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  1. Jul 26, 2012
    I saw this movie a couple of days ago, and in my opinion this movie met my expectations. There may have been a few little things that kind of bugged me but it was worth the money all the way.
  2. Jul 26, 2012
    This movie is good, not great. It is fairly formulaic and simple minded compared to it's profound predecessor which included (Heath Ledger). I liked the movie, but I think if it stood alone .. It would be even less weighty of a flick, it's too dependent on past events for substance. I think it is weaker because of this.

    Still for closure, and predictable end it was worth matinee price.
    And it had Batman, with a little too subtle cat woman appearance ... Expand
  3. Jul 26, 2012
    I don't understand all the 10s given to this film. Yes, it's awesome to watch in iMAX. Yes, it's Batman. And yes, this is the last of the trilogy. But c'mon, there's just so many bad scenes in this film. And I have to agree with the others that many of the characters in this film is so unnecessary. In the end, the story (7) acting and dialogue (5) killed TDKR for me. I just couldn't give it a pass. And in my opinion (and I think everyone else who didn't give this film a 10), TDK is far superior with its better storyline and acting. Expand
  4. Jul 26, 2012
    Nolan has talent, I will give him that. Of course I favor cerebral films, and this was one of them though it had a quite-down-to-earth setting. I constantly find myself studying each detail as I am watching, updating and maintaining a mental checklist of nuances just to be sure and understand things. It's somewhat of a workout but I'm still able to enjoy the action regardless. And I must thank him for artistically reminding us that conspiracies and radical philosophies and organizations such as Anarchy and Communism are scion of adulterous minds, personified in Raz Al Gul and his legacy. Very nicely illustrated. I am also glad that though this was the last in his masterful series that he courteously leaves lead-ins for the rest of the story, that the story in almost no sense ends because there were so many ambiguous resolutions in the end. The ending was very well done, as were the numerous skillfully-woven motivational themes and tropes. Any creative work that can postulate radical thesis from a very contemporary scenario as an effectively-alternate present deserves my applause and my appreciation. 'Thanks for the intellectual diversion, Mr. Nolan!' Expand
  5. Jul 26, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises is probably the best movie I have ever seen. I felt like everything was done right to end this Batman trilogy. It was the most epic, and the most emotional Batman to date, and I couldn't have been happier with the acting, the characters, the music, special effects, and the action in this film. Bruce was more heroic in here than in any Batman film, and we see how human he really is so we connect to him more. Bane was an amazing villain, and actually really creepy. Hardy did a great job with using just his eyes, tone of voice, and body language. It's difficult to get the emotions and the point across with a mask on. He did perfectly. Anne as Selina Kyle was also a great addition to the movie, and she performed brilliantly. All the actors did well in this film, and the movie had a satisfying ending to Nolan's Batman trilogy. It is by far the best comic book movie ever created, and might be the best film ever created. With a smart, brilliant, emotional, heroic film like this, everyone should go to the theater to see it at least once. Maybe even twice. Watching this film opening night was the most fun I have had at the theaters. This is definitely a must see. Expand
  6. Jul 26, 2012
    Wow, I really wasn't expecting this. After all the hype, after knowing it was going to be the last batman movie made by Nolan, the movie just couldnt deliver, at all. And srsly I wanted to like it, I really tried, but after some horrible scenes and dialogues I couldn't lie to myself anymore.

    I can't understand how this movie is getting such high reviews and by so many people... It
    makes no sense. The movie was a plotless mess with too much wasted budget. They didn't know what to do with so much money and decided to make up a load of random crap to fill in.

    From beginning to end, there was nothing to like. The annoying conversations with Alfred, the horrible plot twists, the useless police march at the end (why not just drop a bomb in the middle of it?), the everlasting Morgan Freeman (always the same role and acting), Anne Hathaway (horrible choice for catwoman), the lame speech at the stadium, the over the top loud music, but above everything, the was no plot or story.

    It worries me that so many people are loving it. This proves that anyone can produce a successful movie as long as there is huge hype, budget and fanboyism around it. People are going to love it either way.

    Im not at all a hater, in fact I loved the second movie and TDKR was not even remotely close to it. I dont want to insult the people who liked this movie, but this was a very dumb movie, with too many plot holes ( e.g. Bruce leg problem magically healed in jail?) to mention all of them.

    The good parts? I guess the explosion of the football stadium was cool. I walked out pissed and confused about why so few people disliked it.
  7. Jul 26, 2012
    SUPERB! EPIC!. Joker is still the best villain, and I have a gut feel that Christopher Nolan would have made a Joker sequel if there's someone who could match the performance of Heath Ledger. But then, this movie is EPIC! With its perfect presentation, perfect blend of intense action and well crafted story, I ALMOST FORGOT THE JOKER while watching this movie. I recommend watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight again. Thank you Christopher Nolan for another great movie! THIS IS A CLEAN SLATE! Expand
  8. Jul 26, 2012
    I have seen this film twice now in the cinema. I was never a batman fan until i seen the Dark Knight. After that i got Batman Begins and took them both for what they were. Two amazing films. however, The Dark Knight Rises was just empty. I had no expectations going into the film. I was taking it for what it was. I did not go in comparing it to the previous two films. There were too many plot holes and things going on at the same time. As much as i liked Tom Hardy's adaption of Bane, there really wasnt enough of him in it. It feels like they knew how to start at and how to end it, they just needed to fill it in the middle. The last 20 mins were the best in the film. But walking out the cinema i had nothing really to say or go "remember the bit where?..." I seen it a second time hoping to like it, i hated it the second time. I just found it boring, i found myself constantly checking my phone and being distracted. this is only my opinion, but its an opinion from someone who isn't a fan boy or anything like that. Go watch it, but stick to the first two films because they possess more passion. Expand
  9. Jul 26, 2012
    I waited more than 2 years for this film, and damn, it was worth it! The story is so awesome and well done. It only starts a little bit slowly but it's fine. Bane isn't as good as The Joker in The Dark Knight (that is very difficult though), but Tom Hardy does a very very good job. Anne Hathaway has surprised me, I thought she would be boring and bad, but like Tom Hardy, she acts very well. I don't know why some people hate this movie, but I enjoyed it like heaven!!! Expand
  10. Jul 26, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises even with its flaws, it's the most charming on franchise. Nolan concludes The Dark Knight legend in spectacular fashion with ambitious direction, thoughtful and top-notch performance.
  11. Jul 26, 2012
    did you know why this movie is awesome?? BECAUSE IS BATMAN!!!!
  12. Jul 26, 2012
    It was a great movie, but left a lot to be desired. Even with the unrealistic expectations set by the Dark Knight, this movie is barely a shadow to that. I wanted to enjoy the movie so much more than I did. It just felt very bland in several spots that I knew should be exciting. The first fight between Bane and Batman for example left me just wanting and wishing for something better. It was almost like the movie was just going through the motions at several points. Still, it's a solid conclusion to one of the best trilogies ever made. Expand
  13. Jul 26, 2012
    With an epic fight sequence in an aircraft, Christopher Nolan and his team bring us Batman back on the big screen. Main villain Bane shows who's running the show in the first minutes of the epic final, 'The Dark Knight Rises' and after a while we also get to see the title-giving hero of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne aka Batman himself. As it was announced in 'The Dark Knight', he settled down after losing his longtime love, Rachel, and being accused for killing Gotham's former district attorney, Harvey Dent. But as he gets tricked by cat burglar Selina Kyle (nicely played by Anne Hathaway), better known as Catwoman, he finally comes out of his hibernation, to fight for Gotham one last time. Also new in the cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as assiduous police officer and Marion Cotillard as an important member of Wayne Enterprises. Ah yeah, and Tom Hardy plays Bane, but that Expand
  14. Jul 26, 2012
    Upon watching this the second time around I was absolutely clear that this was truly a worthy and beautiful way to conclude Nolan's Bat Saga! A few minor plot holes here and there, but overall I was very satisfied as a reader of the comics and as a film enthusiast. Its an emotional roller coaster showing one of the world's most beloved heroes go through hell and back. It truly is something to be marvelled. Brave Mr. Nolan. Bravo! Expand
  15. Jul 26, 2012
    the story confuse me. The movie has some scenes from the other two movies for this reason i confused (maybe). In general, this is the end that deserve to dark knight , i hope some day Cristofer Nolan continue this phenom movie. Additionally the sountrack and the technology that use the film are excellent.
  16. Jul 26, 2012
    at the oscar screening someone told that no one was exited ,but i would like to say that if no one was exited than why they went for the movie no one is capable of capturing sir nolan's visionary story telling by combinig the technicality with the human emotion so intimate. it's truly another masterpiece from the greatest director of all time and looking forward to see all his movies. and i would condemn the colorado shooting. Expand
  17. Jul 25, 2012
    Anyone who has seen this movie once n felt bored n overstuffed needs to watch it 2nd time. U gonna luv it, i tell u coz the first time it feels like listening to 5 hours long lecture of ur teacher at college covering upto 3 long chapters. As u watch it the 2nd time or the 3rd, u will be very familiar with the small characters n ur mind wont be diverted frm the emotions n action spectacles n most importantly the central story coz u will know how they r gonna wind up dead or disappear frm the movie. yeah too much muchness has cost this movie many negative reviews even frm diehard Nolan fans but i tell u when u watch it 2nd time, everything u dislike about this movie calling it boring will be substantially reduced. IT is the movie whre Nolan isnt only interested in character of Bruce/ Batman but also on other characters of Gotham like kids, prisoners, oppertunists, rich fortuners, dutiful cops, terrrorists, newcomers in Gotham n many many more. All these characters build up Gotham city i.e 12 million other people xcept Bruce Wayne. Nolan's intention of picturizing all the lives of people residing in Gotham City in this huge canvass of epic movie comes with a little bit price like overlong, boring n maybe even bloated coz the uninteresting portions will occupy ur mind n may even sideline the interesting portions like actions or raw emotions coz u know the better parts are there in the movie but you cant remember where. But if u watch it 2nd time u already know there r this unteresting portions or characters n hence u can focus more on the interesting ones. This movie is epic, grandest n most spectacular movie of this summer but it is also something that tests your focus, attention and patience. If u succeed in your test, the outcome is the most rewarding one you have ever received with the grand climax n the perfect ending.

