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  1. Jun 15, 2013
    This film held the ability to leave a smile on my face days after initially watching it. I find it rare for a film to stick with me to the degree that the Brooklyn brothers were able to. Despite other reviews read, this is not just another indie flick ticking the same quota, with it bringing so much heart and soul, even having me in stitches at parts, through some of the brilliantly written dialogue. Many critics downplay films in order to put across their own egotistical knowledge (or lack of) of film. Yet these are probably the same people putting aside cinema money, just to see a new fast and furious movie released every 3 weeks. If you really want to watch something that will leave you smiling for days, like me, then give this a go.

    Oh, and the music's gunna blow you away.

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  1. Reviewed by: Marc Mohan
    Sep 28, 2012
    This ode to indie legitimacy proves to be too cartoonish to feel real and not outrageous enough to be memorable.
  2. Reviewed by: Robert Abele
    Sep 27, 2012
    Although the sentiment threatens to flatten out an intriguingly nervy vibe, Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best has plenty of rhythmic charm about its responsibility-challenged strivers.
  3. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Sep 21, 2012
    Initially, this low-budget film writes a lot of checks on the First National Bank of Whimsy, but I was astonished when none of them bounced.