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  1. Aug 25, 2014
    I am aware that after watching The Tudors lately on TV, this movie felt a little strange; a lot of familiar names shot back and forth, and it was a bit harder to draw a line between the series and the movie than I would have thought.

    The plot itself felt a little rushed. That wasn't bothersome during the movie, but looking at it afterwards, they didn't focus on anything, really. Events,
    big and small, passed without any larger significance, and sometimes that felt wrong because some events were prepared for thorough the entire movie.

    All in all the story was satisfactory, I must say. The acting and music were good, and the world portrayed on the screen felt very real to me.

    It was clear this movie focused on the Boleyn girls, Anne and Mary, and Henry was left to the shadows. Maybe that is okay, because I don't think Eric Bana delivered Henry's part all that well. He felt so... subdued, somehow.
  2. Jan 12, 2012
    The Other Boleyn girl is a real mixed bag of a film when looking at just about every facet of its creation. It's got loads of talent behind it - director Justin Chadwick has experience with period dramas from working on Bleak House, Peter Morgan has written some great screenplays in the past for The Queen, Frost/Nixon and The Damned United, and Sandy Powell has proven her talent as a costume designer for Shakespeare in Love and Gangs of New York. The three leads Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Eric Bana certainly look and sound the part as Anne and Mary Boleyn and Henry VIII respectively (and it's nice to see Portman maintaining her accent throughout the film, as she was unable to do in V for Vendetta). The real star of the show (as she should be, being the beating heart of the story) is Scarlett Johansson, who imbues Mary with genuine emotion, and understandable motivations - she just wants to be left alone to a lead a quiet life, and you really feel for her as she is used and abused by the king, court and her own family. Eric Bana's take on a young, virile Henry VIII is entertaining, as is Kristin Scott Thomas who plays Ma Boleyn as a bodice-burning feminist. Disappointingly, the main weak link in the cast is Natalie Portman. Her performance isn't bad as such, but as a character, Anne remains as an enigma for the whole film - we never understand her, or why she does what she does, and consequently she just comes across like an evil step-sister. The film has some good dramatic moments, and the authentic-looking costumes and locations are shot beautifully. That said, the majority of the film feels a little disconnected - some scenes don't appear to lead on from the previous ones, and huge amounts of time pass by in the blink of an eye for little or no explanation. One moment Anne has been banished to the French court, and the next scene she's back, and her character hasn't developed in any noticeable way. It has glimmers of brilliance, but The Other Boleyn girl just isn't consistent enough to be a noteworthy piece of film entertainment. It was a stroke of genius to cast two of the most beautiful and charismatic actresses in the world as one of the most infamous and powerful pairs of sisters in English history, and Scarlett Johansson gives a great performance, but Natalie Portman disappoints, and the film as a whole doesn't quite deliver as a historical drama, or even as a semi-historical romp. It's just a bit dull at times, and I think I'd take Showtime's high-camp series The Tudors over The Other Boleyn Girl any day, simply because it's a lot more fun. Expand
  3. Nov 9, 2011
    Je veux bien comprendre que pour la plupart, ce film ne sera qu'un long et pénible mélodramatique historique à suivre avec ennui. Pour les autres, Deux Soeurs pour un Roi est ce qu'il est, c'est-à-dire un film historique de très grande envergure, très loin du spectaculaire hollywoodien, qui nous sert une très bonne brochette de comédiens (Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana), de décors et de costumes, en plus d'une musique envoûtante qui donne tout son charme à l'ambiance du film. Certes long, scénario classique et mis en scène sans originalité, Deux Soeurs pour un Roi n'en reste pas moins une somptueuse fresque historique! Collapse
  4. Jun 13, 2011
    The simple fact of the matter is you can not take a 350 page book and make it into a 1 and a half hour movie without it feeling rushed. This movie falls victim to this very thing. The first half of the movie tries to cover way to much ground in to little time. The other problem is this story is very sex laced. But in an effort to be open to a wider audience they made this movie a PG13 when it should have been R. Over all not a horrible movie, the acting was good and the settings were great but they jumped over important parts and the continuity was confusing and rushed. It's sad that such a good book fell short on the big screen. Expand
  5. Oct 11, 2010
    Sorry, mechanical translation.

    The beauty of this film, supported by a cast worthy of the name, and a director (Justin Chadwick) that I brought to mind the tricks that Ignatius gives the devil when it engages nell'assalto the fortress of the soul cast , dismissed, on the one hand, struggles, and work on brains, just to penetrate another. I said, this movie gives you the opportunity to
    practice and entering, within the limits of its ability, in a more or less systemic analysis of the characters involved.

    This analysis, however, does not want to be in vain, to set goals, first of all to improve, not to fall into the same mistakes of our predecessors. Critical reflection on what we see, hear, read, and then that leads us to action, must be constant. The importance of this exercise improves the degree of civilization of our planet, which currently consider to be, in my personal scale of values that I call "State Collapse Terrestrial Civil - Civil Earthly State of Collapse", amounting to 40 100.
    That of Henry VIII (Eric Bana) has been a troubled life, chaotic, hectic, clerical man (Pope Leo X gave him the title of defender of the faith) because of its opposition to the theories of Luther. And anticlerical, when the passion to take over (the founder of the Anglican Church) which was established for political, religious, and especially as I said personally. Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) could not be his wife. Married to Catherine of Aragon, Mary was born and no male heir. And 'the political necessity of a male heir that triggers uproar in which to attend? No. The King, "He wants to have" Anna Bolena. At all costs. Failing to obtain the annulment of Rome (Pope Clement VII, fearing political repercussions by Charles V of Spain. Catherine of Aragon, wife of Henry VIII belongs to his family) strives at home. E 'parliament that relies on his desires. It 'the same Parliament to approve a series of laws that allowed the Archbishop of Canterbury to gain control of the Church of England. Since the archbishop himself is under the authority of the King, it becomes the highest authority. The games are made, marries Anne Boleyn. But this marriage will cost much blood, how many unjust decisions, foolish, will be taken. Among them, the death sentence imposed on Thomas, an opponent of the reform and coiner of the term UTOPIA. At London's King, anything is possible. The ad personam "laws have always existed.

    A criticism on himself, he probably would have done well to Henry VIII, that is, stopping a moment to analyze what has been done. The damage would have been less sure. There are many other things to say, but the beauty of cinema is just that, allows you to search, investigate, go further.
    For example:

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 34
  2. Negative: 5 out of 34
  1. Shot in high definition and filmed at many historic locations, the film somehow still lacks the splendor of an epic, and its urgency to get on with the next plot point leaves much unexplained while context goes out the window.
  2. A brisk feminist melodrama that is, historically speaking, a load of wank. It has the feel of a game of “telephone,” in which information is progressively mangled.
  3. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    A sexy, good-looking political bodice-ripper with an almost flawless cast at the top of its game.