    Even Bane made me emotional. I dont think he is wasted at all. Before his death, he surely has his moments. Marion Cotillard is even great too. Anne Hathaway is stunning as Selina Kyle. Though a cat burgler she has her emotional side. U can see her sad facial expression and even tears during some moments in her eyes. The best performance goes to Michael Caine. Though his role is short, he gives u the necessary emotion to carryout in the movie. Christian Bale is better than the last, looked to me on par with that of Batman begins as Bruce Wayne. Joseph Gordon Levitt is pretty good. He is the most optimistic character of the movie. Action scenes r stunning especially the football stadium one. The ending is brilliant though i dont think even now Batman really lives. I think Chris hasnt made it clear he lives or not. The ending doesnt give clear answer. Its just the indication that Christopher Nolan n Christian Bale will be no more in Batman franchise.
    If u dont love this movie, then dont go to theatre to see movie again. IT just ask u for ur little patience(maybe more), focus n attention and as i said the reward will be truimph victory for you.
    A piece of advice- i found staying at the front seat as possible than at the back more enjoyable in the theatre as it enriched my viewing experience n i also had more focus/ attention and hence it didnt felt boring at all the 2nd time i watched it like the 1st time. I also have heard from some of my freinds that if u watch it more, the more u will love it. Its like a feast that u cant eat n digest at once. U will need repeated visits to fully absorb and enjoy all the stuffs in the movie when everything makes perfect sense.
  18. Jul 25, 2012
    The Dark knight Rises is too long for no reason (almost 3 hours long) There are some scenes where you feel the movie dragging on. It looks like the entire Gotham City was shot in the same 2 blocks of New York City... if it was shot in NYC at all. Plus Batman has become too soft. Wait for the DVD version... you won't be missing anything.
  19. Jul 25, 2012
    I liked this movie. But the problem is I really wanted to LOVE this movie. There were just so many small plot holes and inconsistencies throughout the film that kept creeping in and jarring me out of the experience as well as several secondary characters that really served no purpose at all. I would list them out but I won't to avoid spoilers. All in all, this felt kind of sloppy for a Christopher Nolan movie. Expand
  20. Jul 25, 2012
    Simply stunning- Filled with everything from fast pace car chases to hand-to hand combat to mind blowing evil, the twist will make you totally rethink the movie. This is a must see (Several times) and I will b the first in line to buy it when it comes out on DVD 10/10 all the way
  21. Jul 25, 2012
    To say this film goes in new, unexpected directions would be an understatement. Christopher Nolan does here what many thought would be impossible-follow up a movie to the Dark Knight. Personally, nothing can top that film. But what I didn't expect was for a movie to reach that status. TDKR brings an end to a fantastic trilogy that offers something new in each movie. The new villain in Bane is a new, yet similar villain. He tests Batman mentally and physically and begs the question to whether Bruce Wayne has it left in him to be Batman. The acting is great as each actor assumes their role to the fullest. Anne Hathaway is sexy and cunning. Her femme fatale persona is something that the gentlemen in the audience will surely enjoy.Tom Hardy's Bane is powerful and menacing. Although his voice can get muddled from time to time, his facial expressions and eyes tell the whole story. And lastly, we have Bale. Never before has a superhero seemed more "hero" than "super", if that made any sense. Bale takes Batman to new levels as emotions and feeling pour out of every scene. The remaining cast add to the fine performances, especially Micheal Caine. Its really his second to last scene that you understand the magnitude of this movie. The soundtrack is great, as Hans Zimmer continues to amaze and capture the emotion of the actors and script through incredible sounds and tracks. Bane's music alone makes him seem like a monster. I was scared when I heard about this final movie. I thought there was no way that TDK could be topped, or even reached. But this is the best end for this trilogy as a fan and as a lover of movies. For those who watched, you will understand that this trilogy ends, but still lives on in the audience. Batman becomes more than a superhero and this movie as the constant ideal that he is more than a man in a suit, that he is indeed a symbol comes to life. As much as I want to see more, I understand that the credibility and uniqueness of this trilogy should not be damaged. Long Live The Dark Knight. Expand
  22. Jul 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Terrific gratifying tale about the Dark knight. Perfect way to close out a trilogy. I love the effin movies. saw it 3 times in the first 4 days it was out. Maybe it's cause I'm a Bat fanboy, no it's an amazing film. Hathaway is sexy as catwoman,but it's a whole different role and character from Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992. Wayne has to learn to be batman again after eight years, some Rocky moments(Alfred saying he can't beat bane in a fight & throwing a rock at the TV in the bottom of the pit reminded me of Rocky tearing up the picture of Drago in Rock IV,and the statue),but its all good. Hardy is physically menacing and kicks the snot out of batman, great story telling. You get emotionally into this movie,and that's what makes it so sweet. One minor grump of mine is when the bad guys leave the stock exchange those barricades make perfect ramps,while it's day, and then it's night by the end of the chase.Oldman and Caine play Alfred and Gordon perfectly,how else would they do it? Gordon Levett is great and I believe he will protect the city since Wayne goes off into the sunset. The league of Shadows connection show how he has come full circle,and how Wayne does Rise to protect Gotham at all cost. Expand
  23. Jul 25, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises has flaws, and it doesn't live up to the excitement of its predecessor. Yet, it has breathtaking action, dazzling visual effects, and is as emotionally powerful as the finale of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. It features incredible performances from Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotilliard, Michael Kane, and Tom Hardy who makes for a terrifying villain. With an amazing original score from Hans Zimmer and breathtaking,thrilling action; this makes for a satisfying and beautiful conclusion to one of the greatest trilogies ever put to film. I give this movie 98%. Expand
  24. Jul 25, 2012
    The best superhero movie ever. The hands down best movie of the year... 10/10. Bane is an awesome villain, the ending is the best I've ever seen, and this is hands down the best superhero movie ever.
  25. Jul 25, 2012
    Best movie of the year and one of the best movies of all time. the action scenes are breathtaking and will leave you on the edge of your seat. the plot starts slowly but picks up steam halfway through. the last 20 minutes of this movie is one of the best cinematic experiences of all time. see this movie
  26. Jul 25, 2012
    Best **** movie ever! OH MY GOD I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN SOOOOOOOOO **** BADLY! BANE'S VOICE WAS AMAZING AND BATMAN IS SO **** BADASS! This makes me want to go and buy ARKHAM CITY RIGHT NOW ****
  27. Jul 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was the film I have waited for months for and I then even had to wait until orange Wednesday because I Expand
  28. Jul 25, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises has everything. The dark, serious tone used throughout the trilogy, amazing acting performances, a great plot that supports its nearly 3 hour run-time, and enough explosions and awesome fight scenes to satisfy action junkies. It ends Christopher Nolan's perfect superhero trilogy, in a perfect and memorable way.
  29. Jul 25, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises was awesome, i havent been that impressed with a movie since Inception! The performances were great, cool special effects, and an interesting and satisfying story. Ive seen it twice in the Imax and it was definity worth it.
  30. Jul 25, 2012
    TDKR is the greatest movie for a Comic. Avenger et Spider man looks like movie for kids, and it is. I remove 1pt because the sound in the theater was to low, and it was difficult to appreciate the music of Hans Zimmer
  31. Jul 25, 2012
    Such a grandiose movie! It ends perfectly this trilogy.The plot is very strong. Christian Bale performance is WAAAY better than the previous two movies. Even though the theme has a lesser signification than in the Dark Knight, it is more greatly present in the movie. There are only two problems in the Dark Knight Rises:

    1) This is not a 2h40 minutes movie! They could easily add an hour
    and make it way better. This movie is too big and has too much content for its length. So I hope Christopher Nolan will release a director's cut or an extended edition with what they had to remove for the theaters.

    2)Bane's voice! If they don't (easily) dub it for the DVD, I'm gonna have to put on the subtitles to understand completely. But anyway, those two problems can be very easily solved!

