• Studio: A24
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2013
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 164 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 27 out of 164

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  1. Jun 22, 2013
    Beautifully crafted film, without a doubt. The only critique I have is that I wished Sofia could have broken the surface of the frame of the film and show more about why the kids do what they do.
  2. Jun 23, 2013
    An enjoyable movie albeit horrifying. It's ironic that the actresses in the film such as Emma Watson may lead lives equally as narcissistic as the characters they play. I love how Coppola's examines the useless, creepiness of Facebook. The movie challenges the public to reexamine values and hopefully make changes.
  3. Jun 24, 2013
    A monotonous, painful, linear bore of a movie, Coppola almost seems to glamorize the very thing she thinks she's satirizing. Or is this even satire? It's hard to tell, because there is no point of view, no attitude, no angle, just an hour and a half of vapid, unlikeable teens walking into unlocked homes and repeated slo-mo shots of them at clubs until they are easily caught and the movie ends. If she had thought to include a postscript at the end it would have been the most interesting thing in the film. Expand
  4. Jul 11, 2013
    The Bling Ring is first rate, enjoyable and absorbing movie that is thought provoking, clever and fascinating, with good performances and great plot that should be given a shot. It is beautifully crafted and unique in style, with riveting direction (Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation), and a charming photography. By far, it is is one of the best movies 2013.
  5. Jun 22, 2013
    The movie was passable entertainment for the evening but left the viewer with a mildly sour taste about the depth of character in the story and the acting. An interesting subject matter to tackle but not one of Sophia Coppola's best efforts.
  6. Jun 23, 2013
    Based on a true story about a group of truly clueless CA girls and their gay bestie, who are obsessed with fashion, money and fame. They get their fix and kicks by robbing the homes of celebs (yes, they actually shot in Paris HIlton's real home). The thin plot revolves around them hanging out, trying on clothes, doing drugs and "shopping" in the famous homes. The cast is believable with Emma Watson perfectly capturing their superficial ignorance. The film is dominated by superficial chatter, cool music and flash. Appropriately, writer/director Sophia Coppola chose no depth to the character development or subject matter, just a showy episodic montage. Expand
  7. Aug 9, 2013
    Everything was perfect!!!!!! I like the way that the obsession was showed, i liked the way that the thefts happens, everything was in the right way with no comebacks. One of the best of the year.
  8. Aug 9, 2013
    Great movie, great actors, great soundtrack, everything was great in this movie that makes me likes "The Bling Ring" like one of my favorites movies in the history.
  9. Jun 15, 2013
    Most of Sofia Coppola’s films take an ambivalent attitude toward fame, but The Bling Ring tackles the subject from a slight remove. The movie opens with a nighttime robbery, as teens scale a fence and slip, ninja-like, onto what at first glance would appear to be a well-secured property. As the film jumps forward to their capture and then flashes back to tell their story (mitigated through media interviews), The Bling Ring clarifies that this is Orlando Bloom’s house. But the prologue—and its security-cam, night-vision POV—establishes the movie’s unusual dual perspective. This is a tale of obsessive fans, superficially unfolding from their version of events but observed by Hollywood royalty, passively watching as onlookers storm the castle. Based on a Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales, The Bling Ring is inspired by an actual 2008–2009 rash of L.A.-area robberies, when a group of high-schoolers from Calabasas, California, managed to invade the estates of Bloom, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, and others, helping themselves to whatever they wanted. As the movie tells it, the spree begins when a smiling sociopath (Katie Chang) ropes the new kid in “dropout school” (Israel Broussard) into breaking into a friend’s house. Soon their sights turn to celebrities. It’s easy to know when “Paris” is out of town because of “news” on the Internet—and apparently she, too, leaves her keys under the mat. As the ring expands to include the duo’s friends (notably ones played by Emma Watson, who steals the movie, and Taissa Farmiga, Vera’s younger sister), The Bling Ring quietly ponders entitlement culture. In one sense, there’s not much separating