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  1. Feb 8, 2014
    Easily the best movie of 2014, The lego movie offers fresh animation, awesome puns and many famous actors such as Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman... I recommend this movie for immediate watch.
  2. Feb 8, 2014
    Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Expand
  3. Feb 10, 2014
    Am i the only one that thought this movie was awful? At first, i honestly thought the animation was a joke and was waiting for it to change from 1970's style stop motion animation to something from 2014 but nope! It stayed like that the entire movie. I just couldnt enjoy the clunky way the characters moved and eventually fell asleep (thankfully). The only saving grace was the batman character which made me smile but i cant remember laughing out loud once. I tried people! i really was the animation that totally killed it for me. Expand
  4. Feb 10, 2014
    Batman and the Star Wars scene was Ok, but the rest? Never get close to this movie.Lame story, boring characters the action scenes were too fast, the dialogues were too slow, a real tragedy all together...
  5. Feb 13, 2014
    In truth this is just an extended advertisement for the lego toy product. This visually fascinating and imaginative movie is totally undone by a boring story. Movie references and in jokes abound but cannot rescue it from the doldrums. The introduction of two human characters towards the end of the film does at least contextualise what has gone before to a satisfyingly positive conclusion. However, the hint of a possible sequel is a no no. Someone please ensure that all pieces are definitely locked away in a toy box. Expand
  6. Feb 8, 2014
    The LEGO Movie took me completely by surprise and blew my socks off. By all rights, it had no right to be good, as it seemed like a complete complete cosh cow movie. But somehow, it turned out to be the one of the most imaginative and fun movies for the whole family that takes a twist into straight up meta commentary by the end. The big thing that makes the movie run so well, apart from the really fast comedy coming at you most of the time, comes from the fact that it is, in fact, a LEGO movie, thus everything is based around LEGO physics, motion, and logic. This leads to a lot of jokes and clever use of the set pieces, which I mean quite literally. Honestly, I don’t think the movie would have worked if it took itself completely seriously, but since the plot runs on complete irony, that’s not a problem. Oh, and the acting is superb too, including Charlie Day, who I never would have recognized were it not for the credits. I’m not sure if anyone who hasn’t played with LEGOs or had a kid who did so would enjoy this movie as much apart from the subtle adult jokes that would slip past the kids, but maybe they could. It’s one of the most upbeat, charming, grin-inducing movies that I’ve seen in a while and I think it deserves a watch. Go out and feel like a kid again. Expand
  7. Feb 19, 2014
    Dire. I kept hoping things would pick up on account of the rave reviews this has been receiving, but it turned out to be an unfunny, unoriginal mess from start to finish. "Everything is awesome" -- it's the sort of thing you'll enjoy if you still think Lolcats etc are funny.
  8. Feb 15, 2014
    Wow. I felt actually bad and guilty after taking my child to see this. I felt like I just fed him McDonalds fries for dinner. I felt like he needed to read something quick. What a movie for the ADD crowd. One escape scene after another. Action so fast you cannot even tell what the heck is going on.Not that I really wanted to. All those stupid lasers being shot all the time. The story and script is awful and the jokes fell flat. There was no imagination put into the story or script whatsoever. The evil cop is called "Bad Cop". What a waste of time this movie was. And it kept going on and on and on. After being burned by Meteoritic on Wall E, Hugo and now Lego I will never trust it again. Expand
  9. Mar 4, 2014
    The most disappointing movie I have ever seen, there isn't a single moment of entertainment in this film whatever age you may be. Its mind bending how critics or anyone managed to score this so highly. There is no story and it tries to give some kind of message at the end but it falls flat due to the stagnant cynicism of the story. It doesn't explore any new ideas and any good jokes are frivolously chucked in with no care. Terrible. Expand
  10. Feb 7, 2014
    Undeniably one of the best animations of 2014 yet, The Lego Movie uses numerous plot twists, pop culture references, satirical jokes, and charming characters, it is the movie that can be tied with PIxar's Toy Story. Every kid who plays Lego toys will surely enjoy this entertainment full length CGi movie, and it can also delight adults and older teenagers.

    It's box office performance
    will surely rose higher than Toy Story and can become a mega hit blockbuster because The Lego Movie is a funny comic relief like Disney's Frozen intended to become. Expand
  11. Feb 8, 2014
  12. Feb 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I could have given this movie a 5 or 6 if it wasn't for the live action section. That aspect of the movie made for a huge shift in tone. It turned a silly lighthearted movie that didn't take itself too seriously into some serious moral tale. Except what the heck was the moral of the story? Always let your bratty kids have their way?

    Apparently hardworking Business Dad gives up his (perfectly valid and not inherently evil) hobby in the end because his ill behaved son has no impulse control. The kid just can't stop messing with the father's models and the intricate city that he's built over time. Perhaps this is how Business Dad relaxes after a hard day at the faceless business office.

    If the dad knew the kid was interested, in a real life situation he would have probably been thrilled and bought the kid his own Lego so he could contribute in his own way. Instead we have Business Dad acting in an unrealistic manner. If I saw correctly, it seems like the kid only gets already glued chunks of Lego to play with. Who would do that? Seriously? Why didn't Business Dad just buy his son some better Lego so he could share in the hobby and contribute in his own creative way? They don't really elaborate and instead focus on "Silly adults! Lego is for kids!"

    At the same time, the kid is a brat and uses his sad puppy face to manipulate his father. This kid that knew the rules of the house (and has his own toys) destroys the meticulous work that his father did in the name of "I'M BORED GIMME MORE TOYS". If I remember correctly the father says this wasn't the first time the kid had messed with his models. Who buys bad kids more toys?

    Did anyone else notice that when the father finally caves the kid doesn't want his little sister to play with his new Lego paradise, FOR THE SAME REASON the dad doesn't want his son playing with his models? Some lesson of sharing and open mindedness we've learned here... "Sharing is good as long as I get everything and give nothing!" Total hypocrisy. One of my laugh out loud moments was when I saw the kid's reaction to his dad's request and realized that it was "like father like son".

