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  1. Sep 14, 2014
    If you really enjoyed the Scream franchise, you're gonna love this one, and that is why. The Cabin in the Woods mocks the horror genre, but not the "Scary Movie" type of way, but in a smart, intelligent and frequently hilarious way. If you did not like the movie in general, you must have at least found the twist ending to be the most original in the past ten years!
  2. Jul 14, 2014
    The cabin in the woods has great thrills and action. The movie doesn't have a famous cast but the movie
    didn't need one. Sigourney Weaver is even in this movie at the end. Overall this is a terrific horror
    movie with clever twists.
  3. Jun 27, 2014
    I really had thought the movie will be like another horror five young movie (tipic stuped american movies), but, this really one is so amazing. Original! Not as other. That was I waiting for
  4. Jun 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the better horror movies I've seen in a long time. I loved the whole plot of the movie, with sacrifices and whatnot. The characters were good, but they did save the two most likeable characters til the end, which was good. The comedy in the horror movie was great, I actually kinda liked the "villains" in the show haha. Ultimately it was a horror movie, and the death scenes overall were alright nothing spectacular. The ending was pretty epic and mindblowing, and I must say pretty satisfying. Overall a excellent hybrid between a horror and a comedy, with a great story and a awesome setting/atmosphere. Expand
  5. Jun 8, 2014
    Consensus: The Cabin In The Woods is refreshing, different, complex and original, very well crafted, ​​full of gore and tension. 95/100 [A]

    Directed by Drew Goddard and starring Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly "The Cabin In The Woods" is the best horror film of 2012 not only for its good acceptance by the critics, The Cabin In The Woods is the best horror film of the year for its
    incredible and original screenplay that revolutionized the horror genre.

    The film takes a while to start, (nothing interesting in the first 35 minutes) but still entertaining and very confusing at the same time (whatever, everything makes sense at the end), at the second half of the film this one becomes bizarre, crazy, violent, funny and the tension begins, The Cabin In The Woods has very good special effects, much of this film was made it with CGI and this film abuses of it but only when it's necessary. The Cabin In The Woods is complex as hell, i don't want to say spoilers. The film is well directed, well written, is full of EPIC moments and impressive scenes, this film is not more of the same **** is very entertaining, isn't boring, and it's worth it for all these incredible and hilarious performances spotlight here to Fran Kranz, he makes us laugh again and again non-stop his performance was superb.

    In some web sites and also on the cover of the film, they make a lot of publicity to Chris Hemsworth because he's one of the few famous actors in the film, but i think that his performance was mediocre, He doesn't appears in the half of the film! and the film simply wouldn't be NOTHING without Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly (the red haired girl) for me they are the two protagonists of the film, because their performances are very solid and they are important for the film. Also i have to say that the performances by Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Amy Acker were stunning, All of them, also they add some weird and special touch to the film. Moving on, the last 20 minutes of the film are impressive believe me, it's worth it, I gave it a 95/100 rating. I just love this film. Horror genre needs more films like this one, i mean big-budget horror films, this film was made it with 40 million dollars, that's very impressive for an horror film.

