New Yorker Films | Release Date: September 7, 2007
Summary: After working for three years on a novel, writer Martin Frost borrows the empty country house of his friends for a long-needed rest. No sooner does he arrive, however, than an idea for a new story inspires him to get back to work. When he wakes the following morning, eager to begin his new tale, Martin is shocked to find a strange young woman sleeping next to him in bed – the attractive, effervescent Claire. Presumably the niece of his hosts, Claire wittily overcomes Martin’s initial resistance to her, and the two of them agree to share the country house, while promising to respect each other’s space. Soon their attraction for each other takes over and they begin to fall in love; but is Claire really the person she claims to be? As Martin nears the finish of his story, Claire falls deathly ill. Does this mysterious muse have an existence independent from Martin’s story? Can the imaginary cross over into the real world, and, if so, what are the consequences? (New Yorker Films)
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Runtime: 94 min
Production: Peter Newman Productions
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Comedy
Countries: USA, Portugal, Spain, France
Language: English
Director Credit
Paul Auster Director
Writer Credit
Paul Auster Written By
Cast Credit
David Thewlis Martin Frost
Irène Jacob Claire Martin
Michael Imperioli Jim Fortunato
Paul Auster Narrator
Sophie Auster Anna James
Producer Credit
Eva Kolodner Executive Producer
Greg Johnson Executive Producer
Paul Auster Producer
Paulo Branco Producer
Peter Newman Executive Producer
Yael Melamede Producer