    There are problems with the rest of the movie as well, lots of problems, but my original critique is too long to post here. The real problem that hamstrings this movie is that shift in tone and vague moralizing that makes no sense and ruins the magic.
  13. Feb 24, 2014
    Truly an AWFUL movie. I cannot believe the number of critics that have said this is the best movie of the year...i am dumbfounded. Not only did I NEVER laugh once during this unoriginal piece of crap, but neither did the 100's of kids at the showing. I expected to hear them giggle with glee or scream with delight...but it never happened.DO NOT waste your money on this film.
  14. Feb 22, 2014
    If you're between 6 and 14 years of age you might like this movie. Otherwise forget it. Surprisingly dark and violent for the age group the movie supposedly is meant to target. Animation gave me a headache… thank goodness we didn't see it in 3D.
  15. Mar 9, 2014
    The Lego Movie just didn't click. The first issue was the stop-motion animation. The entire movie is jerky as 1963's Jason and the Argonauts. As if it was made by a first year animation student. Coupled with 3-D - it was a headache inducing experience. I couldn't believe how amateurish it looked. Secondly, the humour was incredibly puerile. Now, i love silly humour too but each joke was weaker than the last. The plot twist at the end was schmaltzy and annoying. Even my 3 kids didn't seem to like it much. We're obviously in the minority as everybody seems to love this film but we thought it was lame. Expand
  16. Feb 8, 2014
    "The Lego Movie" is one of the most frantic movies I have ever seen, but also one of the most creative and funny. It is filled with charm, intelligent humor, and more importantly heart.

    The writing is incredibly strong. There are a lot if play on words and unpredictable moments that really surprise the viewers. I love the themes about conformity and being special. It’s quit unique as it
    says that anyone can be special regardless of their creativity or need to be different.

    The characters Vitruvious, Lucy, Batman, and Lord Business are all great. Their voice actors do a great job and they deliver their jokes perfectly. Emmet is the main character and probably the best because he is so relatable and a very atypical hero. There isn’t anything really special about him, but he’s a great every man and Chris Pratt brings the right amount of humanity and charm to the role.

    The animation is beautiful and incredibly creative. There are a lot of great sight gags and visual effects. I really lije the stop motion look the movie achieves even though the first few minutes are jarring.

    Overall, “Everything is Awesome” and this a beautifully crafted and intelligently written film that packs the right amount of humor and heart. The animation is great and incredibly creative. I really like this film and I highly recommend it. I give is 4.5/5
  17. Feb 7, 2014
    Being an awesome ride with emotion that really stands out, The LEGO Movie is a fast-paced, quick-witted adventure that's also so endearing it makes one's heart swell.
  18. Feb 7, 2014
    Everything about this film seems to be flawless. The animation was astoundingly brilliant, the pop culture humor worked expertly well, the story was clever and heart warming, and the entire film was hilarious from its beginning to end with lovable characters all around. The Lego Movie is the perfect film for children and adults of all ages.
  19. Feb 8, 2014
    The movie was very enjoyable not just for kids but for all ages. It was sweet and has a great message. The movie was so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing. The story was original and refreshing, the characters are well developed and relatable. A definite must see movie of the year so far!
  20. Feb 11, 2014
    I really wanted to love this movie... really. Ultimately, however, I walked away with a headache and feeling significantly let down. I do not understand all of the outstanding reviews and praise the movie is receiving either, to be completely honest.

    The visual effects, story, and voice acting in The Lego Movie are all superb! I will definitely give it that. Where the movie falls short
    though is in its execution - tedious and somewhat recycled scenes, humor reminiscent of Nick Jr. television shows, and a far too lengthy running screen time. There was maybe about 10 times throughout the film that I did get a hearty laugh in, but for the most part, I found myself trying, more than one should in a movie, to truly enjoy what I was watching.

    If you have children, your experience might be different. Even if you don't, I believe the only way you'll know if you like it is to experience it yourself - it obviously, based on the wide praise, has been enjoyed by a great amount of people! As for me, this is one I can't quite manage to recommend, which is a shame. I truly hope your experience of The Lego Movie is better! Collapse
  21. Feb 8, 2014
    The LEGO Movie just literally brought my childhood to life
    -The Animation is one of the best I've seen so far
    -The characters are relatable
    -Batman is in it :D
    -The voice acting is great
    -The story is awesome
    -There's actual Character Development
    -The Beginning is a disappointment
    -some of the jokes aren't funny
    Recommendation: Everyone
  22. Feb 7, 2014
    I just saw the lego movie and you would LOVE it. When I was at the theaters I saw other adults laughing so hard just like me. If you are going to the movies to watch some thing else just change your mine and get tickets for the lego movie, trust me.
  23. Feb 7, 2014
    This movie ROCKS!! It freakin ROCKS!!! The first movie of this new year to wow and completely amaze me in animation and even comedy. That's one of the biggest strengths of this movie, it's absolutely hilarious! I'm not Bull-Sh*ting you guys! It's really hilarious! Trust me! The story is surprisingly clever and the pop culture references sparkle. And it's filled with an outstanding voice cast lead by Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell, etc. I can go on and on, but let me cut to the chase. If you're a fan of lego's, YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LAUGH YOUR BUTTS OFF AND LOVE THIS FRICKIN MOVIE. nuff said. This obviously deserves an A+!!!!!!!! Expand
  24. Feb 9, 2014
    This movie is great,, the animation is amazing, the story is fantastic, and it surprises you a lot, and the movie is full of intelligent jokes I think this movie will be a greatest movies of 2014.
  25. Feb 9, 2014
    I am a 56 year old grandmother who took my LEGO loving, creative seven year old granddaughter for an after school treat to see THE LEGO movie. I don't know if it was the fault of the movie or the way our theater started the movie but initially there was little to no fanfare for the beginning of the movie. At one point, my granddaughter and I looked at each other and we both quietly whispered at the same moment how much we both felt as if we had sensory overload with the pace of the movie, a story we didn't initially understand, the sounds, the colors and graphics. However, once we were comfortably settled in we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. There's humor suitable for adult and child alike. My granddaughter loved it because it included humor, adventure, superheroes, good vs. evil and romance!

    Yes, it may one big advertisement for LEGOS but I say, "Good for them!" because it was so entertaining and I can think of a lot worse we're all exposed to on a daily basis.

    As I watched the film, I marveled at the detailed graphics and the hard work and investment made by the creators and animators. Put simply: Adults would do well to see the movie purely for the creativity if nothing else.

