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  1. Jul 22, 2013
    The Descent is extremely intense and unpredictable with a dark and original story. It is brutal and terrifying, with chilling action sequences, plus that you will remember the movie for sometime, it is a decent thriller that can be one of the scariest and best horror movies ever made. (The movie is not for anyone who have claustrophobia)
  2. Oct 1, 2011
    The best horror movie ever !
  3. Mar 16, 2013
    CAVING! NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NOT EVER!!!!!!! This movie has guaranteed I'm a surface dweller for life! I'm a tough character, not easily daunted, but several fear inducing facets contained within this film had me frozen in wide-eyed terror! Watch it and see if I'm wrong...
  4. Jan 28, 2013
    Solid Horror film from the UK and one of my personal favs, but it's fails to get the high score due to somewhat of a sloppy ending. Great all-female cast head deep into a cave system and get stalked by 'crawlers', and it makes for one hell of a Horror film that would freak anyone out! There is also some great character development, especially with the leads Sarah & Juno. Overall I highly enjoyed it and have seen it quite a few times now, and would certainly recommend it to Horror buffs! Expand
  5. Sep 2, 2014
    "The Descent" is possibly the scariest movie ever made, and it's one of the best horror movies of the 2000's, and, possibly, of all time. It's unpredictable, intense, enjoyable, and extremely original. It perfectly combines jump scares with pure tension. I give it my highest recommendation.
  6. Nov 7, 2014
    It's brutal,gore and the monsters are terrifying,this movie is just incredible.The female characters are plausible and the scenario is good.Probably one the most scary movie in years.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 30
  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. Reviewed by: Dan Jolin
    Brutal, bloody, terrifying, astonishing... And so tense it'll leave you aching. The most significant Brit chiller since "28 Days Later."
  2. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    The chills and spills keep comin' to agreeable effect in Brit-made scarefest The Descent.
  3. Reviewed by: Jeremy Knox
    All in all, this is an accessible art house horror film whose trailer and premise do not do justice to the end result.