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  1. Jul 28, 2012
    Holy cow this is a good movie. It may not quite be as good as The Dark Knight but that was all about Heath Ledger being so unbelievable. This movie doesn't have anyone reaching so high (though Bane does have a wonderful moment), but I think it is just as good because everything else in the movie is still so good (or better). I can't remember the last time I was actually tense during an action sequence (that will remain unnamed for spoiler reasons). Expand
  2. Aug 5, 2012
    This movie was a great end to the trilogy, its not as good as The Dark Knight but its a movie worth seeing from the users and the critics. The Dark Knight Rises 8.3/10
  3. Jul 20, 2012
    Where is Robin when you need him? Or for that matter Spiderman? Wait! Where is Batman?? In this 2 hour and 25 minute movie we see way too much of Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) not to forget Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and Bane, the villain (Tom Hardy), and a young policeman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) plus the Commissioner (Gary Oldman), Batman/Bruce Wayne's inventor Lucius (Morgan Freeman), a possible love interest in Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) and various other characters but I thought this was suppose to be a film about Batman, isn't it?

    "The Dark Knight Rises" is on its way to breaking records (if the shooting today in Colorado doesn't keep people away from movie theatres) but it is not half as interesting as Spiderman was, has a long, confusing plot that goes in all directions and a not very interesting villain. Without giving away any plot points two of them border on the ridiculous.

    Michael Caine, playing Wayne's butler/valet, disappears after being prominent at the beginning with his hovering/worrying about Bruce being taken over by Morgan Freeman with the latter not really offering anything different in the part.

    The screenplay by Christopher Nolan, who also directed, and Jonathan Nolan, goes into many and confusing directions. It can also bring up other layers if you want to look at it politically with Bane (Bain?), the 1%, the Occupy Wall street group and the destruction of Gotham city, which certainly is New York here, bringing up scenes of 9/11, but don't waste your time on those angles because your mind will be all over the place until Batman, special effects, stopping the world coming to an end comes into play and off we go into comic book hero action.

