much better and will be rewarded for that distinction. As I said before, the acting, along with the script, cinematography, story line, and special effects are absolutely phenomenal. Even the little things that make a film good are noticeable, such as the colors, lighting, and set dimensions.

    "With great power comes great responsibility," as it is often said, and this new trilogy will be making the mold for how Spider-Man is seen. Hopefully the following films match this and are better. I believe this will end up happening.
  78. Jul 8, 2012
    Ok... THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Yes my first impresion was... hey!? what happened with Sam Raimi(director of the first 3 movies) and with Tobie McGuire!!! But today i saw this movie... and it was pretty COOL! Yes Andrew is a good spider-man and Emma is a good Gwen. The story is good and interesting. BUT... Where are Harry and MJ?? Where the hell is J.J. Jameson??? ANd the Daily Bugle??? Some of those ditails make the movie... a little bit confusing for thos who saw the oder 3 movies and the comics.... Yes.. if you´re a Spidy's fan (like me) you don't want to miss this movie.. but there are some things that are very important that weren't in this movie... and is a bit dissapointing Expand
  79. Jul 8, 2012
    Brilliant movie Andrew Garfield did an excellent job.
    He added emotion and played Parker well.
    The movie gave me goose bumps in some scenes.
    i wouldn't compare the Sam Rami's spider man to this one
    they are both different in their own ways and story... i recommend you to see it now while its on the BIG SCREEN
  80. Jul 7, 2012
    This Movie was great, the new Spidey was awesome even with all the changes, Its a totally new FUNNY, POWERFULL,REALISTIC Spiderman, I was hoping to see an Avengers 2 clue but I thik we have to wait
    ooo and It has a secret scene after a Few credits
    It was trully AMAZING
  81. Jul 7, 2012
    I don't know what people are talking about with saying the movie was a failure--sure, people are entitled to their opinions, but to say the acting was terrible and the story was old? The acting was believable and the story is what it is. It is following the comic books. The similarities there are between this installment and the others has to do with the fact that it is the same story! I felt they did a really great job at recreating the characters and taking a different route with Gwen Stacy, since the dynamic was more complex than it was with Mary Jane. Anyhow! I loved it! I'm pumped for the next movie. Guess what? I wasn't expecting the movie to make a story that veers from the original, but I was hoping to have a more believable character that wasn't a sap and a love interest that was actually palpable. It delivered those things. That's all it needed for me. I didn't expect a Gotham City retelling of Spider-man, because in Spider-man there isn't political corruption that's ever addressed. In its own rite it fulfilled something that most superhero movies have been missing: substance over action. Expand
  82. Jul 7, 2012
    For those that are fans of the comic book, this movie will not disappoint. With the original Sam Raimi movies, the overall direction of the series was an incoherent piecemeal of villains. By the conclusion of Marc Webb's Amazing Spiderman (the new movie), it is clear who the villain will be and what events will transpire in the upcoming movie sequel. Although both directors have taken some liberties in the origin story for the sake of a better movie, Marc Webb's version appears to be more loyal to the overall fantasy portrayed in the comics. Expand
  83. Jul 7, 2012
    When I first heard that they were rebooting Spiderman with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and that it would be directed by Marc Webb, I was pretty excited. Once I stepped into the theatre, I was ringing with anticipation. And when the movie ended, I was speechless. Yes, this may sound dramatic, but to me, "The Amazing Spider-Man" exceeded my expectations in every single way and completely blew me away. It easily and instantly became one of my favorite movies, and I can't wait to see it again. Here's why: first, I loved the mysterious back story involving peter and his father, which drew you in from the minute the movie began and left you wondering as the movie ended. I was also a huge fan of the Lizard, a slithering, misunderstood villain whose action-packed battles with Spidey were thrilling to watch. Thirdly, and most importantly, the two main characters (Garfield and Stone) stole the show, in my opinion. Not only were their acting and character portrayals superb, but the chemistry between the two actors was so undeniably genuine that I felt as though I was experiencing every emotion along with them. Director Marc Webb, who made another favorite film of mine, (500) Days of Summer, proves that although he may not have the most extensive background in film making, he most definitely has the talent to make heartfelt, interesting and fun films, to say the least. I am absolutely obsessed with "The Amazing Spider-Man" and eagerly anticipate its sequels. Expand
  84. SFN