    I loved this movie so much, it brings a whole new dimension to the rest of the trilogy, so thumbs up to Nolan, again!
  32. Jul 25, 2012
    Anyone who hates this movie just because joker isn't the bad guy is a jackass.As much as i love Heath Ledger as Joker I really didn't miss him in this movie.This movie was supposed to be end to the greatest trilogy of the 21st Century and it surpasses everyone's expectations.And for people wondering that is this movie better than the dark knight?That depends on how you watch it.For me it was as it wrapped up the story brilliantly.Go watch this movie and have one of the greatest times of your life.BTW Joseph Gordon Levitt's performance was **** awesome. Expand
  33. Jul 25, 2012
    The Dark Knight, in my own opinion, is the best movie ever made. Needless to say, Rises had a seemingly insurmountable legacy to live up to. I never expected Rises to top The Dark Knight, which is good, because it doesn't. This is a terrific film, but it fails to deliver on the level of either of its predecessors, my main qualms are with the dialogue and the casting of some of the new characters. Prime example, Matthew Modine as Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley, this guy just...fails, and it's not just him being a **** actor, it's the fact that his character was so pointless, so unnecessary to the story, and above all, a colossal dumbass (calling off the chase of Bane and co. to chase Batman), one of the many things I loved about Begins and Knight was that none of the cops were stupid to the point where they actually hindered the superhero, something I deplored in the Spiderman films, top that off with just one of Foley's ridiculous lines: "Then he's as dumb as he dresses" and he loses all credibility, to the point where his death brought about nothing but a "Thank God" from me. Moving on from that, the movie is too long, normally that's no issue for me, but this film is (sorry) comparable to the two Transformers sequels in that its length is not justified by its content, there's just so much unnecessary **** that that would've made it about at least a half hour shorter. The Dark Knight was a long movie, but not one second of that movie was wasted, which makes it ok. Bane's voice is too high pitched and seems much less menacing then it was in the first trailer (probably thanks to all the dipsh!ts who complained that they couldn't understand ARE YOU **** DEAF?) The overall story functions, but failed to draw me in to the extent of Begins or Knight, be honest, Batman is a little silly. He appears twice during the first act of the film, and both times he pulls it off well (the fight between Bane and Batman at this act's pinnacle was rather good). He makes not one appearance in the second act because Bruce Wayne is busy having a psychological experience in a hole somewhere.The finally, on comes the third act, and Batman returns, in bright daylight, and despite the fact that every main character seems to know his identity by now, he still speaks with the HAZAFADABADANEEER voice, then comes the dialogue between Bane and Batman as they begin their rematch: Bane: Ah, I see you've come back to die with your city-Batman: No, I came back to stop you. O_o -_- >:( ARE YOU **** KIDDING ME? *Mock applause" Bravo, Bravo. I know i've spent this entire time mentioning one flaw after another, but that's just because the film is so good that I felt the need to point out what flaws it did have. The conclusion is f*cking fantastic, the returning cast excels in their roles and the majority of the new blood (Tom Hardy, Joseph G-L, Marion Cotillard & Anne Hathaway in particular) bring true life to their characters. Overall, the worst of Nolan's trilogy, but still one of the best films ever made. Expand
  34. Jul 25, 2012
    An epic film that, for me, did not feel overly long dispute the sizeable 165 minute running time. Performances were string by everybody and I would like to single out Anne Hathaway for being utterly convincing and charming throughout. I have given the film 9 because I never hand out 10's. The problems with this film a purely superficial and if you get annoyed by them then you really shouldn't be watching a film like this anyway. Expand
  35. Jul 25, 2012
    A great end to a great trilogy. Tom Hardy is fantastic as Bane, and Christian Bale gives his best performance yet, as does Michael Caine as Alfred. Though it takes a while to get off and running, and comes close (at times) to getting weighed down by the numerous new characters, the final 45 minutes of the movie are phenomenal; the highest point in the trilogy.
  36. Jul 24, 2012
    Yes, it is not as good as The Dark Knight, but it is a worthy addition to the series. Pacing is a touch slow in parts, some may feel a little too predictable, and the ending was a stretch, but it is Batman after all. If you are a movie snob, then this movie will be average. If you enjoy a popcorn flick, this movie will be really good. If you love the previous two movies in the series, this is a must see. Expand
  37. Jul 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I went into The Dark Knight Rises expecting that it would not be able to rival The Dark Knight, but hoping to be pleasantly surprised. And right off the bat (sorry for the pun) you get thrown into the movie full speed with Bane in an amazing "heist scene" that legitimately exceeds our introduction to Joker in Dark Knight. So far so good. As the story develops, certain things are thrown out of left field and never really get explained. Such as the knee brace that just magically appears out of nowhere. Some scenes that should have been given more time to develop weren't, but overall it didn't detract much from the movie in my opinion. As the story unfolds during the first hour, the character development of Bane was a fantastic build-up as he continued to draw me in as I yearned to find out who he was and what his motives were, and of course there was great anticipation of an epic final showdown between Batman and Bane. The writing in regards to Bane during the first hour of the film was brilliant. I couldn't have imagined that halfway through the film, I would honestly find myself thinking that Bane's character development not only was at least as good as Joker's, but possibly even better. I was absolutely hooked. After the epic build-up of the first half of the movie, I anticipated the second half of the film to wow me with what was building up to be possibly one of the most epic showdowns in recent memory. Then the first letdown, the "Flintstone's Prison" scenes were not only convoluted, but seemed like they were there for no reason other than to stretch out the running time. While I experienced a letdown during that point in the film, my excitement for what was sure to be a monumental ending overruled my increasing disappointment and at one point I found myself leaning in towards the IMAX screen as though if I actually sat on the edge of my seat that it would somehow get the movie back on track. I was wrong. Enter the cop versus mob showdown and probably the most anti-climactic scenes I can recall in a movie that had been building so feverishly toward what was set up to be a truly epic climax, but instead we get a plot twist with an assumingly innocent woman revealing herself to be the true mastermind behind a deviant plan to bring the people of Gotham to its-blah blah blah. This twist has been done before. It was called "The World Is Not Enough" and I remember it as being a very poorly constructed Bond movie with a very lame plot twist. Ok so Miranda is the bad guy and if you're a true comic buff, you already knew she was. That doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that Nolan decided to use the nearly identical plot twist structure from a Bond movie that was very much less than memorable as the vessel to reveal Miranda to the audience. Nearly unforgiveable, however nothing in this movie could be more unforgiveable than watching Selina ride in through the door on the bat bike and press a button, ending Bane's reign as one of the most memorable villains in movie history. A girl on a bike pressed a button and did what the Dark Knight couldn't do through an already two hour movie. She saved Gotham from the villainy of Bane. Unbelievable. No epic final showdown with Bane. No chance of Batman breaking his golden rule in order to beat the name of the trigger man out of Bane's dying mouth/mask. No chance of Batman being saved by Robin, excuse me Blake, at the last second. No final reveal of the inner workings of Bane's mask/prop by ripping it off of Bane's face to show the audience the true origin of Bane's pain and suffering and possibly his motives for turning Gotham into an occupied prison. No climax at all, just a used up plot twist and a girl on a bike pushing one little button. That was all it took to bring down one of the most ultimate bad guys of cinema, one press of a button. What a waste. What a waste of the entire first half of the movie building up the depth and character portrayal of Bane. What a waste of my anticipation for a truly climactic scene. What a waste of my time... After that I was so frustrated with the movie, that I had been ready to give a perfect 10 to no less, that for an instant I pondered actually getting up and walking out of the theater. I didn't, of course, but only because I had already sat through over two hours of the movie. Might as well see how it ended, which was very close to being brilliant... but that is honestly a whole different complaint. Suffice to say, by the end of the movie I had withdrawn my emotional interest in the outcome entirely. A girl on a bike ruined what could have been the greatest comic book film adaption of all time. And one little button. Expand
  38. Jul 24, 2012
    The dark knight rises is a near perfect movie. Yes I do miss the Joker, but while seeing the movie, I realized that it didn't need it in this story. Bane might not be the biggest and most impressive villain, but the story is one hell of a story. Fans of Batman will surely see all the secrets that are hidden within the movie. I'm not going to spoil anything because I believe you should watch and judge by yourself. I have a few complaints with bane's voice. I couldn't understand everything he said. It's better now than when the original 10 minutes screening was shown in december, but still. Nolan did an incredible job. Yes some things will displease some people, but that's the way with the most anticipated movies: You can't please everyone. there will always be people who love it and others who won't. I think most will really love it and some who'll really hate, but not that much in between. I was one of those who really loved that movie I'll leave it to you to you to judge, but it's a movie you should definitely go and see. well? what are you waiting for? GO! Expand
  39. Jul 24, 2012
    This movie has some really good scenes, some solid characters, and some interesting bits of plot. But in the end, it disappoints for many reasons. I'm going to mention the following problems in passing before reaching the main reason this movie disappointed me: too much of it was spent building up a potential sequel, it had a lot of cliches and other bad writing, it had too much physical conflict (not enough emotional conflict), and the main villains had no motivation for the things they did. But none of those things bothered me as much as what follows. A very grand stage was set with The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. I never expected this movie to surpass the greatness of The Dark Knight, but when I found myself liking it less than Batman Begins, I was surprised. The first two movies weave an incredible tale about the people of Gotham. In the first movie, Batman fights Ra's al Ghul to prevent Gotham from being destroyed, because Batman believes that there are people in the city worth saving. The second movie carries this theme even more: the whole movie is ultimately about the people of Gotham proving their worth by resisting the Joker, about the people proving that they deserve Batman as a hero (even if he isn't the hero they need). The third movie carries this torch no further. In fact, it throws it on the ground and stamps it out. I left the movie feeling like Batman was the hero Gotham needed, but not the one they deserved. The Joker won. Expand
  40. Jul 24, 2012
    TDKR is not as great as some people think it is. Nontheless it wasnt bad, but still not great .. or epic for that matter. We get a whole lot of Bruce Wayne, but not much of actual Batman. Also I wasnt very impressed about the fight scenes where Batman takes on the main villian. It just felt like a "bar brawl". Plot was very predictable, with plot holes and occasionally unconvincing acting.
  41. Jul 24, 2012
    I think the thing that surprises most people is how much soul this movie had - especially for a super hero movie. I thought the acting was top notch, the story was good and of course Nolan delivered. Big kudos for not cheesing the film up (a few scenes float the fine line of fromage). If you have the chance, see it in IMAX. I did and it was totally worth it. Only knock against the movie was it didnt explain why Bane had the mask..... Expand
  42. Jul 24, 2012
    This movie is very average. The plot doesn't make logical sense, the movie lacks appearances from its star cast, and fight scenes are nothing more than 2 brutes swinging as hard as they can. The movie is rather a test to see how much fans love Christopher Nolan. It seems in their eyes he can do no wrong. He is the real world white knight and we will adore and overrate this film just because he made it no matter how many plot holes and liberties he took with this film. Expand
  43. Jul 24, 2012
    Wow, The Dark Knight Rises did an amazing job of closing out Chris Nolan's amazing interpretation of the Caped Crusader. The action is top notch, the plot: stunning, and the direction simply spectacular. The cast delivers amazing performances all around, and Michael Caine's Alfred will pull on your heartstrings in nearly every scene. The interpretations of Hardy's Bane and Hathaway's Kyle are nearly perfect in Nolan's Gotham, with the former posing an intimidating, true rival to Bruce Wayne, and the latter a The breakout star though is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, not gonna say much there but you'll see. The film does take some time "to get in the swing of things", but the setup ultimately enhances the stunning climax of the film and possibly the entire series. Truly an entertaining, edge-of-your-seat, deeply layered, action-packed, emotional thrill-ride that cements Batman's legacy as well of all involved. I recommend repeat viewings so that you can fill in some of those "plot-holes" people keep mentioning IMAX if you can, definitely worth it. Those last few minutes - I don't think I've ever seen a better ending to a film, hyperbole and all. Expand
  44. Jul 24, 2012
    I had a much longer review, but metacritic wouldn't let me post it so I'll sum it up.

