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  1. Aug 21, 2011
    I'm not sure that the "meaning" of the movie is particularly profound (despite the references to Tolstoy, French class differences, and the like) or that the two subplots are even as well integrated as they might be; The movie is nevertheless beautifully filmed, lovingly directed, well acted, and a delight to watch. Subtle, sly, touching, and respectful of its audience.
  2. Sep 15, 2011
    It's a relatively sweet movie. The ability of the new owner to come in and look behind the rough exterior that the Hedghog has built up over time is fascinating. But Paloma - the young girl - is so annoying in the first half of the film that she drained much of my will to keep watching.
  3. Sep 4, 2011
    The pre-teen 11 year old girl in Mona Achacheâ
  4. Sep 21, 2011
    This is a fine little movie that probably will not receive the attention it deserves. Paloma (the young girl) is eccentric but very intelligent, and the interplay between her, the Hedgehog (the concierege) and the new resident is very interesting. It really is a story of the humanity of a man who can see beneath the "hegdehog" exterior and bring out the true person which lays beneath. It's too bad this movie will probably not get the attention it deserves, but there is a lovely message here. Expand
  5. Oct 13, 2013
    A movie which has the power to demonstrate the advanced ability of French cinema, an industry often swept under the mat by American film conglomerates. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but most importantly, you'll believe it.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 22
  2. Negative: 2 out of 22
  1. Reviewed by: Calvin Wilson
    Oct 7, 2011
    The Hedgehog sneaks up on you with its heartfelt storytelling and sophisticated wit.
  2. Reviewed by: Marc Savlov
    Oct 5, 2011
    A light but emotionally heady confection from France.
  3. Reviewed by: Bill Goodykoontz
    Sep 22, 2011
    Igawa is almost a magical presence, projecting a calm in Ozu that is infectious.