    Having seen "The Amazing Spiderman" last week and "The Dark Knight Rises" today I would recommend the former a lot more than the latter as it has the better story, is shorter and though it also has an uninteresting villain at least you can understand what he is saying.
  4. Jul 26, 2012
    I don't understand all the 10s given to this film. Yes, it's awesome to watch in iMAX. Yes, it's Batman. And yes, this is the last of the trilogy. But c'mon, there's just so many bad scenes in this film. And I have to agree with the others that many of the characters in this film is so unnecessary. In the end, the story (7) acting and dialogue (5) killed TDKR for me. I just couldn't give it a pass. And in my opinion (and I think everyone else who didn't give this film a 10), TDK is far superior with its better storyline and acting. Expand
  5. Jul 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm a huge nolan fan and I expected this movie to be better than the dark knight. In my opinion it's on par with the dark knight not because it's bad but because the dark knight is so good. You definitely should watch it in IMAX because 1 hour+ scenes filmed in IMAX really shine. Everything about this movie is amazing the plot, acting and action sequences are amazing. It is an excellent conclusion to the series and the last hour at the end is breathtaking. I do have some minor gripes though. I felt many characters didn't get the screen time they deserved. Obviously Alfred left at the beginning but I really wanted to see more of him. Also catwoman didn't get enough screen time fighting. She's on the batmobile most of the time at the end. I felt Miranda Tate was a really useless character. She doesn't get that much screen time and her transformation into talia is really awkward. Her romance with Bruce Wayne is really fake. I felt the movie should've been about 30 minutes longer. John Blake takes so much screen time that's really not needed. I know they had to really focus on him because he's the next "batman" but I would've liked to see less of him and more of the other characters. Banes voice is 97% fixed but there were still some times where I couldn't understand him. I feel there's not as much feeling in this film as the dark knight. The dark knight does some things better then tdkr but tdkr does something's better then tdk. All in all an amazing movie that really stirs up emotion. I give it a 9.8/10 Expand
  6. Sep 17, 2012
    To call this movie breathtaking would be an insult, as this movie is so much more. This is the stuff William Lincoln was dreaming of back in 1867 when he watched moving drawings rush by through a simple slit cut into a spinning wheel. This film is the trophy of the American film industry's undisputed triumph in the art.
    From some reason I saw the main engineering of this film as a
    parallel with the human need to invent a god and live and die by its terms. Desynthesizing our responsibilities by use of a third party. Everyone is always looking for a leader to give them a tune to march to. Good or bad. So long as there is a tune, there are always willing participants.
    Batman must make a come back, not just to answer to himself, and tie-in the plot of the previous film, but most importantly because people are at a loss after knowing of his existence. Which begs me to wonder: We are all assuming there is a guy sitting comfortably upstairs pulling cords, but what if we really truly knew? As with Batman, we'd be demanding this guy get back to business and do it as we demand him to. After all, his decisions are our lives.
    But let's look at it from another point of view. The bad guy, Bane, also has followers. Hordes of maniacs looking for blind faith to provide them juice out of their vacant existence. Reminding me a bit of a lot of terrorist ideologies. The propagation of a bad idea is often better than having no ideas at all. Check with our past historical dictators to confirm my suspicions.
    "You must do it without a rope." No one could forget those lines. The true motivator of human evolution. Because when it comes down to it, there is no large human accomplishment that has ever been performed with a safety net. Leaps must be made with blind faith. Something takes place in the universe when there is full commitment in place... Notice that I did use 'blind faith' here as well as I used it in the previous paragraph about evil. Because faith works both ways. The flip side of a coin by the name of 'hope.'
    The true lesson Batman delivers here after reconquering his own faith is that humanity must learn to fight its own battles with individually instilled hope and determination. Allow me to explain...
    This one book you might have heard of, the Bible, has a somewhat similar story. It's about an unassuming guy that shows up to perform acts no other man could ever fathom. And when he gets everyone's attention, he tells them that they too can do the same if they only believed. Of course, they think he is nuts. Everyone always misses the moral of the story. The reason why Batman has to go away, as did the guy in the Bible... Witnessing greatness is clear proof that we are all part of it. It's already within each one of us. And it's ok to move forward alone. We all find the way. So long as we have faith.
  7. Jan 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My god this movie was the worst i have seen in years,the first part was genius...but this,Bain...that voice really!!!! sooo annoying after 40 min i shut it off.....d^_^b it's the best you can do.... trust me and this movie was even movie of the year above Django HAHAHAHAHA not a good move Metacritic!!! Expand
  8. Jul 26, 2012
    Upon watching this the second time around I was absolutely clear that this was truly a worthy and beautiful way to conclude Nolan's Bat Saga! A few minor plot holes here and there, but overall I was very satisfied as a reader of the comics and as a film enthusiast. Its an emotional roller coaster showing one of the world's most beloved heroes go through hell and back. It truly is something to be marvelled. Brave Mr. Nolan. Bravo! Expand
  9. Jul 21, 2012
    This film was what superhero movies should be like. The allegory of Bane as liberalism in America and Batman as conservatism was freaking awesome. It made the film a masterpiece. There is one qualm I have though. Bane's voice sounded like Jonas Venture from the Venture Bros. meets Sean Connery. That was a little cheesy. Otherwise, this was the best film of the year to date.
  10. Jul 24, 2012
    I think the thing that surprises most people is how much soul this movie had - especially for a super hero movie. I thought the acting was top notch, the story was good and of course Nolan delivered. Big kudos for not cheesing the film up (a few scenes float the fine line of fromage). If you have the chance, see it in IMAX. I did and it was totally worth it. Only knock against the movie was it didnt explain why Bane had the mask..... Expand
  11. Jul 30, 2012
    The wait is over; Christopher Nolan brings his Batman trilogy to a thunderous close in The Dark Knight Rises. It
  12. Jul 23, 2012
    This is a must-see movie. The Dark Knight Rises is probably the best movie of 2012. The Avengers and a bunch of films pale when compared to The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan is a very good story teller. The cast and the whole crew did a splendid job. Some moviegoers have doubts about Anne Hathaway but I think she's better than all right. The movie started with tense actions, followed by smooth plots, and then climbed all the way up with non-stop, fast-paced, tense, exciting, breathless actions and plots till the very end of the movie. The Dark Knight Rises is also the best of the Batman trilogy. This is the movie you don't want to miss. Don't wait until DVD/BD is released. Catch it in the theater now. Expand
  13. Jul 31, 2012
    This is one of the best movies in this year the stroyline isnt boring and very good all the other films arent so good true story bros my english is bad i know sorry (swiss)
  14. Aug 8, 2012
    Christopher Nolan is an amazing film maker. Lets face it Batman is not the easiest to bring into the real world and not have it be cheesy or unrealistic (see Tommy Lee Jones). Reverting back to the League of Shadows story line was brilliant considering the loss of the Joker as a potential story. The movies was by no means perfect, but it made its points clearly and more importantly entertainingly. The holes in the story drive me nuts but maybe thats just me looking too deep into a superhero movie. I know this, Nolan made the best version of Batman that could have been made in todays movie industry. Expand
  15. Dec 25, 2012
    An awesome finale to the series. Not as good as "The Avengers" or "The Amazing Spider-man", but still a very good superhero movie. The best plot and action in the whole series, and the most twists and turns which will glue your eyes to the TV screen. Without a doubt among the best movies in all of 2012.
  16. Aug 1, 2012
    Good movie. Opening was awesome. The beginning had some very slow parts that almost put me to sleep, they could have edited that down. Also the emotional stuff seemed contrived and awkward. I usually like when they put emotion into movies, but here it just felt like melodrama. The action, characters, and acting was very well done I thought though. It wrapped up the series well.
  17. Aug 5, 2012
    A very worthy ending to the best trilogy ever put together in this genre. For my money it still does not equal the excellence of Dark Knight, but no super hero ever has, and probably never will. The first half of this movie moved a little slow for me, but the payoff in the second half was worth the wait. There have been a lot of complaints about this movie, and most of them surround plot holes. Unless a plot hole severely ruins my enjoyment of a movie in this genre I don't even concern myself with them, they are all over these types of films. One of the things that I have enjoyed the most about Nolan's Batman is the grittiness and believability of the villains, and Rises was no exception to this. I was very worried when I heard that Catwomen was going to become part of this franchise, as I had never seen this character written or performed in a way that I enjoy. Nolan and Hathaway changed all that in this film, and she turned out to be one of the better characters in this trilogy. While Bane is the greatest villain ever, his physical presence in this movie is truly something to be reckoned with. I think that this character was the perfect choice for what Nolan was trying to do at the end of this franchise. No spoilers in this review, I will say that everything paid off for me. While I am disappointed that Nolan is done with my favorite super hero. I am thrilled that I have such a cool trio of movies to enjoy for the rest of my life. Expand
  18. Jul 30, 2012
    Before i start i just want to say i have never seen a batman film or the comics books just the two Batman: Arkham games and Nolan's batman films. The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic movie and great conclusion to the trilogy of Nolan's batman films. its as good as The Dark Knight but not better. the cast in the movie are some of the best. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman who in one scene tricks the polices to leaving her alone by faking to cry , Christian Bale as Batman who gives a great performance , Tom Hardy as Bane who is one of the best villain i have seen but wasn't as good as Heath Ledgers's Joker. My friend said it it was hard to understand him ,i was ok but just to say you might find hard to understand him. The film does have some plot holes what i cant say or i will spoil the film and one scene to do with bane at the end but in the end it is a great film. i recommend it for its good story and great cast Expand
  19. Jul 21, 2012
    This film was very well made, but it for sure hat its flaws. First, the whole first 3rd of the movie is really slow, and I thought it was going to be a horrible movie. Luckily it picks up, and its great from there on out. I loved Bane, maybe even more so than the joker, but mainly because he just kicks the crap out of Batman, and its awesome. I loved Bane's voice actually. There is a bit to much foreshadow in my opinion, but a definite must see! Expand
  20. Jul 23, 2012
    The best film of the decade, it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, wondering what's going to happen, great action sequences, though it has minor plot holes and little time development shown - didn't look like 3 months, more like 1 - but, hey no film is perfect... A definite film to go and see!!! May Batman Be With You!!
  21. Aug 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie is about 50 minutes too long. My mind drifted during the long, cliche exposition. But the real fatal flaw is that Nolan takes all the magic out of Batman. Gone is the atmospheric Gotham, replaced by a shiny, normal, everyday modern city. Did you like the Bane story from the comics? It doesn't exist. Bane is a average terrorist. Gone is the Venom (NO VENOM?!?). The break out of all of Batman's former nemesis from Arkham Asylum doesn't happen. He just releases some regular prison inmates. The Bane story is one of my favorite stories in the Batman universe. I was totally disappointed with this film after imagining how cool it would be when Arkham fell and Bane pumped up with venom. Nolan shouldn't use the Batman name if he is going to ignore what Batman is all about.
    If you compare this film to the Avengers, a great superhero movie from this summer, that stayed true to the comics and had great dialog and special effects, you can imagine how cool Batman could have been, and just how far Nolan took Batman down.
    I just pray he doesn't destroy all the fun and "hero" aspect of Superman, but I am very worried.
  22. Jul 30, 2012
    It isn't better than the first Dark Knight, but still a good movie. It has some problems such as: first part too fast, exaggerated ending, exagerated revelations. This film followed the last one path, this Batman history had to end someday. But it didn't end perfectly...
  23. Aug 16, 2012
    The closing chapter to Nolan's Batman Trilogy does not dissapoint. The story is quite elaborate...for a superhero film. The film has a realistic feel and everything looks quite believable thx to the fantastic VFX and set construction. The one strange thing that bothered me a bit was that this movie takes place almost completely during the day, which undermines the 'eternal darkness' feeling that seemed to hang over Gotham in the previous films. But if you've seen the first 2 you'll want to know how it ends right ;) Expand
  24. Jul 21, 2012
    I will conform that there will be no full review for The Dark Knight Rises. All I will say is, I have never been emotionally captured be any film that I have ever seen. The Dark Knight Rises was the first to do so. After the credits started rolling down the screen, I was absolutely speechless. I have never been this emotionally attached to a film ever. TDKR is the best film I have ever had the privilege of viewing. Enormous way to end such an epic trilogy. Expand
  25. Jul 27, 2012
    Desde el inicio uno se queda maravillado por el personaje Bane, y creo que Nolan no pudo elegir mejor enemigo para cerrar la saga de la mejor manera. Una obra maravillosa de comienzo a fin que no tiene un segundo de desperdicio. Todos los actores cumplen con creces su rol y mas! Se transformara en un clásico del cine que nadie puede dejar de ver seas fan o no.
  26. Jul 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS :This movie is great I really enjoyed this movie you don't need joker you have bane tom hardy did an amazing job yeah I was really pissed you can barely understand bane but he was the prefect villain to test batman's strength ,agility and heart I was shocked that Miranda was actually Ra's al Ghu daughter but I was really confused when batman was supposedly dead and he was in the cafe with catwomen but I when I saw it again and noticed he got of the bat before it exploded with the bomb that bane was thinking of using to destroy Gotham I think their is going to be a robin movie because it finished with John Blake finding the bat cave so I don't know we will see Collapse
  27. Jul 29, 2012
    Christopher Nolan succeeded again. Even though he didn't count with a Heath Ledger's level of performance, every new character has a good impression. Trying not to spoil anything: Anne Hathaway's catwoman (she's not referred as catwoman in the movie) was indeed a good choice and she fit very well into the role. Bane was also competently portrayed by Tom Hardy as a cruel and smart terrorist. However, some minor parts were very flawed or felt rushed (explainable for a 3-hour movie), particularly the unimpressive reappearance of Dr. Jonathan Crane and the demise of the main villains. But don't be afraid, the good parts really outshine the bad parts, making this movie a 3-hour thrill ride. Expand
  28. Jul 28, 2012
    Christopher Nolan reúne en The Dark Knight Rises el alma y la razón de ser de Batman Begins, y la energía y la oscuridad de The Dark Knight en este capítulo final del héroe de Ciudad Gótica. A Christian Bale, mejor que nunca (¿acaso quedan dudas qué su interpretación es la mejor?), le toca ser más Bruce Wayne que nunca dejando muy de lado el personaje de Batman, a quien el relato lo interpreta todo el tiempo cómo el símbolo qué es de justicia y esperanza, motivos por los cuales fue creado en la primera película.
  29. Aug 10, 2012
    Wannabe, wanna be, therefore it is. Let's face it: Dark Knight was good, a very good film, but frankly it was almost exclusively that good, because it was a sort of adaptation of Alan Moore's "Killing Joke" and because, despite the hysteria of Heath Ledger's dramatic and unfortunate death, The Joker was a great one, a master villain. I will not compare it with Jack Nicholson's because that one was exceptional. Ledger's was very good, almost excellent. The residual memory emerges from this point; people want "The Dark Knight Rises" to be a sequel of that excellency, as I did, as Nolan forced us to believe so... as some kind of religious belief keeping us blindly seeing the way it was supposed to be, but it wasn't. It wasn't indeed, as the first of Nolan's trilogy it was a disbelief and a mime of the second. Without a matured anti-hero, this Batman collapses.

