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    The film has its rewards and one performance of great passion. That would be by Ellen Burstyn, as Miss Addie, who plays it all in her sick bed in a Tennessee country mansion with a debutante party going on downstairs.
  2. This film is the closest we're going to get to anything new by Williams, and it's a respectable effort.
  3. Despite Teardrop Diamond's rough edges, the filmmaker, who has spent much of her career acting on stage and screen, succeeds in transporting us back to that other time; capturing the lyricism of the dialogue and the fetid South that Williams so brilliantly envisioned where nearly everything goes to rot.
  4. With its strained, quasi-poetic language that fitfully tries to soar, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond is a significant, though less than monumental feat of reclamation.
  5. The script is half-a-fortune at best, and visually the picture is staid. But you stick with it, because it's Williams and because certainly no one since Williams has written this sort of embroidered dialogue.
  6. 60
    The characters and themes are redolent of earlier and better Williams works, and the story unexpectedly putters out at the end--but seeing it now, you can't help but treasure the simple, lyrical dialogue and sure-handed narrative thrust.
  7. If you are not already familiar with Williams’s best plays and film adaptations, this musty magnolia of a movie won’t encourage you to seek them out.
  8. The story is a sketchy, dramatically muddled rumination on familiar Williams themes about the Old South and its brave, beautiful, rebellion women always on the brink of love, suicide or madness.
  9. Howard looks peachy, and actor-turned-director Jodie Markell sweats the details -- moonlight, honeyed accents -- but the brittle script resists restoration.
  10. 42
    Whether Elia Kazan could have done something memorable with this script will remain an eternally open question. This film, though, is most effective as a reminder that Williams' works emerged from a certain time and place, and to approach them from another is fraught with peril.
  11. Descends with dismaying speed into clichéd Southern melodrama.
  12. 40
    To her credit, Howard’s performance as a class-obsessed Southerner is decent enough to keep things from completely devolving to community-college level. But such weak work needs strong hands all around to guide it, and one pair isn’t enough.
  13. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    The fragrant aroma of magnolias is undercut by the distinct smell of mothballs throughoutThe Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, an admirably earnest but curiously flat attempt to film a long-unproduced scenario by Tennessee Williams.
  14. 38
    Seems almost like a self-parody of Williams' earlier work.
  15. If Markell's instincts for script exhumation are questionable, she's the victim of even worse timing: Who thought releasing her film 10 days after Liv Ullmann and Cate Blanchett's praised-to-the-high-heavens "A Streetcar Named Desire" closed was a good idea?
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  1. Jul 5, 2014
    It's powerful drama. People who dislikes the movie, I think they just didn't get it. It's just there's the lack in describe the background issue of each characters. I mean, they're all talking about they're own past stories but never real telling us the real whole story, so I knew it's all about the present problem as the title of the movie, but for certain time, I got confused. But, recommended? #yes. Full Review »
  2. Dec 31, 2011
    My DVR recorded this movie because it was triggered by the keyword "Tennessee Williams." Watching it really highlighted what a great writer of dialogue and inner conflict he was--mainly because Chris Evans and especially Bryce Dallas Howard completely failed their material. The film is beautiful to look it, but it comes across as an undeservingly big-budget high school production. Howard misses every nuance of her character and just plunks out her lines in a half-attempted drawl, apparently without thinking about what they mean. If this was your first Williams production, then be sure to go back and watch the truly disturbing (if melodramatic) "Suddenly, Last Summer" or the standbys "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" or "A Streetcar Named Desire." Who underwrote this movie, anyway? Horrible. Full Review »
  3. Jul 21, 2011
    This had to be one of the worse movies ive seen in a long time. It was literaly painful to set through. Tha script was obviously shelved for a reason. Also, I hate to trash the girl but Bryce is one of the worse actresses out there. I use to follow her career but shes proven over and over, she has nothing. Shame to because she seems like a sweet girl...but then again...remember her dad Full Review »