The Magic Gloves

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  • Summary: In this absurdist comedy, Rejtman, a master of dead-pan humor, once again gives life to endearingly obsessive characters, offers a unique and un-romanticized view of Buenos Aires, and builds a poetic coherence from apparently banal situations. (Cinema Tropical)
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  1. Only Rejtman's sharp eye for absurd detail and the bleakly subtle joke separates comedy from tragedy in this story of listless Bonaerenses chasing their own tails through successive drab rings of urban hell.
  2. He may earn his living as a cab driver, but the blank hero of Martín Rejtman's sardonic Argentinean comedy is perfectly content to hitch his way through life.
  3. 60
    Martin Rejtman's 1999 "Silvia Prieto" fashioned a deadpan farce from the aimless circulation of objects and identities around its unsmiling title character. The Magic Gloves, the Argentine writer-director's 2003 follow-up, is a similarly absurdist smart-com featuring another depressed protag navigating a yuppie Buenos Aires milieu.
  4. While the film suffers from a forced absurdity meant to invoke comedy and laughs along with a sluggish pacing, Rejtman captures the grim monotony of life well.
  5. 60
    Sporadically charming and quite amusing, but torpidly paced.
  6. A limp urban comedy not nearly as whimsical as its title.