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  1. The Conformist has a decadent visual beauty about it that's breathtaking. But as striking as Bertolucci's classic looks, there's even more powerful stuff in the storytelling.
  2. 100
    Bertolucci's masterpiece--made when he was all of 29--will be the most revelatory experience a fortunate pilgrim will have in a theater this year is a foregone conclusion.
  3. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    One of Bertolucci's best films, The Conformist makes a provocative connection between repressed sexual desires and fascist politics. It's an intriguing, elegantly photographed study of the twisted Italian character of the 1930s. (Review of Original Release)
  4. 88
    Storaro and Bertolucci have fashioned a visual masterpiece in The Conformist, with some of the best use of light and shadow ever in a motion picture. This isn't just photography, it's art -- powerful, beautiful, and effective. (Review of 1994 Release)
  5. One of the great Bertolucci's most acclaimed films...Trintignant gives a legendary performance.
  6. 100
    Thirty-five years since its debut, The Conformist is still a stunning, challenging, transporting film.
  7. Reviewed by: David Thomson
    The Conformist is a great film, drunkenly beautiful and deeply disturbing.
  8. 100
    Seems every bit the masterpiece it was when first released by Paramount. In this dazzling film, Bertolucci manages to combine the bravura style of Fellini, the acute sense of period of Visconti and the fervent political commitment of Elio Petri -- and, better still, a lack of self-indulgence.
  9. 100
    Masterfully arranged for color, texture, decor and camera fluidity, The Conformist is more like a symphonic poem than a movie. (Review of 1994 Release)
  10. 100
    Even if it weren't in pristine shape for its current re-release, it would still qualify as one of only a handful of films made in the past 30 years that truly deserve to be called great. (Review of 1994 Release)
  11. The movie is perfectly cast, from Trintignant and on down, including Pierre Clementi, who appears briefly as the wicked young man who makes a play for the young Marcello. The Conformist is flawed, perhaps, but those very flaws may make it Bertolucci's first commercially popular film. (Review of Original Release)
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  1. Jan 10, 2011
    Quite honestly one of the most boring and pointless films you will ever see. You will hate ever minute of it's pointless meandering plot. This is a movie that critics and film academics have to enjoy to be allowed to attend each other's wine parties. Full Review »
  2. Sep 4, 2012
    The rating this movie deserves would depend on what year it is. Back when this came out, it would have been relevant to Europe's still fresh scars from WW2. I'm in generation Y, and although this film makes a good historical and cultural demonstration, it is tailored for my parents, not me. It's something I have to "try to get", not something I can just watch and know immediately the points the movie is trying to convey. In other words, it's a movie I have to learn how to watch while I'm watching it, which was nice mental stimulation, but ultimately less entertaining and something my memory won't encode fondly, despite it's strengths. I hope this who know their 20th century European history and culture won't think I am being ungrateful, and I understand this movie should have higher appeal to those who do.

    I must say though, I very much enjoyed the buildings in this movie.
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  3. Aug 9, 2012
    Good acting performance and cast. The movie sets and the production are also striking. And that's it... Only visual stuff. In my opinion, the movie is overrated, perhaps, because of the stigma post-fascism and post-Nazi, still felt in the 70's. By this I mean that a film like this, which casts a harsh critique of fascism, would be easily remarkable at a time when in Europe there were still "scars" of World War II. The message is, nonetheless, very interesting and important to impart. But I do not think this movie deserves the same score of Lawrence of Arabia and The Godfather ... Overrated my friends... Full Review »