    Thumbs up for all, basically, nice special effects, twists, originality, lots of comedy and tension at the same time, lots of gore and surprises in the last 20 minutes. Thumbs down for the lack of scares, there's more comedy than scares! and the plot and some scenes will be unlikable for some people who aren't fans of the horror genre. Watch it, if you passionately love the horror genre or if you have high expectations, because seriously guys this film exceed my expectations, it is not overrated Watch it if you expect surprises or gore, also if you want to laugh occasionally. Watch it if you like movies like Resident Evil and don't watch it if you expect lots of jump-scares, the film lacks of scares. 95/100 [A] Visit my blog: Twitter: @MemoBosque
  6. Feb 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The film starts an d you see all these drawings, some kid's got too creative? I mean what! This old guy compplains that its hard to open his draws. OH MY GOD! He then says you can't trust Swedes. Oi. Then a super sexy scene comes one where you see the main girl in panties. Ooh. Put some clothes on. The swag-mobile then comes. Oh, and he looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I like food.Missy then says that she hopes THE ONLY ROAD is the right road, even though theres no other roads to go down. Old man cliche.. Theres then a long scene about how that old man is on speakerphone. The old men think its the funniest **** Shaggy then thinks a wolf is a moose. He never did learn any skills in Scooby Doo apart from being scared. Theres then another sexy sexy sexy scene, this time with beastiality. Shaggy then thinks puppeteers are pop tarts. *clap clap clap*. More s3xy scenes, this time with a tit cliche *Adjusts knob* **** puppet dance. The girl's head is then thrown into the main girl's hands. And that is why you should always stay clothed. INDIANA JONES MOMENT... and he's dead. A zombie arm then makes Shaggy dance. MASS MASSACRE! Then along comes the... MERMAN! Some woman having a midlife crisis then calls PBG/Shaggy a fool. Giant gods cliche then happens, but is presented very well, and makes you wonder... would you lose your life for the world? Ok. That film was amazing. Anyone might think there are cliches, but it's mainly to be self-aware, and makes fun of itself. The ending is a bit... well, it's ok., but the rest of the fiml is near perfect If you are a horror film fan, buy it. Expand
  7. Jan 11, 2014
    One of my favorite movies & directors!! I get so frustrated when people say they bailed at the start of the movie then write a review (you have to see the movie to understand it!! Common sense!) If you are not familiar with Joss Whedon or his humor you may be surprised by his ability to be witty, sarcastic & smart all at once. By the way Whedon is the creator of tv's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Firefly as well as movies like The Avengers & Thor. He also wrote 24 issues of Astonishing X Men in 2008. When I saw the movie on opening day I had a very vague idea of what the film was about & I'll admit the intro threw me for a serious loop. I was worried at first (I will never question Whedon again) but as always Joss delivered a horror movie full of witty humor, great characters & plot twists that were unique & not at all generic or obvious & an ending that you wont see coming (unless your a Whedon fan....) its a great movie that has earned a spot on my top 10. Its not your typical horror film & not all that scary but its got the makings of a cult classic, assuming people actually give it a chance & watch the whole film! Expand
  8. Dec 12, 2013
    This movie is AMAZING, it recreates the whole idea of slasher film, will horror basically, ITS SO GODDAMN AWESOME, its like EvilDead meets Serinity, the film is great and worth a good sit down, 10/10
  9. Nov 1, 2013
    At first you think that this movie is some imitation of "The Evil Dead" with a bit of clichés, but no. It's not, not at all. It is way better. Overall, this is the best horror movie of the decade, possibly of all time. This film is the most entertaining horror movie of all time, and the craziest, most fun, most exciting, most puzzling, most jaw-dropping horror movie ever. Pure awesomeness
  10. Oct 5, 2013
    I wouldn't have watched this if it were not for my best friend's recommendation and boy was I surprised at how much fun and how fantastic this film is. So many horror cliches that it plays up well and that is the point of this project. Dark humor that both makes fun of the cliches in horror flicks while sticking to the actual horror and gore parts. Definitely recommended that you watch this!
  11. Aug 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Rotten Tomatoes ranked this as the 34th greatest horror film ever. I don't blame them. Cabin in the woods will gain more cult following as the years go on, but after years of horrible horror flicks, The Cabin In The Woods will give you one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Just when you think it's your typical slasher flick, it takes a complete left turn down "What the hell?" lane, and I won't give away too much, but I will say this. There's a unicorn that stabs a guy. It's awesome. Expand
  12. Jun 25, 2013
    I went in this movie expecting a cheap slasher horror film, but I was having high expectations, because it has been announced in development since 2009, what I got was way too more in depth than I was barging for, this movie can't be reviewed without spoiling it, what I have to say is...SEE THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, it is different dark comedy with mystery and great visuals (hint) SEE THIS MOVIE.
