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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 24
  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. Re-released now in a digitally enhanced, sonically improved and slightly longer version, the movie is even better than it was in 1973.
  2. Friedkin has said the new, expanded version of his film has a more spiritual tone. But it's still a shocker.
  3. Classically scary.
  4. 100
    Isn't just a horror film, but an American classic. Watch again and reflect for days after -- at your own risk.
  5. Here, in paranoid, bad acid trip form, is the real birth of girl power.
  6. That's what directors do when they have nothing new to say: They go back and rewrite the past, if only to avoid facing the future
  7. Reviewed by: John Hartl
    The best thing about the new Exorcist is the spiffed-up soundtrack.
  8. Reviewed by: Robert Koehler
    This edition of the seminal example of genre sensationalism refined by the cream of Hollywood craftsmanship is more complicated than a standard director's cut.
  9. 89
    It's shlock, yes, but at least it's highbrow shlock.
  10. 88
    Was and is a brilliant horror film, one with an archetypal ability to reach and disturb us. If I were showing The Exorcist to a friend, I would show the 1973 version without the slightest hesitation.
  11. 88
    The Exorcist has lost none of its ability to invade your nightmares.
  12. 88
    His (Friedkin) very lack of subtlety is both the strength and weakness of The Exorcist in the 21st century.
  13. Suffice it to say I prefer the original conclusion, and I think most Exorcist fans will agree
  14. The amazing thing about the film, for anyone who hasn't had an intentional Hollywood scare lately, is that it still delivers on the most visceral level
  15. 88
    Retains the power to turn heads -- and stomachs.
  16. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    An upsetting landmark. Don't take the children.
  17. 80
    There's something elemental about The Exorcist, even with the new hopeful ending that betrays the bleak original.
  18. A museum piece, something to be enjoyed for its historical value.
  19. Reviewed by: Don Druker
    You're scared witless much of the time, even if you conclude afterward that this 1973 movie was really pretty amateurish and simpleminded.
  20. The movie that launched a new era in horror films, and which, for one generation, remains one of the scariest experiences of their lives.
  21. Reviewed by: Frank Lovece
    This truly terrifying film version of the best-selling Blatty novel is far superior to the book.
  22. 70
    Still packs a wallop of terror for those with the strength of stomach for it.
  23. This hugely popular horror yarn is less a cleverly spun story than a disjointed collection of shockeroos, surrounding a few ghoulishly effective moments with overcooked plot twists and in-your-face vulgarity.
  24. 11 minutes longer than the original, and 11 minutes worse.
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  1. Oct 5, 2011
    "The Exorcist" is a blood-rushing horror movie that will genuinely scare your ass off with its A grade makeup and a chilling performance by Linda Blair. It will remain as one of the true horror movies throughout the history of films. Full Review »
  2. Oct 31, 2010
    This movie is the scariest of all time! Gave me nightmares as a kid and the Blu Ray 2 disc set doesn't disappoint... The documentary and making of additions are A+. Full Review »
  3. VanessaL.
    Mar 12, 2007
    This movie is sooooooooooo scarey that I had to sleep with my parents for a whole week. Just the thought of being in a bedroom creeps me out due to the fact that most of the film is shot in Ragen's room. The effects are brilliant, and the film itself does its job as a horror flick; it lets our imaginations run wild without our control. If you like extreme horror movies, you should definetly consider watching this. Otherwise, KEEP AWAY UNTIL YOU CAN TAKE IT!!! Full Review »