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  1. Sep 23, 2011
    "The Mechanic" is a action movie with mind blowing sequences and bad ass acting by Statham. The only problem is that the movie knows what it has to offer. In other words, the movie is considerably predictable. Full Review »
  2. Feb 8, 2011
    I called a Mechanic, and he broke my film.

    Review of "The Mechanic" 2011

    This Redux of has managed to
    do what very few films have accomplished. It made me stop watching it, with no feelings I might miss something and perfect assurance I could have been doing something better than watching a rock video for serial killers. Instead of following the formula that worked in the past the producers and director, this time around decided that it had been missing graphic and brutal depictions of murder, so they fixed it. But ended up breaking something that didn't need any fixing. If your thinking that I am just not into violent films, you would be wrong. Many films have brought the fictional representation of violence to the level of fine art. This is not one of them. In fact I had not ever known the title of the Bronson movie. I caught it late at night just as it started in 1983 on HBO.The film was riveting. I have often thought back to it through the years as a fine example of american action suspense film. Halfway through this Redux of fail, I began wondering why I was watching it at all. Then I caught a post from a young man reviewing it on imdb. Which said,( this film is so lame >>>>> so on and so on.) But what got me was the end of his review. "The movie they based this on must suck to, I will never watch the original." That is pretty damn bad. I had different issues than the angry young man had with this production. The film over all is well made. The editing, cinematography, directing everything, except the soundtrack, is technically professional. I think the director lost his mind and forgot he was making a movie though and attempted to make The Mechanic into the first Blockbuster Snuff Film. The assassinations depicted for these so called professional killers are very close to torture. Long involved scenes of merciless stabbing, chocking, crushing, and slicing the targets they are contracted to terminate left me queasy. By halfway through the film I had lost all consideration for any kind of plot. I no longer cared for, or could root for either of the main characters. Once you start thinking that your main heroes should both be lobotomized and incarcerated for life because they are sociopathic murderers, its pretty hard to notice there is a story . All I remember is how bad I felt for the people I was supposed to not care about or even dislike; as they died. So in my opinion, this film was wretched, and forever tarnished the good name of a foundational piece of American Cinema. Full Review »
  3. Feb 7, 2011
    At this point, when I go to a Jason Statham movie it is very hard to be disappointed.

    The list of things that will be contained in such a
    film is short and sweet: car chases, gun fights, fist fights/martial arts and the occasional nude scene.

    Occasionally, there is a surprise where his films really kick it up a notch, like anytime Statham worked with British director Guy Ritchie or the very well conceived â
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