Release Date: November 23, 2012
Summary: A feature documentary about one of the greatest sportsmen ever. Darko Kralj (the King) is the only sportsman in the history of sports who has beaten a world record in his category five times in a row at one world championship. A croatian paralympic, seriously wounded in 1991 during the war in Croatia, Darko Kralj has almost died. Doctors did not expect him to survive. Today, he lives with a wife and three sons, the eldest one being the one Darko is the most attached to. Some kind of similar destiny brought them together, the kid has lost his biological father in the war. Tereza, his wife, has her own life story. Going towards the end of this unusual life story, we shall more and more understand where his strength and incredible love for life comes from.


Runtime: 75 min
Genres: Sport, War, Family, Documentary
Country: Croatia
Language: Croatian
Director Credit
Dejan Acimovic Director
Producer Credit
Dejan Acimovic Producer
Tatjana Acimovic Executive Producer