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  1. Reviewed by: Chris Gore
    This is one of those rare docs that paints a grand picture of an era and makes the journey feel like a party.
  2. The Cockettes weren't talented, exactly, yet the bedazzled flakiness of their passion takes you closer than just about any movie has to what was once really meant by the term ''free-spirited.''
  3. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    Joyously re-creates the brief but resplendent reign of the legendary freakadelic drag troupe.
  4. Brilliant new documentary.
  5. Cue the footage of Cockettes in spangles and glitter, high-kicking and belting out show tunes at the top of their lungs. Damn, it looks grand.
  6. 88
    It puts The Cockettes into social, political and popular cultural context and gives the documentary a moving resonance.
  7. The Cockettes is a grand place to visit, even for those who wouldn't want to live there.
  8. 83
    The film does leave you with the lingering regret that you missed a hell of a good party. It is, as the kids used to say, a trip.
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  1. Aug 30, 2010
    The documentary is one of the most affective ways to capture a time and place in history especially when the subject is as visually compelling as the Cockettes. Counter culture San Francisco history is so saturated with tired tales of the Beat Generation and the Grateful Dead. It was delightful to stumble upon a lesser known group of artists (who were actually quite famous in their own right). Interesting to note were some of the pervasive themes present in the documentary namely the "New York City" response to this "San Francisco" phenomenon. This film depicts a primary example of the West Coast's more open and relaxed attitude toward artistic expression not to mention the DIY aspect of San Francisco art culture (exemplified by the Cockette's costuming and sets) in general. Full Review »