    We appreciated the celebrity voice-overs too. While the live-action in the movie may seem subdued in relation to the rest of the movie, it certainly goes a long way to tying everything together and helping it all make sense.
  26. Feb 8, 2014
    I absolutely loved this movie! It was hilarious, heartwarming and absolutely stunning all at the same time. It was a hit with both the adults and the kids, who immediately sang "Everything is Awesome" the whole way home. And it is absolutely worth the money to see in 3D.
  27. Apr 4, 2014
    It was not funny nor was it entertaining. It was just a bad movie. I hoping it would get better, but some how it got worse. I am not sure why most people are saying it was great.
  28. Feb 8, 2014
    It's a very clever film - I found myself laughing at SO many references. The voice talent is really amazing - in particular Charlie Day as the spaceman. I haven't played the LEGO videogames or bought the licensed sets, so much of this was new to me. Other than one slow stretch just after the middle section, the is excellent - almost TOO fast, if you can believe it. Warner is going to be able to mint money with this franchise, I have a feeling. I'm predicting a solid 90mil opening weekend take. Expand
  29. Mar 10, 2014
    Wow. We walked out of this movie... Couldn't believe how horrible it was... It was incredibly ADD and the animation was almost impossible to comprehend at times. Most jokes are disguised as anti-corporation/capitalism which might have been cute with the exception of the Lego company being a monster corporation itself... jokes were almost anti-capitalism to the point of making fun of Legos as a business.

    So much cool stuff could have been done in this movie regarding the story. It was just too quick to intro characters and ideas... the first 30 seconds smacks you in the face, give me a minute to breath.

    They attempted to have the polish of Pixar storytelling but fell flat on their face. The animation in general was spectacular (exception with action scenes) especially with so much limitation. Most mood was infused with pink and neon blue backlighting.

    Dare I say that Marvel Legos Movie destroyed this...
  30. Feb 17, 2014
    This was definitely a fun movie from the start, but there was nothing spectacular about it until 2/3rds through the movie when the story takes a very smart and unexpected turn that makes the movie special. This film could have been a 10/10 if the jokes were more impactful. A great blend of child and adult humor. Also, I can't get that song out of my head... "Everything is awesome!"
  31. Jun 9, 2014
    The stop motion animation got stale quickly. The jokes were so-so and the plot/dialogue was a huge waste of the greatly talented actors voicing the characters. Very disappointed with this movie.
  32. Feb 9, 2014
    After seeing some really good reviews I decided to take my five-year old son to see this in 3D. I'm sorry but I have to say it - it's boring. When the action gets moving then it's interesting and gripping. There's too much talking, though. In a film like, say, Madagascar even when there's talking there is something interesting and funny happening in the background. In this, there's just talking. I can understand why there needs to be a storyline and backdrop to the characters. Considering this is meant to be a kids movie, though, it slows down the film too much. My son complained repeatedly about being bored and wanting to leave. I had to convince him to stay in his seat until the next section where something actually happened.

    On the flip side, there is some very clever animation with highly imaginative use of Lego and gives a huge nod to the designers of Lego. The 3D was cleverly done and didn't seem forced.

    In all, a good film but possibly not for very young children as there are too many slow scenes to keep their interest.
  33. Feb 20, 2014
    Probably the best animated/children's film I've ever seen. It was so funny and the stop frame animation was sooo cool!! Even the credits were awesome! Go see this film!
  34. Feb 9, 2014
    Thankfully, "The Lego Movie" is not just an absurdly entertaining, pop-culture-reference-filled romp of childhood nostalgia, it is also an impeccably well-written narrative with stunning animation and a brilliant respect for its audience.
  35. Feb 8, 2014
    Up until the last 10 minutes or so this film is an absolute hilarity, with some amazingly timed jokes, outrageous cameos, and witty dialogue. Then you reach the last 10 minutes and (without spoilers) you realize just how deep and profound the message of the movie is, giving everything a much greater meaning and purpose, while delving into some vey good meta-fiction. Nothing about this feels fake, the entire movie is beaming with life and about an hour after you leave you feel like you have taken such a welcome breath of fresh air, and I hate kids movies. This is not a kids movie, it is a movie that kids can watch and enjoy, but it is not a kids movie. Everything is indeed AWESOME. Expand
  36. Feb 8, 2014
    When it comes to my reviews, know that I never lie. So listen up when I tell you, The LEGO Movie is the most powerful animated movie to be released since Up. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) masterfully put together an animated action-comedy that entertains grade-schoolers, adolescents, and parents equally. Think Wreck-It Ralph, but with more biting comedy, more evocative animation, a more powerful social message, and much stronger nostalgia.
    The animators behind The LEGO Movie were able to develop a look that was absolutely perfect for the theme of the film. By using CG to emulate a technically advanced version of stop-motion, the animators capture the processes that went through our minds as children playing with elaborate Lego sets – it never played out smoothly in our minds, because Lego bricks inherently are not smooth. Their dedication to a world built entirely out of Lego bricks resulted in inventive images, such as small (but not so small) transparent blue bricks representing large drops of water. This style of animation instantly makes the movie a marvel to watch; it is gorgeous without having to be flashily realistic.
    The voice actors in The LEGO Movie could not have been casted better. Unlike other animated movies in recent memory (Epic, Turbo), The LEGO Movie’s star-studded cast achieves its fullest potential, imbuing every character with a bursting, unique personality. Lord and Miller should also be lauded for their cleverly devised and written characters. Popular names such as Batman, Gandalf, Chewbacca, and Shaquille O’Neal (voiced by himself) mingle with familiar and ubiquitous pieces such as construction workers, ambiguous astronauts, and cops with double-sided faces, but each one boasts an equally strong spirit. Here, Lord and Miller channel memories of when we were younger and would mix people from different sets to create a truly unique adventure.
    What’s clever about their screenplay is that, unlike Wreck-It Ralph or even the Toy Story series, Lord and Miller contain the entirety of the story in the imagination of the youthful mind. The plot, the settings, and the action scenes are all written as professionally executed manifestations of the workings of a child at play. Even the profound themes on liberation of the mind and freedom of creative expression all originate in the imagination of the central character, something revealed near the end of the movie but known by a smart viewer all the way through. Lord and Miller’s ability to hone this childlike state of thought without coming across as naïve or immature deserves serious laud. Additionally, it’s refreshing to watch a movie that actually made me laugh from the belly every time it made a joke.
    There’s not much more I can tell you about this movie to convince you that The LEGO Movie is genuinely an amazing animated, family-friendly (and I mean the whole family) action-comedy. I mean, it’s already hard enough to imagine a mediocre movie set in an entirely Lego world – believe me, I tried. The only thing I can say is, if you were planning to use this weekend to catch up on Oscar-nominated movies, rip those tickets up and go watch The LEGO Movie instead.

