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  1. chw
    Jul 18, 2014
    The Godfather is a really really good movie. Through the 175 minutes of The Godfather, there is never a part that is boring or doesn't make any sense.
  2. Jun 23, 2014
    I'd never seen the Godfather prior to this weekend. A friend of mine asked how I can consider myself a movie reviewer, when I haven't even seen the film that is widely considered to be the best of all-time. He had a point, so I decided to rent it and my verdict is it. While the Godfather is a tremendous epic drama, I really don't see how it is considered to be the best film ever made. It's a great story, with a superstar cast, which set the genre for all the mafia films that followed, but that in and of itself means the film is going to have problems. As with other mafia films, it's difficult to keep track of who's who in the large cast. It also moves rather quickly and viewers like myself are going to have a very difficult time of trying to follow the erratic timeline of the film. Some parts move at a snails pace, while other just fly by, and what is with the music? The soundtrack is almost as acclaimed as the film, but honestly if I had to hear that song one more time, during this three hour epic, I may have gone out and killed someone myself. For those unfamiliar with the story, it follows the evolution of the Corleone family, as they transition from one leader to the next. The story is fantastic and is the furthest thing from predictable that you will ever find. It is filed with classic scenes and renowned performance from Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, but I really have a hard time calling such a complicated story with that much violence, the best of all-time. The Godfather is a terrific movie, and I'm glad that I finally got to see it, but in a word, the film is overrated. Expand
  3. Jun 19, 2014
    An absolute masterpiece. This adaptation of Mario Puzo's novel is perfectly directed and masterfully acted. A never-aging classic that proves that cinematography can be an art.
  4. May 20, 2014
    All though those three hours were a bit exhausting to me, I would still say that watching "The Godfather" was exiting and thrilling, and I would recommend it to everyone, just so everyone could see what the buzz over this film is all about.
  5. May 11, 2014
    Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather is widely considered One of the Greatest Films ever made and there's a reason for that. It's because of its stellar screenplay, the beauty with which Coppola was able to capture capture the slow and subtle corruption of Michael Corleone under particular circumstances and the beauty with which Al Pacino personified that with a tour de Force performance. It just doesn't get much better than this. Th Godfather breaks new boundaries and represents the gold standard in film making. Expand
  6. Apr 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie is to damn overrated. This movie was so boring that it took me 13 attempts to watch it. I fell asleep every time I saw it and at last I wanted to complete this movie so badly that I slept and kept an alarm reminding me of watching the godfather. And then I finally completed watching this **** film and was disappointed like hell. The only good point of the movie was the acting and if I would've just watched it maybe I would've given it a 5 /10 but due to the high rating I gave this **** a 0. Expand
  7. Apr 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love this movie over 5 years now. I've seen a lot of movies since that time and none of it will ever compare to this masterpiece. Al Pacino is the best gangster ever! It did changed my ideology. Just a few movies could do that and that is one of them! Expand
  8. Apr 16, 2014
    En su época esta película fue muy reveladora con el tema de pelis de Gangster, gran escenografia en retratando esos años 40, unas interpretaciones soberbias, la banda sonora, una historia muy cruda y a la vez maravillosa. Imprescindible.
  9. Apr 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Godfather Review
    by Al Carlson