    Somewhere somehow if not already at the plane, I started to feel I was being fooled by the Hollywood machine, again and again; my "want it to be as so" was there no more, vanishing, while I gradually started to notice the annoying, repeating and exaggerated soundtrack pushing me for a critical pause. Hans Zimmer made me seriously question about everything in this movie, existentially, if indeed I was facing the terrifying possibility of seeing another 2 hours of hollowed clichés noised by a syrupy music... another disappointment to add. You name it, Star Wars, Prometheus, Conan... I tried, I really did, I even said to myself to take it easy at my criticism and expectation, but there was no emotion to attach with, instead the music was continuously persisting in forcing the spectator to delude himself that indeed there was, like a crazy frantic miraged dance going to nowhere subliming the emptiness.

    Simply put, the narrative didn't allow me to empathize with the characters, all of it was forced like an hyperactive quest to push the audience for an illusion of a final master piece, an idea that would be preferable not to be discarded, like a comfortable thought as nice as a wall separating the movie from the spectator. We were comfortably eating popcorns nicely throwing the bags to the floor.

    I didn't like Bate's Bat forced voice, I don't like his costume, I haven't felt jubilated when he arose from the ashes, I kept wondering about Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns": what a pale reflex this film was revealing itself, bad omen I was getting bored, I wondered about the time of the intermezzo that would never come. I felt myself observing a hysterical sequence of forced dramatic situations, not realism, not Bat's Gothic existentialism. There was no voyeurism, there was no personal attachment, there was no time to feel emotionally connected... there was right in front of your nose... another banal Hollywood film using a Batman's stamp, a "Bruce Wayne's" costume fairy tail.

    You have to be given compassed storyline hidden behind a door's hole, like preparing for the battle tasting a good cup of old wine expecting the confronting dilemma of mirroring yourself, like Alan Moore's and Frank Miller's Batman art of questioning... not this artificial and plastic speaking dolls acting for a spoiled audience, for statistics and budget and major gross openings! Michael Caine, I would punch your nose, how could you let this happen?

    Everyone speaks about Bale's voice... heck with it! But of course it's strange, but of course, you just have to wonder you are a human being deprived from your childhood, although a noble guardian of a child's innocence... his own lost one... no? Great potential, great inner thought, great professional and passionate commitment and study, Tom Hardy's personification... but not properly explored by his director. You weren't given time or you weren't properly presented to his drama simply put. It was illustrated as just another sketched brute villain, with an Ah...! here he is, surpassed by the next one, Ah... here he is no more... and after a Oh...! a magical ethereal Batman is again, with his darn forced bad ass voice, right from the canonic pit of the survivors to smack the forces of evil.