    Jul 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. best spider-man movie ever, period, Andrew plays a absolute perfect spider-man/ Peter Parker, the beautiful Emma stone is perfect for Gwen Stacy, people complain about how the movie takes awhile to get started and it does but only because their telling every detail that the others didn't mostly about Peter's parents, the acting is really good and the i was also impressed with the CG also, me being a spider-man fan and knowing everything there is to know about him this is a perfect film, all these people who say its no good are not real fans, this is a movie for actual spider-man fans not for everyone that goes and see's it, if your a fan you can't go wrong with this movie Expand
  85. RPD
    Jul 7, 2012
    Andrew Garfield delivers. He's the Peter Parker we should have had in the first place. Better than Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3 combined. Went to see this with my son and a friend of ours and we left talking about how awesome it was. "Better than The Avengers?", I asked. They said yes. Me, I'm not sure if I'd go that far...
  86. Jul 7, 2012
    This movie was amazing, the characters are very well played and you really feel for them, the action scenes are awesome and really make you excited and think 'wow', it's not perfect, they spend a lot of time building the story and characters and then just kinda stop and it gets on with the Spider-Man/Lizard story, which isn't bad because the action scenes more than make up for it, anyone who's seen it may know what I mean, but a very good, enjoyable film, looking forward to the next one! Expand
  87. Jul 7, 2012
    Brought to you from Stan Lee's Marvel comic: The Amazing Spider-man, this film production re-imagines all three previous movies into one master piece, in which incredible direction and presentation flows freely. Andrew Garfield makes debut as he takes the costume of his childhood hero, with extremely amazing performance.
  88. Jul 6, 2012
    Great movie! 9/10. I was also a Spider Man Tobey Maguire fan, but then I really got disappointed in Spider Man 3 because I was expecting a DARKER side of VENOM. Well, this reboot is way too promising, especially when you think "what if Venom/Carnage/Sandman/Jackal/Rhino/Electro/Vulture (name it all with your favorite villains) appears in a SOLO (I didn't like those ANNOYING TAG TEAM FESTS in SPIDER MAN 3) story sequel?, then you'd definitely be excited in awe. This is DARKER, no more exaggerated childish like Spider sense slo-mo's, more realistic, and I believe this could appeal comic fans. I wrote this review, also to show the producers that I want a VENOM/CARNAGE sequel, saving it for the last movie in the franchise (SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST). And if anyone agrees, please help me raise this to the producers!..................AMAZING MOVIE! Expand
  89. Jul 6, 2012
    Very good movie, it works almost flawlessly in transition between emotional and action scenes, both Garfield and Stone perform well and they have chemistry, add a great supporting cast and you got yourself a strong film. The action scenes and CGI work is outstanding as well, Spider-Man really shines and there's an obvious strong choreography work behind the scenes, simply fantastic. Couldn't have asked for a better reboot for the franchise. Expand
  90. Jul 6, 2012
    I have to give it up for Marc Webb on doing an excellent job on (rebooting so to say) Spiderman. The cgi was beautiful as was all of the visuals, the action was kicka$$ and the acting was perfect. Andrew Garfield was excellent as Spiderman, way better than Tobey Maguire in my opinion. At first i had my doubts with this film, 1 i thought it was too early to reboot the franchise and 2 i didn't think Andrew Garfield was a great choice at first because i've only seen him in "The Social Network" which he was great in but i couldn't picture him as an action star, but i was wrong. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Sally Field and Martin Sheen all made up a perfectly blended together cast. I must also say that Rhys Ifans did more than an amazing job as the villain (The Lizard). The Lizard was pretty terrifying at times which is very hard to do in superhero films, and the tone of the movie was great, you actually feel for the characters and what they're going through which certainly is not easy to accomplish in a film, especially one like Spiderman. Everything overall was very well done in this film. My only flaws were the 3d is totally not worth it, there was little to no 3d at all, and in the trailers they showed Spidermans perspective on him swinging from building to building like first person but there wasn't any of that in the actual movie. It also got a bit corny at times when Peter (Spiderman) first got his powers, but thats to be expected to some extent. Overall this was a great film, a definite must-see of the summer, just not in 3d. 9/10 Expand
  91. Jul 6, 2012
    Let me start by saying I am a HUGE Spider-man fan. I have been reading the comics since I was a child and I have always been very critical of how he is portrayed.