    It has its moments, and the first half is better than the second half, but it is a mess and may very well be the weakest of the Trilogy.
  45. Jul 24, 2012
    A masterful conclusion to an amazing saga. By far it solidifies itself and the trilogy as one of the greatest Batman narratives. It's poignant, suspenseful, and scary. Bane is an amazing villain and Catwoman a compelling fem fatal. I could have used more Batman gadgetry and action, but the story is so thematically coherent and rich, that it was merely a realization at the end that I wanted not just more action, but more Batman. The acting is superb. Soundtrack perfect in the moment. And the conclusion... everything a Batman fan could want. Expand
  46. Jul 24, 2012
    I must say that I went into this movie with average expectations. But after 2 hours and 45 minutes of epicness was smeared into my head, I thought "you know what, this movie was almost as good as The Dark Knight." The only problem I had with this movie was Tom Hardy's character Bane because it was a little hard to understand him at times, but in some ways, it works for the character. The rest of the cast had solid performances, especially Anne Hathaway. And she was the reason why I didn't have very high expectations coming into this, but I was dead wrong. She kicked complete ass in this movie. Plot was good, editing, special effects, fight scenes, etc. It was all good. You will not be disappointed, especially if you're a Batman fan. Expand
  47. Jul 24, 2012
    Everything about this film is spectacular! Christopher Nolan is pure genius when it comes to film making. The casting was brilliant as well. I hope the shooting in Colorado doesn't cause people not to go because of how excellent this movie is.
  48. Jul 24, 2012
    The whole film was a letdown not only as a batman trio. but also as a nolan's film. No hard work was done in every department except the sound. The dialogues were so dumb unlike inception, memento, tdk. Twists in the film were forcefully injected into it & it all felt hopeless. One scene when the bane's past is revealed was a twist & really was the dumbest twist of all times. It was a main but cheap twist & made bane look like a weak character & completely made the movie to downfall. Before this scene the movie was better than tdk, only one scene changed the fate of this movie. The film looked like even, nolan didn't also wanna make it. He should do what he wants & not not the money thirsty producers (WB) Expand
  49. Jul 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was not a good Batman movie, especially trying to stand next to Begins or Dark Knight. There's a lot for me to dislike, but I'll try to hit the key points only. The pacing is rotten; actors speak without pausing between lines like they're reading from a script as quickly as possible, and plot points whiz by faster than you can appreciate most of the time as more and more is crammed into the already beefy two and a half hours. If things are slowed down to the point of understanding, you realize that the plot makes no sense. Bane (though not really Bane as it turns out) wants to blow up the city because...well, you find out eventually its because Ra's Al Ghul wanted to, but Bane himself (or his benefactor) really has no motivation aside from being a bad guy. Worse still, Bane and company seem to be suicide agents for some reason, planning on going up in smoke along with the rest of the city when the bomb goes off. The entire plot seems to be dedicated to showing Bane rip the city apart and having character shout Occupy Wall Street lines, all the while showing us how bad Socialism actually is. "Now its everyone's house!" Anyway, I think most of the problems stem from those key points: bad pacing, bad plot, confused social message. The actors are great (if rushed), and the segments with Anne Hathaway felt like an entirely different (better) movie. She plays a great Catwoman, and I wish I could have seen her doing so in a better Batman movie. The Batman vs Bane sewer fight is also excellent, and could be transplanted entirely to a better movie as well (the epilogue isn't too bad either, so you can leave on a comparatively high note). Everything else though, from silly plane kidnapping intro to nuclear race against time climax, is rushed and gaudy. One last funny thing I noticed: The Joker is never mentioned, even in passing or in regards to Dent. Dent is talked about; Scarecrow is cameoed; Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadows come up; never the Joker though, and he's technically alive in the Nolan-verse. Why? Personally, because I think Nolan and company recognized they weren't living up to the Dark Knight's quality, and they were trying to desperately avoid reminding the audience of that better movie. Don't say his name, and maybe everyone will forget. I'm not really sure, but if it was their way of dodging the challenge of living up to that movie, they failed miserably. Expand
  50. Jul 24, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises is definetly a fun movie to watch especially if you're into superheros for like The Dark Knight, it brings a different sense of what being a superhero really is to the table. Yes it is a good movie with some interesting fight scenes and chase scenes as well as many new twists and tales however I dont think that Nolan did as well as this movie as he did with The Dark Knight. For one thin there were a bit too many characters as well as too many parts of the story that were either not needed or were not understood. I do like however how Nolan tried to add more Bruce Wayne to the movie rather then Batman, and even though many did not like this, it made me really appreciate Batman himself when he was on screen rather then liking the villains more (which I did in The Dark Knight). Admittedly Bane is a badass and Catwomen kept all the mens attention to the screen (especially when she did them fancy tricks with her tight suit). I also like how Nolan introduced Robin to the movie, as well as add his little twist regarding Talia at the end. Overall this is definetly a fun movie however, dont get your hopes too high for it is sadly not as good as The Dark Knight. Expand
  51. Jul 24, 2012
    Christopher Nolan directs the third of his Batman Trilogy reuniting the series regulars and introducing others that worked with him on Inception. Nolan
  52. Jul 24, 2012
    Great stuff. I certainly couldn't think of a better way to finish a trilogy, which is a very hard thing to do. Epic story, good acting and production. Something as big as this can't help but attract negativity, but please be assured that it is a great effort. And remember, this is modern myth-making! These stories are our morality plays, our tales of gods and monsters. Please don't look at it as just a crime thriller or you will find implausibility! And Anne Hathaway. If I had any, I'd change my religious beliefs Expand
  53. Jul 24, 2012
    This film is superb, all by itself. However, it pales in comparison to The Dark Knight. Nearly all performances are what they should be, but Tom Hardy unfortunately fails to satisfy the high expectations of Bane, all with that uncharacteristic over-the-top accent. Bane is indeed devastating, and never before have we seen a superhero beaten to a pulp, slammed to the ground, and kept there for such a long time. Bale continues to shine as Batman, and Michael Cain's Alfred is so heartbreakingly perfect. Yes, the film itself is awesome, but how can you not compare this one to the haunting echoes of it's predecessor? The Dark Knight was about an idea. The Dark Knight Rises is more about devastation, and that is accomplished here. Expand
  54. Jul 24, 2012
    A "BATMAN" movie is always eagerly anticipated and when it follows a worldwide blockbuster like "The Dark Knight" and a heath Ledger portrayal of Joker which re-defined the psycho villains in Hollywood and worldwide, then an enormous expectation from the third part of BATMAN franchise is nothing but an understatement.
    Christopher Nolan comes back with his dark shade of batman which kept
    us hooked to the screen twice before in recent past.
    Nolan's batman was more real and appealing to everyone as it wasn't bound just as a kid movie but much much more than that.
    Now who have followed the trailer already know this is the last part of the franchise and with words "This is where it all ends" and "An epic conclusion" just adds to the fuel.
    So now mother of all questions: Does "The Dark Knight Rises" fulfill all the expectation?? Is it the at the same level as the "The Dark Knight"?? Does Nolan get it Right the third time?? Can
  55. Jul 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The best of this year so far, breathtaking great script,acting and story is better then in dark knight in my opinion. The ending just awesome,this is the last film of trilogy,so your imagination will complete the story after ending. That would be great if Nolan filmed spinoff for how Blake become Nightwing or spinoff with catwoman. Expand
  56. Jul 24, 2012
    I genuinely don't know where to start in describing how much of a let down this film was for me and my partner. The film was badly written, poorly delivered, bizarrely directed and disjointedly edited. The whole feel of the film is of a three part-er hacked down into a muddled trailer because of intellectually property issues or breached artiste/acting contracts. The film draws upon the phenomenally successful "Knight Fall" comic trilogy but then dumps all of its good points in favor of a PC "let's make sure we've covered all of the minority groups in the casting even if we need to jettison the key points"

    Bane sounds like an infant shouting through a kazoo, Hathaway manages to make wearing a cat suit look awkward to the point of puritanical, Gary Oldman looks like he's auditioning to replace David Jason as Frost, and Batman does nothing but whine.

    Michael Caine struggles with difficult dialogue but nevertheless has us rummaging through girlfriends handbags for tissues as Batman declines into obscurity and Gordon-Levitt has us screaming at the screen to ditch the whine-y old fart and (as Michael Caine in his Harry Palmer days might have said) "get in the bladdy suit!"

    This is a film aching to be remade and remade better, which is a shame because everything was already available to Nolan to get it right the first time.
  57. Jul 24, 2012
    The only legitimate critique is that The Dark Knight set the bar so high that this 3rd movie may have missed it ever so slightly. The film is a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy; Bane embodies terror in many forms, and brings Batman to his lowest of lows before the hero rises up and claws his way back. Tom Hardy's performance is as memorable as Heath Ledger's in The Dark Knight. Anne Hathaway does a decent job playing the coy, seductive Catwoman. The film is a three hour ensemble of drama, and stuffed with action 'til the end. Expand
  58. Jul 24, 2012
    Easily a film that lived up to the hype. Well acted and written, I was completely caught up in the world that was created. Except for a couple of flaws, it was a near perfect moviegoing experience. Loved the new Catwoman. Really enjoyed all the different interactions between the characters. The finale was very appropriate. Overall, the film really felt epic. Wish there were more films like this. Expand
  59. Jul 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There is an urban legend that with trilogies, the second installment would be better than the third because they have thought of everything out in the second, and the third would be just a rehashing of ideas, if not implemeting less than stellar ones. I thought Christopher Nolan would be the one who would rise above this curse. I thought wrong.

    First up, know that I had not refreshed my memory on the Batman trilogy by rewatching the first two movies beforehand. Second I was seriously not expecting an actor that would achieve the heights of the late Heath Ledger. Bless his soul, anyone who tries to replicate him would fail. Keep these two facts in mind as I review the movie.