    I won't spoil the storytelling although I was spoiled by this film's lack of depth rich of busted expectations. Like every popcorn movie, this one innovates itself... it's Gothic an it has wings; obviously satisfies one's expectation behaving as just as commonly as a epidermic chain of pretentious tragic sensations, clichés, totally predicted and totally comfortable. And don't tell me this is just a comic movie, don't be so intellectual you say... Oh yes? Don't throw me that load of crap, because Nolan wanted this trilogy to surpass the previous ones using as trump two of the most darker comic book authors: Alan Moore and Frank Miller. If anything was to be expected, it was fulfilling expectations!
  30. Aug 3, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises successfully concludes Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy with amazing scope on the battling themes of romanticism (displayed in Batman Begins) and realism (displayed in The Dark Knight). Filled with great action and set pieces, character pathos, and a strong sense of moral right that drives the caped hero, the film really does rise to expectations (which, for any normal film would be considered beyond expectations, so that's saying something). Set eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham is thriving under the lie of the actions of Harvey Dent, but masked terrorist Bane causes that tranquility to collapse, driving Bruce Wayne to face the loss of his love interest, Rachel, and his abandonment of his role as the Batman, to save the city. Nolan realizes what most of movie-goers have: there is a lot at stake in a third and final installment in any series. There is a lot to juggle: new characters, references to old characters, adrenaline and emotional fulfillment, plot holes, etc. He overcomes them all and gives us what we want - the finale that is memorable and satisfying. His direction has a way of taking standard action movie stereotypes, filling them with lived in realism, and bringing out genuine tension and thrills. To compare 'Rises' to 'Dark Knight' is difficult. They are two entirely different beasts. The Joker was the trump card in The Dark Knight, but Bane makes for a great villain as well. He is less chaotic and freelance, but still menacing and, unlike the Joker, empathetic near the end. As far as a conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises gets it right. 'Nuff said. Now go watch it. Expand
  31. Jul 31, 2012
    I miss the old Joel Schumacher films... at least the plot made sense and the villains had any real motivation. The only thing that was half good on this was Anne Hathaway.
  32. Jul 28, 2012
    Incredible. This is really what you call entertainment. While watching this I truly experienced something I have never experienced before. You could call it a movie orgasm. Through it's glorious 164 minute run time I went through phases of anger, anxiety, happiness, and sadness. Tom Hardy does not match the performance of Heath Ledger, but I don't think anyone expected that anyway. He was brilliant as Bane, providing a chilling and more powerful replacement for the Joker. The rest of the outstanding cast was brilliant as well, including Anne Hathaway, who I was previously concerned with not being able to fit the character of catwoman. Hans Zimmer does a brilliant job with the sound. This in my opinion is what brought the movie that extra step in providing its astonishing intensity, and climaxes. The storyline was masterfully written; I expected no less. If you want a movie that provides every single penny spent for those pricey theater tickets, look no further. Expand
  33. Jul 22, 2012
    Amazing Movie. Each Cast Member delivers. Anne Hathaway was an awesome, sexy, powerful cat women. Christian Bale was again an amazing, my favorite batman. Gary Oldman you think was living his role for many years he did such great job. Not knowing of Bane before this movie, Tom Hardy brought in the new character and put Bane Up there on the villain list under Heath Ledgers Joker. This movie was very long but it was never boring, needed the time to end the trilogy. Go And Watch This Movie! Expand
  34. Jul 26, 2012
    did you know why this movie is awesome?? BECAUSE IS BATMAN!!!!
  35. Jul 21, 2012
    This was an excellent and fitting conclusion to the Batman Trilogy. First off, the acting/cast was brilliant; who could expect less with so many big-name actors/actresses, and with Alfred as the emotional anchor of the movie. The development of Bane as a villain was perfection from beginning to end - his depth rivals that of the Joker from The Dark Knight. The negative reviews mostly lament over the drawn-out length of the movie, but I thought the pacing was great and there was always something to capture your attention, with the ending being the best of all . This is a superhero definitely worthy of a Best Picture Nomination (The Dark Knight was as well, but was snubbed). Expand
  36. Jul 21, 2012
    When i first walked into the theater to see this movie, i had read the reviews on "Rotten Tomatoes" saying that it was average and that its not really much. It had gotten an 87%. I expected this movie to be more than just an 87% and i expected it to be a huge success. This movie was more than just a success, it was simply a masterpiece and a great way to end Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. From the first scene with Bane until the very end, i was on the edge of my seat with my jaw wide open. This is everything viewers wanted in a finale. (and more.) In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to Bane(Played by Tom Hardy). A mercenary who was "born and raised in hell on earth". At first he didn't seem like much. just a very big muscular guy with a portable Darth Vader voice changer mask, but then his first plan goes in action and you realize how much of a bad ass he really is. Throughout the movies progression we learn more about Bane and what he is really after. We also learn that he is brutal. VERY brutal. He doesn't care about other life and is only out to fulfill his master plan. Bane stole the show. He is (in my opinion) a better villain than the joker because he is very strategical and has raw power that can literally obliterate anything in his path.
    But bane wasn't the only great new character in this saga, Catwoman(Played by Ann Hathaway) is the greatest on screen catwoman ever. Ann Hathaway portrayed this character very well and i wouldn't be surprised if she were to win awards for this memorable performance. The other two new comers (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate) were both also very well done, but Bane and Catwoman were by far the best. Cristian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman also gave stellar performances as there characters who they have been playing for 8 years. For me, This movie has redefined the way i see movies. It had a little bit of everything a summer blockbuster needs. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Suspense, etc. I myself found myself very satisfied with this film and so did everyone in the theater i was in. Christopher Nolan has done something no one else has. He got a hero that was once frowned upon in the film industry, thanks to previous flops, and reinvented him into an icon that can never be forgotten. He's given us, the movie goers something that people can look forward all the time without regret. He has given us a trilogy that had a great beginning, a powerful and memorable sequel, and an epic conclusion. Every Batman movie made from now on, will be compared to the saga of Christopher Nolan's greatest trilogy ever.
  37. Jul 22, 2012
    I will try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible for those of you haven't seen the movie yet. This movie was definitely the perfect ending for the greatest superhero movie franchise of all time. The movie starts with batman in retirement after the Harvey Dent incident, but he then decides he must come back to stop the threat of bane. The thing I was really impressed with was how epic the movie felt on every level. Epic fights, epic themes, epic characterization and best of all epic set-pieces. The only bad thing I can say about this movie is that the pacing is a little of in the middle of the movie, but only because they are trying to build towards the epic climax that will leave you speechless. The people in the theater I watched the movie with literally clapped when it was over, and for good reason. It was because they knew that they had just witnessed cinema greatness so go see this movie now and experience it for yourself! Expand
  38. Jul 24, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises is definetly a fun movie to watch especially if you're into superheros for like The Dark Knight, it brings a different sense of what being a superhero really is to the table. Yes it is a good movie with some interesting fight scenes and chase scenes as well as many new twists and tales however I dont think that Nolan did as well as this movie as he did with The Dark Knight. For one thin there were a bit too many characters as well as too many parts of the story that were either not needed or were not understood. I do like however how Nolan tried to add more Bruce Wayne to the movie rather then Batman, and even though many did not like this, it made me really appreciate Batman himself when he was on screen rather then liking the villains more (which I did in The Dark Knight). Admittedly Bane is a badass and Catwomen kept all the mens attention to the screen (especially when she did them fancy tricks with her tight suit). I also like how Nolan introduced Robin to the movie, as well as add his little twist regarding Talia at the end. Overall this is definetly a fun movie however, dont get your hopes too high for it is sadly not as good as The Dark Knight. Expand
  39. Jul 21, 2012
    I understand the people who didn't like it cause the batman didn't come up on the screen soon and there was more Bruce Wayne than Batman but that is what I liked it wasn't like Gotham is in trouble and I'm batman they need me lets go save the people it took its time and made it feel like its been 8 years and its hard for him to go back, the performances were awesome the moments with Alfred were great, Anne Hathaway did a great job and so did everyone else and Tom Hardy did his best with what he could with his mouth covered up.
    A really really good film overall, enjoyed the hell out of it
  40. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I give this movie a 10 because Metacritic won't allow me to give it a 50. The Dark Knight Rises is one of the greatest movies of all time, topping CGI snooze Avatar and maybe even, dare I say it, Citizen Kane. Christopher Nolan has given us a masterpiece. Incredible acting, pitch-perfect pace, and amazing moments I will not forget. The stadium scene is masterfully executed, and will definitely go down as one of the greatest scenes in recent memory. Bane is an imposing villain, combining the deadliness of the Scarecrow (whom is still alive and cameos here), the cunning of Rhas Al Ghul, and the sheer unforgettability of the Joker. Don't worry about the controversy surrounding Catwoman's casting; this incarnation is as seductive, manipulative, and intelligent as the rest. Finally, pay attention at the end: Nolan definitely ends the trilogy with a bang, delivering an earth-shattering plot twist that reveals a character you will never see coming. I implore you to see this film; you will not regret it. Expand
  41. Sep 4, 2012
    What should you do? As incredible as it seems, you should just sit back in the movie theater, relax and be blown away as much as I was for sure. the best movie of 2012!
  42. Jul 24, 2012
    The only legitimate critique is that The Dark Knight set the bar so high that this 3rd movie may have missed it ever so slightly. The film is a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy; Bane embodies terror in many forms, and brings Batman to his lowest of lows before the hero rises up and claws his way back. Tom Hardy's performance is as memorable as Heath Ledger's in The Dark Knight. Anne Hathaway does a decent job playing the coy, seductive Catwoman. The film is a three hour ensemble of drama, and stuffed with action 'til the end. Expand
  43. Aug 13, 2012
    The final installment in Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Batman movies has a lot of things going for it. The usage of practical effects, the entertaining performances from Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy, and the sometimes brilliant action sequences (particularly in the film's opening) can be exhilarating. However, the whole affair feels like a cobbled together mess with a script that never feels like it progressed beyond its first initial rough draft. The sound mixing is extremely wonky, the pacing is all over the place, and the story has way too many plot holes for the supposedly "realistic" world that Nolan is presenting. That's not to say the other films didn't, but the previous installments weren't heavily burdened with the hammy dialogue, inconsistent characters, and the hokey undeserved ending this movie had. Ultimately, this opinion is in the minority and people really seem to like this movie. That's great for them. But it in the opinion of this reviewer that the franchise deserved and needed a far better conclusion than this highly disappointing third act to an otherwise great series of movies. Expand
  44. Aug 3, 2012
    Not better than The Dark Knight, however, still amazing. A lot "creepier" for sure, as well, as Bane is not a lovable villain like the Joker, but is much darker and pure evil. Great ending to the trilogy.
  45. Jul 28, 2012
    Christopher Nolan's final installment in The Dark Knight Trilogy is his strongest. The film is a fantastic show with great writing, action, and performances. "The Dark Knight Rises" is not only a great comic book film, but a great film in general.
  46. Aug 1, 2012
    This movie falls flat when it comes to the philosophical and psychological elements which made the first two movies so interesting. With that said, its plot and characters are reasonably good--taken on their own--and provide an interesting ride. The problem is that the movie's plot-holes, inconsistencies, and missed opportunities, and other flaws pile up throughout it's lengthy runtime such that they distract from what the movie does right. Ultimately its well worth seeing for the sheer spectacle of it all, but don't go into it expecting a film to top all others. Expand
  47. Jul 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. "The Dark Knight Rises" was an enjoyable film, which is enough for me to at least give it a yellow rating. What pushed it to the green was the excellent use of music, specific camera angles, and the source material. I will break down each.
    Music can make or break a movie for me. If the music is good, I am happy. Hans Zimmer has always done a great job of bringing movies to life with his scores, and this is no exception. For those who have not seen this film, I am about to give a spoiler here.

    The theme music of this film reflects the title "Rises" and has you very excited and makes you feel the beat of the revolution that Bane and his army are creating. In the first half of the film this theme music excites but also frightens you. It makes you cringe in your seat and hold your breath, because you know that this awesome, ruthless, overwhelming, seemingly unbeatable force is coming. The music pounds and ripples along with Bane has he tears his way through Gotham and eventually beats Batman to a pulp and breaks the Bat's back.
    But then something very interesting happens with this music in the second half, or perhaps I should say the third act. That beating, pounding, powerful music suddenly switches and becomes not Bane's theme, but Batman's. As Batman repairs his broken body and finds the strength within himself to do what only one other has done, rising from the 'Pit", the theme music lifts you up and you realize that Bane and his bad guys are in so much trouble and they don't even know it.
    I won't say much about camera angles because I am not a film studies expert or anything. But I can say I enjoyed the way this film pulls you into big and small events, whether it is a grand view of Gotham city that makes you feel like you have been swept up in Bane's revolution or are flying through its skies along with Batman, or gives you the anxiety of Batman as he is trapped in a fight in the sewer with the hulking Bane.
    Lastly, I want to talk about the connection to the comic books. This is where I am sure some ultra-fans might be upset because, "Hey, they changed this and that," and, "That wasn't in the comics." To those fans I would ask what examples they have of any comic book, book, play, video game, cartoon series or action figure franchise that was ever made into a film that followed the original source material exactly. Here is another moment where if you have not seen the film I will be spoiling some surprises.