    FINAL SCORE: 92.5 (almost perfect -----o--------------- perfect)
  37. Feb 9, 2014
    This movie was so much fun because it was so funny. The good/ Cop bad routine was a riot. Will Farrell was at his best in this movie! He should do more kid movies!!!!!
  38. Feb 8, 2014
    This movie was amazingly well aware of its self and all aspects of it fully delivered. The animation was great, and with a bunch of awesome actors The LEGO Movie was already superb. The movie kept me and the rest of the theater laughing the entire time, with it bringing something for both kids and adults. I can't get "Everything is Awesome" out of my head.
  39. Mar 1, 2014
    Just saw the movie with a few friends, and I'd have to was exactly as I thought it would be. For the most part. I didn't have any real expectations going into it. I mean, it was called the LEGO movie, so interesting could it actually be? It was...unique, I'll give it that.

    You know how most movies throw in the occasional pop culture reference? Something witty, something that
    will be a little more memorable than other parts of said movie? The LEGO movie was built upon those. I mean, they were EVERYWHERE. Cat posters, Batman's attitude, Good/Bad cop (they weren't even trying to be subtle with this one).

    And the cliches. For crying out loud, could a movie about creativity do something original? 'Strong' female protagonist that needs a man, no one dies at the end, every single subplot resolves itself, hero goes on journey and discovers self, I mean, come on! I was actually happy when I thought that Emmett died, and would become a martyr or something but NOPE!!! Spoiler, not really, he lives! You know why this wasn't tagged as a spoiler? Because there was no way that he could die. The movie's cliches made him immortal.

    Story-wise, it sucked. There was no story. Well, nothing that wasn't covered by the cliches at least. I guess one could say it was satire, but you know what? Satire really doesn't make up for no interesting plot whatsoever.

    Now, for the 'positive' part. The animation style was great. It fit the Lego theme really well, and I wouldn't mind seeing that in other movies. The voice talent did a good job, and you know what? They occasionally did a clever thing during an action sequence. This all would merit it a 5.

    Unfortunately, the 5 was downgraded to a 4, for the terrible ending. Not going to spoil it, but...really? REALLY?
  40. Feb 24, 2014
    Sometimes it's really funny in that special kind of LEGO way, but more often it's just a long row of bang bang action that isn't very entertaining really. The story is shallow and, as it turns out, cliché. I just can't helping thinking that it could have been done in a much better way. They could have easily brought more depth to the main character, and skipped much of the heroes vs villains crap. My kids didn't laugh even once, and neither did any of the others in the cinema. And what's with the 3D? Does anyone enjoy 3D? It's garbage, I tell you. Expand
  41. Mar 9, 2014
    Wow! I did not expect The Lego Movie to be so good, but it was hilarious, and everything is, as the song says, awesome, Liam Nesson was great, Morgan Freeman was great, and Will Arnett was perfect as Batman, also Will Ferell was a great bad guy, and the ending is just genius.
  42. Feb 7, 2014
    loved it who doesn't like legos your never too old to still like legos when i was at theaters there was mostly grown people then kids. In my opinion its the BEST MOVIE THAT EVER ASSEMBLED!
  43. Feb 8, 2014
    What a treat to enjoy with my 11 year old daughter! The Lego Movie was fresh, nuanced, fast paced and full of jokes and puns that all ages could enjoy and laugh over. I look forward to seeing it again to catch what I missed the first time. Well done!
  44. Feb 8, 2014
    THE LEGO MOVIE very good , almost excellent and the top in BOX OFFICE watch trailer THE LEGO MOVIE in the BOX OFFICE and you can Guess Before Watch THE LEGO MOVIE. This is AMAZING!!!!!
  45. Feb 11, 2014
    If you have kids this would be a great movie for you. It has funny childish jokes that kids would find funny but personally I didn't. But I have to admit that I did laugh at 1 or 2 jokes. Without spoiling to much I'll say that the story is hectic in the beginning it all comes together at the end. If you have kids take them to this movie.
  46. Feb 22, 2014
    I didn't really like the movie either. I nearly fell asleep. The only thing that i thought was good was the father and son thing at the end, but the rest I could do without. I only went because my boys wanted to go.
  47. May 23, 2014
    I was actually bored...BORED through this movie. Wreck it Ralph ran CIRCLES around this movie. Heck, it's only one notch above entertaining. Critics need to be fired for rating it so high.
  48. Apr 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Everything is awful! The Lego Movie is one of the most terrible movies released ever and makes me physically angry. Society (both young and old) have been praising this appalling movie for the humour, the story and the amazing CGI animation, however this was a huge let down in the end. The animation was similar to that of the stop motion from the past. This animation style just felt awful to watch and fell short of expectations that were given from the praise it had been receiving. Objects were added and removed from each frame obviously for effect but it just felt very clunky and was an eyesore. The action scenes were a headache to watch because of this as they were too fast and erratic. There weren't many action scenes either, and for good reason too, as most of them were un-entertaining. The story was completely atrocious in the way it was portrayed. The film opened surprisingly as it begins very abruptly.

    The audience and I try to catch up with the plot although already being tossed straight into the story. The humour and wit in this film is dreadful and was dissatisfying to say the least. The jokes were presented to the audience horribly as they were constantly repeated. This caused the audience to become disengaged in the humour after approximately twenty minutes into the film. No one in the theater even laughed at any one point in the film either, instead there were just smiles or small giggles and these were gone by halfway through the movie.

