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  1. ChadS.
    Apr 5, 2008
    An orchestral version of "The Universal" is featured prominently in "The Good Night", which suggest that Gary(Martin Freeman) and Paul(Simon Pegg) played in a Britpop band akin to Blur. Granted, coming up with original music that favors comparably with the likes of "Wonderwall"(Oasis) and "Common People"(Pulp) is harder than knocking off the sound and vision of f*****' Wham(as "Music and Lyrics" did last year), but c'mon, give us something more than an album jacket on a wall. The film doesn't try very hard to convince us that these television advert composers were part of a successful midlevel English band. Instead of performing sad piano ballads, Gary should be writing rock songs in his lucid dreams. With a little more ambition, "The Good Night" could've been a loosely based biography on Stuart Adamson of Big Country, who ended his life in a Hawaiian Holiday Inn. We need to see what's haunting Gary. "The Good Night" needs to show us the sold-out arenas, his girlfriend Dora(Gwynneth Paltrow) in her former incarnation as a groupie, you know, the whole kit-and-kaboodle of rockdom as it was during the early-nineties. Full Review »
  2. LeahH
    Mar 29, 2008
    oh my god. that movie sucked sooooo bad. i was hating it after just two minutes. seriously, nothing happened during the entire movie. except when gary the douchbag got hit by a car, that part i really enjoyed, but he lived, which made the movie suck again. don't rent it. don't watch it. it will seriously waste an hour and a half of your life. it'll make you feel stupid. it sucked. don't watch it. ever. Full Review »
  3. JayH.
    Mar 28, 2008
    I did not care for this movie. I thought it was pretentiously directed and written, uninvolving and poorly conceived. The acting is uneven. It's just not well done. Full Review »