    It is made clear in the credits that this film was based on the characters of the DC Universe. It is not a perfect detail by detail recreation of the comics, but a film based on the characters. I think that it was an absolutely wonderful interpretation. Nolan did a great job of taking the characters, relationships and stories and making his own decisions about what to use and where to make his own connections. And he did tend to connect characters who as far as I know had no connection in the comic books, and combine stories and change characters as he saw fit. And it was amazing and new and fresh and even though we have seen seven Batman films before this one it was somehow still very engaging and did something none of the others did, it gave Batman a happy ending.
    Oh sure, Batman always wins. Batman beats the bad guy. The bad guy ends up dead or in jail or in the mental asylum. And Batman dusts himself off and runs off into the night to continue fighting bad guys. He wins, but it isn't necessarily a happy ending in the traditional sense. He has no satisfaction, no family, no love, no relaxing. It's just onward to the next grueling battle with the underworld.
    But "The Dark Knight Rises" finally did something the other movies could not do. It let Batman retire happily, not old and broken and scarred but young and able to still have a normal life. Not only that, he gets to go off to France with Catwoman and, I like to imagine, open up a pastry shop.
    To conclude, this was an incredibly fun movie to experience and I recommend seeing it. I will say that I saw it on a regular theater screen and I encourage folks to save the money because it was fantastic and did not need the 3D or the IMAX to make it good.
  48. Jul 21, 2012
    Excellent film . Superb acting specially by Hathaway and mind blowing music by Hans. there are many twists to keep you engrossed in the movie. though it is quite a bit long you will enjoy every bit of it
  49. Jul 21, 2012
    This movie is perfect to say the least. The scale of this film trumps the Dark Knight, but does that mean its good? YES!!! The Joker is by far one of my favourite movie villains but Bane makes me rethink that. This movie has a really nice plot, great acting, and nice camera work. I really recommend seeing this film in IMAX as that is the definitive experience for those who wan to see this masterpiece. Expand
  50. Jul 21, 2012
    This film is amazing. i had goosebumps throughout it was great. Everyone should see this film it has my love of action and romance all roped around a core of batman. loved every second of it and il be rushing out to buy the DVD when it is released. I might even see it again.
  51. Jul 21, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises is one of "THE BEST MOVIE'" I have seen in a very long time..I mean the movie has to be seen to be believed...It's a pure masterpiece in terms of story-telling,action and the depth with which each character is developed....This movie has set a benchmark for future batman and superhero movies to look upto...One of the best conclusions to one of the most critically acclaimed and successful trilogy of all times....See you at the Oscars!!!! Expand
  52. Jul 21, 2012
    It's not only the sequel we need, it's the sequel we deserve!

    I came out of the cinema having been taken on an emotional rollercoaster. No one can follow that, no reboot can touch Nolans trilogy.

    I did not think it possible that I would enjoy a movie more than Avengers this year, I was wrong.
  53. Jul 21, 2012
    another master piece from the mind of nolan 2h 44 minutes of genius excitement at every corner but it has things that the dark doesn't have twists that's the reason why I gave it a grat score not as good on a cinematic level as dark knight but the shocks you get from the film are amazing best film of the year top avengers and prometheus
  54. Jul 21, 2012
    i havent given review to any movie but this is an excellent movie Spectacular end to a trilogy.Chris Nolan proved that he is one of the top direct'r.....
  55. Jul 21, 2012
    Nolan has crafted a spectacular finale to one of the best trilogies ever. Sure it doesn
  56. Jul 21, 2012
    A truly grand movie. Packed with explosion and thrill. Gripping till the very end, especially the last one hour. Also quite a thriller with twists and turns till the very end.
  57. Jul 21, 2012
    Loved this movie... If you are a fan of going to the cinema... Then go NOW. This movie encompasses every reason we love movies. The acting was phenomenal and the film had so many original ideas in its story. I'm seeing it again in IMAX tonight an I have a feeling this is one that will get better with multiple viewings.
  58. Jul 21, 2012
    Enorme película!! Sin duda es un gran cierre a la mejor trilogía jamás echa sobre superhéroes. Personalmente me pareció mejor "the dark knight" por eso mi nota real seria de 9 mejor dicho de 9'5...pero viendo las criticas injustificadas le daré un 10.
  59. Jul 21, 2012
    most awesome movie ever........................................................................10/10.
    please do watch it.........................................
  60. Jul 21, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises was an EPIC and i say EPIC once more!! In my opinion what the critics say "EPIC LETDOWN" is utter crap! It was just perfect and much better than i expected! Action sequences were wicked! It wasn't boring for me or my friends who watched. Filled with suspense and a really amazing climax, i would say, there can't be a better finale to the trilogy. Worth every penny! MUST WATCH!
  61. Jul 21, 2012
    awesome film..a lil boring at the start...but picks up pace...and by the end its a classic...the awesome end..the lil twist with who was behind the master plan....christopher nolan i am a huge fan...take a bow sir...yet another classic from u...u have to be the best director/writer around as far as action/mystery genre goes...awesome stuff...if avengers was the best movie this year for you...u have to see this one to make up your mind...awesome stuff!! loved it... Expand
  62. Jul 21, 2012
    I think, in my opinion it was the best movie I've ever seen. Incredible finish to an incredible trilogy, it added a layer of sophistication to comic book movies that has never been done before and will hopefully lead to a new generation of comic book movies. Congratulations Christopher & Co. Looking forward to seeing where Syncopy goes from here.
  63. Jul 21, 2012
    Tom hardy isn't Heath Ledger, but he isn't trying to be. Take TDKR for what it his, the final testament and epic conclusion of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Nolan borrows a fistful of techniques he picked up from his own movie, Inception, and gives the third batman a style and feel of it's very own, and with a more than satisfying ending it wraps everything up yet leaves room for pondering and rewatching. Nolan at his finest. Expand
  64. Jul 21, 2012
    Not only was it even better than The Dark Knight, it was probably the best movie I have seen in my entire life. The story was gripping and tense, the characters were incredibly well acted (even the much doubted Anne Hathaway did an exceptional depiction of Selina Kyle) and the ending was just the most satisfying feeling after the movie had you on the edge of your seat throughout. The movie was 160 minutes, yet felt like it flew past with incredible speed.

    I'm even going to go as far as to say Bane was an even better villain than Heath Ledger's Joker. He wasn't as well acted, but as a match up to Batman, he provided more of a challenge.

    I've read a lot of reviews, and any of the negative ones are rubbish. Clearly done by people who have never paid attention to anything Batman related, apart from the movies and complained about the amount of new characters being introduced. Anyone who actually read Batman comics, watched animated movies and TV series or played the Arkham Asylum/City games will have known the new characters introduced, and the impact meant more to them within the story.
  65. Jul 21, 2012
    This is how you end a trilogy. Nolan, executes with almost sheer perfection. Are there areas where I felt it could have been done better? Yes. Can I still look past those and enjoy the epic saga as a whole? Definitely. This is not a typical superhero movie, while most people may find the storyline little hard to follow and convoluted, but those who know, loved the comics and their characters, can relate where Nolan tried to take this. It is a beautiful movie, and you feel attached to most of the characters and their personalities. Unlike in other superhero movies where everyone tries to be funny with stereotypical one-liners, all gung-ho and win it all at the end of the day, Dark Knight Rises and it predecessors were unique in the sense that it's not only about triumph over evil. It's more than that. It's more about loss, sacrifices, perseverance, consequences and failures that is associated with it.