    The references to aspects in modern society were also short-coming as they were overused just like the jokes. There were many references to characters and icons of pop culture in the twentieth century from many superheroes, to Shaquille O'Neal, and to many others. Most of these references must have been used as a joke because there were very few that were even used to advance the story or even be included in the story. Instead they had their short moments or one liners, or even just their single appearance. The appearance of Will Ferrell added some saving grace to the film for many but for others that might not be enough! There were far too many scenes in the film where the main protagonist and his blocky friends would just be escaping the place they currently were. The evil police man known as the "Bad Cop", would constantly chase Emmet Brickowski from one place to the other which just left people wondering, when it would end. Watching this film was physically exhausting as not only would they be dashing from place to place on the run, but there would be crazy story advancements and even flashy colours being thrown into the mix.

    Is this movie even well made? A love story beyond the ages, action that transcends all, and most importantly an intricate story-line? I don't think a single aspect of those were used in this movie and this left me wanting to leave the theater before the film was even finished. This movie was unoriginal and was a complete disappointment. I'm now going to go cry myself to sleep after watching this horrid film.
  49. May 31, 2014
    Do not get this movie I regret spending 7$ renting it I would have paid 14$ not to watch it it is very childish and my kid did not find it funny at all. At all. Me even less it was so predictable and it almost matched the report my 8 year old child handed in for English DO NOT GET OR EVEN WATCH IF YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREE.
  50. Feb 9, 2014
    It is a rare event that I give a film a 10/10 rating but if there was ever a film that was more deserving in recent memory, I can't think of one. It is by far the best animated film I have ever seen and that includes ANY Pixar film. This is the first film I have seen in years in which the entire audience stood up and applauded when the credits rolled. The level of detail is absolutely phenomenal, right down to the tiny scratches in the ABS plastic, and, my favorite, the visible finger prints on the minifigures themselves. I came out of this film realizing that though cleverly marketed as a kid's film, this is a nostalgia film for X and Y Geners (is that a word? don't care, going with it...) and the tell was with 1980s spaceman. Anyone whoever had this minifigure (or a similar one with the space helmet) knew that within a month's time of taking that helmet off repeatedly the bottom of the helmet near the chin would split because it was so thin. This film immediate takes our generation back to a time when we were seven years-old. From the beginning, the story seems like nothing more than a rehash of Kung Fu Panda or The Matrix with the role of Po/Neo taken on by our very ordinary hero, Emmet. As the film progresses, it takes on the tone and plot of a million of other action film cliches but the visually stunning frenetic action combines with multiple clever pop-culture references allows you to forgive what seems like a generic story and just simply enjoy the awesome adventure that you and your kids are on. And make no mistake, this film was designed to be seen by families which just makes the experience that much more enjoyable. So am I saying that the overall experience of the film makes up for the weak story? Nope. In the last 20 minutes of the film there are live-action sequences that tie the whole story together and turn what was a generic and almost mediocre plot into one of the most brilliant pieces of story-telling I have ever seen in a family film. It was so cleverly done that I literally slapped myself in the forehead for being tricked like I was because the film drops not-so-subtle clues as to the big twist throughout the whole film. My only regret is that I didn't see it in 3D as this is one film that it is a moral imperative to see in 3D. Oh, well... I guess we'll just have to go see it again. Expand
  51. Jun 26, 2014
    I had zero ambition to watch this movie but my nephew wanted the family to watch it with him bad enough that we just went ahead and put it on. The Lego Movie turned out to be surprisingly funny and charming, with a voice acting cast that features some great names to help bring Lego toys to life (not dissimilar to Toy Story). What I didn't see coming was the ending. Without spoiling it all I'll just saw that it's heart warming but also carries an incredible message that sits well in todays society of busy bodies and distant families. Typically I don't enjoy many animated movies outside of the Pixar universe yet The Lego Movie managed to be one of the best movies I've seen in the last year. Kids will love it, but adults that can appreciate light-hearted humor (and the occasional more mature joke that geos over the heads of children) will love this movie just as much. Collapse
  52. Mar 3, 2014
    I expected great things from the Lego Movie - they hold use rights for many-a-franchise, they have a lot of creative horsepower behind them, and the Lego games are many and successful.
    The movie surpassed my expectations, delivering a hilarious, joyful, and surprisingly meaningful romp through a child's playland on par with Pixar's finest works.
    Though the movie seems not to take itself
    too seriously, and in fact seems to encourage the viewer not to take it, or anything, too seriously, it slows down at just the right moments to deliver just a little more than your average kid's movie. Expand
  53. Jul 7, 2014
    I've had a list of the worst movies ever made in hand for thirty years.I'm 30 min into this move and I truly want the people sharing it with me to die painfully horrible deaths.Not only does this join my list of **** movies,it tops it by a mile.I wish for a universe where I can give a less than zero score...
  54. Feb 7, 2014
    This movie is one of the surprise movies out there. I expected it to be just an advertising ploy. While there is plenty of highlighting Legos, nothing in the movie feels cheap or contrived. Instead, at the heart of the movie is something a lot of movies lack: heart. The movie is laugh out loud funny (for adults and kids), and there wasn't much in it that wasn't extremely enjoyable. I was honestly blown away - its not often a movie sneaks out of nowhere like this, but this is one of those rare gems. The LEGO Movie does justice to the source material, and has a plot inseparably connected to Legos (obviously), but the story stands on its own. It reminds me a lot of Toy Story 3, although it is completely different from it. All I can say is: GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Expand
  55. Feb 8, 2014
    I've been excited for this film since it was announced, and I am hugely pleased to say it did not disappoint; I left the cinema with a huge smile on my face.

    What the Lego Movie does well is take something so simple and builds it into a true work of art, making huge disaster scenes seem charming and funny and making dark disturbing scenes bearable and child friendly.

    The last act of
    the film is... well that's something truly special.

    This. Film. Is. Awesome!
  56. Feb 8, 2014
    Best animated movie I have ever seen, and I have seen a ton of them. Took my 6 year old son, he loved it - but I roared through the whole thing. Animation is amazing, but the story was so solid it really grabbed me. This is an absolute masterpiece.
  57. Feb 20, 2014
    I would consider it offensive if this was labelled simply as a '100 minute commercial'. It may be made involving a corporate franchise, but it is there to teach, not to sell.

