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  • Summary: Set on a sheep farm in the remote town of Parkes, Australia in 1969, this is the amusing story of a satellite interface that served as a relay between NASA and Apollo 11 during the historic mission to the moon.
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  1. Positive: 25 out of 27
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  1. It's a lovely, original, Australian take on a climactic moment usually thought of as all American.
  2. 88
    Cannily weaving cross-cultural comedy with we-can-do-it humor in the spirit of "The Full Monty," the film builds to a rousing climax.
  3. Takes unabashed delight in itself and its own culture.
  4. Works well as a metaphor for a more innocent time.
  5. 75
    Dramatically moving and good-naturedly humorous, it transmits a sharp picture of humanity that inspires both awe and laughter.
  6. 70
    Surprisingly moving -- prompting lumps in the throat over what was, after all, a historic moment of the most luminous hope.
  7. Reviewed by: Robert Horton
    If it weren't so pushy about selling itself, The Dish might have been a very special movie.

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  1. HelenW.
    Dec 13, 2006
    One of my favorite movies. Anyone alive at the time the movie takes place is going to appreciate it. Very nostalgic, accented with popular music of the time, as well as a very nice score. I've seen it many times, and it still brings tears to my eyes. It is very sweet, funny and moving. One of the few moments in history you when you could believe we have the capacity to get it right, and you are glad to relive it again and again. Collapse
  2. Nov 14, 2012
    The Dish is a wonderful Australian comedy set in the daring days of the space race. Sam Neil is wonderful and the film is one of those happy films that reminds man of his better side. Expand
  3. JayH
    May 5, 2009
    Sweet Australian film The cast is wonderful and give very real and natural performances. The characters are very well defined. Great cinematography, well written and directed. It's a fine, solid film. Expand

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