    Nolan, I would like to thank you for the gift that you have given us Batman fans. The gift that we can savor for many many years to come. I wish you'd continue to make more Bat movie because as of now you left most of us hungry for more.
  66. Jul 21, 2012
    epic. certainly these three batman movies form a whole, this being my favorite, definitely a perfect ending. as said another film critic batman trilogy does this child look around the marvel universe
  67. Jul 21, 2012
    This is truly the best movie of all time. The reason I say this is because it delivers the perfect ending and brilliant storyline to the most anticipated Batman movie of all time, and the most anticipated ending to a trilogy of all time. The opening scene/s are jaw dropping and is/are the perfect way to start the Dark Knight Rises. A top of the line cast, with terrific performances from each and every one of them. Christopher Nolan does a fantastic job of delivering a perfect plot that is deep yet perfectly poised and told. The visual effects as well as the overall climax and sheer power of each scene are second to none. Tom Hardy, Bane really is the ultimate villain, second only to Heath Ledger, The Joker. An incredible experience that keeps all of the true faithful Batman fans beyond happy, along with all other viewers happy and thrilled due to the great acting, plot, and execution. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises truly is an untouchable trilogy that tops the list among all the others. Christian Bale is Batman, and this film is without a doubt a masterpiece beyond the limits of what we all thought was achievable. The Dark Knight Rises is the ultimate experience. Expand
  68. Jul 21, 2012
    This is a good movie. But it is not a great movie, and comes nowhere close to the brilliance of the previous film in the series, The Dark Knight. There are some very good moments, and I particularly enjoyed the performances of Michael Caine and Tom Hardy. The latter's fruity English voice worked surprisingly well and was quite disturbingly villainous, although it would have been a lot better if I could clearly make out what he was saying! Nolan has achieved a dark, menacing tone and successfully sustained it throughout 153 minutes - no small feat.

    However, underlying the serious tone is a rather facile, disorganized and generally unserious plot. In particular I found the "autopilot" Chekov's gun jarring, but it had good company in the form of irrelevant and aborted arcs. The plot twists to the point where the main action seems almost pointless by the end, and I wound up scratching my head as to why they'd bothered filming the first hour of the movie at all.

    Hardy's version of Bane is actually a really good villain - even by comparison to Ledger's Joker - but it's as if Nolan is wary of putting him fully in the spotlight. So he hedges his bets, throwing in a confused and confusing variety of sub-conflicts and cameos. Unfortunately this lack of focus all but destroys the drama.

    Finally, the sloppy editing and excessive length both contributed to an overall sense that this is a film that could have done with fewer ingredients and a sharper sense of purpose.
  69. Jul 21, 2012
    Running at about 2 hours and 45 minutes, this movie is an full hands on anxiety attack. Christopher Nolan delivers his capstone to the wonderfully created Batman trilogy with "The Dark Knight Rises", and boy did he deliver. From its riveting action sequences to the carefully plotted out character arcs, "Rises" keeps audiences on the edge of their seats throughout the entire duration of the film.
    The story line is virtually flawless. The phenomenal pairing of Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan on the script continues to deliver from film to film, and it sure shows up here. The reason why Nolan's Batman is so impeccable is the fact that everything that happens in the movie could possibly happen in real life. The threats are real, the villains are real, the effects are real, and the emotions are real. "Rises" grips you tighter than any of the other previous Batman's, because Nolan has delivered two previous amazing movies that give you a sense of urgency. You want fulfillment to Bruce Wayne's legacy, and this does just that. As the movie goes on, Nolan keeps dropping weights on the structure of the movie every second he gets. It builds, and builds, and builds, until its absolute and utter breaking point. Some people might argue that the story has too much build, but I completely disagree. This is the perfect amount of suspense, because as the end draws near, the audience is anticipating that tiny leaf that causes the structure to collapse. In the movie, Bane (Tom Hardy) holds Gotham in his bone-crushing hands for five whole months, he even gets the entire nation's attention by holding them at bay from his terror attack. And whilst in the theater, it feels as though you are with these characters for five months (Not because of the run time, but because of the suspense. I know what you were thinking). In the end, Nolan delivers a masterpiece of storyline and scriptwriting. There was not one moment where I felt that the script lacked, or the plot contained holes. However, the "meat and potatoes" of this Film could not exist without the acting.
    Christian Bale once again amazes audiences with his extreme dedication (did you see the amount of weight on his face that oscillated as the movie progressed) and incredible acting. He once again proves how he is the best Batman to date. Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) and Michael Caine (Alfred) continue to show how the are two of the worlds most respected actors. Michael Caine brings the entire audience to tears at least twice, if not three times. His acting is just dead on. He captures Alfred so well, that it defeats the performance of the very hard-to-beat, and loveable Michael Gough from the original series. Also returning to the trilogy is the wonderful Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon), who you just can't help but love. Oldman's acting is stunning and he brings something new to Gordon every movie. Now as far as the newcomers to Nolan's Batman, they steal the show. Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle) knocks it out of the park. Her portrayal of Catwoman is superb, and is by far the best one yet. Her sleek attitude is perfectly executed, as well as her faked emotions and persona when she's "on the job". Hathaway brings the perfect blend of evil, stubbornness, likability, and good to Selina Kyle. Her contrast and change throughout the film is wonderful to watch, and you just can't help but fall in love with her. But to Catwoman's temporary evil is the "necessary evil" of Tom Hardy's Bane. Hardy is the perfect villain. His mask is terrifying, but it covers up most of his face. But that right there is the beauty of Hardy's wonderful performance. The fact that he only has two ways of acting below the face and pulls it off is unbelievable. Tom's vocal performance is stunning. Especially in his and Batman's first fight underground. He grips the audience with sheer fear when he talks. But perhaps the thing that tops off Bane is his eyes. Bane holds the entire emotion of his performance in his eyes. His monologues could just be spoken with them alone. And lastly, Marion Cotillard (Miranda Tate) fulfills the hole that was left to us by Rachel, and she does a fantastic job. And it was so nice to see Cillian Murphy (Jonathan Crane) and Liam Neeson (Ra's Al Ghul) again. Now for the parts I wasn
  70. Jul 22, 2012
    Fantastic ending to Nolan's trilogy. Had to see it a second time to really appreciate the plot, nuances, dialogues and ending. Simply brilliant. Worthy to be seen a few more times in theater until the blu ray comes out!
  71. Jul 22, 2012
    An exceptional end to the Nolan Bat-films. A truly epic film that contains some of the most emotional pieces of the trilogy. The movie contains many plot threads and subtle clues that one can only pick up from multiple viewing. Excellent acting from all cast members, complex and moving plot, tied off with a soaring score by Hans Zimmer that is truly outstanding. This spectacular Batman movie completes one of the great trilogies of all time. Expand
  72. Jul 22, 2012
    Nolan's trilogy is a difficult one in hindsight - the three films are all very different beasts which happen to share the same story arc. The first, a traditional superhero film with incredibly realistic undertones, the second, essentially a thriller - and this installment feels like a disaster film. For me, at least, it was quite jarring - I've seen the first two so many times my initial viewing was almost destroyed by the weight of expectation; the flaws so pronounced simply because I demanded there be none. However, the conclusion was stunning, a perfect end to a nearly perfect trilogy. Bane was genuinely terrifying, Catwoman pitch perfect, and once you can accept the new characters encroaching on this familiar space the film only becomes more sublime and epic. A terrific conclusion that will please fans of the comics, films, games - anyone who shares the love for perhaps the finest superhero will love this film and will leave the theater deeply touched. Nearly universally brilliant performances, including the best screen portrayal of Bruce Wayne yet, sublime villains (although Ledger's Joker is an impossible act to follow) and fantastic one off characters like only Nolan can deliver. A second viewing, where you can take in detail, accept the new characters and appreciate the sheer scope of vision will perhaps leave you as awe struck as you've ever been. Expand
  73. Jul 22, 2012
    An epic ending to a masterclass trilogy. if viewed as individual films ' The Dark Knight ' has a slight edge over ' The Dark Knight Rises ', but as a culmination of a series the movie is the best superhero movie of all time.
  74. Jul 22, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting end to the dark knight trilogy. It has a brilliantly crafted plot that brings the trilogy full circle, a few minor niggles prevent it from surpassing The Dark Knight but these are forgivable considering this film wasn't what Nolan had originally intended. It is however Bales finest performance as Bruce Wayne most notably in an emotionally charged scene with the equally brilliant Michael Caine, and Tom Hardy's Bane phenomenally scary and portrayed brilliantly (which is an incredible feat considering he had half of his face covered). All in all a great film which focuses mostly on the development of characters than supplying you with gimmicky action set pieces, i guarantee you will enjoy as long as you're not overly sensitive to minor plot holes. Expand
  75. Jul 22, 2012
    I think The Dark Knight Rises is one of those movies that you should watch in your life! It was exactly what I expect. I like catwoman character, Bane was not perfect as joker was, but BANE was good!!! I think costume design was perfect specially Bane
  76. Jul 22, 2012
    Christopher Nolan reinvents Batman in a powerful and much darker way. Batman Begins is a gripping and compelling origin of the hero. The Dark Knight is a lot more serious, realistic, and powerful Batman movie. The Dark Knight Rises is the last of the series. It is ought to be larger and better. It does succeed to be the biggest of the rest of the series. Although, it's not as as superior as The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises is still a fantastic and grand cinematic experience.