    For Pros: The movie has achieved its overall objective of completing Bruce Wayne's story arc, whilst intertwining it with the Bane/Talia plot. Whilst the plot is simplistic than TDK, the whole theme of TDKR is physical pain, not intellectual prowess. Tom Hardy portrayed an excellent performance of Bane based on the comics, a brute with the intellect that is simply not befitting the stereotypical mook. His body and eye expressions are amplifying the words he speaks. The use of autotunes on Hardy's voice is initially weird, since you get a voice not too dissimilar to Sean Connery, but is acceptable nonetheless. Too bad he is not the principal villain in this movie, or I would have given him an A. Anne Hathaway portrays Catwoman stunningly. A woman that can easily act and adapt to her situation, she is indeed Batman's match. There is something unique with her portrayal that makes he beautiful on the outside and inside without being as seductive as Michelle Pfeifer did, but still achieving the same result.

    Michael Caine, despite his more brief appearances, still manages to portray an Alfred who is also a fatherlike figure of Bruce Wayne. In fact, his penultimate scene with Bruce in the manor (telling the secret of Rachel's letter), was almost tear-jerking. If only the movie had more of the emotional impact that Caine had pulled with his character, it would have bumped the score up.

    Bale did try to portray a Bruce Wayne bored of his "normal" life, and a Batman that has been rusty since TDK. While great, there is actually no impact whatsoever from his performance, partially because of how the movie was structured.

    TDKR is more action oriented, but not as obnoxiously loud as Avengers and Transformers. While more action does not necessarily make a bad movie, TDKR suffers from unfocused storytelling, coupled with a "take it for granted" attitude of the audience, that they already know about the previous two movies. It will not hold your hand if you feel lost at what is going on, expect to be left high and dry as I was. Sure you get flashbacks that make sense, but the actual emotion and atmosphere must be extrapolated from recent This is where the CONS start; the two parallel plots of Bruce and Bane/Talia felt as if they were at loggerheads, instead of meshing seamlessly. You feel as if the movie has no idea which direction it was going, but it still managed to reach a climax nonetheless. In between you get references to previous movies and how it affects TDKR currently (e.g Dent Act, Dent's alleged matyrdom), but because of the unfocused approach there is no Ahhhhh moment where you feel the true nature of such acts. It is just mentioned, you know about it, moving on..... With so much examples of this storytelling, any emotion or atmosphere created is just ruined.

    There is also quite a bit of plot holes and applied phlebotinums (movie magic), such as Bruce's crippled state and his cure, backstory on how Wayne Enterprises fell apart, how the reactor came to be as well as how "Miranda Tate" came into the picture. All of these may seem superfluous, but given the storytelling it only makes you feel as if these elements had more to it. It was as if the 2.5 hour movie was cut from an otherwise perfect 4 hr version.

    The ending was the product of this storytelling. Never mind the use of comic book deaths, or how Blake becomes the next Batman simply by reading a note and moving to the Batcave. Its the Selina and Bruce romance. I get the symbolism and what Nolan was trying to do, but the execution is p*** poor. There is no romantic tension between the two, or if there was, it was completely one-sided on Selina's side. I am not expecting sex (that was done with Talia), but from the man who made the Rachel romance great, this is a bad U-turn. A romance that was too sudden.

    I want to give this movie a mixed, but it doesnt deserve it. Many fans tell me the movie was akin to Begins. If that's the case it is a bad sign; I had completely forgotten Begins and have no incentive to rewatch it like TDK. And even to die-hard Batman fans, lets face it, it is not as great as TDK even without Heath's magic working on it.
  60. Jul 23, 2012
    I have seen two great super hero movies this year; this and Chronicle. Before I saw this movie I was figuring Chronicle was going to be the best of the year. This movie blew that out of the water. It did this basically with pure scale. I have not seen any other super hero that can match this one. This film basically gets everything right. Unlike a recent super hero film The Avengers, TDKR is dark. I know that not every one likes a dark film, but I'm not writing this as them. I really did feel tense in this movie. The final sequences are basically on the epic scale of Lord of the Rings. I hope that Super Man is this good. I did see the trailer for that and well it looks like a good film. Expand
  61. Jul 23, 2012
    This movie is great. It has its boring moments but for the most part, it never ever lets down. Only fools will think this movie is good, dummies will think its ok and complete morons will hate it. Rise out of your seat and go see the Dark Knight Rises, now!!!
  62. Jul 23, 2012
    This year the world has been graced by the presence of another Christopher Nolan's master piece. The years past the world been overwhelmed by the story telling and action embedded in a Nolan film, such as Inception and The Dark Knight.

    In 2012 the highly anticipated movie The Dark Knight Rises did not disappoint, the action pack 2h 44min blockbuster has set the bar for the rest of the
    batman film which are to come but also comic book movies in general. This movie is not only the last and final chapter in Nolan's trilogy but also one of the best. The story in the 3rd installment of trilogy really recapture the first two films, this really ended the trilogy "in a full circle" as Christian Bale mentioned. The first 10min of the film really sets out how the rest of the film will play out. The intensity of the film from the very first minute and didn't let go, audiences are trapped in this state of intensity, nervousness and action but also capturing you within this unbelievable story which is layered out so delicately for you to see. The movie is so cleverly crafted that it added unbelievable depth to the story with layers of action, the large scale characters within this film became nesseary to complete this story. The whole journey of the story lead up to a point, the ending which allow audiences are to interpret the way that would like preceive it. like all Nolan batman the movie is so realistic to a point that you could really believe that it might be real, it might have happened and a brilliant man have captured this on film. This movie is seriously unbelievable. I have the pleasure and honor to see it in IMAX, the IMAX experience is like no other. The vase screen really bound u within the film. At no point of the film I found myself in need to check my phone or entertain myself while this scene pass....NO, this movie is the single greatest MASTERPIECE, I was on the edge of my seat every step of the way and that is just incredible. In movies like Iron Man, Spiderman or even Captain America I don't find myself on the edge of the seat, yes those films are funny at some point and fun to watch but they lack realism! This is a really important nature of the film industry, realism and Nolan is able to provide that in every film he makes. Nolan films never lack excitiments or explosions, it embedded good story telling, action and morals in his film and that's why he is claimed to be "The Best Story-teller of this generation!" The Dark Knight Rises surprise me every step of the way, I had no idea where I would lead me and what might happen next. I did went back to see it a the second time and still it's thrilling and exciting, it didn't lose any excitement for me I can go back and see it over and over again and it would still be an absolutely incredible film just like The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is the best movie in the world for me I saw it 10times in cinemas(no joke) and it was exciting everytime. This movie also been about to provide that incredible Nolan feel and excitement that makes you want to go see it again. No doubt this is tied with The Dark Knight as my favourite films of all time.

    I high recommend this movie for all ages. If you are a batman fan, you have to go see it, if you are a Nolan fan definitely go see it, if you are 7 and want to see a movie go see it, if you are looking to see a movie on a romantic date go see this film, if you are bored and want to see a masterpiece go see this movie. There is no flaw that I can pick from this movie, I looked for it but none what so ever. Plus final note, reviews by Chicago Reader and New York Observer are simply untrue may of the stuff they wrote I found to be untrue and not related to the film at all.

