Tartan | Release Date: April 26, 2006
Summary: Anyone who has waited for treatment in an emergency room or chafed under the less than devoted care of a disinterested doctor will recognize Mr. Lazarescu's dilemma. A 60-ish widower, living alone in Bucharest with his cats, he feels sick enough one evening to call an ambulance. This is the beginning of his Dantesque odyssey deep into the bowels of a big city medical establishment. It's a story that could take place anywhere and Mr. Lazarescu could be your next-door neighbor – or he could be you. [Tartan Films]
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Runtime: 150 min
Rating: Rated R for language and brief nudity.
Genres: Drama
Country: Romania
Language: Romanian
Home Release Date: Sep 12, 2006
Director Credit
Cristi Puiu Director
Writer Credit
Cristi Puiu Writer
Razvan Radulescu Writer
Cast Credit
Alexandru Fifea Brancardier, Spitalui Sf. Spiridon
Alina Berzunteanu Dr. Zamfir
Bogdan Dumitrache Medic, Spitalui Sf. Spiridon
Dan Chiriac Medic Triaj Spitalui Universitar
Dana Dogaru Mihaela Sterian
Doru Ana Sandu Sterian
Doru Boguta Ambulantier
Dragos Bucur Misu
Ion Fiscuteanu Mr. Lazarescu
Laura Cret Medic Ecograf, Spitalui Sf. Spiridon
Mihai Bratila Dr. Breslasu
Mimi Branescu Dr. Mirica
Mirela Cioaba Marioara
Monica Barladeanu Mariana
Robert Bumbes Robert
Producer Credit
Alexandru Munteanu Executive Producer
Anca Puiu Producer
Bobby Paunescu Producer