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  • Summary: In the not-too-distant future, some 30 years after the final war, a solitary man walks across the wasteland that was once America. A warrior not by choice but necessity, Eli seeks only peace but, if challenged, will cut his attackers down before they realize their fatal mistake. It's not his life he guards so fiercely but his hope for the future; a hope he has carried and protected for 30 years and is determined to realize. Driven by this commitment and guided by his belief in something greater than himself, Eli does what he must to survive--and continue. Eli must keep moving to fulfill his destiny and bring help to a ravaged humanity. Only one other man in this ruined world understands the power Eli holds, and is determined to make it his own: Carnegie. (Warner Bros.) Expand
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  1. 75
    The film looks and feels good, and Washington's performance is the more uncanny the more we think back over it. The ending is "flawed," as we critics like to say, but it's so magnificently, shamelessly, implausibly flawed that (a) it breaks apart from the movie and has a life of its own, or (b) at least it avoids being predictable.
  2. Washington is surprisingly persuasive as a world-weary blade-wielder, and Oldman makes the most of a not particularly interesting villain. But the film's breakout star may be Kunis, who brings to Solara a blend of sassiness and sexiness that's reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer.
  3. Reviewed by: Cliff Doerksen
    The sepia-toned palette gets a little wearying, but the dialogue is hilarious, the violence is crunchy, and cameos by Tom Waits and topflight Brit character actor Michael Gambon are worth the ticket price alone.
  4. 60
    Somewhat entertaining, in its own little mud-brown way.
  5. Reviewed by: Michael Mariani
    Starts out strong and boasts a convincing picture of the post-war world as an anarchic desert. But it comes to ditch its fun stylization for vague themes of religiosity and morality, leaving you with a disappointingly muddled movie.
  6. Reviewed by: Nick Pinkerton
    The Book of Eli's plastic parable isn't much more advanced than "Insane Clown Posse" theology.
  7. 20
    The Book of Eli combines the maximum in hollow piety with remorseless violence. [18 Jan. 2010, p.82]

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  1. Negative: 22 out of 137
  1. Apr 26, 2011
    This movie is a Christian movie... I watched the trailers and everything and I thought it wouldn't be like that. This movie is great it combines a good message along with action, miniguns, and cannibals. If you are another religion then you might get mad at it because in a way it is false advertisement, however if you are Christian you will love this movie. Expand
  2. Dec 18, 2010
    A great movie, i really didnt know what to exspect going to see it maybe thats why it was so good. acting was grea. the actors explained the plot well and the fight scenes pretty good to. most of the movie kepps you on the edge you really dont know what will happen next. In the end this movie is worth your time and you wont waste your money. Expand
  3. May 16, 2013
    ''this was a great movie i love movies about apocolypses denzel gives a powerful performance as eli mila kunis was sexy and the cast was good its a must see u will like it Expand
  4. Aug 19, 2010
    I went into this film expecting very little. I love end-of-the-world scenarios (One of my favorites: The Quiet Earth. Least Favorite? I Am Legend or The Postman... Take your pick.) and had recently been slightly bored by "The Road"... This movie surprised me. I expected heavy religious overtones, and while there are some(duh), they don't ruin the film by getting too preachy. The action sequences are well done and often quite brutal. Worth checking out. Expand
  5. Feb 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Decent post-apocalyptic movie. Washington's acting is good, Gary Oldman is so-so as villain (I consider him a real chameleon actor, who can play brilliant villains, but here the character He portrays is somewhat weak). The twist of the movie is totally unrealistic (Yeah I get it, but anyway it is very unrealistic). Overall it worth a look, but that all. Ps: I do not like how American centric the movie was. I am sure there are a lot more Bibles in Europe, that survived, so Eli hardly saved the last remaining one (It might be the last one there, but the world is a lot bigger place than that.), Expand
  6. Oct 9, 2011
    We have seen many Post Apocalyptic movies and video games now and this movie doesnt do much new that hasnt been done before. If the characters were compelling the movie could still work but its all just standard, the overall quest of the movie was nothing to get excited about. Many of the out comes of its scenes were predictable as soon as they started and the overall 'twist' of the movie was a let down. The movie is watchable of course, and its not too bad but not too good or original either. Expand
  7. Jul 21, 2011
    Why does everyone in this movie speak in an ADD?ADHD manner ? And walks like in one of those early Charly Chaplin movies ? The story has been done a hundred times before, what is the added value here ? Nauseating to watch...please speak SLOOOWERRR. Horrible waste of a good cast... Expand

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