    As excited as I was about the Toby Maguire films, they were very flawed. If you are going to make a movie from characters that already exist, you have to stay as true as possible to those characters. They are popular for a
    reason and the people going to see them have expectations. The story may have been pretty accurate, but for the most part, the casting, acting, and CGI was horrible (Alfred Molina and Thomas Haden Church excluded, they were fantastic).

    That being said, Spider-man had to be remade, and "The Amazing Spider-Man", in my opinion, delivers.

    The cast looks as though they were pulled right from the books (minus Sally Field, so NOT Aunt May). Garfield as Parker is brilliant. From his tall, lanky, awkward, yet strong and agile frame to his sarcastic and adolescent comments, he is what I would have imagined and wanted him to be on the big screen.

    The Lizard was also very well portrayed. His size, strength, and intelligence came through clearly. No matter how much they showed him I still wanted more.

    The CGI was excellent, the changes between real actors and animation were nearly seamless. Spidey's agility was very apparent as some of his poses were recognizable from a few McFarlane issues.

    It was also the finer details hat made it great, like Spidey's web shooters and The Lizards lab coat (I would sigh when he took it off).

    The story line may not have been as accurate as it should, but his story is always told a little differently each time. I think this version was entertaining and interesting, it gave Spidey some greater depth and made it easier to get behind him.

    Now I didn't see this movie for the love story, or the specific actor, or to be on the edge of my seat every second. I went to see Spider-Man be Spider-Man, the fact that everything else about this movie was still fun to watch was a bonus.

    Any movie can be picked apart, but If you are a fan like me, you will love this film.
  92. Jul 6, 2012
    Beautifully acted,great visuals,with a great addition of humor.In my opinion,it surpasses the original Spider-man,but it will take time for most people to realize it.
  93. Jul 6, 2012
    I found better this Spider-man than that of Sam Raimi. Meanwhile, I liked how they dealt with the psychology of Peter Parker, I liked the atmosphere are very dark and I loved the mystery that lies in the disappearance of Peter's parents (I also found the best costume that looks more amateur). Now could start a new trilogy and I'm happier this way because they are facing in the world of Spider-man.
  94. Jul 6, 2012
    This is the first Spider-Man movie since 2007's Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man is just what a summer reboot looks like! The movie was awesome, I saw the Tuesday night showing before people were getting ready for 4th of July weekend. The ending was shocking, but I can't say any spoilers right now! However, my guess is that there's gonna be a sequel to the movie soon if Andrew Garfield is gonna come back reprising Spider-Man. I believe The Hobgoblin should be in the movie, but I don't know yet. It was a great reboot and I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises coming out. I hope there's gonna be a line. Expand
  95. Jul 5, 2012
    All I have to say is this is by far the best Marvel movie I have seen since Iron Man. I cant believe how well written this movie is. I wasn't bored, I cared about the characters and what they were going through. Every actor played there parts perfectly. It wasn't like avengers which was a 2 hour and 30 minute toy commercial and completely forgot about what the story was about and character growth. I can also say like others have already that its also better than the first 3 spiderman movies combined. Comic book movie directors, writers and producers should see this movie as the perfect example on how to do a well balanced Superhero movie. Expand
  96. Jul 5, 2012
    As far as genesis movies go, this one is fantastic. Furthermore, it completely trumps Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man. I'll admit I was skeptical of Andrew Garfield's ability to carry an iconic role like this one, but he did so beautifully. He was the right amount of dorky, funny, and serious, while giving a new feel to the Peter Parker character. I also loved the fact that Emma Stone was in this movie, and as Gwen Stacy at that. She always provides solid acting and natural charm.

