The Flower of Evil

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  • Summary: Set in the Bordeaux region of France, Flower of Evil tells the story of the Charpin-Vasseurs, one of the most well respected upper middle class families in the region. The family's picture perfect image is shattered when murder occurs. (Palm Pictures)


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  1. Chabrol's filmmaking has rarely seemed more assured, elegant, and intelligent.
  2. This is another gratifying gem from a master.
  3. 75
    I feel such an affection for Chabrol and his work that I probably can't see The Flower of Evil as it would be experienced by a first-time viewer. Would that newcomer note the elegance, the confidence, the sheer joy in the way he treasures the banalities of bourgeois life on his way to the bloodshed?
  4. If you can figure out all the intricate and incestuous family backstory of this domestic melodrama by Claude Chabrol, there's a certain amount to appreciate, though most of this is more cerebral than emotional.
  5. Elaborately establishes a mood but fails to deliver a dramatic payoff.
  6. 60
    Wanders rather than moves chillingly toward its climax.
  7. You've heard this one before, and in an edgier way -- yet you still admire the old-fashioned storytelling.

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