    The Godfather is a film considered by most to be one of the greatest ever made. From The American Film Institute to as voted by users on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) it is consider to be one of the best. As a film that ranks as high as other masterpieces including Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction and 12 Angry Men, The Godfather is an exceptional piece of cinema excellence that is flawless and is simply the pinnacle crime drama.
    The Godfather revolves around the Corleone’s, an Italian family with deep roots in the New York City mafia. The head of the Corleone’s is Don Vito Corleone, a man who takes care of his family and demands respect in return. His son Michael however, who just returned home from World War II, doesn’t want to become involved with the family business. The Sollozzo’s, a family of drug dealers, confront Don and request protection in exchange for profits from the Sollozzo’s drug sales. But Don declines the offer, for he is against selling narcotics. The rejected offer starts what turns into an all out mafia war between the two families with Michael diving deep into the mafia lifestyle.
    The characters are portrayed by a legendary all-star cast including Marlon Brando as Don, Al Pacino as his son Michael and James Caan as Don’s oldest son Sonny. The casting for this film has been considered by many to be the best casted film in history for their astonishing performances. All three main actors were nominated for an academy award, but only Marlon Brando won an Oscar for best actor in a leading role. It’s fascinating to watch how these characters change over the course of the movie, with one in particular changing drastically.
    Directer Francis Ford Coppola, being raised in an Italian-American family in New York, understood Italian culture exceptionally and made the film very authentically. Everything from the wedding dances to the cuisine to the terms used by the characters in Sicilian come from Coppola’s first-hand knowledge of Italian-American culture. Italian composer Nino Rota did an outstanding job making the soundtrack for the film, despite not getting the Oscar for best music (but he did win an Oscar for his work in the sequel, The Godfather: Part II). Virtually everyone recognizes that iconic trumpet solo once it starts playing. He also wrote the score for another great Italian film 8 1/2.
    This film should be immediately followed up by it’s sequel, The Godfather: Part II, which also won best picture. The series still holds the title of most best picture awards for a film series to this day. They’re both flawless crime dramas and have earned their titles as some of the best pieces of cinema ever. I will guarantee you won’t be able to see this film only once, as it gets better after continual viewings. There is really nothing more to add other than if you haven’t seen this movie yet, it’s about time you did. The Godfather is a movie you can’t refuse.
  10. Apr 1, 2014
    Masterfully done, and I am not just saying that. I watched the whole thing, and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen until the credits rolled. Summary, BEST MOVIE EVER.
  11. Mar 11, 2014
    The Godfather is unarguably the greatest film of all time. It dominates all its predecessors and its successors. Great acting performances also contribute to its magnificence.
  12. Mar 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. one of the greatest movies ever made... and also the best gangster film ever .. strong performance from the cast and good crew. excellent direction from ff coppala. Expand
  13. Mar 6, 2014
    The Godfather is the Coppola´s masterpiece, for many the best movie ever made. In my opinion the best movie ever made. The book writen by Mario Puzo is it self a masterpiece and the adapted screenplay is GREAT.
  14. Mar 6, 2014
    That's a movie to always remember. It becomes alive every time you watch it. The story is a diamond necklace. And with the finest actors becomes the finest movie of all time. I really feel ashamed not to give it a 10. It's the greatest in my opinion.
  15. Mar 6, 2014
    Inspired by the Five Families of New York City, The Godfather tells the story of how the Corleones are pushed against the wall by their rivals and other upcoming gangsters who want to make money by sources Don Vito deems beneath him, and their retaliation and its consequences. Alliances are formed in secret, murders are plotted, enemies are butchered or blown to pieces without remorse.

    Don Vito (Marlon Brando) and his sons Sonny (James Caan) and Michael (Al Pacino) are the main characters. The actors bringing them to life have succeeded in their jobs so supremely that these characters have become the stuff of legend. Don Vito's backstory from the novel was pushed into The Godfather Part II, and that was a practical decision as the movie was already three hours long. Sonny and Michael display their acumen for running criminal activities when the reins are handed to them in their turn. Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) is the consigliere, or the most trusted adviser, of the Don.

    We are transported from 1940s NYC ripe with Mafia bosses one-upping each other, to Sicily and Las Vegas. The characters are never shown to traverse great expanses of land or sea in search of destiny or whatever. Neither are they shown to be engaging in life-or-death situations where they have to come out on top using their wits or physical strength or endurance. But the change of settings does meet the requirements of the epic genre. Even though we don't get to see large scale gunfights or something like that, the fact that the Corleones are in all these places helps to form that opinion. The story is essentially about a single family, and you get the impression that the message here is that family is important, and that the lengths you're willing to go to to protect them knows no bounds.

    The Corleones' peace is fazed when a gangster offers them a deal in drugs. Don Vito expresses his disgust and refuses. This triggers an unexpected ploy for gaining power and upper hand and turns the conflict into a fully fledged gang war. Some characters are displaced, forced to take up arms, or caught in the crossfire. Another calamity strikes when things seem to have cooled down. Finally, the Corleones deal with their enemies effectively and ruthlessly. The victory is theirs, but if it is worth it is for the audience to decide.

