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  1. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Against all odds, you'll leave this remarkable film caring quite a bit for the old coot -- surely a sign of a very good documentary.
  2. 75
    Gronkjaer's cinematography is pleasing, with beautiful sunsets and tranquil snowscapes. I won't give away the ending, but it might bring a tear to your eye.
  3. 70
    An oddly graceful combination of fairy tale and romantic comedy, set in a forgotten corner of the world.
  4. Reviewed by: Aaron Hillis
    Unlike far too many human-interest docs today, director Pernille Rose Grønkjær's fantastic little character portrait doesn't rest on the strength of its personality, with prudent attention paid to aesthetic nuances and the growing quasi-love that the titular bickerers have for one another.
  5. Reviewed by: Leslie Felperin
    Using material shot sporadically over six years, TV-experienced helmer Pernille Rose Gronkjaer builds an affectionate but admirably unsentimental portrait of her eccentric, headstrong protagonists.
  6. 67
    Between their bickering, Grønkjær's offscreen prompting, and the sappy, ubiquitous soundtrack, The Monastery is like the opposite of "Into Great Silence."
  7. It may be that Gronkjaer couldn't get the nun to open up to her. But not knowing much about her creates an awkward imbalance that Vig, fascinating as he is, can't overcome.
  8. 50
    A curious little film. On the surface, it's a story about one man's mission to create an Orthodox monastery in Denmark, and along the way it manages to say something about everyone's desire to be remembered after they pass away.
  9. Despite some pretty seasonal photography and evocative scenes of the nuns’ rigorous daily rituals, which involve many hours of prayer, The Monastery is a flighty, disorganized film with a blurry timeline and a wandering attention span.
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  1. JamesC.
    May 3, 2008
    The first good European film I've seen about Russian Orthodoxy. Far surpasses the glitz of Ostrov -- The Island. Understated and very real! This is a documentary... real people, real situation. Full Review »
  2. FenarA.
    Feb 9, 2008
    It was one of the best documentary of last year.