    So what are you waiting for go see the greatest film of all time!! THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
  63. Jul 23, 2012
    Its these kinds of movies that make me happy for forcing my friends to spend 20$+ to come to watch a movie. I literally almost cried at how great some of the scenes were you can call me a fan boy but can you really blame me. I mean sure the citizens of Gotham rising so readily to bane and fighting for him, and Bane isnt really as good a villian as the joker but the full scale attack on gotham is really an awe to see. Not quite as good as the the dark knight but it makes a good case. Expand
  64. Jul 23, 2012
    This should be added to the list of over hyped movies that sucked. It was not about batman, the movie was about cat woman and robin and a whole lot of useless characters. What a waste of time. Batman had 2 fist fights in the movie, that's all the action you get. He either runs away scared or gets his ass kicked. Watched batman begins and TDK and was really excited to watch this movie. But the movie just sucked..on par with Prometheus! I did not pay money to watch a sissy batman movie with no action. Period. Expand
  65. Jul 23, 2012
    Astounding! A movie that will have you experience every emotion that you can imagine, from fear to hate to sadness. A fitting end to the greatest trilogy ever made.
  66. Jul 23, 2012
    well the latest batman film from Christopher Nolan is a fantastic experience for batman fans, comic book fans and anyone who into seeing **** explode. the movie has some great moments and great action scenes ( i won't go into detail on these events, due to spoilers) and the ending sure is a reason to see the movie and it wraps up the trilogy perfectly.
  67. Jul 23, 2012
    The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie ever, their is always thing you shall thing twice about and under the whole movie i was entertained, the movie had so many plot twist that ist keep the movie injoignable the whole time, watch the movie if you... oh what is it im saying just watch it because it is a amazing film and you will not regret it :D
  68. Jul 23, 2012
    Unlike The avengers, Batman uses real stunts and real emotion rather than digital effects and flashy lights and green screens. The behind the scenes footage of the movie is mind-blowing, you can really tell they put a lot of hard work into this movie. It also helps that they wait 3-4 years between each movie to make sure they have a good story line.
  69. Jul 23, 2012
    With excitement and pain Nolan ends the trilogy in the most satisfying way possible. Christopher Nolan has made yet another perfect movie. I would not say its better than the dark knight but at the same time I would not say its worse either.. it is as good as the dark knight. This move goes in my list of favorites.
  70. Jul 23, 2012
    The biggest problem with this film is the writing. The dialogue was rife with awkward exposition and a character that was completely comprised of one-liners. Despite this, one gets the feeling that the actors delivered their lines with as much conviction as they could and performances were solid all around (Bale, Levitt and Cotillard are consistent performers), with Tom Hardy's Bane being the highlight. The notable exception is Anne Hathaway, who was gratingly cheesy as Catwoman, and her performance just didn't fit the tone of the movie at all. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were sorely underutilized. Too many characters keep us from getting to know any of them well. The movie would have been better if it focused on developing fewer to a greater extent. Okay, so it's not Shakespeare and the dialogue isn't of paramount importance, but much of the action felt a little lazy and uninteresting as well. The bar was set so high with Begins and TDK, and after the fanfare and buzz surrounding this film have died down, it will be viewed as the weakest of an otherwise solid trilogy. It's not to say this movie is all bad, there are definitely some compelling scenes that will deliver the goods to action and drama fans and you can tell that Nolan did have a grand vision with this epic, and though he falters at some places, there is visceral satisfaction where he succeeds. Expand
  71. Jul 23, 2012
    The best film of the decade, it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, wondering what's going to happen, great action sequences, though it has minor plot holes and little time development shown - didn't look like 3 months, more like 1 - but, hey no film is perfect... A definite film to go and see!!! May Batman Be With You!!
  72. Jul 23, 2012
    I went and watched this yesterday and while not a bad movie, I found it to be extremely predictable (I saw the "plot-twists" coming from a mile away) and even somewhat boring. IMHO, Bane was also a very boring villain and I feel he could have been portrayed so much better. The only part of the movie I found interesting was Anne Hathaway in the catsuit. Maybe if this movie weren't so dumbed-down, I would have found it more enjoyable. Expand
  73. Jul 23, 2012
    This film is absolutely fantastic, and a great ending to one of the best trilogies that Hollywood has ever produced. Anne Hathaway gives a stunning performance as Catwoman, and Tom Hardy is truly menacing as the films villain, Bane. As ever, Michael Caine gives another classic performance, perfectly portraying Alfred Pennyworth. The plot is great, with twists and turns, and a very unexpected ending. The script writing is excellent, and Banes voice belies his true nature. Overall, this easily one of the best films ever made, and I recommend it to everyone and anyone. Expand
  74. Jul 23, 2012
    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is a movie that will blow you away> This is a satisfying end to arguable the best superhero movie franchise in history. This movie is grander in scope than the last two, has a sense of what it is, and has superb acting. Tom Hardy as Bane is no Joker, but is a talented actor that is a good choice for Bane. Anne Hathaway surprised me with her great acting as Catwoman, Marion Cotillard was the memorable Miranda Tate, and Michael Caine and definitely Christian Bale have never been better in the franchise. The best new character for me was Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, who gave a great performance. The story excelled at showing that Batman is human like us, not some Superman or Green Lantern, but a guy just like us, even if he has a bit more money. This is a great end to a great trilogy, and I think it outdoes Spider-Man and the Avengers for best superhero movie of the year. Expand
  75. Jul 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There were several problems with this Batman, that being said, it is hard not to enjoy the eye candy and the epicness that is implied makes the movie very fun. My biggest caveat with the film was that Nolan created the most believable superhero and villains to date yet decides to go over the top in this one. There's a point in the movie where Bane takes a physicist to a 'fusion energy' something-or-other generator that Wayne Enterprises built and forces him to make it into a bomb. This takes the physicist about 15 seconds at which point he turns around a says something to the effect of "It's a 5 megaton nuclear bomb now with a blast radius of six miles" Okay fair enough. Unfortunately, I couldn't turn a blind eye to Bane's next action which lured 99% of the cops in Gotham underground at which point Bane blew up the tunnel entrances so they're trapped under the city. Oh yeah he also blows up all the bridges surrounding the city effectively cutting Gotham off from the rest of the world and holds it hostage with the nuke FOR THREE MONTHS! All the while Batman is in a pit somewhere in the Middle East fixing his broken back and trying to climb out of said pit. I think Nolan did himself a huge disservice with "the worst prison in all the world". Firstly, yes it looks pretty **** but then again, the prison Bale was in at the very beginning of Batman Begins looked worse. But worse than this is the climb out.

    So this is pit is terrible because you can attempt to climb out seemingly any time you want and that hope creates more despair. The climb looks difficult and this is cool but where this gets so **** is how the prisoners can climb with a rope. When they fall, which they all do, it looks incredibly painful, but I believe without a doubt this would have been better if each person had to climb without the rope so they only had one chance to climb out. Bale falls twice before he's told to climb without the rope "so he feels fear again" which will help him make a difficult jump where everyone falls. Yeah that makes sense and is pretty cool but much of the 'terror' of this climb was already lost and the climax of THE Rise was simply not as powerful as i was hoping it would be. Oh and after this escape Bruce walks down a hill and then disapparates into Gotham to casually meet Hathaway on a street.

    Bane critiques? Yes I will mention it, the voice is unacceptably unintelligible a times. That being said I thought the voice sounded so cool and menacing that I feel I broke even on this facet. And I'll state the obvious, he wasn't as good as the joker, no surprise there. And finally, the length and pacing of the movie just Wish I had taken a film class to better explain this but Nolan long windily tries to present to use social issues such as class warfare and Occupy sentiments along with the acute emotions and issues Bruce's vigilante lifestyle has brought forth. While these problems exist, some of which seriously bothered me after the movie (that I desperately wanted to succeed), I still thoroughly enjoyed it but was disappointed it did not meet the (very) high expectations.
  76. Jul 23, 2012
    TDKR begins with a bang and continues throughout as a cinematic masterpiece and one of the most powerful conclusions to any story told on film. While it may not be a perfect film, The Dark Knight Rises is likely the closest thing we will get to that until Christopher Nolan
  77. Jul 23, 2012
    I don't know what is wrong with Christopher Nolan, he makes these great movies with awesome special effects, beautiful cinematography, and poignant dramatic moments and **** them up with convoluted plot twists, multiple story lines, and retiredly complicated scenarios. This movie could have been great, but it ended up being just ok. It was too long and too many things going on reminded me too much of inception. The ending was money, but it didn't make up for the rest of the movie being too long and boring, next time don't try to make 6 movies into one and it will be good. Expand
  78. Jul 23, 2012
    The expectations for this movie were over the top, so it's pretty amazing that it actually lived up to the hype. I won't go over the top and say this is the greatest movie ever made, or even the best movie in the series. I'm not convinced this movie was better than the 2 that preceded it, but it's definitely on par with them, which is an accomplisment in itself. There's a lot going on in the movie's nearly 3 hour running time (almost a little too much going on), but it flies by which goes to show how entertaining the movie is. All the new characters are great. Bane is a terrific villian, and the critics who claim he's just a brute with no emotion are idiots. He may not be as exciting as the Joker was, but who honestly expected Tom Hardy to top what Ledger did as the Joker? Bane is certainly more human than the Joker was, and it makes his character all the more thrilling for it. I was genuinely surprised at how great the Catwoman role was. Anne Hathaway seemed like a good choice for the role, but she did better than I expected. Aside from a few campy lines, she was a great addition to the series. Joseph Gordon Levitt was also great as the good guy cop Blake who works alongside Commisioner Gordon. The movie isn't perfect though. Some things were a little too predictable, so some of the "twists" late in the movie are expected. However, it's still a hell of a ride and it would you'd have to be cynical to not enjoy this movie. If this really is the end of this Batman series (and I doubt it will be), than The Dark Knight Rises is a very fitting conclusion to the best superhero trilogy of all time. Expand
  79. Jul 23, 2012
    After seeing the other brilliant films that Christopher Nolan has made, I knew that The Dark Knight Rises would be amazing. I knew it would be brilliant from the moment I found out that it was being made. But I never, ever anticipated the quality of this film.

    I won't go into too much detail, but everything is perfect: the story, the effects, the acting...everything has been carefully
    considered and used to masterful effect.

    The story is excellent, and culminates in one of the best, if not the best, film endings I've ever seen. Anne Hathaway is the perfect actress to portray Catwoman, and while Tom Hardy's performance doesn't match Heath Ledger's, it is nonetheless brilliant and his Bane is a very different villain from those previously seen in Batman films. It goes without saying that this intelligent, sinister Bane is hundreds of miles ahead of the stupid, emotionally soulless character featured in Joel Schumacher's....'Batman' film.