    The Godfather's success lies in its rich story and characters. Often times, great stories come about by accident. The setting complements the plot and the characters, and becoming a character itself, creates a blend that is greater than the sum of its parts. These characters and plot could quite easily have worked in a medieval setting of dynasties warring for control over a kingdom, or any other setting for that matter, but the fact that the setting was New York City and the control over the city meant control over the most lucrative criminal activities, which is a decadent scheme, and immediately paints even the good guys in a bad light, was what in my opinion made The Godfather much more intriguing and enduring.

    There are many enemies to deal with. The film doesn't develop them at all. The Corleones are the only ones who are explored and developed as characters. At first it seems like it is a story of a group of people who have virtually everything they could ever want and the film would only chronicle their exploits as they vanquish this enemy and that. This changes as we move forward and witness the bloodshed.

    No good movie can come into being without good plotting, believable characterization, classy cinematography and memorable dialogue, and here it is all brought together nigh perfectly. The production design was impressive. The houses and their interiors, and the cars and costumes were fascinating and left me with a desire to be able to witness that world firsthand. The secondary characters may not have seemed to be given much screen time to develop them but the cast is so huge that if they had done it the movie would have been at least an hour longer. The score is so simple and true to the story that you don't need me to tell you that it may be the most memorable score ever.

    A lot of time is spent in contemplation and silence, as the characters decide what the best course of action should be in response to a particular problem. The dialogue fleshes out the characters very well. The Godfather is essentially a film that looks into the lives of the gangsters at the top of the hierarchy. We only see the comings and goings, and not the handiwork, of the men who carry out the orders of their bosses. No shootouts during the gang war are shown. The intrigue that directly affects the main characters is in itself so destructive and deadly that not once the exclusion of the ordinary mobsters bother me in any way.

