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  • Summary: The much-anticipated sequel to the 2004 worldwide hit The Grudge, this terrifying thriller explores the dark secrets of the grudge as the terrifying supernatural curse is unleashed on a group of seemingly unrelated victims. One by one, they are infected by the grudge, which quickly moves from a burned-down house in Tokyo and spreads to everyone who crosses his path. (Columbia Pictures) Collapse
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  1. Once again, we're treated to loosely aligned scenes of half-formed characters getting a faceful of director Takashi Shimizu's croaking, implacable, and, yes, still scary housewife-geist.
  2. 50
    Generating gore-free unease through sound effects and scary faces is the specialty of director Takashi Shimizu, who helmed the original series (known in Japan as Ju-On). He creates some unsettling moments here, particularly a well-staged scene involving a body under the sheets and a man in a shower, but the evil ghost itself is a predictable, one-trick pony.
  3. There are fun distractions, but it's easy to focus on the flaws.
  4. A movie so bewildering and impenetrable that I believe it siphoned off a good 40 IQ points.
  5. Puberty causes an exponential increase in evil -- and in incoherence -- in The Grudge 2.
  6. 38
    The most popular facial expression for victims in The Grudge 2 is something I'd like to call "deep befuddlement." This time "deep befuddlement" goes double for paying customers.

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  1. ChristyB.
    Mar 25, 2008
    Awesome, I loved the movie the Grudge. It is really scary and there is a purpose to it. I jumped when I was watching it. But after that I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. The second movie was great too. I love horror movies. Expand
  2. MyleneB
    Oct 24, 2006
    Its is scary, and one of my favorite movies.
  3. RianL
    Oct 13, 2006
    The Grudge 2 is like the devil's haiku... the flowing hair, the flashing shadow images, the screams, the exceptional horror film and sequel no matter how you look at it, also includes superior acting and a more diverse and captivating plot line. Expand
  4. J.Bradley
    Oct 15, 2006
    As far as the J-horror phenomenon goes, The Grudge (Ju-On) is probably the best series to be "Americanized" (which may be why Sam Raimi chose this one to adapt.) The sequel gives director Shimizu a chance to abridge his original 4 movie series into two films and except for a few scenes and an ending that's fright, but not right - it's pretty consistent with the original. These movies will only be as memorable as long as the phenomenon of J-horror survives, and that may have pretty well run it's course. Expand
  5. AshleyM.
    Oct 14, 2006
    Some parts were scary but over all the movie made me laugh and thats pretty bad on the count of it was suppose to be scary if you want to see a comedy its great. But if you want ot see a scary movie it sucks. Expand
  6. SeanW.
    Oct 29, 2006
    This is a terrible film. It really went nowhere. They needed to get someone to write a plot for it. There is no point having good make-up and special effects if there is no storyline. Expand
  7. SangheeJ.
    Oct 23, 2006
    I'm a huge fan of Ju-On, which got under my skin and into my head. Traditionally, however, American horror films are about blood, and jumping out of the shadows and making the audience recoil in its seats. The Grudge 2 had none of this. [***SPOILERS***] I thought watching a girl regurgitate milk into its container to be one of the scariest moments in the film I loved the original Ju-On, which showed character development, and developed sympathy towards Kayako and Toshio, instead of showing them as mindless psychopaths. The movie The Grudge 2 was utterly stupid, and trying to double the fear by having more leap-outs, and two "grudges: appear near the end of the film. The only people who were freaked out by the movie were the 40 or so pre-teen yuppies who were giggling and "eek!"-ing the whole time. They were more engaging than the film I was watching. Save it for video, or not at all. If you want to be scared, watch Ju-On and its sequel. Expand

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