    The writers and directors did a good job of providing a lot of true-to-the-story components in the film. It is tough to do a revamp of a film within a decade and have the guts to actually retell the story from scratch, but this movie did just that. Overall, there was an appropriate balance of plot, romance, and action, as well as a seamless flow from beginning to end. Lastly, I was thoroughly entertained with Spider-Man's new fighting style. His movements were much sharper and present than in the past, but graceful and fluid when they needed to be. As a serious movie-goer and longtime comic book fanatic, this movie got it right.
  97. Jul 5, 2012
    This is pure comic book entertainment value. I consider this the best Spider-Man origin story yet. Its better than the original Spider-Man, but not quite as good as Spider-Man 2. Its hard to go back to having one superhero after seeing a movie like The Avengers, but The Amazing Spider-Man is a fantastic reboot because of high-powered action and high charisma coming from the film's leads. Also, The Lizard is the best Spider-Man villain since Doc Ock. Expand
  98. Jul 5, 2012
    The movie is indeed AMAZING!

    It is by bar the best Spider-man movie yet!! Spider-man is agile, fast and his acrobatic movements are really well performed. This is the best spider man characterization yet, it outdoes the 3 previous movies. In previous films, spiderman was very slow and felt heavy, and his acrobatic movements were a bit lame. In this movie the action sequences are
    spectacular!! Also the effects and the CGI are top notch.

    The story is really well done, even though it forces some events a bit, that you may think require more time "completed", but still; the plot is well written. I have to say that this movie is an improvement over the previous ones in every aspect. The way he gets his powers and why he has them are better explained (even though that is not how it happens in the comics lol). The acting is good, you can feel the emotions and motivations of the characters. GO AND WATCH IT!!! IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SUPER-HERO MOVIES EVER!!!!
  99. Jul 5, 2012
    For those of us that grew up with the comics and eventually the cartoon series, you can imagine how disappointed we were when we saw all the things spiderman screwed up, the Green Goblin being enhanced like he was a main bad guy and venom getting a solid kill count of 1 before spiderman defeats him. On top of all that Sam Raimi mixed some of his own personal struggles as a youth with Tobi Mcguire. It was as if he was doing to spiderman what George Lucas was doing to Darth Vader.
    Webb comes along and completely brings truth to the series, captures the Lizard perfectly and defines a spiderman who is bright like his father and shows that he's actually quite vulnerable a hero. He doesn't shoot webbing out of his hands all weird. He actually builds the devices to launch webbing that was developed by his fathers corporation (why spiderman is often considered batmanesque, he's actually quite smart and designs things). I still tip my hat to Raimi, as he brought the series to the silverscreen for the first time & such a movie wouldn't have been done so well if it wasn't for him. Hopefully like Batman we'll get to see the series expand just don't bring in the green goblin, the hobgoblin is much more powerful and actually remains the same person throughout the series.
  100. Jul 5, 2012
    The film is amazing, is not better than spider man 2 more equals the first film in terms of quality and is much better than Spiderman 3.
    The script is not very competent, however the actors as well as special effects and plot development are very good. In terms of adapting, the amazing spider man shows his strongest point, he takes seriously the fans showing several references to old
    comics. All this plus a great 3-D forms a very good film that deserves to be watched. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 42
  2. Negative: 2 out of 42
  1. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Jul 5, 2012
    This might be a fun summer blockbuster if only it even remotely needed to exist.
  2. Reviewed by: Marc Savlov
    Jul 3, 2012
    In short, the character is a lot like the way Stan Lee first envisioned him, but the trilogy's screenwriter Steve Ditko would probably loathe this new, unsatisfying, and hollow-feeling entry into the new cinematic Marvel Universe.
  3. Reviewed by: Joshua Rothkopf
    Jul 3, 2012
    On the whole, it's passable stuff, a surprise, given how mechanical the masked character seemed.