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  2. Negative: 6 out of 32
  1. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    A yellow dog of a movie that delights in offending the offendable. It's also a whitesploitation classic, from its menacing sideburns to its demented laughter.
  2. 80
    Zombie fills The Devil's Rejects with thrilling setpieces, pays homage to his inspirations without outright ripping them off (most of the time), brings back some cult-movie icons (hello, Mary Woronov and E.G. Daily), and works in some profanely clever dialogue.
  3. For the right audience, this movie is the butt-kicking, dirt-talking, blood-spurting equivalent of beautiful music.
  4. 80
    The sadism of "1,000 Corpses" is ameliorated here by the addition of an action plot and open spaces, and the comedy is more skillfully played, mingling agreeably with Zombie's ardor for southern trash culture (the final showdown plays out to the strains of "Freebird," for heaven's sake)
  5. It plays like "Bonnie & Clyde" as made by a committee comprised of George Romero, Sam Peckinpah, Tobe Hooper, Sergio Leone and John Waters -- but Zombie still manages to inject a pervasive flavor all his own.
  6. 78
    The year's most viciously entertaining psycho-road-movie-revenge-'n'-wreckage-romance.
  7. If you're not in the mood for "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" meets "Last House on the Left," stay very far away. Horror fans will find what they're looking for, though.
  8. 75
    Here is a gaudy vomitorium of a movie, violent, nauseating and really a pretty good example of its genre. If you are a hardened horror movie fan capable of appreciating skill and wit in the service of the deliberately disgusting, The Devil's Rejects may exercise a certain strange charm.
  9. A tough internal struggle must take place before one can come forward and admit enjoying The Devil's Rejects, a movie so fundamentally horrible that even its creator has to admit he's basically made a 101-minute snuff film.
  10. 75
    Indefensible on a moral level, Rob Zombie's perversely watchable follow-up to his much-reviled cult hit "House of 1000 Corpses" is loaded with filmmaking energy.
  11. The cast is full of cool cult actors past and present, and the movie is great at what it does. It's also brutal as hell, and not everyone will have the stomach for it.
  12. 70
    Much of Devil's Rejects is absolutely hilarious, especially the brief appearance by a Gene Shalit-like film critic who explicates all the Groucho Marx references. Zombie's eye for the faux-'70s detail is perfect.
  13. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    A blood-smeared and almost completely scurrilous love letter to anyone who ever appeared in the junk movies of the '60s through '80s.
  14. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    If you can stomach the violence -- and despite the R rating, that's a big if -- it's hard to deny that Zombie has made exactly the movie he set out to make, guaranteed to satiate his considerable fan base and sicken just about everyone else.
  15. 60
    Rob Zombie's pitch-perfect evocation of '70s horror films about monstrous families and the unfortunates who cross their path is one of a handful of sequels that both improve on their sources and play perfectly as stand-alones.
  16. Reviewed by: Jeremy Knox
    Zombie has a great eye and ear for the look and sound of the genre. From the over-saturated yellow desert to the sound of a newscast. He’s got it down perfect.
  17. Zombie doesn't pretend to be on the side of the victims. He makes no bones about his identification with the sexy outlaw serial killers.
  18. Completely unhinged, a garish and gonzo walk on the wild side.
  19. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    A little of this will go a long way.
  20. Surely, this bloodthirsty comic farce about a sadistic backwoods family being hunted by a sadistic backwoods sheriff is the "Citizen Kane" of hix-ploitation horror.
  21. The Devil's Rejects is a trompe l'oeil experiment in deliberately retro filmmaking. It looks sensational, but there is a curious emptiness at its core.
  22. 50
    An exercise intended exclusively for fans of the genre, another crude, hard-R bloodbath from the studio that brought you "High Tension" and "Saw."
  23. 40
    This film is lean, tight and irredeemably vile. People are gonna love it.
  24. 40
    Crass, vacuous exercise in grind-house stylistics.
  25. Reviewed by: Kim Newman
    It’s uncomfortably the work of someone who thinks mass murder is cool and has no feeling for regular humans.
  26. While this may all sound seductively warped to those who enjoy movies featuring sexually deviant confinement and torture, blasphemous rants and rampaging rednecks, The Devil's Rejects does not live up to its sick, twisted and campy intentions. "Straw Dogs" meets "Smokey And The Bandit" for the new millennium it ain't.
  27. 30
    By rubbing your nose in this hillbilly mayhem, Zombie all but dares you to acknowledge your liberal elitism, simply because just now, in Dubya's America, you don't happen to find anything particularly funny or lovable about stupid, dangerous provincials.
  28. The movie's signal flaw -- that is, other than its degeneracy, its sloppiness, its love of dark things and pretty stains and arterial spray patterns -- is Moseley as the demonic Otis.
  29. A pastiche of sadistic horror-movie cliches with minor traces of wit but major overflows of perversity.
  30. 12
    This is a vile and reprehensible motion picture.
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  1. BigBob
    Sep 3, 2009
    This is a great movie. how many horror movies have actually had the ability to make you feel bad for the sick twisted degenerates at the end.This is a great movie. how many horror movies have actually had the ability to make you feel bad for the sick twisted degenerates at the end. I know the answer for me is 1, and its this movie. Plus for those that dont know, one of the whores that gets shot is the voice actor of Tommy Pickles from Rugrats... added bonus Full Review »
  2. Dec 19, 2013
    The film has a good direction, is charismatic, is well developed, has good characters, and at times has a huge personality, but the biggestThe film has a good direction, is charismatic, is well developed, has good characters, and at times has a huge personality, but the biggest problem here is that it only excites at the last 20 minutes. Full Review »
  3. Feb 22, 2013
    Robert Cummings, better known as Rob Zombie, isn't exactly a very good director. If you've seen "House of 1000 corpses" you've probablyRobert Cummings, better known as Rob Zombie, isn't exactly a very good director. If you've seen "House of 1000 corpses" you've probably realized that this movie is extremely chaotically written and directed. There's no straight line or anything like that to be found in the movie. To be clear, this isn't exactly always a bad thing. But for some reason, in House of 1000 corpses it just didn't work for me. In it's sequel, "The Devil's Rejects", you'll find something which feels way more like a movie that's actually finished. Rob Zombie has a twisted mind. I'm a fan of the guy's music so that made me wondering what kind of movies he would make. Well, kind of exactly what I expected. Pretty sick and twisted. Good. I love the cast in the first place, including his beautiful wife Cherri-moon Zombie, who practically plays in all his movies. You'll follow a psychotic, sick minded family on a road rampage, actually it's nothing more than that. Which is fine in this case. It's everything this movie needs. It starts off with some cops and a sheriff surrounding the house where the family is in which ends up in a massive shoot-out. From there on it's nothing more than a bloody and sick road trip. Don't expect a deep story line or outstanding dialogues. You will not enjoy this movie if you do that. If you expect a pretty mindless, blood packed rollercoaster ride with even some family drama, you'll probably love it. There even is a chance that, like me, you'll actually somehow gonna feel sorry for one of the most psychotic families in movie history. Hell yeah, Rob Zombie! Full Review »