these hard-partying, brand-blinded teens from Lindsay Lohan, nabbed for shoplifting at around the same time. Dedicated to the late cinematographer Harris Savides, who was unable to complete filming, The Bling Ring shoots each robbery with a perverse matter-of-factness. It’s easily Coppola’s least flashy film, but that’s not to say it lacks poetry—the burglarizing of Hills star Audrina Patridge’s home is shown in a single, gorgeous long shot. If the tone of lyrical crime saga has critics name-checking Spring Breakers (the portrait of adolescent ineptitude also recalls Larry Clark’s Bully), The Bling Ring isn’t so much interested in provocation as sociology. Manufacturing this sort of fame is an exercise in mutual exploitation. Ostensibly victimized by the thefts, Paris Hilton is apparently healed enough to contribute a cameo—and flattered enough to allow Coppola to film in what’s reportedly her actual home. The movie captures a moment when the lines separating anonymity, fame, and notoriety are finer than ever. And as Watson’s social climber prattles on to reporters about what a great “learning lesson” her criminal experience has been, it’s easy to see another star in the making. Expand
  10. Sep 10, 2013
    The bling ring though is is hard to believe that all this was true it is an entertaining film and has a really great storyline. I like that I saw Emma Watson in something different and Taissa Farmiga too. Nothing more to say. The direction and the cinematography were ok. But the film is entertaining and good in general.
  11. Aug 13, 2013
    Solid. But if you're a half intelligent 20 something year old, the satire and criticism of The Bling Ring is something you're already well aware of. As a individual who actually grew up in LA, I quite enjoyed how hilariously accurate the portrayal of what lengths kids (particularly well off private school students) would go to in order to feel dignified, though albeit much less sensationalized. But they lets be honest. You considered this movie because of Emma Watson, and yes, she's still worth matinee. Expand
  12. Aug 9, 2013
    A cool movie, for cool people. Just kidding, but i liked the movie in so many ways... The performance of most actors are great and how the movie is going to the end...was something good.
  13. Aug 20, 2013
    One of the worst movies ever made. Almost as bad as The International. Watson was cringeworthy.
  14. Sep 24, 2013
    The Bling Ring is one of my favorite movies of this year, the story is really interesting, and the development can be slow in some moments, but is great. The script is fantastic, the music is cool and the performances are awesome. Amazing movie.
  15. Jan 9, 2014
    I think it was a good story for a great script, but only showed a film without a body and a very poor soul really bored, my girlfriend fell asleep.
    In addition to a low level of performance, I think Sofia Coppola really bad set its course with this film, the trailer caught my attention but as are disappointed.
  16. Dec 3, 2013
    It seems that director Sofia Coppola was trying to recreate the magic of Lost in Translation. The attempts are obvious in the quiet, ambient scenes. But she fails to accomplish this. And the result is a mostly boring movie that, with the exception of the last 15 minutes, doesn't really help you to understand these characters.
  17. Oct 11, 2014
    The Bling Ring is a purposely vapid movie about vapid people and culture. It lacks deep emotions and dialogue... But that's exactly the point, isn't it. How do you go about scoring a film that is all style and no substance but is so to enforce an ironic (and well made) point about society? This movie messes with my intellect... Arrrrgh!
  18. Oct 6, 2013
    Director Sofia Coppola had the right idea when she decided to make a film about the undue influence that Hollywood has on adolescents. Based on a true story, a group of fairly well-off but troubled teenagers yearn for the designer clothes that are being shown off on the red carpets by their celebrity idols, who are too often undereducated and overprivileged, and who have risen to fame on a small amount of talent and even less intelligence. The group decides that the best way to fulfill their insane need for consumerism is to simply find out where some of the coolest, and stupidest, celebrities live and then just walk in and take what they want from closets that are like treasure chests filled with clothes, jewelry, purses, and shoes, not to mention narcotics and loose cash. Although this plan sounds naive and implausible, it turns out that many celebrities have so many sliding doors in their homes, they could not possibly be asked to keep them all locked. Paris Hilton wins the prize for accessibility--she keeps a set a keys under her font doormat.