  13. Jun 18, 2013
    A film with a generic horror movie name is everything but. When I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought it was good to be another awful horror film, but the twist led by the characters played by Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins makes this one of the most inventive horror films I've seen in a while.
  14. Jun 8, 2013
    One of the greatest and funniest horror films ever made, it has a great story and a powerful scenes with great visuals and exquisite acting, I am a big horror fan, this one is good, it is really good, although I was barging for something smaller and simpler, but it turned out to be way too different than expected!
  15. May 22, 2013
    Surprisingly smart entertainment. I don't watch or like horror movies, and prompted by a friend was told I had to see it. Finally went on the ride, and by the end was blown away.
  16. May 1, 2013
    With a giant god like hand, Whedon destroys viewer expectation by carefully crafting the perfect satire film with a wit, intelligence and depth that is often lacking in the films it makes fun of.
  17. Feb 27, 2013
    From the title, description, and most of the footage you've probably seen, The Cabin in the Woods looks like the same awful, recycled horror film you've seen over and over. A bunch of vapid college kids are going to spend a weekend in a cabin, where they'll probably get hacked up... big freaking deal, right? But all of that is a smokescreen, much like the titular cabin itself. In reality, this movie is meta-horror: it's a horror film about why horror films suck. It's also a fantastic dark comedy. You don't want to miss this film. Expand
  18. Jan 23, 2013
    Not exactly a horror movie, but more of a tribute to the horror classics, the Cabin in the Woods presents an original plot with literally TONS of references to cult horror classics and even some of the video games (Will you spot the Boomer, Hunter, Tank and the Witch from Left 4 Dead?) Can't describe the plot without spoiling it, you just have to see it for yourself, but I guarantee the twists (and boy there are many of them) will be unexpected. The only thing is that the movie isn't exactly scary, which doesn't make it any less entertaining. A must-watch for anyone, especially the horror fans. Expand
  19. Jan 9, 2013
    This film is nothing short of amazing and easily my favourite film of all-time! With twists & turns at every corner it was one hell of a ride to watch the first time and I'm still enjoying it now (3 times I've seen it). Lead by a great cast and with one heck of a storyline I would find it hard to find a Horror fan that didn't enjoy this film. The best thing about it is its such an original idea that hasn't been done and yes it had one hell of an ending! The best film there is, enough said! Expand
  20. Jan 5, 2013
    The "Cabin in the Wood" never loses any momentum throughout the whole movie. There are many main points that connect very well. The only thing I don't really like is the killing scenes, it looks kind of unrealistic. But the plot is fantastic.
  21. Dec 30, 2012
    This is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. Once I saw it in theaters I knew that I was going to buy it once it came out on blu-ray! The last 30 minutes is literally epic! If you haven't seen it, do yourselves a favor and watch it.
  22. Dec 27, 2012
    This movie was a great satire on modern horror. If you legitimately enjoy slashers and are looking for more of the same, this isn't the movie for you. It's a spoof, and judging it based on jump-scares and nail-biting suspense is like rating a romantic comedy on gore.
  23. Dec 26, 2012
    Having re watched the trailer after the film, the it does pretty much give away what the film is really about and make the twists a lot less surprising. However it is a very good, if surprisingly simple story. It sets up a very weird situation and actually explains WTF is going on by the end, which most films wouldn't. Just don't watch the trailers if you haven't already.