    The LEGO Movie uniquely combines smart sharp satire towards examples like pop culture and consumerism, a charming voice cast voicing a whole array of interesting characters (if you look close enough, some of the
    characters parody the usual stock characters) and a morality tale. It not only subverts tropes, but also subverts expectations right until the end. It's difficult to see a film just once, especially when it contains so much humour and wit when mocking things left right and centre.

    Everything I feel about this film is exciting. Animation can show itself to stand out in throwing out a non generic message involving politics, business and culture. The villain himself shows the audacity as a president to not only demonstrate his nefariousness, but impose his own ideologies with no room for creativity. Not only that, but the LEGO Movie also plays on the cliches of many outrageous tropes - how does it work out when a simple, ordinary construction worker is suddenly announced as the centre of the prophecy as 'the Special'? What happens when he encounters someone considered to be the 'manic pixie dream girl'? The split personality of the Good Cop Bad Cop is refreshing when it comes to two distinctively defined cops interrogating someone, and the gleeful decision made about Green Lantern after his film ultimately failed is dark but amusing.

    However, when it comes to happy endings, even that doesn't remain the same. Even for the villain himself. It doesn't spit out the usual kind of messages - whether on the scale of the morality tale or the satire surrounding politics and the like.
  58. Jul 29, 2014
    If I;m gonna be honest, this movie was a little overrated. Yes, it was funny, yes, it was cute, yes, it was okay for the whole family, but overall, it just lacked the greatness I was expecting from the critics and the other uses.
  59. Feb 23, 2014
    This is the first movie of 2014 I've seen but I can already tell it'll be my favorite, even outside "kids'" movies. I can think of nothing about this movie that wasn't done absolutely perfect. It's got at least a laugh a minute with a very smart self-aware sense of humor. The characters are all likable & fun to watch, even the villains. Every voice actor does a fantastic job, which you wouldn't think with a cast so dominated by big names that'd make you think this would be a lame cash grab. And the twist at the end is nothing short of jaw-dropping, not just because of the twist itself (which those perceptive enough might see coming) but also because of what the plot does with that twist. Even if you're usually not a fan of kids' movies, this is a must-watch.

    (For my full review, look up "Spin It Reviews" on YouTube. I'd appreciate it. And don't worry, no spoilers.)
  60. Mar 22, 2014
    The Lego Movie is the best movie of 2014 thus far. Not only did I think this movie was awesome but I have to say that this one of the best animated films made in a long time. Yes, I even enjoy this movie more over Frozen. If you haven't seen The Lego Movie yet, please do yourself a favor and at least give it a chance. You won't regret it because Everything is indeed AWESOME!
  61. Feb 10, 2014
    I got to say that there is a couple of great directors. They advanced the world of stop motion in directing. This movie entered almost perfectly to the world of the stop-motion with the entire Lego world at the first try! The screenplay had small mistakes, but the jokes were awesome.
  62. Feb 25, 2014
    From Bruce Wayne to Bronnies this movie has enough cultural gags to keep an angry mob smiling and laughing with joy. Fits that great balance of being entertaining to kids yet has enough familiar voices to keep their parents enthralled. All this and does it with class that is completely family friendly.
  63. Feb 19, 2014
    The LEGO Movie is fantastic and every child and adult how used to play with LEGO's as a kid should see. Its fun, curative and is visually something you will never see again.
  64. Mar 8, 2014
    This movie is definetly my favorite movie of 2014 as its hilariously genius and just made me jaw hurt from great jokes, master plots, and more. SPACESHIP!
  65. Feb 21, 2014
    I enjoyed the film but not nearly as much as a lot of the critics. I would recommend this film for families, but I do believe some of the jokes fall flat. B
  66. Mar 12, 2014
    Nominator got it. This movie is just a perfect example of the techniques that businesses wield to get kids to by stuff . What one takes away from it is kids should by selfish don't share your toys so your parents can by another toy for your sibling . The Movie had no real voice actors cast . Really simple jokes and gags which is offensive because they think we are all dumb .
  67. Feb 20, 2014
    The LEGO Movie has set the bar insanely high for 2014, and it has only just begun. This movie performs so well that it will most likely be in the top 10 best of 2014, let alone the best animated flick. I loved it instantly within the first 20 minutes. It is filled with jokes just for adults, but had the playfulness to keep children entertained. Very rarely does a movie come along that blends those two so perfectly, let along an animated film. This movie also has most likely the best cast of 2014. It has Chris Pratt as the lovable lead and that he holds perfectly. His performance is supported by many fantastic actors, but the show is ultimately stolen by Will Arnett as Batman who becomes the audience favorite by far. The movie is also lathered in well hidden spectacular voice actor cameos that only certain fans will notice and understand. The movie is also stuffed with references to landscape and for fans that are Lego builders themselves. My favorite part about this movie is the animation style. It is done so superbly that it fooled almost everybody that saw the movie. The movie is CGI, but designed and looks like it was done in stop motion, it was so convincing, from the inside and out of the lego bricks, to the minor scratches on the characters face. The LEGO Movie doesn't just go down as one of my favorite movies of 2014, but as one of my top 3 favorite animated films of all-time. Expand
  68. Mar 5, 2014
    The trailer I watched was lame. This movie wasn't, far from it. The more I think of it, I really want to see this again. A great movie with great jokes, actors and animation. It may look like a child's movie, but I can say, I enjoyed every last bit of this awesomeness. Do recommend.
  69. May 30, 2014
    The Lego movie was a movie I was particularly excited to watch because of its instant fame and popularity. Thankfully, Warner Bros pictures did not fail in producing a spectacular movie. The only impediment was I had to constantly pause the movie (I watched it at home) to grasp what was happening in the story. At some points, we were exposed to so much information it was a bit overwhelming. Here is my conclusion:
    Characters: 5/5
    Plot: 3.5/5
    Animation (graphics): 5/5
    Humour: 5/5
  70. Feb 23, 2014
    "The Lego Movie" is not only the most original advertisement for a children's toy in the history of marketing, it is also an entertaining work of animation that can be enjoyed by a range of audiences, offering a fresh visual style, funny gags and exemplary voice-work from its cast, particularly Will Ferrell and Liam Neeson. And if the first three quarters of the film are a little too conventional and lightweight, the conclusion to the film is a work of ingenuity and of pathos that matches the ending to "Toy Story III", or the love story montage in "Up". Expand
  71. Feb 18, 2014
    A movie that manages to stand straight against Pixar and still looks awesome. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME
  72. Feb 23, 2014
    Expecting one of those LEGO ninjago or LEGO movies that didn't make it to theaters? Well, don't... because those movies were terrible compared to this lovely movie! Features many characters from LEGO sets as master builders. Jokes just keep on flying by.