    However fascinating it is to see how the lives of a small group of teenagers are affected by these bad influences, Coppola ends up filming repetitive sequences of one break-in after another that leads these reckless teens nowhere. Within an hour of the film’s denouement, the viewer starts to get annoyed that both sides of this criminal activity are filled with individuals who are over the top, and the film unfortunately starts to get boring. Between the outrageously shallow values of the silly, misguided teenagers and those of the silly, misguided celebrities, it’s hard to tell the difference between the criminals and the victims of the crime. They all need help, and the viewer does not know which side to feel sorry for. (This is not really Coppola’s fault; the film is an honest assessment, but it still makes the film hard to watch--indeed, the corruption of youth plays like a horror film.) A case in point is that at the end, one of the teenaged criminals ends up serving time with Lindsay Lohan, who was one of the gang’s victims, a scenario that apparently played itself out in real life.

    Beyond the naive logic and foolishness of the child criminals, we have to examine what is at stake at the heart of this issue. The treasure in this film, the prize that is sought and won, is every designer dress, bauble, lipstick, purse, and pair of shoes that every teenaged girl has ever dreamed of. And what Coppola hits home to us very nicely is not just how superficial the Holy Grail of fashion has become, but how undeniably dreadful it all looks. The designer dresses are ostentatious; the designer shoes are just plain ugly and might qualify as lethal weapons; the baubles are gaudy and unseemly. These wardrobes could not possibly be worn by the celebrities we admire; if so, our heroes are all vulgarians.

    So what has gone awry here? Too many people amassing too much money, more money than any individual knows what to do with, despite the excuse of “they work hard.” It is a problem that leads the rich and the irresponsible to set a bad example for youth and just about everyone else. When you have too much money, you just want to shop, shop, and shop, and apparently party, drink, and do drugs. Consumerism is a form of mental illness. The solution is clear. The rich have to be taxed, and the taxes have to be poured into subsidized health care, subsidized university education, and subsidized nursing homes.

    This film makes the solution to the problem so sickeningly clear that even the head of the Tea Party will convert to socialism after watching it.
  19. Oct 20, 2013
    I wasn't expecting much with this movie but wow, the Bling Ring is really a stinker. First of all, even though it's only 90 minutes long, which is pretty short, it feels like it drags on and on the entire time. The cinematography was horrendous with the overuse of the slow-motion effects. The acting wasn't bad but none of the roles required much either. The characters were all pretty shallow as well. Yes, they're supposed to be but other than Emma Watson's character, none of them felt authentic. Speaking of Emma, she is the only reason this film is worth watching. She's smoking hot and delivers a solid performance. I think this film does shine a light on the repercussions of celebrity obsession but the movie doesn't take advantage of that message, instead focusing almost entirely on stealing, doing drugs, and partying in slo-mo. Sofia Coppola missed the mark here, that's for sure. Expand
  20. Sep 2, 2014
    Taken from numerous real-life instances, the Bling Ring is a fascinating look at teenagers and their mischievousness with celebrities in Los Angeles. Sofia Coppola. still, at the top of her game.
  21. Sep 6, 2013
    The movie felt very similar to Spring Breakers with their vile characters and style of filmmaking which is not a positive. The movie has no substance and rushes quickly to introduce the characters by giving no background on who they are and by the end your tired of these disturbed teenagers.
  22. Jun 28, 2013
    "The Bling Ring" is an interesting film. It delves into our internet celebrity obsessed culture. How we pay more attention to the hottest gossip as apposed to what really matter. The social commentary part of the script is actually quite intelligent. However, there is one downside, the dialogue is kinda “meh." It’s either unnatural or kind of forced.

