| Release Date: October 1, 2013
Summary: Santos (José Sacristán), a sick, worn-down hired killer, impulsively heads out on one last assignment: a 2,000-mile excursion from his Buenos Aires hospital bed into the vast interior of Argentina. Cruising along in a vintage Ford Falcon, he encounters Alejandra (Roxana Blanco), who tricks him into taking her along. Their journey takes them through countryside that feels as remote, empty, and forlorn as they are. [MoMA]


Runtime: 92 min
Rating: Not Rated
Production: Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA)
Genres: Drama
Countries: Argentina, Spain, France
Language: Spanish
Director Credit
Javier Rebollo Director
Writer Credit
Javier Rebollo Writer
Lola Mayo Writer
Salvador Roselli Writer
Cast Credit
Carlos Lecuona Padre De
Carlos Zumbo Enfermo
Carmen Esther N Carmen
Fermí Reixach Santiago
Giona Pascual Condito Enfermo
Horacio Maldonado Hombre Elegante En Calzoncillos
Horacio Vay Doctor
Itat Mucama Colombiana
Javier Rebollo Cast
Jorge Jellinek Hombre Grande
Jos Hombre De Mediana Edad
José Sacristán Santos
Juan Nemirovsky Mozo
Karlien Van Der Colff Chica Extranjera
Lisa Caligaris Alejandra
Lola Mayo Cast
Magdalena Cernadas Chica Con Una Mochila
Manuel Garc Enfermo
Omar Tiberty Rub
Paula Viel Chica
Roxana Blanco Cast
Valeria Alonso Enfermera Joven Y Bonita
Vicky Pe Mujer Que Ayer Fue Rubia
Producer Credit
Alex Zito Co-Producer
Dami Producer
Jérôme Vidal Co-Producer
José Nolla Producer
Julien Naveau Associate Producer
Lola Mayo Producer
Luis Miñarro Producer
Mariana Erijimovich Delegate Producer
Verónica Cura Executive Producer