The Last Sentence


Mixed or average reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15

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Critic Reviews

  1. Reviewed by: Glenn Kenny
    Jun 20, 2014
    A remarkably full-bodied and frank character study that illuminates the old saw about the political being personal in a genuinely unusual way.
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Rainer
    Jun 20, 2014
    It’s a big movie, but in an emotional, not a historical, sense. Oftentimes it has the hushness of a chamber drama even when the world is its stage.
  3. Reviewed by: Kenneth Turan
    Jun 19, 2014
    Measured and beautifully modulated, the 82-year-old director has the kind of sureness and fluidity that is easy to underestimate. But it's difficult not to be impressed by the results.
  4. Reviewed by: Bill Stamets
    Jul 17, 2014
    In the introspective The Last Sentence Swedish director Jan Troell invokes ’50’s and ’60’s Swedish cinema: masterly black-and-white cinematography, philosophical angst, a lifeless marriage and loved ones visiting from the afterlife.
  5. Reviewed by: Marc Mohan
    Jul 11, 2014
    Christensen, who played the James Bond villain Mr. White in "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace," cuts a striking, white-haired figure as Segerstedt, whose principled tirades against Hitler ultimately earn him the enmity of his prime minster and even his king.
  6. Reviewed by: Michael O'Sullivan
    Jul 11, 2014
    It’s a thoughtful and workmanlike portrait, but a less than profoundly moving one.
  7. Reviewed by: Farran Smith Nehme
    Jun 18, 2014
    This is a handsome movie, rich in period detail, but the stately pace slows to a crawl in the second half.
  8. Reviewed by: David Lee Dallas
    Jun 16, 2014
    Though ambitiously busy, the film is also self-sabotaging and stagnant, showcasing its main character's struggles without interpreting them into a cohesive thesis.

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