    In conclusion, this is the greatest superhero film, let alone Batman film, ever created, and well up there with the all-time greatest films. This dark, exciting epic makes the recent Marvel films look silly and childish. Everyone should see this film, and will be celebrated by film critics and audiences alike as one of the greatest films ever made for years to come. A masterpiece.
  80. Jul 23, 2012
    The Dark Knight is Risible.
    Almost every scene was either utter nonsense or so boring that it felt like my entire day was being swallowed up in this mire.
    A massive problem for me is Bane, not just that he's nothing like the comic-book character but his voice is even more comical than Batman's - he sounds exactly like the Narrator from Diablo!
    Bane's fights with Batman are terrible
    because Nolan still cannot direct brawling scenes. He barely even tries this time and seems to have gone back to his original tactic of cutting away or just plain hiding the action behind intervening characters.
    I can think of 2-3 decent moments but for the vasty majority of the film I was just hoping it would improve or just end. Nolan was obviously sick-to-death of the characters and seemed to want the audience to go out feeling the same way.
  81. dz9
    Jul 23, 2012
    Christopher Nolan has risen to the challenge to try to top his own success from Dark Knight, he may not get close to tying it but he gets close enough. Let's start with the bad.. In The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan has seemed so focused on creating such a in-reality gritty film that he forgot that he was making a Batman movie. The gritty real feeling of the movie was great in all, but at the end of the day, people want to see Batman's plethora of gadgets and stealth... none of which was fulfilled. This really makes you realize what Heath Ledger's Joker brought to the movie, his fun randomness and comedy left a huge hole in the movie and in it's place was another gritty straight forward villain that doesn't feel anywhere close to being fleshed out as the Joker. In this film, you only see about 30 minutes of Batman and only his first few scenes feel like Batman... the rest felt like a generic hero that dresses like Batman. Another fault of the movie is the fact that it spends way to much time developing its own plot. We're already in the finale of the trilogy, we didn't need 2/3 of the movie used for developing. You'll never truly feel bored watching it, but you'll definitely notice it dragging on and you'll just wish you could see more Batman and less of the drama. The last major fault is the fact that Bruce Wayne's new love interest felt extremely forced, before you even know who she is Bruce Wayne has already fell in love with her beyond a reasonable doubt and your expected to just accept it. Of course they're is some plot holes that will leave you scratching your head but they're never serious enough to break the movie. However, this movie also has a lot going for it. The art direction Nolan takes is breath taking, and the plot twists will make your jaw drop. They're are definitely a few slow parts that will make you check your watch here and there but this movie always keeps you interested in its plot. And although not as on par as the Joker, Tom Hardy's Bane is a great menacing villain who may seem ridiculous at first but will grow on you as the movie goes along. Another strength to the movie is the chemistry between the actors. Despite the movie's plot, the actors' definitely knew this was the finale and they all brought their A game. The interactions between the actors, particularly between Ann Hathaway and Christian Bale, were fantastic. And yes... Nolan does put a magnificent ending to such an overall amazing series. In The End: This is an amazing film, but its just not quite a great Batman adaptation. It worries so much about developing this gritty realistic tone that it forgets that its about a man dressed like a bat wearing a cape. You wish you would've seen more Batman action than this 3 hour long drama fest. 7.7/10 Expand
  82. Jul 23, 2012
    This was the least enjoyable of the trilogy. It all starts with Baine. He is a villian that need to be in a slasher film not a comic book film. He is too grim with no personality that you desire to have much film time. The Joker was a villian where you desired a lot of film time. One of my criticisms of the last film was that the lack of one on one time with Batman and the Joker. Too much of the action takes place in daylight or in grim settings. What happened to the extravagence of the world of Bruce Wayne? That is replaced by the sewer? One was always looking forward to the next scene in the other two movies but not here. One was also disappointed by the lack of freshness. The batmobile and the batcopter seemed worn out. The series seemed worn out. Nolan gets great credit for the trilogy but he runs out of gas here. This was a blue collar Batman. Expand
  83. Jul 23, 2012
    the best the best the best movie on 2012 bec Director:
    Christopher Nolan waoo is good Director ! and he is have some good thing ! The best thing that Batman back to the path of the right !
  84. Jul 23, 2012
    You have to respect that Chistopher Nolan was hesitant about returning to the batman franchise unless he came up with a satisfactory ending. He did. From the opening scene to the final shot, the pace never falters, the set pieces are jaw dropping, and Tom Hardy as Bane is absolutely terrifying. The supporting cast is remarkable, especially Michael Caine who gives one of his greatest performances to date. The ending is simply incredible, every character gets a great end to their story arc, (especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and there is a total sense of closure, no loose threads, no plot holes, just complete closure. While some might find Bane a slightly less engaging villain than Heath's Joker, the movie itself, too me at least, easily takes the title of the greatest super hero film in not only the Nolan trilogy, but one of the absolutely greatest films ever made. Expand
  85. Jul 23, 2012
    Nolan ends his Batman trilogy in spectacular. TDKR is on a much grander scale than before with much higher stakes. So it makes sense that this is the most action-heavy of the three. Above all else the movie is a definite crowd pleaser. It succeeds at being a blockbuster with a relentless pace and fantastic set pieces while also giving us characters with real depth and an engaging story. It may not match the bar set by The Dark Knight but it remains a more than fitting conclusion to the saga. Expand
  86. Jul 23, 2012
    The sombre tone of the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises defines the rest of the film as an absolutely drop-dead spectacular capper to the the best superhero trilogy ever made. The film has enough spectacle, emotional depths and peaks and pure ambitious scale to overcome the fact that this film is no 'The Dark Knight' but still provides a satisfying, Nolan-esque climaxed ending to the epic Batman trilogy that exemplifies modern masterful filmmaking. Expand
  87. Jul 23, 2012
    The dark knight rises is a kind of film which blows your mind ........ keeps u engaged for the entire 2 hr 45 min with its emotions and the storyline i can say that those 2 hr 45 min were the best 2 hr 45 min of my entire life nolan created another masterpiece truly an epic conclusion to the dark knight legend and i liked it even more than the dark knight this is the best movie of the year
  88. Jul 23, 2012
    It is not our own fault, as a collective audience, that the third film in the trilogy is often so pressurised into being a fantastic, ugly and plot-less mess. We get overexcited and speculate endlessly and wildly about the plot and twists of the film to the extent where the creators are left with no option but to go hell for leather and overload, over-complicate and overextend themselves when it comes to actually making the damned thing! Nolan has in the past provided massively entertaining well written, scripted and directed works of cinema, (TDK, Inception and YES prestige) I do not doubt his talent.

    TDKR was not one of them, the dialogue lacked the wit and pithy impact of the previous film to the point where everything felt rushed and miscued. The plot 'twists' were obvious, unnecessary and entirely un-intriguing. The action scenes were fine, a little drab although I appreciate the 'broken Batman' concept. Bane was good and would have appeared better if the rest of the plot had stood well around him. A suitably frightening bad guy I loved the voice and the interactions between him and his army (although why they are so willing to die at his command is never fully explained). The prison scene could have worked in another film, similar to Batman Begins for example, but were an irritating and contrived side plot, especially the whole rock climbing bit (was this the key scene? Not sure). Give a director enough budget and he will drop your expectations through a trapdoor.
  89. Jul 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Warning contains spoilers! Questionable choices made by the director in this plot the feel of the movie was very much like the others which is good but 'Bane' as the main badie always left a question mark over my head when I saw the trailers when there are much more complex characters in the batman saga. I did enjoy how bane was acted his voice was strange but very much what has been heard of before in cartoons and games. However none of his back story was explained why did he get hooked up to a blood transfusion in the underground base he had why did he have the mask that made him sound so strange? Bane in the comics is supposed to be smart, intelligent and the Venom he uses makes him super strong not enough back story for this prominent leading character. Also where was Batman "the world greatest detective" that we had seen in the previous films, using expensive innovative detective methods was exchanged for big explosions and the bat plane. Ra's al ghul plot of bane completing his work because he his his supposed son only for everyone to find out its actually Talia was predictable to anyone who know the comics, has played any of the games and can spot bad acting!, Right from when she first gets introduced she, its easily to tell shes not who she says she is. This film is entertaining but frustrating if you are a fan Expand
  90. Jul 23, 2012
    The wait was fruitful as I saw the movie on the very first of its release. The movie will add laurels to the career of Nolan and I want to thank him for presenting my best comic hero so well on screen. TDKR is a well thought end to the series and the way Nolan has innovated the background of the characters, be it Cat woman or be it Robin,is commendable.Now on not only I am a big fan of Batman but also of Nolan, the year brain behind this awesome series which will always be remembered by movie and batman lovers.One more important thing was the way in which the three parts were connected with each other. Every character has its importance and series couldn't be thought of as a success if any one the characters is removed. Such was the level of brainstorming involved in the project. Hats off to the maker and the actors Expand
  91. Jul 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I won't go into superlatives, simply pros and cons.

    1) Performances all round are exceptional. Bale dials back the voice and portrays a broken Bruce/Batman very well, Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) and Caine (Alfred the Butler) are as strong and dependable as ever, and there are fantastic performances from newcomers Anne Hathaway (a revelation as Catwoman), Marion Cotillard (Miranda Tate), Tom Hardy (a physical beast as Bane) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in particular as city-cop John Blake. Well done to those who guessed where he ends up.
    2) Action sequences are thrilling throughout (from opening plane-hijacking to city-wide end chase/brawl via brutal fight between our hero and villain), both in terms of effects, pacing and execution.
    3) For me, the ending(s) were very nice indeed.

    1) As has been much publicised by others, I had real trouble hearing some of the dialogue - particularly when Bane was speaking quietly. There was one conversation in the middle of the film where he and Batman were almost murmuring to each other under an ill-advised loud moment in the otherwise excellent score by Hans Zimmer.
    2) Morgan Freeman doesn't get much to do, although adding time for him might have stretched the film a bit too far.
    3) Whilst I don't necessarily agree, I can understand the small complaints that it takes a bit of time to get going.