    The Godfather cannot be dismissed as being merely about a mob family and a bunch of criminals. Given his later career, I think it's safe to venture that Coppola was born to make this movie.
  16. Feb 14, 2014
    This film was amazing. With great and true honesty it was, however I do believe it might be overrated just a bit. I liked it. From start to finish the story line was enough to keep someone watching. Without a doubt one of the greatest films I've seen. But In my opinion overrated.
  17. Feb 1, 2014
    Cold, calculative and distant; The Godfather's deliberate pacing, restrained acting and unemotional cinematography make it much more than a great gangster-crime drama - It's a fascinating study of the human psyche. Perhaps, the only dramatic aspect in this movie, at least in the conventional sense is Nino Rota's haunting score.
  18. Jan 31, 2014
    One of the best movies of all-time. You need to watch this before you exit this earth. Every character on this film is a fit. A good balance of drama and thriller. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. A true classic.
  19. Jan 18, 2014
    Everybody knows how good The Godfather is meant to be, and while the 100% may not be fully justified it is definitely a work of surpassing excellence. Francis Ford Coppola perfectly chronicles the late life of Don Vito Corleone also known as The Godfather. Simply witnessing all of the hugely famous scenes and impeccably written lines is an enjoyable experience. Yes it goes on for 3 hours but sitting through the whole thing is undeniably worth it. Some scenes are much more gripping than others, basically Marlon Brando's screen time is the best thing about it. However every second is interesting and almost deserves the 100%, I found it to be masterfully acted and with some brilliant direction, but the most impressive aspect of The Godfather is undoubtedly how engaging every second is despite going on for 180 minutes. I would say it's worth watching but it's cult status ensures you were going to anyway. Expand
  20. Jan 6, 2014
    One masterpiece i dunno any cons for this movie
    Epic movie which shows you the America of 30's and the sins of the american dream
    One of the best mafia movies ever seen and the best from the trilogy
  21. Dec 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have had this movie for many months but i never got time to watch it.
    Yesterday i did and i think ,like everybody say ,it is one of the best movies made ever.
    Al Pacino who was not very popular at that time make his breakthrough performance and he is just great in the role of Michael Corleone.
    About the legend Marlon Brando,he is just phenomenal,his facial expressions and husky voice just make his role one of the best characters.
    It is based on Mario Puzo's novel about five fictional mafia families and Must say he did a great job on screenplay too.
    There are some great as well as shocking scenes in this movie i.e.
    When Woltz wake up and finds a real severed head of a horse.
    Sonny beats up his brother-in-law Carlo.
    Prolonged fight between Connie and Carlo.
    Death of Apollonia Vitelli-Corleone.
    Death scene of Sonny ambushed by gang members at toll.
    The killings of all the other heads of Mafia families,Moe Green,Tesiso and Carlo.
    I loved the setting and style.
    James Caan,Richard S. Castellano,Robert Duvall,Diane Keaton & Talia Shire did great jobs too.
    Despite the many Anachronisms,this movie is just marvellous.
    I have read everything that Coppola dis to make this movie so outstanding.
    Maybe the best gangster movie ever made.
    Thanks Paramount,Francis Ford Coppola and every Cast-crew member related for producing this chef-d'oeuvre.
  22. Dec 21, 2013
    Greatest movie of all time enough said... about 5 of the best actors of our life time all give oscar performances.. best acted film of all time and not to mention the best screenplay of all time.. love pacino in this but brando, caan, and duvall also give us oscar perfor.. does not get any better than this.. at least i havent seen it yet
  23. Dec 18, 2013
    I'm going to throw him an offer he cant refuse The greatest film of all time words simply cannot give what marlon brando and coppola did for this movie is just showing you that nothing is impossible
  24. Dec 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Godfather is simply the god of films, it was a privilege to watch the Oscar winning performance of Marlon Brando, who conquered the role Vito Corleone. The film was a different class and is filled with incredible plots that is delivered in a fantastic mafia way. I recommend it to everyone even if they aren't into the gangster style films, it was no doubt the greatest film ever made. Each character resonates with you and the brilliant anti-hero role of Michael Corleone was a true gift to watch, which Al Pacino does not get enough credit for and was a genius replacement for Vito his father who's character was very difficult to equal.
    The scene in the restaurant between Michael, Sollozzo and McCluskey was magnificent and couldn't have been done any better, the suspense was outstanding from the bit Michael came back with the gun to the part he left the table with bullets in both men.
    When talking about leading you into movies, the Godfather pulled you in straight away the acting from Brando was intriguingly flawless. The first scene straight away brought the character Vito Corleone to life! We were never sure what Vito would say or what Michael would do, or how Sonny would react, which made me fall in love with the movie. And of course a big hand to the director Francis Ford Coppola, who brought us a film of pure gold that bestows the control of power from one generation to the other and character development of Michael was something special, when his father was shot the change took you by storm and when Sonny died he looked past justice and finished what his father had started, it was displayed with no fault what so ever and t all in all could not have been any better. The film take's you down the road of the powerful family crime dynasty and will blow your mind.
    The Godfather, is an offer you can't refuse.
  25. Dec 12, 2013
    I would say The Godfather is very overrated. It has terribly tedious delivery, and is basically just three hours of guys in suits sitting at a table talking about business.
  26. Dec 9, 2013
    I'm not a writer or a critic so I can't really tell you why this movie is perfect... but I know it is because of how I feel every time I see it. I'm moved.
  27. Dec 2, 2013
    The Godfather is not only one the greatest film of all movies, It became a landmark achievement in the history of movie cinema, It's so riveting & powerful -Jonathan32042talks
    (First Review)
  28. Nov 29, 2013
    Yeah so I guess I have to be that guy who says that he doesn't like "the best movie of all-time" the godfather. I love crime type movies and I went into this movie expecting something great. Unfortunately, this films incredibly long film time and boredom made it feel like 6 hours. Godfather definitely has some great performances especially from Marlon Brando, but that doesn't help me from wanting to fall asleep within the first 45 minutes. Goodfellas is the much superior movie for me as that movie is well acted, based on a true story, and entertaining. Expand
  29. Nov 24, 2013
    A prime example of realism at its finest. The aesthetics of the film are quite possibly the greatest, and most accurate, in cinematic history. A brilliant film with a superb, all-star lineup.
  30. Nov 23, 2013
    this is absolutely one of the best movies i've ever saw in my hole life,it have brilliant actings and an outstanding script,it deserves more oscars than just 3 prizes.

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  1. Just about as great as a movie's ever gonna be... As for the storytellng, The Godfather is an intricately constructed gem that simultaneously kicks ass.
  2. 100
    The picture is a series of mini-climaxes, all building to the devastating, definitive conclusion... It was carefully and painstakingly crafted. Every major character - and more than a few minor ones - is molded into a distinct, complex individual.
  3. 100
    The wedding sequence... is a virtuoso stretch of filmmaking: Coppola brings his large cast onstage so artfully that we are drawn at once into the Godfather's world.