Sony Pictures Classics | Release Date: February 8, 2008
Summary: The Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrives in Israel to play at the opening of an Arab Cultural Center. Dressed in full regalia and observing all military police protocol, the members of the orchestra are at a pivotal time in their careers. It’s not just the political nature of an Arab military police band playing traditional Arab music in Israel that makes this event so important; budget cuts and many reorganizations have threatened the continued existence of the Orchestra. Faced with the heavy burden of this assignment, the stoic conductor Tewfiq is determined not to foul their excursion. Despite all Tewfiqs efforts, it’s not long before problems arise. The band arrives at the airport with no one there to greet them. Stranded and unable able to contact their Israeli hosts or the Egyptian consulate for help, Tewfiq decides that the Orchestra will persevere with its assignment and orders, and designates Khaled, a sauve young ladies man, to ask for directions. Khaled and the station agent struggle in English, Arabic and Hebrew to communicate, but despite their best efforts, the Orchestra is sent to the outskirts of a small forgotten Israeli town in the desert. (Sony Classics)
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Runtime: 87 min
Rating: Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.
Production: July August Productions
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Music
Countries: USA, France, Israel
Languages: English, Arabic, Hebrew
Home Release Date: Jul 29, 2008
Director Credit
Eran Kolirin Director
Writer Credit
Eran Kolirin Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Ronit Elkabetz Dina
Saleh Bakri Haled
Sasson Gabai Lieutenant-Colonel Tawfiq Zacharya
Cast Credit
Ahuva Keren Lea
Eyad Sheety Saleh
François Khell Makram
Hilla Sarjon Iris
Hisham Khoury Fauzi
Imad Jabarin Major-General Camal Abdel Azim
Khalifa Natour Simon
Rinat Matatov Yula
Rubi Moskovitz Itzik
Shlomi Avraham Papi
Tarak Kopty Iman
Uri Gavriel Avrum
Producer Credit
Ehud Bleiberg Producer
Eylon Ratzkovsky Producer
Guy Jacoel Producer
Koby Gal-Raday Producer
Michel Zana Co-Producer
Sophie Dulac Co-Producer
Yossi Uzrad Producer