    Every sequel gets bigger and bigger. The threats are getting worse and worse. The Dark Knight Rises is more than just big stuff. There is always suspense that keeps the movie exciting. The best thing about the action is it's not about being pretentiously cool, but it is made to give you anxiety to the fights of Batman between the enemy. Tom Hardy nailed it as Bane. He brings a lot of fear and menace to it. It's different to The Joker but Bane is an intriguing villain.

    Most of the movie is the anarchy in Gotham and Bruce Wayne's suffering. There isn't much action fighting in those scenes. What matters here is how you can feel the danger of the characters. The chaotic turn of Gotham really looks bleak and grim that makes you think everybody is doomed. Compelling and heartbreaking emotions is always there.

    Much credit goes to Christopher Nolan. Despite from its almost three hour run time, the film is well fast paced and completely entertaining. His action scenes are totally different to the action scenes of movies these days. He's focused to the thrills than looking cool. Some fistfights can be a little underwhelming, but he's best at the chase scenes. The CGI is obviously good and not excessive.

    The Dark Knight Rises is a lot more daring than anyone would expect. It's one of those superhero movies that cares more to heroism than just action. The scale is large and it is so explosive. That is the usual formula of all blockbusters, but here, it uses it in a darker and suspenseful way. The Dark Knight Rises is just beyond your expectations. It's also a fitting end of this amazing trilogy. I still think The Dark Knight is the best of the three. That movie is something you can't compare to any other film. Even this and Batman Begins. But hey, The Dark Knight Rises is such an excellent grand experience.
  77. Jul 22, 2012
    I waited in line for nearly 5 hours to see this film in IMAX on the midnight premiere, and waited another 2 hours sitting in the theatre. And OH MY GOD WAS IT WORTH IT!!!
    The thing that I always loved about Nolan's Batman films was the reality basis that they had, and of course the great performances in them, as well as the writing, directing, cinematography, visuals, EVERYTHING!!
  78. Jul 22, 2012
    the dark knight rises beats the avengers the first half was a bit slow but what can we say about a near hour movie. the climax was so great that it cant be described in words.clearly it knocks out the avengers.felling much relaxed after watching the movie but i wanna see it again
  79. Jul 22, 2012
    Excellent. incredible. The best movie. 1000 times better than avengers. Exciting and a great fight at the end, good dialogues. Wonderful and epic ...
  80. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So, have you seen "The Dark Knight Rises" yet? Well quit what you're doing right now, and go see it--For this is a more than just another Batman movie. The reason "Batman Begins" was so good is because it led up to "The Dark Knight". Well this third installment of the "Dark Knight Trilogy"is exhilarating. Not only does "Rises" live up to the hype, the hype actually made Gotham feel like a real city before the movie was even made. It made it appear as if Gotham was indeed about to be under attack by the monstrous Bane played by Tom Hardy. With that said, the plot is "Inception" like with its subtle intricacies that we simply cannot process in only one sitting. This may have frustrated the critics who believe the plot was too complex. They. Are. Wrong. Tom Hardy's Bane is what Bane deserved to be turned into. Michael Schumacher's Bane tarnished one of Batman's coolest and interesting foes. The "Rises" Bane is exactly what we wanted to see. Sure, Joker and Scarecrow did cool tricks to mess with our dark hero; but Bane serves up a can of popcorn-worthy-kickass so big that my jaw literally dropped. This is what you've been waiting for--a villain for Batman that punches through bricks and collapses men's throats in one second. The fighting is accompanied by some very interesting dialect as well. Hardy's voice is so entrancing that we have no choice but to gulp when he and batman come face to face. He sounds like a gentleman, but hits like a bruiser. Nolan delivers a villain that scares us--not because of the way he looks--but because he does what the Joker could not: He beats the living hell out of Batman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake's story encapsulates what we want in a young newbie to the franchise: someone with the moral compass of the movie. Someone who guides us in our interpretation of the storyline. Michael Caine is back with some spunk, and we see much more of Morgan Freeman than ever (which is pretty awesome, too). Oh, and, uhh, Catwoman? Hathaway does something spectacular. She transforms one of Batman's most celebrated villains? allies? or both? into a believable creation of a "Cat" identity. She doesn't attract cats, and she doesn't have a tail (Thank god). But she is both sexually enticing as well as violently cruel. She brings what few actresses could to the table. We are very aware of the consequences of her actions in the film, and it made me happy to see her role as something far more expansive than I could have imagined. If you go and see this movie, do not expect the psychological thrill that The Joker gave us. It can't be redone, and it will probably never be redone. What you will see is something far more emotional than The Dark Knight. What we have here is the rebirth after the perpetual life and death of Batman in "Begins" and "Dark Knight". Nolan never stops hammering away at plot movements, and puts forth some very complicated yet very important ideas here. 9/10 here folks. I don't give it a 10/10 because that is what "The Dark Knight" deserves. Batman is the hero Gotham deserves, as well as the one it needs in this final installment of the "Dark Knight Trology, and I can't wait to see it again! Expand
  81. Jul 22, 2012
    It's the best movie I've seen. Magnificent performances, nolan IMAX uses very well. Spectacular. Bale, Anne and Hardy are great. No one should miss. 10/10
  82. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Saw The Dark Knight Rises last night. Such a great movie. I'm gonna mini-review it with no spoilers. Better than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight? It's so hard to say. Each movie seems so different and I love each one. The whole 3rd act of this movie is just insane. The returning cast was amazing as usual. Anne Hathaway was so good as Selina Kyle and I absolutely loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Tom Hardy was great as Bane in every way except for his voice. It just did not work for me. It wasn't totally distracting, it just sounded almost cartoon-ish. Bane and Batman's fight scenes where brutal as hell. I just wish Batman would have used his gadgets a bit more. That's how Batman beats all these foes that physically out match him. The IMAX looked absolutely gorgeous and I totally recommend seeing it in IMAX. I just don't think it was used better than Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The IMAX in MI4 was used so perfectly because it totally sucked you in and completely enhanced the scenes. During the whole Dubai sequence, you actually felt like you where up there with Ethan Hunt. TDKR just used the IMAX to make everything look absolutely stunning.


    I LOVED the ending. Mouth hanging open the whole time. From the moment Miranda Tate revelaed herself to be Talia al Ghul all the way up to the very ende with Alfred spotting Selina and Bruce. I loved every second of it.

    Lets start with MIranda Tate. I had heard the rumors about her being Talia and I totally felt that she would end up being her. So the whole time I was watching her like a hawk trying to spot anything that would give her away. So during the siege of Gotham I'm thinking "Damn, maybe she won't be Talia because you figure she would have revealed herself by now." And then right before she revealed herself she had on this outfit that seemed very Talia like and I'm like "Oh **** here it comes, and then BAM! The big reveal! Even knowing she was going to become Talia I still loved it. I can't wait to here what people who had no idea thought about it. And btw, Marion Cotillard was so good as Talia al Ghul.

