Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 33
  2. Negative: 21 out of 33
  1. 25
    Myers has made some funny movies, but this film could have been written on toilet walls by callow adolescents.
  2. Reviewed by: Stina Chyn
    To be sure, The Love Guru is incredibly funny. Side-splitting laughter only stops when the movie does, so don't expect it to linger all the way to the parking lot.
  3. Reviewed by: John Anderson
    The results are a wheezy, tired attempt to milk more laughs out of the '60s, by doing exactly what "Austin Powers" did.
  4. Not only does the film stumble badly from one skit to another, the skits themselves have too much dead air.
  5. Reviewed by: Bob Mondello
    None of them -- not one, not for a moment -- is remotely funny.
  6. 63
    Occasional bursts of comedy keep things from becoming unbearable but whenever Myers tries to get even a little serious or advance the "plot," the desire to take a nap becomes almost overpowering.
  7. Piles dumb gag upon dumb gag - it's like benign pummeling. Occasionally, you just have to laugh.
  8. A disappointment, but it's not a disaster, and that's at least something.
  9. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Enraptured by bathroom humor that doesn't even reach sophomoric standards. It's more on the level of preschool.
  10. The Love Guru”does not bring out Myer's best, and aside from a deft early Bollywood parody, there’s nothing visually to help the fun along.
  11. 25
    Insulting to anyone with a healthy sense of humor and the simple desire to laugh.
  12. 25
    The Love Guru is even funnier than "Wayne's World" or "Austin Powers." Not.
  13. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Adam Sandler can breathe a sigh of relief: Thanks to this crude, bafflingly unfunny comedy from fellow SNL alum Mike Myers, Sandler can rest assured that his "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" won't go down as the worst movie of 2008.
  14. 25
    This is the first time we've seen Myers in the flesh since he committed assault and battery on Dr. Seuss, and I wish the cat had stayed in the hat.
  15. The Love Guru is a comedy like the Leafs are a hockey team.
  16. 12
    Ninety minutes pass like an eternity. Verdict: Down for the count.
  17. An atrocious, idiotic 88 minutes of anti-entertainment. To borrow word-shtick from the guru Pitka, it's AWFUL as in, "Anyone Watching Feels, Um, Loser-ish."
  18. Reviewed by: Josh Rosenblatt
    It recycles gags from earlier and better Myers movies and hopes that the audience won't notice because they're too busy staring at Timberlake's bursting Speedo.
  19. I still kind of find myself admiring the actor, and the film. Love Guru is insane and self-indulgent but also fully committed, and there's a surprising undercurrent of earnestness to its philosophy portions.
  20. Reviewed by: Travis Nichols
    If you're a Toronto native or a big-time hockey geek, there are enough little in jokes to probably carry you through the leaden pacing and barrel-scraping gross-out humor, but it's an awfully dull ride for the rest of us.
  21. 42
    Newcomers to the Mike Myers experience will leave this love train early.
  22. Myers is trying for another of his endearingly hormonal imp-egomaniacs, but hidden behind a wavy beard, a wax-curled mustache, and an astoundingly ugly squashed fake nose, he's a little too grotesque.
  23. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    The Love Guru is a shambling, hit-or-miss thing, like an old Laurel and Hardy two-reeler. And like the situations those comics often got into, this movie is a fine mess.
  24. 40
    The film's sunniest moments occur whenever song preempts all the fighting and smirking. Myers leads the cast in sitar-accompanied covers of such Bollywood favorites as "9 to 5" and Steve Miller's "The Joker," revealing a glimmer of the cross-cultural romp that could have been.
  25. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    So relentlessly juvenile as to merit a new twist on the PG-13 rating -- one that strongly cautions not only those under 13 but anyone much above it, too.
  26. Reviewed by: Ella Taylor
    Now and again some pungent writing leaks through to poke fun at the excruciating banality of guru wisdom. But mostly it’s dreary dick jokes and elephant poop, slack directing by Marco Schnabel, and, of all fatal errors, Mike Myers, shooting for cuddly.
  27. This Mike Myers vehicle exemplifies American comedy's continuing slide into infantilism.
  28. 10
    Offensive to Hindus. Never mind the Hindus; The Love Guru is offensive to pretty much anyone with a brain.
  29. The Love Guru is downright antifunny, an experience that makes you wonder if you will ever laugh again.
  30. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    This tale of a guru who brings joy to all who meet him is the most joy-draining 88 minutes I've ever spent outside a hospital waiting room.
  31. The road taken by The Love Guru could hardly be lower, and leads nowhere.
  32. 33
    Myers combines his love of references, silly names, and mindless repetition by having his guru use "Mariska Hargitay" as a greeting/mantra. The first time it's employed, it's merely unfunny; by the 13th or 40th time, it's almost hypnotic in its awfulness.
  33. What links all these characters is Myers's gift for antic, elfin burlesque. He's like a second-best Peter Sellers.
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  1. HarryN
    Jun 29, 2008
    First time I laughed at a movie in a loooooooong time. Then again, what else funny has come out... MEET THE SPARTANS, I think not!
  2. Mar 3, 2012
    I didn't mind this movie, it was funny once and then a half decent watch the other few times. If you're expecting humour from Austin PowersI didn't mind this movie, it was funny once and then a half decent watch the other few times. If you're expecting humour from Austin Powers series, it's there but it sometimes falls flat. The fact that celebrities like Sir Ben Kingsly, Justin timberlake, Stephen Colbert and Kanye West agreed to this was astounding. Verne Troyer plays a pretty good performance while Jessica alba's acting is boring as all hell. Typically, It's Mike Myers Character, Guru Pitka who gets most of the laughs. If this ever airs on TV then you should watch it or at least rent it. it'll probably sit on your DVD shelf and be forgotten about. Full Review »
  3. JayH.
    Sep 11, 2008
    Insultingly stupid, embarrassingly bad jokes sometimes. The occasional guest star appearances is amusing, but the movie is just dreadful and Insultingly stupid, embarrassingly bad jokes sometimes. The occasional guest star appearances is amusing, but the movie is just dreadful and badly written. Full Review »