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  • Summary: Set in the remote wastelands of northern Russia in September, 1944, this is the story of a romantic triangle that develops between a local Lapp woman and the two soldiers from opposite sides of World War II, a deserter sniper from the Finnish army and a Soviet Army captain, to whom she gives refuge.
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  1. The movie overextends a patch of folk mysticism toward the end and then adds a silly whimsical coda, but as a comedy of errors it's often hilarious.
  2. Reviewed by: Deborah Young
    Charming, smart and funny.
  3. Juuso, who made her film debut at 22 in this movie, is spunky and funny. The two guys play off each other like bickering old pals, and so they are: They and the director have worked together on three movies and a TV show over the last decade.
  4. A rare bird indeed -- a disarming, appealingly modest discovery, beautifully shot, nicely performed. Perched on the knife's edge of absurdity, the story at once embraces the large questions (who is the enemy and why) and shrugs them off with a laugh.
  5. A beautifully shot, modest little fable about the misunderstandings between people.
  6. By the time you've worked through the allegorical implications, you may be wondering why you didn't just go see "Charlie's Angels."

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  1. Sep 22, 2011
    Perfection! Incredibly great! One of my top 10 movies of all time. Presents us with a completely foreign culture, and two others at war with each other. They don't understand each other. Wait, but they do. After all, we are all human. Collapse

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