    Sofia Coppola’s direction is pretty
    good. She gets some interesting shots and really cool slow pans that let us absorb the ambiance. However, at times there is a home movie feel. The soundtrack is filled with energy and enhances the movie to a good enjoyable time. There’s a lot of modern music and it adds a nice effect to the tone that the film is trying to set.

    The characters are interesting and have depth behind them, but the film never delves into the psyche of the characters. Acting on the other hand is really hit or miss. Emma Watson as Nikki, an up and coming bimbo actress, is probably the best acted. Her character really shows how even with a great upbringing, stupidity and surrounding yourself with not so great people can bring you down. Israel Broussard is also pretty good in this film as he becomes the relatable character. He is just as bad as everyone else, but he realizes what he’s doing is bad. Katie Chang is not that great. She usually talks really soft and some of her line delivery is unconvincing. The other actors are okay as some of the lines are cringe worthy, but as the movie progresses they do get better though.

    Overall, “The Bling Ring" is a solid movie that is entertaining. The high energy really keeps your interest and their is some intelligence to the script. The dialogue is pretty lame and some of the acting can be cringe-worthy. I give it a high 3.5/5, entertaining with high energy and interesting premise, but stronger performances and better dialogue could have made it something special.
  23. Sep 6, 2013
    It is most certainly entertaining watching wannabe celebrities crash and burn. The characters are misunderstood and unexamined, but the surface of this story was interesting enough as it was. It also manages to be quite amusing at times.
  24. Mar 6, 2014
    The Bling Ring is a film with an informative content and interesting to watch; the problem is just that it could've so easily been told in a short film. Almost every single scene that isn't a montage considerably exceeds its needed length, and as the dialogue strictly (bar Leslie Mann) consists out of teenagers' gossip and prattle and only is worth listening to, to find out that Emma Watson can sport a West Coast accent rather well, there's boredom arising quite frequently. Since pros for watching the film more than once are virtually non- existent and skipping it won't be regarded as a gap in cinematic education by anyone, The Bling Ring is Sofia Coppola's worst film. Expand
  25. Nov 1, 2013
    Muy trillada Bostezaba esperando el final con ansias .
    Es necesaria la sobre exposición de Emma Watson por el simple hecho de ser EMMA WATSON?
    Ni siquiera se desarrolla la historia de otros personajes principales.
    La dirección de Sofia Coppola es bastante pobre, nada para acotar. No merece ser vista en el cine
  26. Jan 13, 2014
    This movie was based on the series of actual crime committed by the teenagers of the California. It was a quite nice black comedy than I thought. But many people did not like it, maybe because of satirical presentation which was more like a documentary style than typical. Music was another drawback, actually there were no background score except those disco musics that come very often.

    I have not seen the television version movie of this story of same name. But Sofia Coppolo was successful making an another movie about female oriented subject. For me the surprise was the characters and their behaviours, especially I was thinking the real ones not from the movie. They were aware of what they are doing even the consequences, but they did not care any of that. At some moment it looked like a kids play without any seriousness of life.

