Fork Films | Release Date: March 7, 2014
Summary: The Only Real Game explores the power of baseball for people in a troubled, distant place. The small, once princely state of Manipur joined the Indian Union under pressure in 1949 triggering a corrosive separatist conflict that continues to this day. With paltry infrastructure, widespread corruption and unemployment - it's an astonishing place to find reservoirs of inner strength that are tapped in pursuit of baseball. Even more surprising in a deeply patriarchal society is that women are a driving cultural force. Though Manipur has been closed to the outside world for 60 years, baseball delivers release from daily struggles, and a dream for healing a wounded society. Dreams chase reality when First Pitch, a small group of baseball-loving New Yorkers, and two Major League Baseball Envoy coaches team up with Manipuri men, women and children to "Play Ball."
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Runtime: 82 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://onlyrealgamemovie.com/
Production: Fork Films
Genres: Sport, Documentary
Countries: USA, India
Language: English
Director Credit
Mirra Bank Director
Cast Credit
Bame Manipuri Native
Bhanu Manipuri Native
Dave Palese United States Baseball Coach
Devika Wife, Mother, Works With People Living With HIV/AIDS, And Fielder
Geet Manipuri Native
Jeff Brueggemann United States Baseball Coach
Melissa Leo Narrator
PuPu Manipuri Native
Producer Credit
Abigail Disney Executive Producer
Laine Valentino Producer
Mirra Bank Producer
Muriel Peters Producer
Richard Brockman Producer