The Full Monty


Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31

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  1. TNT RoughCut
    Reviewed by: Laurence Lerman
    While slight and fairly unassuming considering its subject, the cast is uniformly fine.
  2. 50
    An enjoyable, ultimately inconsequential crowd-pleaser.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 38 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Feb 7, 2012
    Personally, I think this one of the best comedies ever! A classic! Truly delightful! My son, and I have watched it a few times. He is 11 andPersonally, I think this one of the best comedies ever! A classic! Truly delightful! My son, and I have watched it a few times. He is 11 and he loves it too. He is a pretty selective, intelligent, and sweet boy, who doesn't enjoy gruesome humour, but a sharp and witty one, so he at his age can already distinguish good films from second class, vulgar movies. It is not my intention to be snob, but I find sad the fact that now, what is considered a 'cool' comedy but modern society is often mediocre, silly, tacky, and tasteless. This film, on the other hand, is the opposite. Certainly, there is swearing and there is a bathroom escene that some may not like but it works in its context. The topic is related to sex of course, but I think this movie is outstanding, not only because of the dynamics between the characters and their interplay, but also because it breaks with stereotypes and in its ways, tells us a bit about human resilience. It is not a Hollywood comedy, it is one of those that although are relaxed, engaging and easy to watch, still has profoundity. I will never get sick of it! About the performances : 10 points...and the last part of the movie couldn't be better! Magnificent! Full Review »
  2. Mar 13, 2011
    Sax, sex and six socks! Or rather "The focusing".

    Sorry. Translation Italian / English mechanics. The story begins .... Sheffield - Steel
    Sax, sex and six socks! Or rather "The focusing".

    Sorry. Translation Italian / English mechanics. The story begins .... Sheffield - Steel When you're unemployed, we say loud and clear, you are "set aside" in every sense. The status of unemployed, with all its consequences, is your new identity card as credit or debit is preferable to deliver and with it you have to do the math. The natural habitat in which you move, the day before you saw casual "protagonist" becomes, day after day, a trap. A terrible trap. The persons, property, finance the animals, seem to look like an extra something. The metamorphosis completes its cycle, regardless of geographic location and the situation that takes registry that you find. Married or not, with or without children. In short, you are a structurally changed, in body and mind. The steel workers of the five continents is the same toghether, disabling destiny. They are the face, and grimaces. If you add that the steel in the new role of "bouncer", have you ever felt you, the inner isolation is even stronger. Is it tiring to interact with others, continue to give value to life. Affects falls straight as the stock price. The economic collapse is accompanied by emotional meltdown. The "shall" replaces the "I". It just so happens that ... even in Sheffield, "the driving force of the industrial North of Britain, the jewel of the York region Share;" home "for over half a million people and thousands of others who come here every day to make purchases and work, it happens that ... 25 years later, the 90,000 employed in the sector "stainless" steel Unemployed are now .... ", his mind as a response to" adaptive "reports a slow but inexorable process of impoverishment." In this environment, ages, and takes away the very human adventure of our heroes. The year is 1997. Are 6 (six). There are six co-heads thinking, all of Sheffield, or residing there for many years, no longer accustomed to reading the contents of a paycheck and they face the inevitable problems arising from lost revenue. But the desire to avoid feeling "defeated", the perception of powerlessness that goes with it convinces them to begin a long journey into the common decency going over all the stages. The hypermoral are encouraged to expand the line of sight and mind. At the end of the trip, probably, new perspective to life, just waiting to be realized. It is probably the point. Set up a show. The goal is - put on a show -. And what a show! But what to offer? A "full service", literally "The Full Monty." You know, every group has a leader. Our group is headed by a former metalworkers. Gaz Robert Carlyle / is the "mind business." Married and separated, he wants to regain the affection and esteem of his wife and son. The latter, a real thorn in the side of the father as well as his producer, makes a mirror of truth. In this mirror Gaz finds strength and patience for an honest act. So I understand. The project at first glance seems to be the funny one found that a business idea, but Gaz is able to involve other five members, a little 'know them personally, as he attended an employment office, which has become over time a kind of bar . And some 'memorable auditions with "respectable". E 'in these "hearings" that will do the knowledge of the mythical horse Paul Barber /. The group as a cohesive ball of cotton candy, until the "before", shall be subjected to harsh psychological and physical exercises and nice to find the perfect shape. Nothing is left to chance, everything is taken care of every detail, costumes, location, setting, and especially the music. Hot stuff (Donna Summer); You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate); Rock & Roll (Gary Glitter); We are family (Sister Sledge); You can leave your hat on (Tom Jones). To name a few. The group in front of a room full of people, after liberating the historical S. . . . . . . . . . able to put an end to sacrifices, embarrassment, isolation, misunderstanding, unspoken words, loves lost, loves lost, loves suffered, not understood, unpaid bills, stolen property, confiscated property and especially DIVERSITY '?? Peter Cattaneo / director, Simon Beaufoy writer / were able to create a social mix that allows movie-food for thought about the capacity of re-birth, re-process the thought, in spite of himself subjected to the inevitable stress "political -economic-social ". "The Focusing - Focusing". How many are able to do so? It 'hard, really hard not to love the characters in this film. All. Good Clicks!
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  3. melissas.
    Dec 4, 2005
    This one is for keeps :D