    Not tempted? Then here's another reason: It has Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell.
  73. Feb 26, 2014
    You have to see it to understand why it's 10/10 material. The characters seem a little cliche at first, but the filmmakers really build on that in a comedic way. Not like the usual role reversals, but more like what you definitely would not expect from these characters until halfway in.
  74. Feb 21, 2014
    Fantastic fun, funny family movie. I would be suprised if we get a better animated movie this year, It was really funny for any age, and had a lot of heart. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and I realize it's still very early but the best movie period of 2014 so far. When I first heard about a Lego movie I thought it was a ridiculous idea that didn't really make sense to me...but they have certainly proven it was a great idea. Expand
  75. Feb 9, 2014
    Everything is awesome!! Especially in this film. Being a big kid and a fan of Lego, I knew this was a film I was likely to enjoy. However, growing up with films like toy story and seeing how it was directed at an older audience in the 3rd film, I was concern it might be directed more at children than at an older audience.

    What I found instead is that comedy is timeless. Audiences of all
    ages can appreciate the film and there are emotional moments that really tug on your heart strings. The voice acting was superb and the films animation was great, although the shots of the ocean slightly were juddery if I'm honest.

    The film is a lot of fun and I'd be surprised if you didn't come out of the film wanted to re-captor those childhood moments and buy some Lego.
  76. Feb 15, 2014
    Absolutely loved it! I really enjoyed it when my girlfriend would look at me like I was crazy..
    The only thing that bugged me a bit was some of the animations.. on some scenes they could have used a few more frames for a more fluid motion, but all in all a wonderful movie!
  77. Feb 22, 2014
    An action packed, hilarious and sometimes quite stupid movie, The lego movie gives out the message that you don’t have to be a Hero of a Prophecy or Special to make a mark in this world . but it is important to have self-belief to achieve own goals . The protagonist also conveys his message that everything doesn’t always have to be perfect, there are times when the mind needs to be free and imaginative, creative and be allowed to build anything it wants, the way it wants it. Expand
  78. May 23, 2014
    The LEGO Movie is not only one of the greatest animated movies ever made, but it is one of the most original movies ever made. It is heart warming, action packed 100 minutes of epicnessss!!! If you are looking for an animated movie with endless creativity, colors and even character development, The LEGO Movie is the one, also it is my favorite movie of the year!!!! A must see!!!!
  79. Feb 27, 2014
    The humour in this movie is just unbelievably funny. Some of the best I have ever seen in an animated film actually. The voice acting is also superb (who can dislike an animation movie with freakin' Morgan Freeman in it?!) and it goes without saying that the animation is just sublime. But with all this aside, it does not mean the movie is flawless. There might have been a bit too much morals in the movie, what leads to not having a clear moral at all. For parents, there is the 'Enjoy the time with your kids' moral, while for kids there is the 'Share the fun' moral and for everyone there are several 'Believe in yourself' like morals. Also, at some points in the movie there is an unclear sense of reality (I will not give too much away about that, but when you saw the movie I think you can easily get my point). But the biggest flaw has to be the characters. They are not bad or anything, but the main ones have such mixed personality that you sometimes do not know whether you have to feel good or bad for one. But in the end, the amazing amount of jokes that actually hit bullseye, verbal or non-verbal, makes up for every single flaw there is in this movie. It actually got me playing with LEGO again, because even though some messages may be unclear, one was very clear to me: "LEGO is for all ages". Expand
  80. Feb 27, 2014
    Finest children's film (feels like a misnomer, honestly) I've seen since Toy Story 3. I took a date, and we laughed throughout the entire movie. This film is a pure joy. Technically masterful, comedically sharp, dazzlingly original. I'd go see it again in a heartbeat. Cannot recommend it highly enough!
  81. Mar 2, 2014
    lego movie is the 100 % wrost film 89 % good film the begging and middle was terrible . the wrost animated films i ever seen . i think children are sugar rushed to like this film
  82. Mar 18, 2014
    Being that I grew up building legos as a kid and having a much younger brother who enjoys it as well I was very excited for this movie. The overall production of this was incredible and this was the lego movie I always dreamed of. Also kudos to Will Ferrell on an incredible performance as well as the rest of the cast. The movie was pretty deep and thought provoking for an older audience and all around fun for a younger audience. This, in my opinion, is as perfect as a movie can get. Expand
  83. Mar 21, 2014
    Just amazing!, the humour is meant for both adults and children, very good storyline, kept my laughing throughout the film! would happily buy this on dvd when it comes out :)
  84. Mar 24, 2014
    as a game that the story is more or less the style of movie is horrible lego people only makes success in that cartoon is kid of two years and only managed to score 2 more or less the story that would be good in a movie with actors who able to walk right.
  85. Mar 29, 2014
    well, this is good animated movie of the year, my son actually enjoy this movie, and I really like it too, the character is very funny, like emmet and lord business, and also I like the song of the character who played by, morgan freeman, will ferrel, and Elizabeth banks, but the story line is little bit sucks, but the graphic of the cartoon is pretty amazing thing I ever saw and pretty hilarious movie of the year. Expand
  86. Apr 5, 2014
    I have just got home from taking my 13 year old and 10 of his mates to see the new Lego movie for his 13th birthday.
    All I can say is," Were all the critics who wrote reviews on this movie smoking crack when they watched it"?. After 10 mins in I had 11 kids between the ages of 7 - 13 squirming in there seats and fidgeting.Thank god the pizza's and drinks were delivered at the 30 min mark
    as I think they would have been walking out of the cinema.The Pizza and drinks kept them going till the 1 hour mark. Not to sure what happened between the 70th and 80th minute as I fell asleep.
    Once the movie was completed I think my 8 year old summed up the movie, his words were "Thank goodness for the last 15 mins as it pulled the whole movie together" Not that there was a lot to pull together .Not once did I hear any of the kids laugh throughout the movie frankly they all admitted in the Foyer after the movie it was quite boring.
    Lego I gave you a good go, it cost me $600 AUD for tickets and food in Gold Class yet you delivered me nothing more then a boring,lack lustre movie that failed in all aspects including animation, production and a reasonable plot. At best a half decent DVD movie.
  87. Apr 18, 2014
    This film is good enough for mixing kid/adult themes, but pretty overrated otherwise. Will we be watching this 10 years from now and getting as excited as we are now? Doubtful.
  88. Jun 17, 2014
    this film has nice animation but has way to many fast paced scenes and the live action part is confusing I recommend renting it not buying it did any of you know about the minecraft movie coming out in 2017
  89. Oct 21, 2014
    i j i zz e d on this film so much i cant have kids even though i rated 0 haha uhdfguhdrguygebsdfghjdfsjgfbjgfeghgfbgfhjgjhhjbfsgbjhfdhjbghjbgfdjhbgfdbjhfgdhjbkgfdbhgfkbgbhjkg
  90. Feb 24, 2014
    This movie was super cute and super funny. Entertaining for adults and children alike. Any adult that had a fondness for Legos as a kid would love this. Writing is very witty and funny, laughs the whole time. So many clever things they thought to incorporate. The only criticism I have is that while the twist at the end was a fun surprise, it made it seem a little anticlimactic.
  91. Feb 8, 2014
    The Lego Movie may have a cliché story but that doesn’t prevent it from being really entertaining. The characters are likable and funny, the writing keeps things interesting with some smart humor, the story is clever and not as cliché as it may seem, and the animation is fantastic. This is a movie that everyone will enjoy. Kids will love seeing legos and parents will enjoy the charm and wit the film has. Wreck-It Ralph has heart and The Lego Movie has the humor so take your pick. For me this is what a wanted to see when I saw Wreck-It Ralph a bunch of iconic characters on an awesome adventure with some clever writing and humor with lots of world hopping and actually using the famous characters. Expand
  92. Feb 18, 2014
    The popular building block toy has its own world in this typical animated adventure: an ordinary Lego figure ends up in a quest to save the world from an evil tyrant. There's a liberal sprinkling of in jokes and snappy grown-up references. The visual style is cluttered, none of the characters are particularly memorable and the many chases are lively but unfocused. The pacing starts to lag near the end. Still, the sometimes creative visuals and overall energetic approach should please eager young viewers, giving fans of the form plenty to play with. Expand
  93. Feb 27, 2014
    I enjoyed the jerky animation style and laughed quite a bit. The children in the theater seemed into the movie as well. The pacing is frantic and sometimes you can't tell what's going on. Not a great animated film but a good one.
  94. Feb 11, 2014
    I went into this movie thinking it would be a stupid, generic kids movie with corny humor. What I got was SO much more. I can't even express to you just how ashamed I was at my pessimism before going into that movie. When I came out of that theater, I had laughed, I had cried, and I even had a few contemplative moments where I sat there to digest what I saw.
    To top everything off, this
    was definitely a theater movie because of all the extreme action sequences.

