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  • Summary: After years of dating, Zoe has decided waiting for the right one is taking too long. Determined to become a mother, she commits to a plan, makes an appointment and decides to go it alone. On the day of her artificial insemination, Zoe meets Stan – a man with real possibilities. [CBS Films]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 32
  2. Negative: 10 out of 32
  1. Reviewed by: Amy Biancolli
    I laughed hysterically, but in the interest of balanced reporting, I should add that the guy parked next to me at the screening - a boyfriend who was there under duress - emitted a series of low guttural noises suggesting profound psychological anguish.
  2. Jennifer Lopez carries this thin concept about as far and as well as she can, with Alex O'Loughlin in his first leading-man outing managing not to get lost in the shuffle.
  3. 50
    A film divided against itself. It’s really two movies, one silly and one serious. Too bad neither is particularly compelling.
  4. 50
    Lopez smiles, whines, and blinks her way through this movie. She seems more relaxed than she ever has. And yet it seems like she’s hiding in romantic comedies, lest we discover that she doesn’t have a “Monster’s Ball’’ or even a “Blind Side’’ in her.
  5. Good slapstick is actually an art -- unfortunately not one practiced here -- and bad slapstick is just tedious.
  6. 25
    Some movies are no better than second-rate sitcoms. Other movies are no better than third-rate sitcoms. The Back-up Plan doesn't deserve comparison with sitcoms. It plays like an unendurable TV commercial about beautiful people with great lifestyles and not a thought in their empty little heads.
  7. 0
    As romantic comedies go, this is the worst drivel I've seen since Nia Vardalos's "I Hate Valentine's Day."

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 22
  2. Negative: 8 out of 22
  1. LesviaC
    Apr 24, 2010
    I love the movie very much. I laugh very loud.
  2. AnnaC
    Apr 24, 2010
    Jennifer a very person and act very well. I love this movie Back up plan.
  3. kb
    Apr 30, 2010
    This movie was so funny. To all you haters, you know you enjoyed as well or else you wouldn't have bothered to comment. So what, the movie was unrealistic. We go to the movies to escape reality anyways. i love JLO. to all the people who keep saying that she cannot act and sing are the same people who keep watching and are entertained by her because how else would they know that she can't act or sing and know so damn much about her. Expand
  4. Dec 20, 2010
    Alex O'Loughlin is a wonderful actor, but even he can't overcome the horrendous writing and direction in this turkey. I watched it anyway, which is why I got to see one of the most unfunny birthing scenes in the history of film. Expand
  5. Aug 13, 2010
    Well, it is a romantic comedy. Therefore, expectations shouldn't be very high in the first place. So, for what it is, it is rather decent.
    Definitely some funny moments, but most of them are cheesy and stupid.. and the "problems" are totally unnecessary and solvable, but not in the world of the Break-up Plan.

    Still, Lopez wasn't completely horrible, and the leading actor is SMOKING HOT. If for anything else, you should watch the film for his sake! Haha. But overall, it is a passable film, but not good by any stretch of that word.
  6. ChadS.
    Apr 24, 2010
    "We were doing fine before you came along," according to Zoe, who chastizes Stan for his semantics, when he explains to an old girlfriend that he's not the father of the baby bump. This assertion of Zoe's makes precious little sense, since the pet shop owner met the goat cheese maker on the same day she was artifically inseminated. And on the night that Zoe learns about her successful fertilization via home pregnancy test stick and dog, she had already fallen for Stan, so mother and child were never really a unit all to themselves. Rather than chalk up Zoe's gripe about her lost independence as a screenwriting gaffe, the nonsensical protestation can be explained by the pregnant woman's increased hormonal levels and romantic anguish. She's upset; she doesn't know what she's saying. Due to the restrictions of romantic comedy, what Zoe is upset about, however, makes "The Back-up Plan" hopelessly pedestrian, in which certain knotty issues and emotions can't be broached, because the genre is largely escapist. But even the most indiscriminating moviegoer may find the negation of any discourse on the A-word(especially on the mother's part) conspicuous by its absence. Whereas Stan's commitment to the unborn, at times, is marked by numerous bouts of apprehensiveness, Zoe never seems to have any regrets about her impending birth to children whose father will forever remain anonymous. If she did, the screenplay would force the filmmaker's hand to deal with all the options that a pregnant woman faces. Zoe gets cravings and nausea, but she never gets introspective, never entertains the possibility that she could start all over with Stan. "The Back-up Plan" doesn't want you to think about this hot-button topic, which is why the filmmaker establishes Zoe's wealth at the outset of their relationship, so when it's time for her to discover that she's having twins, there's no potentiality of the extra mouth being a financial burden to instigate some drastic measure on the Internet entrepreneur's part. "The Back-up Plan" is about bad timing. Perhaps the back-up plan to "The Back-up Plan" entertained some dialogue to the possibility of a correction. Expand
  7. AnnabelleF.
    Apr 23, 2010
    Jennifer Lopez cannot act, can't sing, can't held a conversation without giggling.She can't do anything I don't know why she is into acting, singing. Why is she in Hollywood?With plastic surgery anybody could be in television.Besides her personality, is very arrogant,and hypocrite. Expand

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