    The film would be great as a stand-alone film, but as a trilogy ender it's an absolute belter. There aren't many action trilogies to match it - including the original Star Wars trilogy in my opinion - and we are unlikely to see another superhero story like it for many, many years.
  92. Jul 23, 2012
    "The Dark Knight Rises doesn't nearly rise up to the superiority of its predecessor but it still has tension, stronger emotions and a fitting conclusion to a remarkable trilogy." So is it possible for something 'GREAT' to be exactly the same again but even better? Almost. The first Batman movie of this trilogy was completely original; it had the audience in a complete shock. It was atmospheric: dark alleys, tattooed train stations, heavy rain pouring on a 'Ghetto' city/district called Gotham. Gotham is where everything is taken place...(coughs) Manhattan. It also introduced us into a world of corruption and injustice (sound at all familiar). In which judges were paid off, drug dealers sold more drugs and the criminals roam freely among the streets. 'Batman Begins' introduced us to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), Rachel (Katie Holmes), Alfred (Michael Caine), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Ra's Al Ghul (played by "gotta-watch-the-movie). The whole movie introduced us to Batman, how he became Batman, an evil villain who wants to destroy Gotham City by way of chemical drugs that will make you hallucinate the worst of your fears. 'Batman Begins' was incredible and I thought that Christopher Nolan did an excellent job with the execution. Batman Begins: a Summer flick that has special effects, great performances, terrifying tension and brains. -8.8
    The Dark Knight was 10x greater than the first. It's not the normal, clean-cut villain with a will, "want to take over the world." This Joker (played brilliantly by Heath Ledger) is sick, twisted and psychopathic. He literally defines the word 'evil.' The Dark Knight came out as an unexpected experience because the Joker is a freak and he would blow up anyone and anything, a hospital even. He simply "...has no motive"-Alfred. The Joker can kick any horror villain's ass. He is that complex ("You wanna know how I got these scars?!")and no doubt, he can mind-twist the jigsaw to the point in which Mr. Rosy Cheeks is strapped to a seat with running gasoline and a time bomb. I loved The Dark Knight! The performances were top notch, Mr. Ledger especially. Christian Bale has a good voice but when he turns into the Batman, it
    *unbelievable score by Hans Zimmer who scored the more tense scenes and James Newton Howard who scored emotional and ethereal tracks. I am a fan for both of their music. So comes the final conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises. The tension still felt like you're having a heart attack, like the other two. The performances are great (Anne Hathaway, I am surprised) until Batman goes, "WHERES THE TRIGGER?!!!!" The villain however, isn't as great as the Joker because his motives were so obvious. He wanted to destroy Gotham just like Ra's Al Ghul. Banes presence however, is terrifying. It's remarkable how eyes can have so much impact even though his voice can sometimes throw you off (Sean Connery). It's bigger, bolder and has more action (special effects are amazing) but sadly, I wish it were more profound. It's still entertaining but it didn't leave me with a long impression or that 'wow' feeling I got from the second one. It did look like the director had to cut off some scenes due to the time, some scenes didn't match at all. The big battle seemed conventional but I did have a bloody good time watching it. The ending was by far the best endings I've ever seen in the past year (surpasses his earlier work 'Inception'); it was something that The Dark Knight lacked in. However, I do give Christopher Nolan credit for providing a moral to this story which the story traces back to the first film. Overall, I had an awesome premiere-night/morning with family and friends but I felt so depressed about the whole incident in Colorado. May we all pray for the families who lost a loved one in that horrific shooting.
  93. Jul 23, 2012
    Being a fan of the batman trilogy I was kind of skeptical when I saw the trailers. A man in a gas mask? Doesn't seem too scary. But after watching this I was blown away. Blown away by the actors and actresses performances, the stunts, and the awesome explosions. Anne Hathaway surprisingly pulled off catwomen really well which at first i didn't think she could do I loved everything about this movie, well maybe not everything...I didn't absolutely love the ending but it was pretty good. Now all I want is Christian Bale kicking more butt on the big screen!
    I hope that there will be another Batman movie in the future!
  94. Jul 23, 2012
    An absolutely breathtaking end to an amazing trilogy. Without spoiling anything, I was left with a tear in my eye, lump in my throat and goose bumps all over towards the final scenes in this movie. Ignore the negative reviews, there are faults with everything if you look for them hard enough. Go and see this movie and make up your own conclusion, you owe it to yourself.
  95. Jul 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A bitter disappointment and awful ending to a brilliant trilogy, the movie was so boring and lengthy that I considered to leave the cinema. The script was predictable at some points and the acting was so poor amongst some of the actors. Anne Hathaway was horrible, she was not convincing at all and her outfit looked like a cheap halloween costume. Bane, the main villain of this movie was killed in a split second and everything was forgotten about him, that's it. It's like the script writers wanted this movie to end quickly as possible at this point of the movie. The actress playing Miranda who appears to be Ra's Al Ghul's daughter Talia should get the award for worst death presentation, it was some of the worst acting I have ever seen, you can tell that she is acting. It's like she is taking a nap for crying out loud. Blake who appears to be Robin gets access to the Batman cave and all the high tech stuff that is in there, but he didn't recieve any training at all so he wouldn't know how to use it. Robin is just an ordinary cop in this movie with no combat skills, yet Bruce Wayne gives away the cave to him and settles down with the supposed Catwoman. Expand
  96. Jul 23, 2012
    One of the best endings to a trilogy in history, the first film was more like a horror, the second; crime, the third; epic. And that's exactly what the film is; epic. The set pieces are phenomenal, all the gadgets and car chases will have you excited and on the edge of your seat, plus the story is pure genius. Unlike the others, this story has a massive scope, and I wont give away what it is, but unlike The Dark Knight, its massive. Bane provides a fitting villain, he's for one pretty scary and two a perfect choice for the film, his brute strength and brilliant mind provides Batman with one of his toughest villains. Tom Hardy is also very good in the role, obviously he cannot beat Heath Ledger as The Joker, but Hardy portrays Bane as sinister and an uncaring almost beast. As mentioned unlike the first two films in Nolans trilogy, this time he creates a film that you will enjoy more and more upon multiple villain, for there are so few slow scenes, the whole films is high tension and fast paced, and the budget must of inflated from the first, for if anyone has seen he trailer think that's it, believe me it not. Anne Hathaway is arguably the best Catwoman yet, she is a real femme fatale and is not the sexy Michelle Pfeiffer, but a Catwoman we really care for and can't wait to see, any of her fight scenes are almost better than Batman himself, but she fits so well in this film. She provides a sort of narrative device for the film, and if not for her other scnes would not occur. Her sub plot also fits very well, and we want to see her achieve it, and I'm so glad they put Hathaway in the final film and no other. There is obvious flaws in the film, especially where some scenes feel as if they are treading the same ground as Batman Begins, but this is only because The Dark Knight was so different to the original, but Dark Knight Rises is very different for as I mentioned this is simply an action-war-epic. And even if the middle is slower compared to the beginning and phenomenal end, the end and beginning make up for it, and the middle is still superb cinema! Something else many argue is the use of too many characters, but they really do fit, and Gordon Levitt works well as Blake, and Cotillard may seem pointless for a majority of the film, but by the end becomes a key character. Yes, there are too many characters for a final film where there should be fewer but they all get a character development. This truly is a perfect finale for one of the best trilogies of all time, and the only reason people are complaining is because the bar was set so high by The Dark Knight, but this truly is a wonderful, magnificent film full of twists and turns and a perfect, fitting ending that you will not forget. Expand
  97. Jul 23, 2012
    the more i think about this movie, the more i like it. seeing it once is just an introduction to the story and the characters. the journey REALLY starts on viewing number 2, where you can piece together everything that this movie is doing. All of the shades of grey it tries to paint.
  98. Jul 23, 2012
    This is a must-see movie. The Dark Knight Rises is probably the best movie of 2012. The Avengers and a bunch of films pale when compared to The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan is a very good story teller. The cast and the whole crew did a splendid job. Some moviegoers have doubts about Anne Hathaway but I think she's better than all right. The movie started with tense actions, followed by smooth plots, and then climbed all the way up with non-stop, fast-paced, tense, exciting, breathless actions and plots till the very end of the movie. The Dark Knight Rises is also the best of the Batman trilogy. This is the movie you don't want to miss. Don't wait until DVD/BD is released. Catch it in the theater now. Expand
  99. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Saw The Dark Knight Rises last night. Such a great movie. I'm gonna mini-review it with no spoilers. Better than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight? It's so hard to say. Each movie seems so different and I love each one. The whole 3rd act of this movie is just insane. The returning cast was amazing as usual. Anne Hathaway was so good as Selina Kyle and I absolutely loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Tom Hardy was great as Bane in every way except for his voice. It just did not work for me. It wasn't totally distracting, it just sounded almost cartoon-ish. Bane and Batman's fight scenes where brutal as hell. I just wish Batman would have used his gadgets a bit more. That's how Batman beats all these foes that physically out match him. The IMAX looked absolutely gorgeous and I totally recommend seeing it in IMAX. I just don't think it was used better than Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The IMAX in MI4 was used so perfectly because it totally sucked you in and completely enhanced the scenes. During the whole Dubai sequence, you actually felt like you where up there with Ethan Hunt. TDKR just used the IMAX to make everything look absolutely stunning.


    I LOVED the ending. Mouth hanging open the whole time. From the moment Miranda Tate revelaed herself to be Talia al Ghul all the way up to the very ende with Alfred spotting Selina and Bruce. I loved every second of it.

    Lets start with MIranda Tate. I had heard the rumors about her being Talia and I totally felt that she would end up being her. So the whole time I was watching her like a hawk trying to spot anything that would give her away. So during the siege of Gotham I'm thinking "Damn, maybe she won't be Talia because you figure she would have revealed herself by now." And then right before she revealed herself she had on this outfit that seemed very Talia like and I'm like "Oh **** here it comes, and then BAM! The big reveal! Even knowing she was going to become Talia I still loved it. I can't wait to here what people who had no idea thought about it. And btw, Marion Cotillard was so good as Talia al Ghul.

    Then there is the ending where Batman flies the nuke out to sea and sacrifices himself to save the city. I didn't catch on to the whole Auto-pilot thing so I thought Bruce Wayne really died. I went in to the movie thinking Nolan would kill him off. So before we all found out Bruce Wayne was still alive I'm thinking to myself "Holy **** DC has done it. They have just created the perfect way to kick-off there DC Movie-verse and lead into the Avengers!"

    So this is why I think DC has just created the perfect begging to there DC Movie-verse. Think about it. The hero of a city just sacrificed himself in the most selfless way. The city hated Batman for YEARS and then all of sudden he dies for them. How inspiring is that? So inspiring that Clark Kent hears of this selfless act that he become a hero! And then Diana of Themiscyra! And The Flash! And all the other DC Heroes! Then they come together and become THE FRIGGIN JUSTICE LEAGUE!

    It's perfect to because Bruce Wayne is still alive! He can come back and pick up the mantle again! John Blake aka ROBIN (That reveal totally blew me away) can be the Batman or even Nightwing for awhile and then Bruce can come back whenever. And here's the thing, it doesn't have to be Christian Bale. This is where studios need to learn that we don't need reboots. They need to start looking at Superhero movies the same way they look at the Bond movies. Keep the characters story going but just swap out actors. Just because Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan have told the story they wanted to tell, that doesn't mean we need a reboot explaining Batman's origin again. The only movie I would see DC rebooting is Green Lantern. The tone of that movie doesn't gel with the tone that Nolan's Trilogy and The Man of Steel has established.

    Let's just hope DC takes advantage of this amazing set-up and doesn't reboot Batman.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 45
  2. Negative: 2 out of 45
  1. Reviewed by: Todd Gilchrist
    Jul 23, 2012
    A cinematic, cultural and personal triumph, The Dark Knight Rises is emotionally inspiring, aesthetically significant and critically important for America itself – as a mirror of both sober reflection and resilient hope.
  2. Reviewed by: Anthony Lane
    Jul 23, 2012
    Christopher Nolan, for all his visionary flair, wants to suck the comic out of comic books; Anne Hathaway wants to put it back in. Take your pick.
  3. Reviewed by: Bob Mondello
    Jul 20, 2012
    As you might expect from the creator of "Inception" and "Memento," there are surprises both in the story and in the storytelling. But the biggest surprise may just be how satisfying Nolan has made his farewell to a Dark Knight trilogy that many fans will wish he'd extend to a 10-part series, at least.