  24. Dec 25, 2012
    If you think that the Cabin in the Woods is just like any other typical slasher/horror film, then you are completely wrong. I thought the same before watching it and it totally proved me wrong and I'm really glad that it did. First of all, I appreciate the great work done by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, they have made something so unique and fresh that you start wondering that why did nobody ever think of it before. The writing is great, performances are good (just the right amount of what you need in a horror film). The storyline is brilliantly incorporated in the genre, the rituals and the sacrifices to keep the Gods happy. The dark humor element is fantastic, really made me laugh at times. The monsters are horrific. I read some reviews by people who are complaining that the film is stupid and terrible. When a typical horror film is made, they complain and when a fresh and original idea is penned into a film, they still complain. Those people can never learn to appreciate the good work. Most of the people who liked the movie also think that the ending sucked, it should have been something else, but that's where the writing of Goddard and Whedon comes in. They knew we would be expecting and predicting the typical ending but they made a daring move by making a fine climax. Not only the climax, the entire film is fine, I have never watched anything like this before and for that, I thank Whedon and Goddard's imagination. If you are a real fan of horror/slasher films and are fed up of watching all those same and predictable ones over and over again, then this film is an absolute treat for you. The Cabin in the Woods is definitely one of the best horror films of 2012 and a rebirth of horror genre. Expand
  25. Dec 14, 2012
    Going into this movie, I had no clue what to expect. I had not seen any trailers or reviews. I knew absolutely nothing about it. Once I saw Joss Whedon's name on it, I got really curious. The first hour or so the movie more or less plays out like EVERY slasher movie that came before it. But as the second half of the movie takes over the real story leaps forward and HOLY S*** is it great. This movie just surprised the hell out of me. Great writing, intentionally generic (but likable) characters, fantastic FX. While it isn't a Horror-Horror but more accurately a parody of a Horror that knows what it is and plays with that as much as it can. It's been a really long time since I've seen a movie like this and I say thank you Mr. Whedon for giving me such a wonderfully entertaining movie. Expand
  26. Dec 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Quite possibly one of my favorite horror films of all-time and not for the sheer scares or thrills, but for the dialogue and smart plot twists on the genre. Any film that ends with an angry god rising up from the Earth and Nine Inch Nails' "Last" blasting at your eardrums is a very big win in my book. Expand
  27. Dec 4, 2012
    part horror part comedy is what The Cabin in the wood tries to be.the horror was an emotion of fearing the unknown that lies beyond human knowledge while the comedy is a satire on the young generation that was depicted with the killing of typical american teenager. either horror or comedy,director Drew Goddard alongside Joss Whedon have crafted one of the most weird,twisted,and mind altering horror movie in recent years. it is a horror movie that surely will become a cult in years to come. Expand
  28. Nov 19, 2012
    Cabin in the Woods is a uniquely crafted dark horror comedy that is writer Josh Whedon's homage to classic slasher flicks. With an astoundingly funny vein of dark comedy running through the entire film, this film sets itself apart as a treatise of the horror genre, something that Scream accomplished a decade previously but Cabin in the Woods elevates to another level.
  29. Nov 16, 2012
    Oh how advertising can absolutely ruin your excitement to see a film. Being marketed as a generic, run-of-the-mill horror film is the worst thing that can happen to you from a critical standpoint, but from a commercial point of view, there
  30. Nov 12, 2012
    Had benefit of watching this without any knowledge of what it actually was. Brilliant take on the genre with quite a few laugh out loud moments. Well worth the time and money.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 40
  2. Negative: 2 out of 40
  1. Reviewed by: Ian Buckwalter
    Apr 16, 2012
    A horror-movie attic sale is, in essence, exactly what Cabin in the Woods is, an attempt to exorcise the genre of its formulaic possession by stuffing the movie full of its most overused and predictable elements - and then dumping them through clever skewering.
  2. Reviewed by: J.R. Jones
    Apr 14, 2012
    Because the first narrative is so crushingly generic (which turns out to be the point), most of the amusement derives from trying to figure out what the second one is all about. I'm not sure I ever did, but the climactic one-two punch of special-effects chaos and meta-movie chin stroking should have the fanboys trembling with delight.
  3. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Apr 13, 2012
    I've seen a lot of rip-offs of "The Truman Show" and a lot of rip-offs of "Scream." I guess I have to give credit to The Cabin in the Woods for ripping off both at once.