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  1. 100
    A movie that you might want to see for no other reason than because it exists. There will never be another like it.
  2. A deliciously vivid adventure fantasy.
  3. 91
    It's the most glorious, wonderful mess put onscreen since Terry Gilliam's "Brazil."
  4. Dazzling and delirious, The Fall is a celebration of cinema, of old-fashioned storytelling and globe-hopping spectacle.
  5. Reviewed by: Glenn Kenny
    The Fall is a movie whose every frame pulsates with the desire to be a transportive, transcendent work of cinema. And each one of said frames is full of visual bedazzlement and wonder. So full that one is loathe to sum up with the phrase "Close, but no cigar." But there is something, finally, kind of pushy about the film's desire to be a masterpiece.
  6. 80
    The Fall is often an affectionate caricature itself, but one of astonishing beauty, featuring two heartfelt performances from Untaru and the tender, often mordantly funny Pace. They're perfect foils for Tarsem's gorgeous tone poem to cinema as a medium of magic and miracles, stories and lies.
  7. 78
    The Fall lives and dies on the strength of Pace and Untaru's remarkable performances. It's there that the pulsing heart of this magical-real film beats most true.
  8. It's an achingly beautiful movie and a triumph of location scouting, with more cosmopolitan spectacle than the past three Indiana Jones and James Bond movies combined.
  9. 75
    Although the film revolves around a child, it's not a children's movie: A cruel and bitter undertone runs through the fanciful adventures, and Walker's depression is no mere plot contrivance to be cured by Alexandria's childish enthusiasm.
  10. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    The Fall is aptly named not only because it pertains to a tragic descent but because viewers will feel as if they have plunged headlong into an alternate universe with this dazzling adult fairy tale.
  11. 70
    Director Tarsem (The Cell) reworks the 1981 Bulgarian film "Yo Ho Ho" for this stylish fantasy.
  12. Some of the set pieces are ravishing, more often they're ravishingly clunky.
  13. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    The Fall is what you'd get if you told a fiendishly gifted graphic illustrator the plot of "The Princess Bride" and sent him off to come up with his own version.
  14. Reviewed by: Nick Pinkerton
    If the human details are often problematic, the IMAX-grade bombast, ceremonial camera, and Jodorowsky-esque eclecticism still combine for a singular spectacle.
  15. 58
    There's no doubt that Tarsem's a visionary director. Now he needs to envision a worthwhile script for himself.
  16. Reviewed by: John DeFore
    Tarsem and his screenwriting collaborators aren't able to come up with enough interesting justifications for their sudden shifts, and soon the shape-shifting yarn just feels like lazy storytelling.
  17. It has a rich premise and no lack of amazements. What it lacks in any sort of dramatic shape.
  18. 50
    It's the kind of movie for which the phrase ''you've never seen anything like it before'' was invented. The question is whether anyone would want to.
  19. 50
    It's basically a Middle Eastern version of "The Princess Bride" with an assisted-suicide subplot.
  20. 50
    Pretty pictures - thats what The Fall has to offer.
  21. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    This convoluted, arbitrary, overlong whimsy will strike most grown-ups as childish, and is far too violent and pretentious for kids.
  22. Reviewed by: Mark Olsen
    There is never a sense that The Fall exists for any reason besides simply being something nice to look at. Yet no matter how good-looking a film may be, if it's as sleep-inducing as this, there's simply no point.
  23. 40
    A genuine labor of love -- and a real bore.
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  1. Nov 24, 2013
    A magical and visual masterpiece. Make sure you watch it in 1080p, it's just beautiful. Great acting and directing. The design and creativity of this movie is something else. But be warned, it's not for everyone 9/10 Full Review »
  2. Oct 1, 2013
    Tarsem weaves surrealist motifs into this Gilliamesque fantasy that will appear to the more visual-minded viewer (guess who saw Baraka?) They don't make them like this very often, and they may never again. Full Review »
  3. Jun 2, 2013
    A beautiful film! This brilliant, captivating, epic adventure took 4 years to film and used locations in over 20 countries including India, South Africa,'s a brilliant film that everyone should experience because there will never be another one like it. Stunning visuals, fantastic cinematography, and a flawless lead performance from Lee Pace make The Fall one of the most fantastical adventure films of the 2000s and one of the best films dealing with suicide. Full Review »