    Then there is the ending where Batman flies the nuke out to sea and sacrifices himself to save the city. I didn't catch on to the whole Auto-pilot thing so I thought Bruce Wayne really died. I went in to the movie thinking Nolan would kill him off. So before we all found out Bruce Wayne was still alive I'm thinking to myself "Holy **** DC has done it. They have just created the perfect way to kick-off there DC Movie-verse and lead into the Avengers!"

    So this is why I think DC has just created the perfect begging to there DC Movie-verse. Think about it. The hero of a city just sacrificed himself in the most selfless way. The city hated Batman for YEARS and then all of sudden he dies for them. How inspiring is that? So inspiring that Clark Kent hears of this selfless act that he become a hero! And then Diana of Themiscyra! And The Flash! And all the other DC Heroes! Then they come together and become THE FRIGGIN JUSTICE LEAGUE!

    It's perfect to because Bruce Wayne is still alive! He can come back and pick up the mantle again! John Blake aka ROBIN (That reveal totally blew me away) can be the Batman or even Nightwing for awhile and then Bruce can come back whenever. And here's the thing, it doesn't have to be Christian Bale. This is where studios need to learn that we don't need reboots. They need to start looking at Superhero movies the same way they look at the Bond movies. Keep the characters story going but just swap out actors. Just because Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan have told the story they wanted to tell, that doesn't mean we need a reboot explaining Batman's origin again. The only movie I would see DC rebooting is Green Lantern. The tone of that movie doesn't gel with the tone that Nolan's Trilogy and The Man of Steel has established.

    Let's just hope DC takes advantage of this amazing set-up and doesn't reboot Batman.
  83. Jul 24, 2012
    Easily a film that lived up to the hype. Well acted and written, I was completely caught up in the world that was created. Except for a couple of flaws, it was a near perfect moviegoing experience. Loved the new Catwoman. Really enjoyed all the different interactions between the characters. The finale was very appropriate. Overall, the film really felt epic. Wish there were more films like this. Expand
  84. Jul 23, 2012
    Being a fan of the batman trilogy I was kind of skeptical when I saw the trailers. A man in a gas mask? Doesn't seem too scary. But after watching this I was blown away. Blown away by the actors and actresses performances, the stunts, and the awesome explosions. Anne Hathaway surprisingly pulled off catwomen really well which at first i didn't think she could do I loved everything about this movie, well maybe not everything...I didn't absolutely love the ending but it was pretty good. Now all I want is Christian Bale kicking more butt on the big screen!
    I hope that there will be another Batman movie in the future!
  85. Jul 23, 2012
    The wait was fruitful as I saw the movie on the very first of its release. The movie will add laurels to the career of Nolan and I want to thank him for presenting my best comic hero so well on screen. TDKR is a well thought end to the series and the way Nolan has innovated the background of the characters, be it Cat woman or be it Robin,is commendable.Now on not only I am a big fan of Batman but also of Nolan, the year brain behind this awesome series which will always be remembered by movie and batman lovers.One more important thing was the way in which the three parts were connected with each other. Every character has its importance and series couldn't be thought of as a success if any one the characters is removed. Such was the level of brainstorming involved in the project. Hats off to the maker and the actors Expand
  86. Sep 1, 2012
    This movie is awesome.Better than The Avengers and The Hunger Games.Too much action.It's incredible the action.I thought that there isn't a hope.But it has a hope.
  87. Jul 23, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie ever, their is always thing you shall thing twice about and under the whole movie i was entertained, the movie had so many plot twist that ist keep the movie injoignable the whole time, watch the movie if you... oh what is it im saying just watch it because it is a amazing film and you will not regret it :D
  88. Jul 23, 2012
    Astounding! A movie that will have you experience every emotion that you can imagine, from fear to hate to sadness. A fitting end to the greatest trilogy ever made.
  89. Jul 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The best of this year so far, breathtaking great script,acting and story is better then in dark knight in my opinion. The ending just awesome,this is the last film of trilogy,so your imagination will complete the story after ending. That would be great if Nolan filmed spinoff for how Blake become Nightwing or spinoff with catwoman. Expand
  90. Jul 24, 2012
    A "BATMAN" movie is always eagerly anticipated and when it follows a worldwide blockbuster like "The Dark Knight" and a heath Ledger portrayal of Joker which re-defined the psycho villains in Hollywood and worldwide, then an enormous expectation from the third part of BATMAN franchise is nothing but an understatement.
    Christopher Nolan comes back with his dark shade of batman which kept
    us hooked to the screen twice before in recent past.
    Nolan's batman was more real and appealing to everyone as it wasn't bound just as a kid movie but much much more than that.
    Now who have followed the trailer already know this is the last part of the franchise and with words "This is where it all ends" and "An epic conclusion" just adds to the fuel.
    So now mother of all questions: Does "The Dark Knight Rises" fulfill all the expectation?? Is it the at the same level as the "The Dark Knight"?? Does Nolan get it Right the third time?? Can
  91. Jul 25, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises has everything. The dark, serious tone used throughout the trilogy, amazing acting performances, a great plot that supports its nearly 3 hour run-time, and enough explosions and awesome fight scenes to satisfy action junkies. It ends Christopher Nolan's perfect superhero trilogy, in a perfect and memorable way.
  92. Aug 1, 2012
    I say this is a good movie, slow build up, just how I like it but never boring. For my taste this is one is a whole level better than the previous Batman movies, cos for some reason I never got really into the "groove" with them - In "Dark Knight" the Joker was brilliant but that didn't make the movie for me, but now with Dark Knight Rises you get more sucked in and you are more interested in the characters and build up of the plot. Bane, the bad guy a-la-carte just oozes with mysterious aura and you listen to every word he says like a curious cat.

    Its not a perfect movie but a perfect choice for a successful night of popcorn-eating entertainment ;)
  93. Jul 25, 2012
    Simply stunning- Filled with everything from fast pace car chases to hand-to hand combat to mind blowing evil, the twist will make you totally rethink the movie. This is a must see (Several times) and I will b the first in line to buy it when it comes out on DVD 10/10 all the way
  94. Jul 26, 2012
    at the oscar screening someone told that no one was exited ,but i would like to say that if no one was exited than why they went for the movie no one is capable of capturing sir nolan's visionary story telling by combinig the technicality with the human emotion so intimate. it's truly another masterpiece from the greatest director of all time and looking forward to see all his movies. and i would condemn the colorado shooting. Expand
  95. Jul 27, 2012
    A sequel to "The Dark Knight" is a challenge by definition, since it's extremely difficult to surpass the film's incredible plot and majestic performances (especially Heath Ledger's). "The Dark Knight Rises" surprisingly manages to live up to its formidable predecessor with excellent visual and sound effects and new characters with a storyline that will leave the audience completely thrilled and entertained. Expand
  96. Jul 27, 2012
    One word to describe this movie is EPIC. It completes The Dark Knight Trilogy perfectly, even though Bane is not as great as a character as the Joker, the character was still amazing. Highly recommended.
  97. Jul 27, 2012
    GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It had so much expectation to live up to with the first two installments of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy but oh it delivers!

    The cast as always is fantastic and they deliver some great performances here. The ambition of the story is epic and covers so many bases. I am just so impressed with what Nolan has been able to achieve i think this will go down as one of
    the great trilogies. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 45
  2. Negative: 2 out of 45
  1. Reviewed by: Todd Gilchrist
    Jul 23, 2012
    A cinematic, cultural and personal triumph, The Dark Knight Rises is emotionally inspiring, aesthetically significant and critically important for America itself – as a mirror of both sober reflection and resilient hope.
  2. Reviewed by: Anthony Lane
    Jul 23, 2012
    Christopher Nolan, for all his visionary flair, wants to suck the comic out of comic books; Anne Hathaway wants to put it back in. Take your pick.
  3. Reviewed by: Bob Mondello
    Jul 20, 2012
    As you might expect from the creator of "Inception" and "Memento," there are surprises both in the story and in the storytelling. But the biggest surprise may just be how satisfying Nolan has made his farewell to a Dark Knight trilogy that many fans will wish he'd extend to a 10-part series, at least.