    Glad this movie was made and I saw because newspapers from other than this region of the world won't quote about it. So people might miss something like this about their favourite Hollywood celebrities who encounter in reality. Again, this movie is not for everyone, probably if you from outside United States you may like it. Only by a small margin as a movie that's based on the real events.
  27. Sep 21, 2013
    The Bling Ring is absolutely terrible. I was so pissed off by all of the main characters, even if that was the intention it was annoying as f**k. There is no resolution in the movie really, and it's going to make you want to research The Hollywood Hills Burglaries. The soundtrack was fitting and there was a good visual flair, but otherwise a completely incompetent waste of time.
  28. Aug 9, 2013
    The filme was sooooooooooooo cool. All the parties, the thefts, every thing was showed how was to be. The acting was great, but Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga was the great in this movie with the good soundtrack.
  29. Sep 28, 2013
    This film just bored me with characters I didn't care much about. The film is well made and the acting is good, but the story is just not interesting and overall you don't really care. C
  30. Oct 19, 2013
    I find this movie really hard to rate. The characters just made me feel disgusted. I can't believe that these people needed to act this way. This movie was done well otherwise. The hard part was that you couldn't connect with the characters or care what happened to them. It was a good movie but one time only.
  31. Sep 6, 2013
    Swift, satirical and nicely filmed; ‘The Bling Ring’ proved to be quite a treat. The movie follows a group of privileged teens who begin robbing the homes of celebrities to feed their obsession of the celebrity lifestyle, and the glitz and glam that comes along with it. As you would expect these rich teens are as slight as their plot to rob the homes of famous people; and that’s what made this such a fascinating movie to watch. Director Sofia Coppola’s decision to add little depth to the members of the bling ring, made this character study of the shallow privileged, darkly humorous and quite substantial in its own way. The story was smartly structured and moved at a clip, and the soundtrack fit the material well. The ensemble cast did a great job, channeling their best valley girl (and guy) personas to their respective roles. Vapid materialism, reckless, self-centered and extremely irritating; the cast nailed all these characteristics perfectly. Despite the strength of the group, it’s worth noting that Emma Watson’s performance was particularly fantastic, proving that she is a serious talent to watch out for. Coppola is no stranger when it comes to making films about the rich and famous, and ‘The Bling Ring’ fits perfectly in her little collection. It may not be profound, but it’s a timely treat that delivered what was intended. Expand
  32. Jun 15, 2013
    I am honestly a bit confused by the mostly positive reviews I've seen from critics. Although I usually enjoy Sophia Coppola's style, i simply could not get into the film; it just wasn't interesting. A bunch of rich kids decide to rob a bunch of richer celebrities... that's it.
  33. Jun 25, 2013
    The movie presents us with a group of teens during a span of one year and takes us on a ride in an attempt to capture a piece of the celebrity lifestyle that eventually results in an escapade of burglaries in which they steal from the very celebrities they admire. It is definitely more about the social commentary then detailed story telling of the actual events. This movie presented in a pseudo-documentary montage style that moves from scene to scene, and keeps the characters at a distance, therefore making it difficult to really know any of them. With exception of Marc, and maybe Nicki, played very well by Emma Watson, the rest of characters are shallow. We only know about the characters based on what they say and do on screen. It does not explain much or inject sympathy or condemnation of the teens, but merely shows the events and the results of their actions, very minimalistic film making. Expand
  34. Jul 13, 2013
    Very subtle, smart, acerbic, and funny. Just be prepared for how realistic it is. The direction and acting is stellar, with both constantly poking fun at the privileged stupidity of the suspects, with their dialogue, intentional fake crying, and dumb white girl mentality.

    I saw some reviews saying that it didn't explore the motives of the robbers, but the film did: they just wanted fame
    and its lifestyle. It's pretty simplistic, because they themselves are simple minded. I wasn't bored because the real life events are sensationally
    entertaining so I was interested the whole time.

    I loved the social commentary on these people and their characterization; nothing is made much of because the people are stupid as hell. Marc's homosexuality is ditched because although it's part of who his is, it's irrelevant to the overall story. Emma Watson cracked me up with her performance, and the acting all around was very good and well
    suited to given situations, being annoying or "innocent" when it's warranted. She and Israel Broussard gave some good subtle statements which provoke thoughts regarding the severity and motives of their crimes.