    100% worth the money to go, take anybody with you, I promise you won't be disappointed.
  95. Jul 7, 2014
    When i first heard of this movie, i thought it was no more than an excuse to make money from a famous brand. I couldn't be more wrong.

    The animation is super cool, the script and dialogue are amazingly funny and clever (i often laughed to the point of tears), and the voice acting did the script justice, particularly that of Will Arnett (as Batman), Nick Offerman (as Metal Beard), and
    Morgan Freeman (as Vitruvius). Even the theme song is great; it really sticks in one's head and makes you feel like you wanna sing along.

    Not only is it hilarious, it actually has something to say and can be quite moving in some parts. This is a joyful film about believing in yourself, a critique of modern society, and a heartwarming tribute to human creativity.

    It will definitely go down as one of the best movies this ear, if not the best.
  96. Jul 17, 2014
    Quite literally the perfect family movie. There's something here for anyone of any age. Normally I wouldn't say something like this, but if you can't find something to enjoy about this movie then there is something wrong with you. It's hilarious, heartwarming, and original. Just like the best Pixar movies it brings enough humor and excitement to enchant youngsters, while at the same time providing enough intelligence and an excellent message to satisfy older audiences. In a lot of ways it's the new Toy Story. It's the perfect family movie and an absolute must watch. Expand
  97. Nov 17, 2014
    The LEGO Movie never quite reaches the heights of the very best animated movies but with its fantastic voice cast it makes for an entertaining, and often pretty funny, hour and a half for kids and adults alike.
  98. Feb 14, 2014
    While not the greatest film ever, with a moral that's as predictable as the sun rising in the morning, The LEGO Movie is effortlessly charming and imaginative with a lot of well thought out details that brings the story together in a surprisingly touching manner.
  99. Jul 24, 2014
    Smart and funny, this film ticks all the right boxes. Great for children with a strong philosophical message to boot, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this film. So much stuff packed into each scene you can still be spotting things after several viewings.
  100. Feb 9, 2014
    Enjoyable, but not quite what I was expecting. I was hoping for more fall-down laughs, and it was just mildly funny throughout. The "we're all special" plot was pretty stereotypical and the under-story that takes up the last 20 or so minutes of the movie dragged it down a bit, but not enough to ruin it. They should have just left out the serious bits entirely. I'd pick it up in the $5 bin/watch it on TV/recommend a theater watch.

    What was weird is the whole thing felt very much like an anti-Lego Corporation movie in the sense that they very strongly encourage building whatever with the pieces you have, while Lego has moved away from this mindset with all of the specialized piece sets that come out these days. I was very confused why Lego would approve this movie, even though I completely agree with what it's saying.

Universal acclaim - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. Reviewed by: Drew McWeeny
    Sep 22, 2014
    Beautifully shot, impeccably paced, and with a voice cast that nails it in every role, large or small, "The Lego Movie" is a genuine delight.
  2. Reviewed by: Anthony Lane
    Mar 3, 2014
    As a rule, movies about toys need to be approached with extreme caution; some of them have been bad enough to count as health hazards. This one is the exception.
  3. Reviewed by: Mike McCahill
    Feb 18, 2014
    An unexpected joy.