IDP Distribution | Release Date: September 18, 2002
Summary: Inspired by the Stanford Prison Experiment, this psychological drama focuses on twenty paid recruits who are divided into groups "prisoners" and "guards" and are let loose in a controlled prison-like environment.


Rating: Rated R for strong violence, disturbing situations, language, sexuality and nudity.
Production: Senator Film Produktion
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: Germany
Language: German
Home Release Date: Jul 1, 2003
Director Credit
Oliver Hirschbiegel Director
Writer Credit
Christoph Darnstädt Screenplay
Don Bohlinger Screenplay
Mario Giordano Screenplay
Principal Cast Credit
Christian Berkel Steinhoff - Häftling Nr. 38/Prisoner #38
Moritz Bleibtreu Tarek Fahd - Häftling Nr. 77/Prisoner #77
Oliver Stokowski Schütte - Häftling Nr. 82/Prisoner #82
Cast Credit
Danny Richter Häftling Nr. 21/Prisoner #21
Justus von Dohnanyi Berus - Strafvollzugsbeamter/Guard
Markus Rudolf Häftling Nr. 74/Prisoner #74
Nicki von Tempelhoff Kamps - Strafvollzugsbeamter/Guard
Peter Fieseler Häftling Nr. 11/Prisoner #11
Polat Dal Häftling Nr. 40/Prisoner #40
Ralf Müller Häftling Nr. 15/Prisoner #15
Stephan Szasz Häftling Nr. 53/Prisoner #53
Sven Grefer Häftling Nr. 94/Prisoner #94
Thorsten Dersch Häftling Nr. 86/Prisoner #86
Timo Dierkes Eckert - Strafvollzugsbeamter/Guard
Wotan Wilke Möhring Joe - Häftling Nr. 69/Prisoner #69
Producer Credit
Benjamin Herrmann Co-Producer
Friedrich Wildfeuer Producer
Marc Conrad Producer
Norbert Preuss Producer
Philip Evenkamp Executive Producer
Ulrike Leibfried Associate Producer