    This is a film that has nearly no intention on being fun, but instead bleak, and I applaud the filmmakers for that. This is "mood filmmaking." Many critics and users complained that the characters were one-dimensional and shallow which is true, but it's completely justified. Sofia Coppola created very real people; the dialogue, actions, and lack of conscience provided insight to how vapid these people really were, and the almost identical characterization of each person shows how lazy and dumb the robbers actually were. I also saw people getting mad at the perceived repetitiveness of the film, but, again, it's to show how lazy the kids were. They robbed celebrities over and over and the repetition displayed here shows, furthermore, how lazy and hedonistic these teens were. It gives a sense of realism to the film. It helps furthermore that the dialogue is so accurate to today's overprivileged teens. As a 16-year-old going on 17, this is exactly how these despicable people act; I know some people like this. Sofia Coppola and the actors managed to make these people interesting.

    The fact that they filmed this in Paris Hilton's house is great, and added into the subtly there are some great jabs at celebrities. They call Paris Hilton's dog the wrong name and show no interest in a script right on Megan Fox's nightstand in lieu of sunglasses and lipstick. I saw that Sofia Coppola said that she wanted to tell the story from the kids' point of view, and it warranted the film to be shallow due to the tone's context. The whole film is very faithful to the real life events, so don't blame the writing for their easy entrances to the stupid celebrities' homes.

    9.3/10, amazing, two thumbs up, far above average, etc.
  35. Jul 25, 2013
    Really expected more from Sophia Coppola on this one. She is such a talent, especially loved Somewhere (which pust me in the minority for sure) and Lost in Translation, but this one just kind of lost me. Performances were pretty good,t hough
  36. Aug 30, 2013
    Bling Ring is not a masters piece but it's quite entertaining. Sofia Coppola manages to explore not only a story than it is based on true events, but also can shows us the reality of a society that aspires too much.
  37. Oct 27, 2013
    a bit douchy for my taste but the uniqe story makes up for it
    this movie showed two different side of teenagers today
    from glamour way of life to a hoodlum stealing atuff and get arrested is interesting
  38. Sep 6, 2013
    One of the lamest movies I've ever seen. If you paid money to see this, then they robbed you too. I fell asleep trying to watch this garbage, twice!
  39. Sep 29, 2013
    the bling ring is an amazing film. i loved every thing about it. it was very well written. the acting was okay but not great. the bling ring is more of a teen movie but adults will probably like it too. if you like clothes and shopping then you will love this movie.
  40. Oct 19, 2013
    If you see it as a documentary, it helps. The story is good, realistic and and well explained. The fact that some scenes have a lack of soundtrack gives a boring feeling, so I don't think it worth the money of the ticket. As english is a foreign language for me, we usually study themes from actuality, such as teens (peer pressure, sleeping habits, school stress), technology( the pros and cons, the internet) the environment, eating habits, etc. As this film joins the two first themes, this the type of film my english teacher would show us during class. I like the characters and their realism, and soundtrack when it's there) is quite good. I liked the movie, but it is not brilliant, it's just good. Expand
  41. Dec 6, 2013
    Interesting story, feels like its trying a little too hard to earn cred with critics, does depict the voyeuristic nature of facebook and social media in general.
  42. Sep 13, 2014
    Kind of an amoral send-up of the sorts of pretentious teens that are inspired by the glitz and glamour culture of the current decade, where everything is surface and nothing matters.
    However, it goes too far into not casting judgement, letting the viewer believe that the conspirators were in some sense victims themselves, rather than decidedly amoral.
    In all, it feels like this somewhat
    dry, drawn-out film does little to influence the kind of culture it is trying to depict, and may or may not be successful in de-glamourising it. Enough said.
    One wonders if Sofia Coppola's upbringing did little to extend her outside of the bounds of hollywood shallowness, and whether 'Lost in Translation' is her only exercise into the semi-autobiographical unknown.
  43. Jan 23, 2014
    Disappointment, thy name is Emma. While it may not be fair to single out one actor from this ensemble class, she is the highest profile of the crew, and thus a box office draw card. This film won't convince anyone of her acting ability, but, to be fair, that's scarcely her fault. The Bling Ring suffers from an execrable script that allows for absolutely no character development. The characters are not particularly likeable, it's unclear why they do what they do, and between them they seem light on intelligence. You burgle celebrity homes and don't expect security cameras. Doh! Expand
  44. Feb 17, 2014
    I was so excited for this film and what a let down it turned out to be. It got boring, it gets 1.5 for the music and 1.5 for the stars but otherwise it was rubbish.
  45. Jan 27, 2014
    I liked it. She portrayed these money-thirsty lime-light enthusiasts, perfectly. Emma Watson was like a whole new person. She she's her skins as hermoine, into this teenage girl who was greedy and didn't care if breaking law was involved. It was perfect. It wasn't all glamour, they spit some dirt at celebrities and all this expensive clothes. Go see it
  46. Jul 5, 2014
    i thought that this movie was not that well thought out...the ending was not good at all,and there were some parts that were very boring to watch...like when we are just watching them rob a house by just staring at the outside of a house and watching them in fast speed. i did not really like it.
  47. Oct 26, 2014
    exelente filme com exelentes atores como Emma e Taissa que tiveram muito destaque no filme porem teve um furo como a camera de gravação nao pegou a personagem de taissa farmiga?
  48. Sep 17, 2014
    This movie isn't boring as the documentaries usually are, it's different, cool, funny, dramatic and i totally loved it. You all should watch it.... (:
  49. Nov 23, 2014
    Summary: The Bling Ring is skillfully well filmed, entertaining and boasts a truly great performance from Emma Watson. 73/100 [B-]

