Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 18
  2. Negative: 2 out of 18

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  1. Easier to watch than it is to believe.
  2. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    In trying to appeal to a wide audience, quirky material has been forced to fit a formula that can't really contain it.
  3. 50
    All of this promising material is dealt with on that level where characters are not quite allowed to be as perceptive and intelligent as real people might be in the same circumstances.
  4. Judged esthetically -- the only yardstick worth applying -- it can be safely placed in that long line of indistinguishable Hollywood mediocrities, all of them trying in vain to resurrect an awfully weary genre.
  5. Unfortunately, all the good parts didn't add up to a great movie.
  6. 50
    Wendy Wasserstein brings a dull pen to this literary adaptation, which shows none of the bite or savvy of Stephen McCauley's novel.
  7. So riddled with cultural stereotypes, woe-is-me neurotic mopiness, and glib therapeutic compassion that by the end all it leaves you with is a waxy buildup of falseness.
  8. 40
    The film is being marketed as a romantic comedy, but it's neither romantic nor funny.
  9. 40
    The storyline lacks credibility.

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