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  • Summary: The Intouchables tells the true story of a wealthy, physically disabled risk taker, the picture of established French nobility, who lost his wife in an accident and whose world is turned upside down when he hires a young, good-humored, black Muslim ex-con as his caretaker. Their bond proves the power and omniscience that love and friendship can hold over all social and economic differences. (The Weinstein Company) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 31
  2. Negative: 3 out of 31
  1. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    May 23, 2012
    Enjoy this movie for what it is - the kind of motion picture that can cause Champaign-like giddiness - and don't obsess over how true-to-life this work of fiction is.
  2. 75
    The Intouchables works as a crowd-pleaser not because it's true, but because it's a plausible enchantment.
  3. 70
    What it provides (instead of the thematically clever dialogue of typically subtle French comedy) is biting wit, poignancy and, forsaking some structural nuisances, the summer's best bromance.
  4. Reviewed by: Peter Travers
    May 24, 2012
    Sy and Cluzet are superb actors who demolish stereotypes about race and social class by finding a common humanity in their characters. Acting this good forgives a lot of sins.
  5. Reviewed by: Sheri Linden
    May 24, 2012
    In this sentimental feel-good saga of an ultra-wealthy quadriplegic and the petty criminal who becomes his caretaker, the chemistry between the two lead actors goes a considerable way toward elevating the broad-strokes culture clash. That's crucial to a film that is, in essence, a love story.
  6. Reviewed by: Michael O'Sullivan
    May 31, 2012
    The lens through which the The Intouchables was filmed may be too rose-colored for some people's taste, but the window that these talented performers throw open -- a window onto the strange and touching friendship between two very different men -- is crystal clear.
  7. Reviewed by: Jay Weissberg
    May 23, 2012
    Though never known for their subtlety, French co-helmers/scripters Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache have never delivered a film as offensive as "Untouchable," which flings about the kind of Uncle Tom racism one hopes has permanently exited American screens.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. May 25, 2012
    I don't see how anyone could not like this movie. The acting is good, the story reaches out to you, at times it is genuinely touching, and a moment later you will find yourself laughing in your chair. If you get the chance, see this movie. The great feeling you're left with alone is worth the money.

    I went to see this film with six or so friends, and while we're usually quite divided on whether a film was good or bad, we all agreed that this is one of the best movies you can go see this year.
  2. Sep 22, 2014
    This film teaches us to love life, to enjoy the little things, hope for the best, to appreciate what we have.

    In the film the life
    confronts two seemingly very different people: a nobleman Philip, (who was confined to a wheelchair as a result of the accident) and just escaped from prison Drissa , who was searching for a job.
    Between the representatives of different worlds magnetism appears, the cause of which is the ability to perceive each other as equals, and, of course, one thing in common - the need to help and take care of each other.
    This is what lays to the start of their extraordinary friendship. Driss brings to Philip`s life the spirit of adventure and spontaneity. Due to the fact that Driss perceives it as a full-fledged person, gives a hard moral impetus, inspires a very different view of the order of things, Philip finds the will to live.
    Philip trusts his new employee, sees it as a positive character traits. All this transforms life of Driss and opens its full potential.
    This history, in spite of the tragedy, perceives easily and doesn`t leave a negative. On the contrary - thanks to the perfect combination of drama and comedy is this film leaves a feeling of kindness touched to the core. The actors are great, they want to believe. Camerawork shows a lot of beautiful landscape scenes; and music leads to a complete delight.
    I strongly advise people of different age categories to see this movie. This is one of the best I've ever seen :-)
  3. Jun 22, 2012
    Touching, funny and a intriguing adventure. These are the words that describe this miraculous film and I could not say any less. With amazing acting, superb directing and an unforgettable story, you cannot keep yourself "intouchable" from this film. Expand
  4. Mar 4, 2014
    A real yin-yang relationship. I instantly bought the chemistry and haven't felt this drawn in to a developing relationship in a while. A charming, funny and refreshing take on quite a daring concept. Expand
  5. Jan 2, 2013
    The inouchables is the best french movie i've ver seen. It dark humor shines through the cracks made by the drama. The intouchables goes where other comedies do not dare to come and bring the "really wrong" humor at perfect moments. The comedy parts would probably get a 10 in my opinion however the drama parts are sometimes a bit sloppy. Furthermore I didn't like the ending, however it stil was acceptable. My compliments go to the two main actors and the writer of those dark jokes, really loved those ! Expand
  6. Apr 11, 2013
    Movies based on true stories are often the best. this is a very emotional story that makes me whine as much as it makes me laugh. When there's only good people you're gonna see a wonderment. Expand
  7. Jul 18, 2012
    Ok, so I went into this movie not knowing anything about the actors, director, or story so that I could give the movie an unbiased review so YOU could make an educated decision about seeing this film: and here we go. This movie isn't without its charms, believe you me, it will have you giggling one moment and dead silent the next, but its just that. You'll share no huge laughs or be truly concerned for the main characters and the way their lives intertwine. Don't get me wrong, both lead actors play their roles very well, but not enough to draw you truly in to this brief slice of their lives. Some parts of this movie felt like they were thrown in just to fill time and serve no other purpose. I cant give this movie a higher review but it does have its audience: those who need to know their are people out there who have it just a little worse than you do. But you still might not come away with that. Expand

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