    Based on a true story The Bling Ring takes us inside the world of these teens, where their youthful naivete and excitement is amplified by today's culture of celebrity and luxury brand obsession. The members of the Bling Ring introduce us to temptations that
    any teenager would find hard to resist. And what starts out as youthful fun spins out of control, revealing a sobering view of our modern culture. That's the plot of the film, let me say that it was very enjoyable and it has a very short running time (90 min), so it was not boring at all.

    I saw in 2011 a Lifetime TV film called "The Bling Ring" starring Austin Butler and Yin Chang, I liked it, it was a well done flick, despite its low-budget. Then I noticed that they were making another movie based on the same story and I enjoyed it too. It's basically the same film but with a few changes. The characters here are weird but they're still believable and pretty likable, Nicki (Emma Watson), Marc (Israel Broussard) and the worried mom Laurie (Leslie Mann) did an awesome job here such as the rest of the cast.

    I also like the camera work, the film boasts some nice shots of these awesome houses being robbed. Moving on, even though some of the characters are not completely engaging, I believe that some teens in the audience will feel identified with some of them. The best actress in the film is Emma Watson she is hilarious and her performance was gleefully enjoyable. In conclusion, The Bling Ring (2013) is not as engaging as the 2011 film, but it's still a well done flick with an awesome cast and some social commentary. [B-]
  50. Nov 13, 2014
    "The Bling Ring" 10 Scale Rating: 6.0 (Decent) ...

    The Good: Entertaining and fun, the film is a solid case study on people's obsession with celebrities. Emma Watson is really coming into her own with a wide variety of roles and in "The Bling Ring" she is so easy to hate, pity, and sometimes laugh at.

    The Bad: Beyond Watson, the rest of the cast is largely one dimensional and
    uninteresting. It's a shall story and you know that going in, but that aspect wears thin about 30 minutes in. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. Reviewed by: Cath Clarke
    Jul 2, 2013
    This is easily Coppola’s funniest film. Leslie Mann is hilarious as Nicki’s phony spiritual mum.
  2. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    Jul 1, 2013
    Girls meets Ocean’s Eleven, The Bling Ring might be a film for right now rather than the ages, but Sofia Coppola’s heist movie is visually arresting, well acted, capricious fun.
  3. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Jun 21, 2013
    The studied impassivity of The Bling Ring feels increasingly like a dodge as the movie progresses; we sense an anger and a moralism that the director’s too cool or too wary or too close to engage.