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  • Summary: He knew the law, but he forgot the rules: Never get involved with a client. And never put your family in danger. Step into the courtly world of Savannah's top-tier law firms. Meet one of the brightest young stars of the bar, Rick Magruder (Branagh). And witness how his obsession with a beautiful, mysterious client (Davidtz), stalked by her deranged father, plunges him into a world of terrifying intrigue and deadly deceit. (Universal) Expand
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  1. Branagh, chewing on a plummy Georgia accent, makes the divorced, boozing, and womanizing Magruder a smug yet touchingly vulnerable legal player.
  2. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    A fascinatingly strange and chaotic ballet set to familiar noir motifs.
  3. 75
    It's all atmospheric, quirky and entertaining: the kind of neo-noir in which old-fashioned characters have updated problems.
  4. One of those movies that's great fun to watch, even if it decomposes more totally in your mind with each step out of the auditorium.
  5. Reviewed by: David Sterritt
    The acting is also solid, starting with Branagh's believable Georgia accent.
  6. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    There is a trumped-up quality to the action climaxes that is disappointingly perfunctory, and the story's final revelation is simultaneously far-fetched and unsurprising.
  7. Built on one of those particularly ludicrous plots in which, just before the end, we are meant to believe that a long succession of coincidences was really a diabolical scheme. [23 Feb 1998, p. 24]

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  1. TheLivesofGilbertMulroneycakes
    Jan 29, 2006
    Robert Altman? Robert ALTMAN? Doing John Grisham? File alongside "Johnen Vasquez creating a series for Nickelodeon" under Things That Are Impossible. Good film, this, if completely disposable. The plot's built on cloud, candyfloss and air, but it's engaging while you're there. The committed performances of Branagh, Davidtz and co help, as does Altman's predispostition for stories with lots of people doing different things at once. Worth a look. Expand